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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 27, 2011
UPDATE: KAL has adulterated all of its Stevia products with maltodextrin and other additives. I no longer purchase KAL products.

The following review is about the "old" Kal Stevia. I suggest looking for truly "pure" stevia from another brand.
Pure Stevia tastes like to sugar. No aftertaste, no residue. What more could you ask for?

After 60 years, I've broken my sugar addiction. Before pure Stevia, I used Splenda and later Truvia/Purevia (Stevia cut with bulking agents) for several years. The Truvia/Purevia were better than Splenda, but both the Splenda and Truvia/Purevia left disgusting residues and just didn't taste right (because of the fillers or bulking agents added). More importantly for me, I could not fully enjoy my gourmet coffee with either. When I first began using pure Stevia, I appreciated the better flavor and lack of a residue, but it still did not taste quite like sugar to me. However, after 6 months of pure Stevia, it tastes like sugar to me, and I am again enjoying gourmet coffee.

Perhaps more precisely, pure stevia is "as effective" as sugar for "cutting the edge" of bitter or sour drinks and foods---the way most people use sugar.

So, for me there was an adjustment period during which pure Stevia went from "the best artificial sweetner I've ever used" to "just as good as sugar" for day-to-day use.

However, it is not as intensely sugary-sweet, regardless of how much you use. For a rare, once-a-month "desert" cup of fine coffee, I still use real sugar and real cream.

Some reviewers have stated that the liquid is easier to measure than the powder. That's true, but its mostly because the liquid is more diluted. I need 20 drops in a large mug of strong coffee. In contrast, I use one "tiny spoon-fulls" of the powder, using the supplied spoon. 1 "tiny spoonful" is easier than 20 drops---so I find the powder more convenient for coffee, and it is probably more economical. Pure Stevia Extract Powder - 3.5 oz - Powder

Although I prefer the powder for coffee, the liquid is probably preferable for cold drinks, since the powder does not dissolve easily in cold liquids. I also find that unsweetened fruit cups etc. are just too sour for my taste---a few drops of the liquid Stevia makes them perfect.

General Recommendation: After major grocery shopping expeditions, sit down at your computer with your receipt, and check if you can buy any of the non-perishables through Amazon. When you find items (even if more expensive than you just paid), put the item on your Amazon wish list, and add a note to the wish list of the price you just paid. Check your wish list frequently, and when you see an item you need at a bargain price, buy it.

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on March 3, 2011
I was looking for a good stevia in liquid form and a lot of companies have additives in their stevia. For example, some of the different additives I found were alcohol and lactose...but I did not like the taste because it would have a weird metalic taste. Today, I received the KAL liquid stevia and I was very happy. No aftertaste and adds the perfect amount of sweetness from only 5 drops...this bottle will last a long time. So glad I bought this!
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on October 1, 2010
I use both the extract powder and the liquid. I mainly keep the liquid in my purse and carry it with me, as it is much easier to stir into liquid (in case we stop for coffee). My sister, who is not a fan of Stevia usually, enjoyed it in her tea and did notice it was less "bitter and grassy" than the powder. Although over the years, I've personally come to enjoy the powdered extract, I enjoy this liquid extract more, however, it is much too expensive to use constantly, hence why I only use it when traveling, or going out and about.

So for those of you considering making the change from other sweeteners, or sugar, to stevia, may I recommend you give the liquid a shot? I think you'll find you'll enjoy this one much more. I personally do not enjoy the taste of Stevia in the Raw, or SweetLeaf, I much prefer Kal, so perhaps this will aid you in making a decision.

On a side note, this seller is FAST. I just reordered the same product through and waited FOREVER. Not worth saving a dollar, or two.
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on December 3, 2011
This is, without a doubt, THE best tasting Stevia product on the market. The KAL brand doesn't add a any "flavoring" that most other Stevia products have that make them taste bad. Trust me, I have tried them all. Liquid Stevia is the only thing I use to sweeten everything that needs it. I haven't consumed any cane sugar of any kind in over three years.

As far as some people stating that Stevia tastes terrible, Stevia is so powerfully sweet that less is actually more. I think the problem is that people are so used to adding more and more sugar to their food and drinks that they think the the same about Stevia. It takes a very small amount of Stevia to sweeten anything. I think that 2 tablespoons of stevia equals the sweetening power of 1 cup of sugar! If you over sweeten with Stevia then it will indeed taste bad. Very bad. In the beginning I did the same thing. I almost stopped using it.

So, remember - LESS IS MORE. And try starting with a small amount at first and gradually increase until you find your "sweet spot" (so to speak). Stevia is so much better for you than cane sugar it is worth trying again. And, done right, actually tastes better than sugar.
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on January 18, 2013
I have found stevia to be great for sweetening things that don't contain caffeine, but it has always made anything containing caffeine very bitter. Pure Stevia made my coffee taste bitter, but it worked great in green tea. That's more than I can say for any other brand of stevia I've tried. At least now I can enjoy green tea with stevia and lemon or lime. As a result, I'll be drinking much more green tea. I tried making hot cocoa with it, and although it wasn't as bad as other brands, it did still leave a little bit of an after taste. Oh, well, you can't have everything. It's still my favorite stevia. It works great for grapefruit, lemonade or in smoothies if you're like me and like them sweeter than average. It also works great in cooking. I use it to sweeten tomato sauces, such as spaghetti sauce or chili, or for any sauce that requires a little sweetening, as well as for some salad dressings. And the liquid dissolves so much more easily in cold items than the powders. I'll be ordering this brand from now on.
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on March 15, 2012
I've tried a couple other brands (Now, Sweet Leaf, Truvia, Stevia in the Raw) and they've always had that bitter / you know its not sugar aftertaste so I kind of just thought thats how all stevia was until I tried the Kal brand of stevia. I use it to sweeten my smoothies and iced tea and it really has no bitter aftertaste. Highly recommend! I liked it so much I came back on amazon and bought the powder version so I could try baking with it.
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on October 9, 2013
I just received the Pure Stevia LIquid Extract yesterday. I tried it this morning in my coffee. I used the five drops as is recommended. I noticed no sweetness at all. So I added another five drops. Slightly sweeter but not enough to make much of a difference. I waited to get back to my office where I have the Kal pure Stevia powder. The Stevia powder worked perfectly as always. The bottle says use by 07/15 so it should still be good. I called the company, Kal, and spoke with a rep. I explained that it did not sweeten with five drops or even ten. I was told that they market it as a food supplement and not as a sugar substitute so they do not guarantee that it will sweeten drinks. I asked if maybe I got a bad lot and was told that they have no bad lots. I don't know what to think of this. All I know is that I will continue to get their powder but I am writing the liquid form off my list. I will stick to the powder. I thought the liquid would be better for travel but actually I still have to open my drink and stir it after I put the drops in it. So what's the difference? the powder comes in a container not much bigger than the bottle. Also it won't brake as the bottle could because it is plastic.
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on December 30, 2012
Pure Stevia Liquid Extract.
I chose it because of good review and all people was right. It is sweeter than powdery stevia ,it is really pure stevia ,very effective,5 drops is enough for cup of tea. No bitter taste,no alkohol ,no additional ingredients. I will purchase again.
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on March 23, 2012
I am shocked at how much I like this stuff. I had tried the stevia in the raw, truvia, etc etc. The aftertaste which didnt bother me too much is gone with this stuff though....its really great. I really only add sweetener to my coffee, and it really works. It says 5 drops, but I used about 10 in a big aftertaste, and its sweet. It isnt sugar, but its good. Ive also read that this is good for digestion and I believe it. It is much better than the truvia....try it. Shipping was fast, and Ive been using the same bottle for over 2 months and have at least another month left. Pretty good.....and actually a decent value.
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on December 27, 2010
I love this extract! We put it in our tea, and it tastes just like sugar. I used it in raspberry pie and found that it tasted better with a little sugar, too, but I only used 3 tablespoons of sugar with one dropper of stevia for the pie, and it came out delicious - it got rave reviews.

I've used various stevia powders and none compare to this, and I'm reviewing it because I got back online to order more. I tried just one bottle just in case we didn't like it, but now we can't be without it. We use it in everything we used to just use sugar for.
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