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Puerto Rico Game
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on September 22, 2016
I love this game, and have taught many how to play it. It takes quite the learning curve for the first play, but once someone understands all of the rules, it is pretty simple and very fun to strategize about. The design is very classic and colorful, and the cards, pieces, etc. are nice quality. If you like games like Settlers of Qatan, etc. this game would be right up your alley. It's a fun farming, harvesting, selling, etc. type of game. It takes a little longer to play, so it can fill up your evening with good socializing and mental exercise. Wouldn't recommend it for young children, but I'm sure a preteen could catch on and do well with the proper explaining. Fun game that never gets old.
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on May 25, 2017
We enjoy playing this game as a family with our teen and twenty-something children. It teaches the results of economic choices and is a good balance of strategy and chance.

Some might be offended that the "colonists" are brown and work on the plantations, but they also teach in the university and everything in between. The people have the opportunity to participate in every aspect of the economy.
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on January 25, 2014
Actually played the PC version before owning Puerto Rico the board game. After a play or two then the path
to victory becomes more clear. Fun to have a three step process(grow,manufacture,ship) to generate victory points
and to have money be pivotal but not the same as vp. As the title says I was disappointed in the building tiles being
plain white. I know they need the description on them, but after seeing the PC game version I was really wanting those
pieces to be pretty even if they had to be bigger to accommodate. A great game design though deserving of many games
(San Juan, card game version of this, and Race for the Galaxy, the Space themed card game version of this). I do wish they
would do a reprint (because this is a timeless classic now) with FULL board that includes all the roles, buildings, ships, wharf, trade house, etc instead of cards around medium box boards. Still like the player boards and only wish they were thicker cardboard. This game is such a classic game with truly interesting replays every time I would love to be able to buy it, even at a higher price point, with the quality of components it deserves. (I would also love to have a high quality board game version of Race for the Galaxy in the same way).
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on January 25, 2017
Great game that uses strategy as well as chance. If you like Settlers of Catan, you'll love this game as well. I think this is less chance than Catan, so the more I play it, the more I like it.
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on November 19, 2017
I'm an avid board game collector, and this is still one of my favorites. There is very little luck involved, as everything is open knowledge and there are no dice involved. There are also many different strategies, all of which are valid and can win you the game. It's also hard to "gang up" on someone, which keeps everyone happy. I'd highly recommend this game to anyone, whether you're just getting into deeper strategy board games, or if you're an avid board gamer.
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on February 11, 2013
We got this game for Christmas after seeing how well it was rated. When we first opened the box, we were kind of shocked by how in depth the instructions were. It took us almost 2 hours to get through the game for the first time. That was mostly from pausing to read almost every turn and trying to develop a strategy as we went. The first game probably only warranted a 4 star rating, but the next day we played it again. It went a lot faster and was a lot more fun. Each time since then has been a 5 star play. If you can play with an experienced player your first time, you'll enjoy it a lot more.

The premise of the game is to earn coins by planting crops, building buildings to help with the crops, and loading the harvest onto ships (which earns money). The game is played in rounds with all players choosing an action each round and the starting position changing with each round. It ends when all of the people are gone, all the money is owned, or all of the building spots for one player are filled. This typically takes 45 minutes to an hour (except for the first time the game is played). This can be a great party game, so long as someone knows what they are doing.

I recommend this to families, young adults, and even children. My 6 year old daughter picked it up with ease, once I knew what i was doing well enough to teach her, and various friends of ours enjoy the game as well.

Lots of fun and high replay value.
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on October 1, 2011
First of all, let me start by saying that this game is longer than your average game. When we play it we anticipate about 2 hours, sometimes a little quicker and sometimes a little slower depending on how distracted we get and how much discussion we get going. If you can accept that fact that the game will last longer than Uno, or Yahtzee, or Clue-then you can have one of the funnest game experiences of your life (yes, I know "funnest" is not a word). Many other people have posted some wonderful and in depth reveiws of what this game is like, so that is not my goal. I simply want to state that it is amazing! I love other games, like Settlers, Stone Age, Pirate's Cove, Dominion and Ticket to Ride. This game is my favorite and it is because there a still some luck (based upon what other people do for their turn), but your brain can get blown away with trying to figure out your best move, while not helping the people after you. My favorite experience with this game was with my wife's friend and her husband. We were on vacation and played games until 4AM. This was the final game and it took about 2 1/2 hours to teach and play through the first time. After that we were all super beat so we went to bed. The next morning the husband and wife practically jumped out of their room and said "I kept waking up thinking about what buildings to buy and how to make more money and ship more goods, we need to play again right now!". I am addicted to this game and my only complaint is that I dont get to play it often enough. This game honestly isn't for everyone though. We have some friends where the husband loves it, but the wife needs a little more "stimulation" for her gaming desires and she gets bored with it. My wife and I love it and teach to it everyone that we can because it is crazy addictive and almost always spawns some good talking afterwards and is a GREAT way to spend time with friends and family.
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on February 18, 2008
I am relatively new to Euro board games, having only played 7 or 8 of them over the last 2 years. I started with Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne and moved my way up to Puerto Rico. While Catan is great for beginners and still fun to play for experts the overall depth is fairly limited to a few strategies and the wishful thinking that chance will go your way (via tile layout and dice rolls).

Puerto Rico is a significantly deeper strategy game and the player will be forced to evolve their strategy based on which opportunities are available, which avenues are closed off (limited resources), and whether they deem it more valuable at each turn to help their standing or hinder others. I also like the more secretive nature of the game so you are never really sure who is winning until the victory points are tallied at the end of the final round.

The only catch to this game is it has a steep learning curve and takes a good deal longer to play than Catan/Carcasonne. After buying PR two of us spent 2 hours just setting up the board and reading the rules before we could even play (hint: when you put the game away group and band the building tiles sequentially for quick future setup). On the second attempt we played a 4-person game and it took about 2 hours (and we got one of the management rules wrong - don't forget to ante up the unplayed roles!). After that initial 4 hour investment we can play with 3-4 players in about 90-100 minutes.

For medium-expert strategy players or those with patience I would highly recommend this game. If you are relatively new to Euro / German games or have little patience for learning something more complex I would recommend you first try the sister game, San Juan, which is a more portable 2-4 player card game that uses the same principles but simplifies the majority of the setup, management and accounting and can be played in 40-60 minutes. If you find that you like San Juan you should then definitely try out Puerto Rico and the learning curve will be simpler because you have already learned many of the basic concepts of revolving roles and the opportunity costs of the high level strategies.

There are also some free PC versions of both games on-line if you want to check them out and get a feel for the play but the rule explanation, interface and AI are fairly rudimentary.
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on December 11, 2017
Very fun game. Playing as a brand new user reading through the rules takes about 20 minutes and the first few turns takes a little long. Overall very easy to pick up. It's a classic that is highly rated for a reason.
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on April 29, 2013
Puerto Rico is probably the best board game that I own, and is definitely my favorite one to play.

Puerto Rico offers tons of different paths to victory, and each and every game prompts me to try a new strategy or way to win. The game doesn't involve a lot of luck or sudden changes in the flow of the game, so players really need to plan out what they're hoping to accomplish and how they'll get there.

Many other reviewers have already sung this game's praises, so I'll just throw in a few other points:
- Because victory point chips are hidden and points can be gained in many different ways, it's never quite clear who's in the lead. This might be frustrating to some gamers who want totally open information, but I feel that this adds a lot of tension to the game and keeps everyone involved. If you can see that someone is doing much better than you (or that you are doing much better than someone else), a game can feel like it's really dragging out. Having point totals be mostly concealed (but not completely!) makes everyone want to keep their head in the game.
- Even though each player has their own board that they're minding, Puerto Rico involves a lot of player interaction and so-called "screwage." There are ample opportunities to mess with another player's strategy, and you always have to be watching to make sure that your actions aren't helping out your rivals. You don't need to constantly be worrying about how other players might mess up your strategy, but you can never count on being able to do everything that you want to in a turn.
- Puerto Rico keeps each turn's actions fairly limited, which means that every action counts. Even though the game can take a good chunk of time to play, it moves quickly and never leaves players feeling like they're just "going through the motions."

The game mostly has great components, with high-quality cardboard player boards and pieces, and wonderful wooden bits as well. I only have a few complaints about Puerto Rico, mostly about some of the components. The first is that the wooden colonist pieces are really small and fiddly. Because they're round and smaller than most of my fingernails, they can be difficult to pick up or move around. Because you'll be moving these around quite a bit during the game, their tiny size can be a bit frustrating.

My only other complaint is that the insert for Puerto Rico (the plastic inside the box to organize and store the pieces) seems like it was made for another game or something like that. It's not at all clear where or how to store the pieces, and there are a LOT of little bits in this game. While the insert works to hold the pieces, it doesn't really allow you to organize them for quick set-up or storage.

But those are both minor complaints. Puerto Rico is a great game for anyone who loves strategic, interesting, engaging board games and is willing to invest a bit of time into getting the flow of the game. The first few turns of your first game can be daunting, but once players get the hang of it, Puerto Rico is a fast-moving, fantastic game that I would highly recommend. Great price, great pieces (mostly!), great game. Get it right now!
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