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on April 1, 2015
While researching water filters for a well known brand, one of the reviewers posted a link to this brand. I clicked over and read nothing but very positive reviews about this water filter. In fact, almost nothing I read was negative. I ordered the filter. When it arrived in a non-branded box, Xerox'ed installation instructions with no text, only graphics, I logged back in and found mostly negative reviews, all saying the same bad things about this product. I believe this was a volume purchase for some individual that leveraged the previous good name of the Purenex brand on very sub-standard copies and had to source a box to sell their copies. I also think the reviewer hijacked the reviews of the other brand to sway people who were interested in water filters over to their brand. For $15 more, it appeared I would be getting a much better product. I returned the junk immediately after opening it. I know Amazon can't catch all of the frauds, and this was my only bad experience with Amazon having done business with them since they opened their virtual doors.
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on March 6, 2015
Update again 3-11-2015: Purenex had not included adapter in packaging. Haven't heard back from them since a request for more information (which I fulfilled) five days ago. Update: Purenex just now replied to me when I used my 'regular' Gmail instead of their site. Had to break (then cut) the tubing which was glued into the plastic valve, then attach it to the steel valve (enclosed) -- but still don't know if it works or leaks, because the faucet adapter was not included. (sigh) Will update further when or if it is replaced and can be installed.

There is no packaging, no unit number, no ID of any kind on this unit. A sticker says it's a member of the WQA, but there's nothing to say this is Purenex - or any identifier at all.

The "diverter valve" (from which the water should flow when all is connected) is not the unit shown in the comic-book type instructions. Instead, it is a plastic device which cannot be attached to any kitchen faucet I have ever seen. It has four tiny phillips screws and no threads, and those screws are evidently supposed to hold it on the faucet and keep any water from leaking. (Impossible.)

They DID include a metal diverter valve which looks like unit in their line drawings (of the scant instructions) but it cannot be connected to the tubing -- because that bizarre plastic device is glued into the tubing.

I have to wonder if this is really a Purenex unit. It doesn't match the description, it doesn't match their printed instructions, and it doesn't match their online instructions. I messaged Purenex two days ago, but haven't heard from them yet; so have messaged and e-mailed today.
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on December 2, 2015
The first box I received appeared to be a low quality knock off product branded as "Water Quarlity Association". I returned it without opening. I received a second one which was yet another (non-Purenex) product brand. Opening it I saw that it did indeed use a Purenex Carbon Block Filter cartridge. There were no install directions. I screwed off the screen from the end of my kitchen faucet and installed the white plastic adapter plus black rubber washer they provided. The white adapter would strip when tightened it, so I installed it without the black rubber washer. I removed the unnecessary hose clamp attachment from the valve assembly and, along with the other black rubber washer, screwed that valve assembly onto the faucet adapter. Works fine. When I set the valve to filter I do get some small stream of water still coming out of the faucet - no real problem.
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on July 21, 2017
I have not read any reviews yet about replacing the filter. I have to use a Rubber Mallet to get the filter to seal tight enough around the block or else I can see unfiltered water escaping over the top gasket, every few months I dread having to change filters as its a mess and frustrating. I am never comfortable using this as I cannot see if the water leaks through the bottom seal too. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 for it having a Clear housing so I could see the unfiltered water leaking past the filter.
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on June 27, 2012
I ordered this filter 2 years ago and purchased another one now for my friend. It was absolutely not the same product as before. The plastic was poorly made and it was not the durable ABS plastic as before, seems like the producer tried to cut cost and switched their supplier.

The filter included has washers that has strong chemical smells which caused water to smell(as one reviewer had already mentioned). In addition, the internal dimension of the filter is made longer than a standard filter, this made it impossible to use an after market filter - if you attempted to use a standard 9.75 inch filter like I did, you will find water leaking through the top and bottom seal since the filter housing is not long enough to seal the filter properly.

Unfortunately, this is no longer a product that I would recommend to anyone.
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on November 8, 2013
This product was absolutely HORRIBLE! I squirted water from the diverter switch and did not even run the water through the filter. The water ended up tasting worse than the unfilterd water. The product did not have a name on either the box or the housing, only on the filter and the photocopied instructions. The instructions looked as though they were written by a illiterate 10 year old. Misspelled and no grammar throughout. The best thing about the instructions were the photos. Since assembly was simple, it did not need much more. I sent this product back on the same day as receiving it! DO NOT BUY THIS! You are gambling that you will get the 5-star product or one like mine. Better not to take the chance. Spend a little extra for the better brand.
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on October 13, 2014
I had one of these countertop water filter (housing) for yrs. It got lost in a move. I came to Amazon when the original manufacture went out of business. The filter ( housing) is great, The filters itself can be found in most stores where water filters are sold. This make it great for renters. One only needs to change the filter every 8-9 months, depending on the quality of your local water. I got the clear cylinder to see how dirty my local water truly is, so I change the cartage when the color changes, about every (6mos) I recommend this item with great confidence. Easy to install, easy of care and easy to replace the filters.
By the way, I never give more than 4 stars, nothing is perfect.
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on October 25, 2013
I had problems getting a fit on my faucet. I finally found an adapter that would work. i like te fact that it fits in a small spot by the sink. It seems to work well. I am not crazy about the design for the hook up, but for the price it seems effcient. the switchng back and forth from sink water to drinking water can be worisome but hey, as I say It is inexpensive and does the job, as far as I can tell.
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on November 20, 2009
I debated a long time on which water filter to get. My water isn't THAT bad, but it does have an off-tasting flavor occassionally. I looked into all the common filters you find in the stores (pitchers, faucet units, etc..) but after researching them, it seems that they only do an adequate job. The ones with the larger filters (10"),reverse osmosis, or distillers are the best. I decided on this one since it was fairly compact and wouldn't take up a lot of room.
I placed the unit behind my sink so the water tube would not be in the way. I ran the water through the system for the 15 minutes(manual)to flush out the system.

I was very pleased by the quality of the drinking water. It is definately clearer and tastes better. Even the ice cubes were clearer. But what I really found interesting is that every night I take a glass of water to bed with me. In the morning, I sometimes take a drink and the water tastes horrible. Not with this unit. After sitting all night I drank it this morning, and it tasted just as fresh as when I poured it.

The diverter works well and you get a steady stream of water. Some have mentioned that when you turn the water off it still runs a little bit. This is true since the unit itself does not have a shut off valve, it takes a few seconds for the filter to "shut down". I have mine over the sink, so no big deal. If yours is on the counter top (away from the sink) just keep your glass there for a few seconds.

Unit came with a few adapters but didn't need them. In fact I like using one of those spray adapters and that fit just fine over this units diverter.

The fact that you can buy a 10" filter anywhere is another big plus and it's supposed to last up to a year; although I may change mine every 6 months since the filters are so cheap.
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on March 17, 2010
Just got mine in a few days ago, I had to wait until now because the adaptors didn't come with it and it took this long for me to get them--they came free from [...].

First, let me say, the Discription at the top of this page says to change filters anually, (that's every twelve months). Some of the reviewers said six months. The instructions say every three months. (maybe they are thinking you got some really 'bad' water?).

Second, The instructions were a little 'lite', so I e-mailed them and got all my questions answered within 12hrs. The instructions had easy to understand drawings (that looked incorrect to me--that's why I e-mailed them. Here is the information I got.

1. On the filter, unroll the foam wrap.
2. Open and remove the clear plastic wrap.
3. Set the filter onto the 'tube' at the bottom of the unit--screw the lid on.
4. You're done--it's ready to attach to the sink water supply.

So, why was oldtechno scratching his head about this? Well, the draws showed both 'end-caps' missing when installing the filter. It didn't make sense--but that's what the drawing showed. Futher, it showed the water seals missing and the plastic/string woven wrap missing--that really didn't make sense either. Sooo, all you got to do is follow my 1-4 instructions....no sweat!

Another good point about this great low-cost buy, the filter is not 1 micron--it's .5 microns (twice as good...maybe introductory sale?).

Microns--just how small is that? Well, years ago I was an amatuer astronomer--when the proffesionals couldn't get that little spider to weave its' silk web into a cross hair on their spotter scopes they would use Dental Floss.

Dental floss is a string. It is woven from many smaller 'strings'. If you take a piece of dental floss, unravel it to it's smallest-- almost microscopic--string you will find it is almost invisible. That smallest piece is 7 microns. The particles this filter can catch are more than 70X smaller.

Futher; as I remember my schooling in the military...most germs and almost all protozoids are bigger than .5 microns. (virus type bacteria are some times a lot smaller).

Finally; All in all, if you've got treated water or well water, I recommend this as an additional layer of defense against 'bad' water.

I like mine, sets up in a couple of minutes--no kidding. If you have the doe-ray-me I'd get a couple extra filters while they are cheap. I recommend you not unwrap them until you are going to use them. Try to keep them out of humid enviroments (kitchen). Don't run hot water through it. Easy to use.
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