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The author does a great job of hooking you into the main character, as well as the dialogue between the characters, and hooking you into the story. I found it ironic in those times where certain scenes in the story have an added "oomph" or stressful situation for the main character, I found that I was getting a little excited, my heartbeat was going a little faster, and I couldn't seem to read it fast enough to click the next page button on my Kindle. I don't know if there is one, but it would be interesting to see if there is a sequel.

This was a good one - and at 99 cent pricing in the Kindle store it certainly was a great value!
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on June 22, 2012
Book Review: Public Enemy Zero by Andrew Mayne
Reviewed by J Bryden Lloyd

Writing Style - 3.5/5.0 (Good)
This was one of those books that improved as you read. In the early chapters, the text felt a little clunky and the dialogue was adequate but seemed to occasionally stop short. I don't think this was really an error, but personally, I found myself reading things twice to be certain of the context. Don't get me wrong, this was not a continuous thing and I am most certainly putting it down to personal preference. Other than that, once the story got moving, things were very much better and I have to say that the chase scenes were nicely visual and well drawn.

Character Development - 4.0/5.0 (Very Good)
I linked with the "Mitch" character very easily and I was impressed with the pace that the author allowed this character to develop and become the central core of the plot. Admittedly, I felt that "The Naked Man" persona was at best unnecessary and at worst a distraction from an exceedingly well-built character base and it came as no surprise to discover the identity of this character.
Beyond these two, I found the other key members of the cast very engaging, though I do think that - in a few cases, and especially with Dr Lovestrange - the author failed to make the best use of them in the latter stages of the tale.
Indeed, I had sort of hoped that Mitch might have placed a live call to the radio station when he came into possession of Lovestrange's phone.

Descriptive - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent)
Of all the elements within this book, the descriptive was by far the most memorable. Where perhaps specific people and events were quickly forgotten, the descriptions of the locations and the detail within the scenes were exemplary. In many ways, this eye for the right balance of information was the key that made me want to read on.

Language & Grammar - 4.0/5.0 (Very Good)
There were several typo's and comma-based things that I will mention only in passing. Effectively, a minor polish will make this a thoroughly more complete work and a definitively better read. However, the use of language, the author's careful attention to the details and the generally excellent dialogue - which greatly improved as the story progressed - made this a good read.

Plot - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent) *MINIMAL SPOILERS*
The main plot and the key sub-plot regarding the virus were brilliantly conceived. The use of the incidental characters to build the tension around the main protagonist was very good and very well written, creating the constant threat of harm - and worse - in order to keep the flow of the story.
The early stages of the plot, where the people in the mall went berserk, was an excellent and nicely thought-out, as well as setting the stall for the problems that would face the main character throughout the story. At the end, equally, the scene after he posts the tweet is an inspired event in the book.

General - 4.0/5.0 (Very Good)
In summary, this was highly commendable and a good, solid read. The issues I have mentioned earlier were definitely only minor ones and other those, I was very impressed with this. Certainly worthy of anyone's time to read it.

Solid Four Stars. Has to be worth the read.
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VINE VOICEon June 25, 2014
Suspension of disbelief is all that matters to me when I read a good story. And this is a good story. I almost stopped reading in the opening scene because it was too weird. Once I got through it though, I began to be entertained.

Without giving away a bunch of spoilers suffice it to say that Mad Mitch's struggle for survival as the protagonist kept me reading. His troubles kept me glued to the pages of this short book and helped distract from the many copy editing mistakes. I would like to see this book updated for the enjoyment of many future readers.

I'd also like to see a sequel. There are a few plot holes that are made up for by the non-stop action and plausible character building. If you don't like government conspiracy theories and believe Uncle Sam has only your best interests at heart this book won't do it for you. If you're a grammar Nazi this book won't do it for your without major editing. If you're an action fan, like rooting for the underdog and have 99 cents to spend I recommend it.
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on September 5, 2011
For $0.99 this is a heck of a book. Action and suspense all the way thru the book! Andrew Mayne has written a very good story that will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can read.....just to keep up with the fast pace of the action. One of the better books I have read in all of 2011 and to think it only costs $0.99. I will for sure try out other books by Mr. Mayne. Not a zombie book as some readers have suggested, more like the whole world has gone mad, at least as far as Mitchell is concerned. If you liked reading Run by Blake Crouch, then you will also like this exciting story.
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on January 6, 2012
I started this book right after finishing another, as in, I finished one book and immediately opened this one on my kindle while trying to relax to go to sleep. I ended up reading the first quarter of the book that night. Within a couple of pages I was having to go back to the beginning to see if I'd missed something. Things started happening very quickly and never really let up.

I have some background in broadcasting, so I enjoyed having a main character who is a lowly night host on a crappy station. His plight seemed to have some real weight as I read the story and I legitimately wanted SOMETHING good to happen to him. Yowza, this poor dude just fell into a really bad stretch with practically no warning.

I only gave it 3 stars because while I did enjoy it, I found the conclusion of the story to be disappointing. A lot of time was spent setting up for something to happen with the Naked Man in the Forest that just fizzled. His identity was dangled in front of us, but the revelation of who it was didn't really have some earth shattering result. Perhaps there's more to that story in a follow-up or sequel, but for this book it just hangs there. The poison ivy on the testicles part made me shiver a little too, but that's probably the intent.

I still left this book having enjoyed the read, but wanting more for Mad Mitch at the end.

My only real complaint about the writing was the foul language. Granted, Mitch is a twenty-something who probably uses the "F-word" like the Smurfs use, well, Smurf. However, the Mitch that my brain created would have been just as 3D even if he hadn't talked like the semi-literate ape that most of us are at that age. That's not to say that he didn't have plenty of intelligent words and thoughts, just a few too many of the other for my taste. Probably not much of a complaint, all things considered.
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on December 22, 2012
I'm not going to give a synopsis.. you can get that elsewhere... i've been reading a cross section of reviews for mayne's various e-books and would like to say something important in his defense, before you get put off trying or buying any or all of his books... he writes intriguing and well paced yarns... you're paying 99 cents... okay he hasn't the expertise or the skills of dean koontz or stephen king etc but the litmus test for me is that it doesn't matter - there have been many a book, e or otherwise that i've bought or borrowed thinking the premise sounding interesting, hoping that that it wasn't the same cliched plots or characters that i've been disappointed in before, and i haven't been able to get past the first chapter due to it's crap writing... determined chins, steely or sparkling eyes, maniacal laughter, chills running down spines and so on... andrew mayne may not have the perfectly polished grammar or turn of phrase that may define good or great writing to some ( but he's not bad either) but, and this is the important bit for me - he writes well enough and tells such an enjoyable story that i didn't notice it's imperfections...
If you read for enjoyment, (and i read for example george eliot,john wyndham,dean koontz,jane austen, agatha christie and william shakespeare etc all with equal enjoyment depending on my reading appetite) then give these books a try. Don't be put off by comments that the writing isn't polished enough, or by the bargain price
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on January 10, 2012
With the big publishers holding out for $15 for new releases and $8 for decades-old classics, I've been looking for new, independent authors. While this is not a perfect novel and not a five-star review, I did enjoy the book a great deal and immediately downloaded several other books by Mayne as soon as I finished it.

First, what the book does well: the story is compelling and moves along at a brisk pace from the start. Mayne's protagonist is believable and interesting, and you root for him as the unique circumstances of the story place him in greater and greater peril. The action scenes were well-written and grim in places (this is a variant of zombie horror, after all!).

I did think that the "Naked Man" plot line, while resolved at the end of the novel, clashed somewhat with the primary plot and drew me out of the story whenever it reappeared. Fortunately, those scenes are fairly brief. I also felt that Mitch danced a bit too much along that fine line that separates "everyman" from "superman"; while I do feel he was a good protagonist overall, there are a few scenes where his luck and/or insight begin to strain credulity. Of course, had he succumbed to the panic that would probably overcome most of us in such a situation, it would have been a very short novel.

This would be a worthwhile purchase at five dollars; for a buck it's a steal. I look forward to digging into the rest of Mayne's work.
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on August 15, 2012
Another great find, discovered by looking at the 'people who bought The Old Man and the Wasteland also bought this' suggestions. My reasoning was is I used a book I loved as my starting point I might discover something good - and that reasoning paid off in spades.

What I loved about this book was its originality, its fast past and the ordinariness of its main character. This really was a case of an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. I read this book pretty much in one sitting - so take that as a sign that this story will get you hooked and then you just have to hold on for the ride.

There were a few things that let this book down a bit. It would benefit from a good editor, there were things that happened that didn't quite seem logical to me e.g. I suspect if you used an axe to chop through a power line you wouldn't be around to tell the tale.

It worth more than three stars, but not quite four.

For my money though I still think the author has really done a good job and certainly deserves more than the 99cents I paid for my kindle copy
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on September 3, 2017
The humble, ordinary, good-natured man who is forced by unfair circumstance to reluctantly fight to survive, is the star of this novel. Mitchell is lovable, and his quick-thinking, clever resourcefulness, along with the fast-paced plot turns, make for an entertaining story! Good versus evil in this clever science-based tale.
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on August 31, 2011
Buying a 99cent ebook like this, I didn't have the high expectations. But after reading Public Enemy Zero, all I can say is wow, where've you been all this time Andrew Mayne? My official best new author find of the year! The writing was polished and really drew me in. Nonstop action and suspense kept me reading until the very last page.

Other reviews have given a summary of the plot so I won't bother. But I have to say that I really enjoyed the main character, Mitch. First, he had amazing restraint and concern for others. I kept thinking, how much would I care about the lives & wellbeing of people who were trying to rip me apart? Not much, I'm sure. But Mitch is a really honorable and decent guy and he tries as much as possible to minimize the damage he causes. At the same time, he is a quick and creative thinker, managing to stay a few steps ahead of the professional bad guys. Being somewhat of a loner with a marginal career and no love-life, Mitch is not superman, but instead, a very human, likable character. All in all, a kind of everyman hero.

I'm surprised that I've not heard of the author, Andrew Mayne, before. After looking at his profile and some of his websites, it looks like he is a really creative and prolific character himself. I have now downloaded his other 2 ebooks and, if they are even close to as good as Public Enemy Zero, will be keeping up with anything he writes.
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