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on May 4, 1999
"Psalm 9", recorded in 1984 is THE album that started not only Trouble's legacy but the 80's doom revolution. After Sabbath (Ozzy-era), Witchfinder General and Angel Witch all vanished from the doom scene, everyone thought that doom metal was just that...doomed. Everyone thought it was dead, until one band came along and that was Trouble. With Eric Wagner's soaring A+ vocals and the Priest/Sabbath-esque double guitar combination of Franklin and Wartell, they not only revolutionized the scene (along with Candlemass and St. Vitus among others at the time)this highly underrated metal band influenced a generation of doom bands to follow. This is their first, and in my opinion, best album ever. Very creative at the time, as well. Faves include the speed demon and sinister "Bastards Will Pay", the ultra-heavy riff that makes you wonder why Iommi never thought of it, "The Tempter" (which includes evil as hell vocals), the brilliantly moody epic "Victim of the Insane" which is my all-time favorite Trouble song. "Revelations (Life or Death)" has that early-Sabbath feel to it. "The Assassin" has early great Priest written all over it, and the Cream cover "Tales of the Brave Ulysses", which is so far better than the original version that its unbelievable. If you're a doom metal fan, or just plain heavy metal fan I suggest you get this now! Other albums I suggest are "Run to the Light", "Plastic Green Head", plus the two out-of-stock albums "Manic Frustation" and their 1990 self-titled album. -Brian
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on September 24, 2003
First things first: if you don't like metal, and I mean unadulterated, unapologetic heavy metal, then this album isn't for you. Fans of Sabbath dirges and NWOBHM-style melodicism, however, will find this finely crafted slab of melodic, uptempo doom a headbangers delight. Uptempo doom? Perhaps an explanation is in order. Although Trouble can plod and mope with the heaviest Sabbathites, it's the band's tendency to intersperse the sludge with faster, Priest-like chugging and Maidenesque double-lead guitar melodies that sets them apart from the slower-than-thou doom purists. In this way, they're actually more faithful Sabbath acolytes: if you'll recall, crushing dirges were only one facet of the classic Sabbath sound. At the same time, all this name dropping doesn't do justice to the quality of this music, which seemlessly incorporates the whole of pure heavy metal from its inception, to the 1984 recording date. When I discovered this album in the late 80s, it was a godsend (no pun intended-read the lyrics, and you'll see what I mean). Trouble had no boogie influences, no hairspray, and no ballads, but at the same time, were firmly ensconed in the pre-speed/thrash metal tradition. The glam metal of the former description was a ubiquitous irritant, at the time, while thrash and embryonic death metal were my staple musical diet. Trouble (along with Mercyful Fate, Helloween, and, of course, Iron Maiden) were a refreshingly melodic change of pace, while retaining the essential punch and edge that separated heavy metal from post-Guns n' Roses hard rock. Now that "stoner metal" has revived an interest in the doomy and drugged, while "power metal" bands like Iced Earth and Blind Guardian have reignited the embers of classic 80s metal melodicism, the younger generation of rivetheads owe it to themselves to check out this crucial, eminently satisfying cd.
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on September 30, 2005
Hey METAL BLADE you to busy signing LAMB OF GOD wannabes?? to keep this one HUGE album IN PRINT??!!!

Why keep this hidden from the kids??? O yeah its because this isnt ''cool''..this IS REAL!!! REAL METAL..AND A REAL OLDEY AS WELL!!!!

Like 3 years ago.. or 2 even this was still in print!!! I was lucky enough to score this for like 7$ used a few years back!! a TOUGH find then even!

Now to the album..sorry but METAL BLADE deserved a little beating there!!!

This is one of the ALL TIME greatest DOOM albums!!! just listen(if you can find it!) to the first song..''THE TEMPTER''..that riff is the kind of thing..that you just laugh at it is so HUGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!! everything about this reeks of CLASSIC!! the sound of this is like the most horrible production ever..BUT THATS WHY IT RULES SO MUCH!! skrew your over produced NEO CRAP MUSIC!!..these guys did what they had to do with what they had to do it with!!

Some say this is ''WHITE METAL'' meaning it has Christian lyrics..well I guess it sorta dose..but WHO CARES!!!! if I can listen to people go on about satan for 666 years I can listen to one dude who wrote semi Christian lyrics!!

Gotta love the DOUBLE BASS on here as well!! HAILS!!

And did you know that TROUBLE formed in the freakin 70's!!!!!!!!!?? yes they did!! M*TALLICA..used to love these guys when they them selves started their band...see A VERY INFULENTIAL BAND ..IS TROUBLE!!!



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on July 8, 2000
Trouble is one of my favourite bands and this is perhaps their hardest and best album, with the songs Victim of the Insane, The Tempter and Psalm 9 being highlights. The greatness of this band is based on their mean, heavy sound, the majestic vocals of Eric Wagner and their intelligence and positive, meaningful and dynamic lyrics - 'nasty but in a tough, positive way' which is unique for a band in this genre. Run to the Light and Self-Titled album also strongly recommended.
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on June 19, 2015
Great album. Friend Lyle from Ghoultown (check out his video on YouTube with Elvira mistress of the dark) told me about Trouble. He was in a heavy metal band and toured the world, so when he told me this was a great death metal album I was confident he knew what he was talking about (if it really is death metal). Lots of great sounds with some variation, not the same riffs over and over, sounds like Black Sabbath in a way. Oh yea, the new Amazon app was a pain, took twice as long to download songs to my computer.
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on November 4, 2007
i bought this on vinyl in the 80`s,and it still stands up to this day,i also bought it on cd,now this one has a dvd concert in it,i may have to buy this again.this disc is great,no doubt sabbath fans,trouble mixes sabbath groove with up tempo metal,this is a must buy, especially with a dvd concert attached.seeing a band live always gives you a perspective you can`t get from just listening to a cd,you may find yourself getting the rest of their cd`s.
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on January 9, 2007
Trouble's 1984 debut album Psalm 9 is on of the best Doom Metal albums ever! From the doom filled opener 'The Tempter' to the title track 'Psalm 9' this is a solid album. This band has always been underated and overshadowed in my opinion yet still influential to newer bands. Its nice to see there first two albums finaly reissued.

Fans of bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Corrosion of Conformity, Down, and Type O Negative will definitly appreciate this album. Also check out 'The Skull' from 1985 and the 1990 self titled 'Trouble'.
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on July 12, 2012
The debut album that started it all for Chicago's amazing doom metal band Trouble. If you like Sabbath you will have a great chance of getting to like this band. This monster of a metal album starts off with the song, "The Tempter." Right away you know you are in for a class A metal act simply because of the intro this song. Every kick ass metal song starts off with a wind for example(s), Overkill "Overkill" Exciter "Holocaust" W.A.S.P. "Widowmaker" and last but not least Trouble's "The Tempter." This song hsas some of the best riffs for 1984 (excluding Ride The Lightning). Now I know there are some people out there saying, "They are pretty good, but I don't like the Christian lyrics." Shut up, I'm Christian and listen to Slayer and I don't cry about it so come on guys. The musicianship is outstanding, I would rank this album with the likes of Heaven and Hell or possibly Paranoid from Black Sabbath. No I'm not saying they are better than Sabbath, but this album carries the same weight as their albums did. Favorite tracks: The Tempeter, Fall of Lucifer, Psalm 9, and Bastards Will Pay. In fact, the whole album is pretty great. This is quite possibly the thrashiest doom metal album ever. This is a must buy.
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on January 9, 2012
These guys were and still are pioneers of not only doom, but metal itself. What else can be said about these Chicago legends? Just buy the damn album. Do you love metal? Pure, unfiltered, doom metal? If so, but it and allow the void to swallow you whole. Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin make one hell of a duo, and Eric's vocals are haunting. This is a pummeling album, which is pretty much all Trouble albums.
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on December 29, 2009
"Trouble" belongs to the old generation of doom-metal who stepped on stage right after the pioneers of heavy metal.
The band is from Chicago, it started playing in 1979, but their debut album was issued in 1984 only (on Metal Blade for USA, and on Steamhammer for Europe and the rest of the world), it was preceded by a three-track demo recording ("Assassin"?).
At that time the band consisted of Eric Wagner (vocals), Bruce Franklin & Rick Wartell (guitars), Sean Mc Allister (bass - ex-Witch Slayer), Jeff Olson (drums).
Christian apocalyptic doom propelled the band to the cult status, but - again - due to the lack of proper promotion by the label - the band didn't achieve the popularity they deserved.
So, "Psalm 9" is a re-issue of the debut album (not so easy to find), which comes with a bonus DVD (live performances and interviews), original artwork, etc, etc.
A real value for money.
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