Customer Reviews: Pure Blood (Nocturne City, Book 2)
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on November 5, 2008
I have no doubt that Caitlin Kittridge is a talented writer and expect great things from her future books. For me, though, there are a few issues that prevent me from giving Pure Blood a higher rating.

First, after the first book (Night Life,) I didn't realize that Luna was so emotionally involved with Dmitri. She'd only known him a few days and they hadn't spent that much time together. So I was surprised by how strong her feelings were for him at the beginning of the second book. The relationship just didn't seem to have been developed to that degree, yet. Still, okay, I can get past this, but, given that Luna was supposedly so attached to Dmitri and that she has suffered from not having a pack, it seems just a bit odd that she didn't allow Dmitri to bite her and make her a member of his.

Second, I never quite understood how Luna was "forcing" her cousin, Sunny, to stay with her. It seemed throughout the first book, until the very end at least, that their decision to be roommates had been mutual. But, now at the beginning of the second book her cousin has been "freed" from her obligation and has happily moved back in with their Grandmother. Huh?

Third, I found it distracting when, at the beginning of Pure Blood, Luna, an experienced homicide detective, doesn't know that petechial hemorrhage is an indication of strangulation or asphyxia. Anyone who's ever watched CSI, read a mystery, etc. knows this and I certainly would have expected a homicide detective to have this knowledge. Minor, I guess, but it still interrupted the fantasy.

Finally, and this is certainly nothing to do with the author and I did not factor it into my rating, the Kindle version is almost impossible to read in many places. Even when all the words do appear the font is difficult to look at for any length of time.
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on December 17, 2008
I am not so sure about this series... the story is evolving and in some ways it's good... In others I would like the heroine... more... gutsy... when you meet the guy that left you to go back home you don't fall on all fours to get him to stay... you ask questions and when you see that it's not going anywhere you just go... let him try to come to you... Luna lost points with me in that one....

Over all... if you liked the 1st book try it...
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on September 8, 2008
The book picks up a few months where Night Life left off. Luna has a few life-surprises fall on her. She is paired up with a partner who would be equated to her polar opposite. Slowly they both start realizing how much they have in common (mainly a crappy childhood). Luna is also surprised and a little relieved to understand why magic affects her the way it does. And that she does have some magical abilities. Fate also has a cruel joke/surprise waiting for Luna when she runs into the one person who is her worst nightmare, literally. Unfortunately, Dmitri also has an awful surprise for Luna but I won't give too much away. Needless to say if you are a Luna and Dmitri fan than you will love the ending of the book. I can honestly say that I didn't want to put this book down and was sorry when it was over. It was so good I wanted it to keep going. This book has no useless page fillers and excessive self-berating. Instead is packed with wild action, witch craft, blood-witches, caster-witches, demons, weres sex and tons of sexual tension.

others books I enjoy: Kim Harrison- Rachel Morgan series, Jenna Black-Morgan Kingsley series, Larissa Ione- Demonica series, Ilona Andrews- Kate Daniels series, Richelle Mead- Georgina Kinkaid series, Audra and Stella Price- Eververse series, Yasmine Galenorn- Sisters of the Moon, Rachel Caine- Weather Warden series
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on August 3, 2013
I like it when the heroin starts out gruff and maybe even a little naïve but a large part of what makes that type of character fun to follow is to watch them learn, grow, evolve but that never happens with this lead. Even by the end of the third book the lead character has not evolved at all and that just makes the character cruel. No thank you.
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on November 16, 2011
This series so far has its moments. This was was slightly better than the first book. The same annoying phrases repeated but not nearly as bad. So far this series is like a mix between Anita Blake, Mercy Thompson and some strange whney victim. If she was a true strong character this series would be a ton better. I will continue to read and review this series since this one was better than the last. I didnt get into the Vampire Huntress series until book 2 or 3 and haven't been able to make myself pick it up again (still saving my page on book 9) so still have serious hope for this one.
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VINE VOICEon September 18, 2009
Except for very annoying errors. Luna gets assigned a partner who can be just as bitchy and unpleasant as she is. Very promising. Shelby used to work vice and gets recognized by a guy she busted at an underage club. There are various incidents like that but they add up t a very good plot. Interesting gang war going on. But the plots both major and minor are marred by serious editorial and factual errors. Firefighters wear big bottles of compressed air on their backs (SCBA) not Oxygen. The Tibula and fibula are in the leg not the arm and in some 20+ years as an active EMT and nearly 30 on the ski patrol I have only seen one case of the fibula being broken without the tibia (that's the shin bone that runs from the ankle to the knee the fibula is a little bone behind it) also being broken. The radius and ulna are in the arm and it isn't real uncommon for one to be broken without the other. These annoying and persistent errors keep this from 4 stars. BTW Asmodeus is a demon of lust in the Hebrew mythology and one of the fallen (32 in rank) in the christian. Maybe why Luna is consistently after Dmitri.

Overall a good read except for the errors of fact.
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on February 8, 2011
I almost didn't buy this book because of one of the reviews I read - but I'm glad I did. I liked the first book and I liked this one too. Some of the inconsistencies that another reviewer talks about aren't actually there - if you read carefully, you will see that sarcasm and anger have Luna saying things she doesn't mean, and it is pretty obvious in context that she doesn't really mean it.

I will say that Luna's attitude can be very annoying - she is one of the most negative people I've ever read about. Dmitri's relationship with her is totally wacko, and I still don't understand why Sunny, who seemed perfectly happy to be living with Luna, was "forced" to live with her to begin with. It really makes no sense and I wonder if something in the back story was cut from the first book, leaving a glaring whole in the story itself.

If you like Were/Magic, that sort of thing, you will probably enjoy this series. Some of the book makes me just want to skip forward, but for the most part I've enjoyed it.
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on October 5, 2009
It's a great book.

Seriously. I'd give it five stars if I liked Dmitri as much as I like Luna. Well that and a few other weaknesses I see in the series.

Luna is mean. Really mean, but in a good way. She means well (pun intended), but her mouth and more importantly her temper runs away with her and gets her into trouble. It works tremendously well from an entertainment perspective (and there is no more important perspective to an author). A lot of reviewers don't like it, but I can't help but feel that's because they are thinking of Luna as human. She isn't entirely. Think Hulk.

She has a vast bottomless well of anger that her werewolf nature keeps close to the surface. It's like a steam boiler. If she doesn't blow off some steam she will explode and do something she'll really regret. So she lets it out a little at a time with nasty words. Unfortunately for her the recipients of those nasty words are usually the people she loves as they're the ones who hang out with her. As a character it makes us like her despite her flaws and that is a very important accomplishment for a writer. Even the good ones tend to create the flawless (or nearly so) character or the character whose flaws overtake them and make us root for wrong people. Either will kill a novel or series.

The plot is entertaining and Luna has to face the consequences of being in a police department (something too many writers ignore). It's all good except fro some niggling issues.

The werewolf stuff is underplayed. It plays a role but not the role you want out of a werewolf story. There is no wolfing out and smacking the righteous crud out of bad guys. Luna is not only terrified of her wolf but when it does finally emerge she is just a big dog with a bad attitude. The power of fury metaphor is completely lost.

Dmitri is a crappy hero to Luna's heroine. From a masculine perspective he is everything I used to dread my sister dating. He is an alpha male: good. A good heroine needs her alpha male. No one else can stand up to her. So far so good. He has no job. He is a terrible leader. His people live in squalor and he has no plans to get them out of it. He excepts the status quo even when it is blisteringly stupid. He has the whole bad but not really thing going for him. Well really against him. Us mens hates poseurs. He starts "in love" with one of the victims but in the few short days falls head over heals for Luna. There is no good way to dig your hero out of that last one. Either he is too dumb to know what love really is, he is fickle with emotion, he is prone to exaggeration of the worst sort, etc.

The story is really about Luna so I didn't take off for Dmitri's crappy character too much.
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on December 7, 2009
I really wanted to like this series. I felt book one was better than this one, however many, many second books are let downs. First books are often honed over years and second books are pushed out too soon. There were several errors in book one, especially in the police procedural variety. Those continue in book two. However book two has so many continuity errors. It's as if it was written so quickly no one even read it with a critical eye. Some SPOILERS follow. One minute Luna's police partner is a terrible cop, not just based on Luna's opinion, but action that takes place. The next minute Luna tells he she is such a good cop. One minute the partner refuses to share information about her family (loyalty to a family that sees her as a black sheep) and the next she it revealed as a plant from internal affairs sent to gather evidence to kick Luna off the force. One minute she's so beat up one eye is closed shut, the next she is trying to vamp her way past a building guard. She sure got hot looking fast. Luna's pissed that, a guy she slept with once, has been forced to mate with someone from his pack. But sees no problem with having a boyfriend - who she has been much more intimite with than Dmitri - the whole time Dmitri's gone. She dumps her boyfriend, not because Dmitri is back, but because the new guy wrote a song about her. Dmitri is so jealous in book three that he complains about Luna smelling like men she talked to at work. Didn't he notice the smell of Luna's boyfriend all over her house when he moved in? I guess not...

Fantasy provides the freedom to create new worlds, however when you create a police procedural in this type of fantasy setting readers can only suspend so much disbelief. I hate continuity errors. Believe it or not, I've started book three. More police and continuity errors are leaping off the page. I so wanted to like this series.
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on November 1, 2008
This book is set in an America where werewolves, witches and the like openly exist, but are not always well tolerated by humans.
After the injuries werewolf police detective Luna Wilder incurred in the first of the series, 'Night Life', when battling the blood witches who tried to summon a demon, she is just back on the force when a war between two powerful witch families starts. Her partner - who is from one of the witch families involved - and her new boss - who is prejudiced against her for being a werewolf - are less than happy with the fact that she wants to go against these people, so things are pretty difficult when it comes to her job. And the werewolf she loves, Dmitri, is being forced by his pack leaders to stay away from Luna - and she from him. And they have no problem whatsoever with killing her if she doesn't comply. Luna, however, not only loves Dmitri, but is also in desperate need of his help if she is to survive the witch feud...
Like 'Night Life' this is a dark urban fantasy with interesting characters and a suspenseful and entertaining plot. I felt that the book was even better than the first in the series, almost perfect. My only complaint is that Luna in many ways doesn't learn from her mistakes and does things that are simply not convincing from a policewoman, even if she's an outsider. A glaring example would be when she takes the only existing piece of evidence against one of the witches and takes it directly to him, knowing he is much more powerful than her. He promptly destroys it and she almost dies. Too stupid to live, anyone? Apart from that it's a great book and I look forward to reading more books about Luna and Dmitri.
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