Customer Reviews: Psychic Tarot: Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards
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on February 3, 2011
As a tarot reader who uses her sixth sense when reading cards, I was disappointed that I could not find any books specifically on using your psychic skills to read tarot. Most tarot books on the market seem to be about the basics: what the cards mean and how to do a layout. There were mentions about intuition but nothing in depth. I began to think that not many of tarot readers actually use psychic abilities - or perhaps we just don't admit it.

Then along comes this book by respected tarot reader Nancy Antenucci and co author Melanie Howard, boldly titled "Psychic Tarot". To say that I was excited to get this book is an understatement. I was chomping at the bit for it to be released! Finally I a tarot book that I could relate to!

Antenucci starts the book out with a little antidote about sitting at a table with famed tarot author Rachel Pollack and a group of readers. Pollack asks the group if they considered themselves to be psychic and most of them answer "no". I found that very interesting as I have over the years encountered many other readers who shied away from the psychic word. I never understood this nor could I comprehend why people though having intuition was some sort of "gift". In my mind, we all have this ability - just some of us seem to train it, use it and trust it more. The authors seem to agree with this and in the first chapter of the book discuss the hang ups about the word "psychic" as well as how to let go of these misconceptions.

The next few chapters give exercises for intuitively understanding the Minor Arcana, Majors and the Court Cards - building a solid foundation and structure but still encouraging the reader to look for their own clues and interpretations rather than adhering to a "strict" meaning. This helps the reader to begin to let go of "logical" interpretations and start to trust their own intuition to "find" meanings.

Chapters on Energy Basics, Seeing the Unseen, Trusting the Sight and The Initial Image have more advanced exercises for developing psychic abilities. These practices are serious but fun at the same time - I loved the author's gentle sense of humor and play. If you are the type of person who is afraid of psychic stuff, these little exercises will allow you to imbue a sense of fun as you discover and hone your sixth sense.

But for me, the rest of the book is where the real gems lie. The authors lay out system for divination, The Six Principles, which could apply to any sort of psychic work - not just tarot reading. This is sound, sensible advice that any aspiring psychic, medium or reader will want to read. From grounding to integration, this solid counsel provides the reader with common sense strategies that will help them to remain with one foot firmly on the ground as they tap into the other worlds. I find this to be so valuable as so many mystics I know seem to have trouble with their real lives when they do this type of work.

My favorite chapter is on boundaries - where once again, the authors offer up excellent guidance that no reader will want to miss. Antenucci shares one of her own personal stories that illustrates excellently on why a reader will want to set boundaries - which includes letting go of the reading once it is done. I nodded my head in agreement throughout this entire chapter.

Traits Of A True Reader finishes off the book nicely with this line: "A true reader is really a teacher. A teacher helps others wake up to their own Creative Authority." I found that statement to be very powerful.

The appendix in the back has all the exercises mapped out so that you can find them easily once you have finished reading the book. If you want to go back to a particular exercise, this is a nice touch and makes the book accessible and user friendly.

I think this book is especially good for those who wish to learn how to read in a more intuitive fashion. It will appeal to beginners and intermediates alike and I hope it will encourage more tarot readers in particular to embrace their intuition and be less fearful about saying that they are psychic.
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on March 8, 2011
The world is awash in Tarot books, each with their special angle presented to the curious reader. On one hand it's a great time to be interested in the Tarot, on the other it's an overwhelming paper sea clamouring for attention. Nancy and Melanie's book is different in a marvelous way. This is one of the most practical and accessible books to get one started in the Tarot to come down the pike in many a long year. However, it is also full of useful exercises and insights that will stimulate even the most jaded enthusiasts.

Solid, grounded, gentle wisdom suffuses every page and makes it a pleasure to consult. The "getting to know your Tarot deck" part of the book is full of lovely and useful exercises. There are also very useful chapters that provide practical working information for accessing other dimensions and energies and applying them to Tarot.

The overweight primate in the room, of course, is the silent "P" word - Psychic. Nancy and Melanie approach this too with common sense and solid experience, making a a clear yet non-threatening case for the psychic dimension that is so often employed in Tarot reading but not always comfortably acknowledged by practitioners.

The tone throughout is kind, competent and comfortable. Pick up Psychic Tarot - you won't regret it.
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on April 4, 2011
Magnificent! I've been waiting for a book like this for a very long time. I too am amazed that many tarot readers shy away from considering themselves psychic. Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard demystify that label and gently guide the reader to find and develop his/her own natural psychic ability. It's not scary at all. :-)

With pleasant humor and creative exercises the authors take you through the cards and into your own inner knowing. You learn to trust yourself and your intuition. Begin with a stroll through the cards where you are introduced to each of them in turn, at your own pace and you develop your own relationship with them. The chapter on the Court Cards is worth the cover price of the book. I've been reading tarot for over twenty years and own more books on this topic than should be allowed and I learned a thing or two from their method of understanding and relating to the Court Cards. From there the authors lay out six principles for divination work that provide a non-rigid structure for readings. All along the way you are prompted to think for yourself and trust the answers you get.

There are many thoughtful and clever elements to this book. The chapter on Boundaries is a brilliant addition as are the appendices. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the subject, whether a beginner or veteran reader. It contains a wealth of information and will be a useful reference for a long time to come.
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on March 10, 2011
This book is a must have for those new to reading the tarot as well as the experienced reader. It supports you through the process of developing your psychic abilities. Reading this book changed my views on what it is to be a psychic and give a psychic tarot reading. My readings have a much better flow since I have opened myself up to trusting my sight. Give this book a read you will not regret it at all!!! Has quickly become my favorite tarot book!!
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on December 26, 2011
I have to say that i absolutely loved this book, and I will be reading it again very soon. There are a ton of books for someone who wants to learn how to read tarot, one's that of course have all the meanings for each card, and i do feel this is very helpful to build a psychological foundation, and place a subconscious impression on what the cards mean for you personally. But, I do have to say that after a while many readers will forget to really look at the cards, or work on their intuitive side, which I personally find to be much more important many times while doing a reading. This book does not have meanings, it teaches how to read, and develop your more intuitive side, which is what makes the best readers in my opinion.

If you are new to tarot and learning meanings for your cards, get this book, this is how you develop what you are probably looking for, if of course you are looking to tap into your more intuitive, or psychic ability (I personally do not like the word "psychic" because it has a bad rap, but using it for lack of a better word.) You will want this book in your tarot reading library if you are seriously wanting to help develop your skills as a reader, very well written, and a great job of describing how things work for an intuitive reader, along with exercises that will definitely help you learn to use your skills.
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on August 27, 2011
Am only a few chapters in, but so far, I really like this different perspective on learning how to read tarot. It's well written and easy to grasp the concepts. And best of all, you are not trying to memorize the deck card by card.
For example, you are looking at groups of cards, like the Knights, and what they mean as a group - they are warriors who take orders and take action. So, when a Knight shows up in a reading, you have an idea right away part of the meaning based on what you know about Knights. Also, the four suits are associated with the four traditional elements - earth, air, fire, and water. When you get a sword card, you know it's associated with air, the intellect and communication. So, when you do a reading, whether for yourself or another, you're not sitting there wondering "what does that card mean?" because you already have an idea based on its characteristics.
There are many other ideas covered in the book and I don't think you can go wrong with this method of learning the tarot.
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on November 7, 2011
If textbook definitions leave you a little antsy and self-doubting, then perhaps you aren't starting in the best place to heighten your abilities.
This book has created a path for me to accurately interpret the cards as I see them. It's like a veil has lifted (High Priestess) and my initial reactions aren't, "Oh wait...what does this one mean?" That still remains present, but only as a secondary (or third) reaction adding insight to what it is that I'M seeing and feeling when they present themselves to myself or a querent.

The exercises to get to know your Court Cards is invaluable! Those folks always threw me for a loop and now I can't wait to see them in a spread.

If you've been drawn to tarot because of your intuition/clairvoyance/psychic abilities, you really should invest your time and energy into this book. The exercises are great. PLUS my awareness of synchronicity, both waking and unconscious, has skyrocketed! If you have a feeling that this book is what you need, buy it. You do.

Thanks for writing such a fantastic book, Ladies!
This was the method in which I needed to study!

PS love the kindle version on my kindle app.)
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on April 12, 2011
This book is chalked full of tips on how to use your natural abilities while you learn Tarot. If you are not aware of your intuitive self, this book's exercises will help you get in touch with them. It is a down to earth, honest approach that goes a long way in a teaching or learning situation.
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on April 16, 2012
Because I am new at studying Tarot I shouldn't have a right to comment.Respecting all readers of Tarot,may I just say this book has been a big help to me so far.As a mother of 5 who has never had time for my self ever,I was fortunate to have 2 hours to myself with this book and a deck of Tarot cards.I was shocked how much I soaked up and understood,and am sure glad I had never read anything else to influence me about each card.I have a long way to go but I have not been detered,and this book has made me want to learn all there is to learn.I will take my time and I am enjoying this book so much as a Learner,I realise I am ready for this journey.
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on January 26, 2011
Nancy has written a book to guide the intuitive reader that is like the Rosetta stone for the psychic medium. This book contains everything I was always hoping church would tell me but never did. I went through this book like a hungry person goes through a plate of food. Each page contained another eureka moment as Nancy put into words the things I had only felt but could never articulate. Psychic Tarot will become a staple in my bookshelf like Sandra A. Thomson's Pictures from the Heart. I look forward to any future books authored by Nancy Antenucci and can not wait to see where she will take us next.
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