Customer Reviews: Punky Brewster: Season 3
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on May 6, 2006
Over a year has passed since the second season of "Punky Brewster" was brought to DVD in February 2005. Now, after much anxious anticipation, Season 3 of this beloved show gets a summer release for everyone to enjoy!

The third season introduced a lot of changes to the Punky character. She was still just as sweet and energetic as always, but now that she's a fast-growing fifth grader, she traded in her pigtails for more of a 1980's pre-teen look and went from never wanting a boyfriend (remember that endearing Valentine's episode from Season 1?) to developing a few crushes. Season 3 zooms in a lot on Punky's friends, school, boys, and the craziness of growing up, but through it all she remains a kid: the same old kind, loving, "Spunky Punky" who adores her dad Henry, is loyal to her friends, and decorates everyone's life with a youthful spirit.

That classic "Punky" touch is sprinkled over the entire season and is truly charming for fans. But just as there are many quirky and colorful episodes (our beloved Punky becomes the school's nosiest gossip columnist, imagines life as a dog, and gets into an R-rated movie by disguising herself as the world's feistiest old lady), there are also some dramatic and heartwarming moments--perhaps more than either of the first two seasons. The beauty and closeness of the Punky/Henry relationship is fearlessly shown in many episodes, including "Metamorphosis," where Punky fears that Henry will stop loving her now that she is growing up; "So Long, Studio," where Henry is encouraged by his spirited daughter to open up a brand-new business that he could have never fathomed before; and most notably, "Un-Hooking Henry," which finds Punky sacrificing her own sleep to help the most precious person in her life overcome a sleeping pill addiction. Be sure to watch also for a knockout performance from young actress Cherie Johnson in "The Anniversary," a genuine tearjerker where we finally learn what happened to Cherie's parents. The heaviness of the episode is considerably out of character for this series, but 10-year-old Johnson blows it right out of the water with a phenomenol portrayal that will make you wonder why her acting career wasn't more extensive. Soleil Moon Frye was wonderful as Punky, but I have to say that Cherie Johnson was the one who dominated the stage with her adorable presence and remarkably expressive acting skills.

Those who grew up watching this show will love watching the episodes all over again, and it is upbeat and cheery enough to reel in all kinds of new fans, as well. This Season 3 set will contain more of the "It's Punky Brewster" cartoons that spiced up the first two season sets, but no interviews are included. It was great to see Ami Foster and Cherie Johnson on Season 1 and George Gaynes on Season 2, and hopefully they can get Soleil Moon Frye to top off the final 4th season DVD with her insights on the show. I would also love to see Alan (played by the adorable Casey Ellison) all grown up, or TK Carter (who played Mike Fulton), but we'll see what they can get.

A bit cheesy much of the time ("80's kids" who are revisiting the show should be aware that watching this as an adult is a completely different experience), but never anything short of endearing, "Punky Brewster" is a memorable mirror of innocence that now has just one season to go until the entire series is on DVD! Bring on Season 4 as soon as possible!! :)
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on June 13, 2006
The third season of the popular 80's kids series Punky Brewster arrives on DVD on July 25th. The third season (1987-1988) marked big changes for the show. This would be the first season that the show would air in syndication rather than as a regular part of the NBC television schedule. So if you missed these episodes the first time around now is your chance to own them.

There were several cast changes during the third season. The character of Mike Fulton (portrayed by T.K. Carter) was not seen as Punky's teacher anymore. A new child actor was introduced, the character of Spud. Spud was full of pranks, antics and jokes. The character who played Alan left the show following his parents divorce.

During the shows third season the actors were older and a new era as far as child/pre-teen television shows was emerging. "Just for kids" kind of shows such of the early 80's such as Silver Spoons, Diff'Rent Strokes, and Webster had been replaced by shows such as Growing Pains, Who's The Boss, The Cosby Show and Mr. Belvidere. Although the casts of these shows primarily consisted of child actors, the storylines often drew in an adult audience.

In the shows third season Punky Brewster continued to focus on the kids and in the tradition of the first two seasons hard hitting real life topics were addressed in nearly every episode. Topics dealt with by Punky and the gang included weight issues, divorce, rumors, plagiarism, grief management, dating, crushes and prescription drug addiction among other.

As with previous seasons there were celebrity special guests. The season opens with the episode "Reading, Writing, and Rock & Roll," in which the group Debarge pays Punky a visit at her home.

As with the previous two seasons released Punky Brewster The Complete Third Season DVD box set features 4 discs and this offering includes over 2 1/2 hours of the morning television cartoon It's Punky Brewster. There are no cast interviews included with this set. 22 episodes total with a running time of +10 hours.
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on June 12, 2006
The 3rd season, was a great season with some great episodes, Here's all of the episodes that will be on Season 3 DVD.

1.Reading, Writing, and Rock & Roll--Since Punky didn't do her book report Henry tells her hat she can't see her favorite group DeBarge.

2.Punky's Big Story--Punky writes a gossip column that causes nothing but trouble.

3.Tons of Fun--Henry's over weight niece visits.

4.Divorce Anderson Style--Allen parents divorce, with leads to Allen moving away to Kansas.

5.Beer & Buffalos Don't Mix--Punky friend dad has a drinking problem.

6.Hands Across the Halls-- Punky and Cherie pulls the tenants in the apartment building together to keep a fellow tenant from moving into a nursing home.

7.Open Door, Broken Heart pt 1--Brandon runs away from home and the whole gang looks for him.

8.Open Door, Broken Heart pt 2--The little boy who finds Brandon won't give him back to Punky.

9.Best Friends--Cherie's new boyfriends causes problems when Cherie spends more time with him than with jealous Punky.

10.It's a Dog's Life--Punky dreams that she's Brandon.

11.The Metamorphosis--Punky buys her first bra.

12.Fighting City Hall--Punky wants to turn a vacant lot into a park.

13.The Matchmaker--Punky and Cherie set Henry on a blind date, And Betty ends up on a dating show.

14.My Fair Punky--Punky is invited to a rich kid birthday party where Henry is hired as the Photographer.

15.The Anniversary--Punky wonders why Cherie starts to act wierd around the sametime every year, until one day Punky follows Cherie, and she finds out it's the anniversary of her parent death.

16.Tangled Web--Punky fakes an illness so that she can stay home from school, so that she can sneek to see a movie.

17.Punky's Porker--takes a show pig from the mall when she finds out he's headed to the meat market.

18.This Spud's for You--When Punky don't ask Spud to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, he goes out on the ledge of his building and Punky trys to talk back inside.

19.So Long, Studio--Henry sells his studio and opens a resturant Punky's Place.

20.Help Wanted--Henry fires Punky.

21.Remember When--During a snow storm the gang Reminisce.

22.Unhooking Henry--After finding out that Henry is addicted to Pain pills, Punky trys to help Henry by staying up with him all night to help him kick the habit.
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on May 5, 2016
A little girl is dumped by her mom in a parking lot of a store. The little girl then befriends a cranky old man name Henry Warnimont. Now all this is in season 1 of course but people are forever thinking this old coot and sweet kid should not be together but the love and trust each other and will move heaven and earth to stick together. I'm not going to mess things up by telling you all the shows and break down what they are about. I'll just say it's a good solid family show even a kid can watch. They are fun light shows with easy to follow morals to them. They make you laugh. They make you cry and they make you go awww.
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on June 12, 2011
This season of the show starts to take on some more grown up stories for Punky such as being interested in boys, sneaking out to see a movie she wssn't supposed to, helping Alan through his parent's divorce, learning about what happened to Cherie's parents, almost losing Brandon, learning about alcoholism, friends growing apart, Henry's sleeping pill addiction, and entering the "tween" years. There is the typical humor and drama to be found.

I love this series, but if I had to choose a least favorite season, this would be it. There are some great episodes, but some are pretty sad and I don't like to watch them as often as others. Season 4 is a bit sillier and lighter, and I think I actually prefer it to this one. Seasons 1 and 2 are my favorites.

No question though that two of my favorite episodes are on disc one of this set-Reading Writing and Rock and Roll, and Tons of Fun. The former being the special guest stars episode featuring music group Debarge--it's sooo funny to see the hair and clothes styles they had in 1987. The song Chico sings to the girls at the end is pretty catchy. The latter is about childhood obesity and trying to get fit. Punky's cousin comes to visit and they try to help her lose weight. It's a good message for everyone to eat better and exercise. One thing I miss about these last 2 seasons are that they no longer made special Christmas episodes.

If you love Punky you have to get each set, because there are classic episodes in every season.
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on May 9, 2006
At last the ball's rolling on more Punky Brewster on dvd. I can't wait to get my hands on the last two seasons. Highlights of this season include guest appearances by 80s group Debarge and "Save By The Bell" star Mark-Paul Gosselaar. You'll also see the sad departure of one of Punky's closest friends Allen Anderson, as he moves away. I would've liked to have seen some more cast interviews and I'm hoping Shout! could sort this out for the Season 4 release. Either way you still get your large dose of the cartoon series "It's Punky Brewster" as bonus features... value for money at it's best!!! PUNKY POWER LIVES ON!!!
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on December 30, 2013
Just as her mom did before her, my granddaughter LOVES Punky. She is 11 and has been watching since she was about 8. Punky is a wholesome, nothing to object to, kind of show....and there is usually some type of lesson to be learned in each 1/2 hour episode.
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on February 25, 2011
I have purchased the whole set through Amazon,all three of my girls watch and enjoy the show. What a great model we to look up to as kids and so many "teaching" lessons-just wish there were more to enjoy.
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on December 28, 2008
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on February 25, 2015
I love watching Punkey Brewster with my family. This show has so many life lessons, that good family shows were based on. My children and I watch these episodes over and over again. I would highly recommend the purchase of this product if you want good family TV.
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