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on September 27, 2007
What drew me to this particular bible, out of the rest of the Catholic teen bibles were the inserts by Amy Wellborn. I have, through other publications become familier with her as an author and commentator and really enjoy her insights and straight forward approach to her topics. As a catechist for the RCIA for teens this year, I was really looking for a Bible the teens in my group could really connect with and not see it at as another "classroom textbook". I ordered one for myself first at the beginning of the week and received it rather quickly (by the end of the week). When I received it I read through the introduction, checked the fine print, it has the Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur. I read all the inserts sprinkled through the OT and NT on God, Jesus, Prayer, the Church, al,and finally in the back the "roadmap". I thought it was a very good bible, but I wanted to put it to the ultimate the hands of a teen. It passed. This teen was so impressed, he wanted a copy and was sharing with it with other teens in our teen group and before long our DRE had a list of all the teens who wanted one. One of the main things our teens emphasized is that this Bible is not only easy to use, they especially liked the "prove it" inserts because it used language they understood without being completely dumbed down or full of fluff to soften theological of them even said it answered an important question he had been struggling with.
Regarding the version of the bible; as an instructor, I wanted it to be the NAB version, being that is what the Church uses (in the US)in the Mass scripture readings. The main reason for this though, is during "breaking open the word", during class & bible study, I found using the same version less confusing than other versions.
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on December 14, 2015
This is NOT a good teen Bible I am sadden to say. I love the Prove It series, but this Bible proves nothing. There are 4 inserts, that are nice, but they do NOTHING for teens. All previous teen Bibles I have used or looked at ALWAYS have a section with references to where to find "if I am feeling lonely, depressed, happy, anxious, confused, etc" which Bible verses to turn to, this does NOT have that. It also has NO, NONE, NODA references, suggestions on how teens can live the Bible and use it. This was a major disappointment, as far as Bibles for teens go. The Children's Bible and Youth Bible from St. Mary's press is 100000% times better. So is Break Through, from St. Mary's Press. Actually "The Way" Bible from the '70's is better than this one.
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on March 18, 2011
My 15 year old daughter loves this Bible. It has already answered many of her questions and she has been avidly discussing her favorite stories with me. It is written in a way to help teens understand and stay engaged. Very well done!
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on April 14, 2015
Highly recommended by our 7th grader's religion teacher.
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on March 20, 2017
wonderful It was just what I was looking for my grandson.
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on October 9, 2007
i bought a collection of these bibles for the bookshelf in my youth room...and, my teens are REALLY enjoying these bibles...they find them interesting and informative and i have had MANY of them ask where they can get one for a youth minister, i am always concerned with making sure my teenagers are getting the best bibles to fit their needs...and, i think i have finally found a winner!
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on March 7, 2017
Great bible for teens, my son really enjoys it.
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on September 17, 2016
Print too small
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on January 8, 2012
The words at Catholic Mass (Roman Rite) have recently changed! I wanted to buy a new 2011 Bible ("NABRE") that would more closely reflect the new English translations. I didn't know which NABRE Bible to buy, so I bought multiple ones and will continue to add my reviews/comparisons below. (The Bible you are considering on this post is #3):
(Bible #1)
The "New American Bible Revised Edition - NABRE Burgundy Hardcover" by Saint Benedict Press has a very beautiful cover/binding. Direct quotations from the Lord Jesus are in Red ink, and I like that. The paper is a bit thin, but this didn't bother me; the "see-through" nature is mild and not distracting to me. The hue of the paper is stark-white, and I prefer a more relaxed hue (much like my preference for incandescent light versus florescent light). The exposed edge of the paper does not have index markings or tabs for the various books of the Bible (this is a feature I enjoy). The reason I went with 4 stars not 5 is because of the glossy nature of the paper - it feels too slippery to me. I found it a bit difficult to flip a single page... and there's no way I'm going to lick my finger to flip pages while reading the Bible!
(Bible #2)
The "Saint Joseph Bible-NABRE [Hardcover]" by Catholic Book Publishing Co. (says "Medium Sized Edition" on the cover) is excellent - I gave it 5 stars. The cover/binding is a bit plain looking and has a cloth-type texture. The Amazon photo of a large blue cube-shaped Bible is completely false - this one is yellow-orange (or tan) in color, on all faces. Inside, there are no Red text to highlight direct quotes from the Lord Jesus. The paper is thicker than the Saint Benedict Press Bible and does not have the glossy/slippery problem. Also, the paper is white with a nice subtle yellow hue. The exposed edge has handy black marks that indicate the various books. The illustrations are nice but are in black & white. Despite not being a perfect match to what I am looking for, I give this Bible a 5 Star rating and it will serve as my family Bible for years.
(Bible #3)
The "Prove It! Catholic Teen Bible - Revised Nab" by Amy Welborn is excellent, and I gave it a 5 star rating. I will be buying more of these to spread around, but will keep my eyes open for a version with different cover text & photos. I am a fan of high-quality leather binding hard cover books, so I had to judge this one for what it is: a paperback. The cover makes this book seem to be something other than a Bible. The words "Prove It!" on the cover are confrontational and might instill a defiant attitude before a single page is opened. The text and footnotes of this Bible are the same as the other NABRE Bibles (do not fear - it is not riddled with slang). The best part of this Bible is the use of inserts throughout to explain various internal questions people may have about God, the Bible, Catholic practice, etc. These questions are NOT unique to teenagers and would suit anyone who is new to religion, new to Catholicism, or fallen on tough times and are doubting "the meaning of it all". I think this Bible is well-suited for all ages and would be a wonderful gift for older people. If only there were a few options for the cover! This would be a great Bible for my mother, but it says "Teen" on the cover.
(Bible #4)
The Catholic Study Bible second edition by Oxford University Press is excellent, and I easily give it a 5 star rating. The cover/binding is glossy and nice looking, the overall size is nice and large, but not too large or heavy. The pages are thin and bright white, but there is no problem with see-through pages or glossy texture. Red text is NOT used in this Bible to highlight direct quotes from the Lord Jesus. The word "Shelah" DOES appear in the Psalms of this Bible (where it did not appear in the other Bibles I've reviewed). Also, the book of Sirach is titled "The Wisdom of Ben Sira (Ecclesiasticus)" in this Bible; however, the edge tab still says "SIR". Perhaps my favorite feature of this Bible is the wonderful edge indented tabs that are labelled for each grouping of three books; this is very handy in locating specific books and opening the Bible to that page. This is a perfect choice for a study Bible.
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on January 16, 2011
i love the way its wrote for teens but unlike the other "teen" bibles, its not directed at preteens or talking to us like we're 9 years old. im 18 and its exactly what i wanted. the way its wrote is not too hard to understand and the questions were most of the questions i'd been asking my (biased) dad but been getting one-sided answers. i love that it has our prayers in the back and how to say the rosary, since ive wanted to start doing that again since my family wuit doing it altogether years ago.
the book was in like-new condition even though i payed for a "very good" book.
all i need now is a bible reading plan (because i dont like that most bible's "reading plans" are to read this chapter, then that chapter, then the rest. and you have no idea where else you should start.
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