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on August 29, 2016
Ok, so actually I did not like the bed. Had a lot of back and other pain that didn't go away. But I talked with others who used the mattress and loved it, so I think it's probably great for some people and not others.

The reason I decided to write a review though and the reason I decided to give it 4 stars is that while shopping for a mattress I wasn't sure if it was one of those things where they advertise a money back guarantee but the fine print makes it hard to actually get your money. But that was not the case here. We told them we wanted to send it back, a man came to pick it up, and they gave us our money back. All in a few days time.

So while the mattress really wasn't for us, it really was a risk free experiment.
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on September 30, 2016
-Bought king size bed direct from Purple
-Using jersey knit sheets
-I am 5'10" and 175lbs
-Primarily a side sleepr

Please pay attention to the other bad reviews for SIDE sleepers. The bed is just too firm. It is hard to explain because when you sit on it or just push on it with your hand it feels very soft and giving, but once you lay on it especially on your side it's a different story. Perhaps I "max" out the purple layer (3 inches) and then end up on hard foam? It's hard to explain but I have been getting numbness in arms and legs as someone else pointed out. I've had it for 2 weeks and plan on giving it 1 more week, bu it's not looking good at all at this point. I will come back and update this if something changes.

As for the raw egg challenge, yes it passed that test but note that eggs are about 3 inches tall? That's exactly how deep the "purple" layer is. What happens when your shoulders or hips need more than 3'? You end up on the harder foam beneath, which i what I believe is happening to me.

Also want to note that my wife is 5'3" and 135 lbs and does not have the same issues I do, but she agrees it has been an overall disappointment, not at all as comfortable as we expected it to be. Perhaps she does not compress all 3 inches of the top layer and that makes it better for her? Not sure.

Update 10/20/2016: Customer service has been very responsive. They got back to me about my issues with the following recommendation: " I recommend what we like to call the "sock dance." For the first couple weeks, pull on some clean socks and walk all around your bed for a few minutes each day. This will help to soften the foam to make the bed even more comfortable and will also help prolong the already awesome lifespan of the foam!"

This did not help at all and I started experiencing very bad soreness in my ribs. I have requested a refund and am returning the bed. Very disappointing.
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on March 8, 2017
I really wanted to like this bed. I had dreams of restful sleep and less back pain. I got the package from Amazon and I was so excited. I didn't even wait for my husband to come home, I moved our old heavy mattress (memory foam) and lifted this new heavy mattress onto our bed and set to work.

The bed is comfortable to lay on. It's got a good amount of softness for just hanging out in. However, that's about it. It's just another mattress and it doesn't do anything the commercials claim. I still wake up with back pain. My husband still wakes up with pain. I have noticed no real difference in my sleep patterns on this bed than on any bed before it. I was sorely disappointed.

Maybe it works for some people, but two adults on this bed of different sizes and sleep types and neither of us found any benefit.

Now for the fun part. Purple offers 100 night trial, right?

Not if you buy this off of Amazon. They follow Amazon's return policy. Normally Amazon return policy is great but where exactly am I going to attach a sticker to this thing and drop it off at my local UPS? Yeah.

So I spent $1000 on a bed that is no better than a $500 bed. Buyer be warned, do NOT purchase this from Amazon. I can't speak for Purple's return policy otherwise, but do not buy this from a 3rd party seller and think Purple will honor their 100 nights, the won't.
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on May 26, 2017
If you're looking for a new mattress look no further! I'm 59 and for the past couple of years I've been waking up with sore shoulders and hips (side sleeping). This mattress solved all those issues and it's not hot like the previous memory foam mattress that was more expensive.
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on November 7, 2016
So let me start by saying that I spent the first 18 years of my life on a waterbed, and then a dorm pancake-mattress, and then an IKEA mattress. I've never known what good sleep was.

My boyfriend and I have been sleeping on a full sized bed for the last 2 years. In that time, I've been driving him crazy by complaining of discomfort and restless sleep. Plus, our bed was REALLY squeaky and I would wake up any time he moved. I would usually wake up around 6-7am on weekends while my boyfriend slept in until 10am. We decided to start researching mattresses. In the last year, we looked at Tuft & Needle, Casper, and tried out mattresses in stores. There was so much contradicting information, and it was impossible to make a decision.

I finally decided on Purple, and my boyfriend surprised me with a King sized mattress for my birthday. We immediately took apart our full sized bed and mattress, and unwrapped the Purple. We took a nap on it that day, and I already felt better. We've now used it for 2 nights, and my sleep has never been better. I attached my Fitbit report that shows how much sleep I wasn't getting before the new mattress.

Ya'll. This mattress is worth it. I feel like a new person after only 2 nights on it. And I think my Fitbit data makes a pretty big point. Do yourself a favor, and get a Purple. Your life will change. We now have purchased the bed frame, the seat cushion, and the pillow. This company knows what's up.
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on March 15, 2016
Our purple experience:

First of all, this is our second mattress purchase of our married lives. We bought our old mattress at a store 6 years ago, about 4-5 months ago I started to see the divots and we began talking mattresses.

First a foremost for our concerns was my back- I had two herniated discs and slipped vertebrae, I got those fixed 6, almost 7 weeks before my first night on a purple. I had a double fusion and laminectomy, Rods, screws, caged, the whole 9 yards in my back. Second concern was my husband now works a hard on the body and back job. He likes soft (mama bear) I like hard (papa bear) but we typically like to sleep together. Remotes tend to get destroyed by my kids- so fancy remotes were out of the question.

When I first saw this commercial I had the "to good to be true" vibe. But I checked out reviews (sleepopolis was the most helpful) and finally showed my husband the commercial and he's all- "whatever you want wife of mine". He knows I spend more time awake in bed than he does, Mama wanted a purple and she got one.

Well I go to order and it was back ordered. I signed up for the email and as soon as it popped up, I ordered one to our new house, and it got here just in time, literally in time for us to move all our furniture to the house. After some convincing my husband agreed to sleep on this mattress on the floor in the new house a night earlier than we planned. It was maybe 3 weeks, probably less.

Night 1:
I was able to not need to shift and move all night- anyone with my type of back Injury knows that sometimes non movement causes some pain and stiffness. That's all I had. No hip pain or shoulder pain, no numbness or tingling nothing. I can lay on my back (on my ginormous 6 inch, still healing incision) and I don't feel my hardware *at all* no need for a pillow between my knees, just laying in bed, sleeping. Rolling is a breeze (even compared to non-crater beds better than our old one) PLUS- I thought that temp neutral would mean I needed to get me some wool Jammie's (I've been constantly cold since surgery) - when they say neutral- it's neutral. Warmer than my old Amish mattress!
My husband- who did not give me much feedback is only having trouble finding the right pillow. My only complaint is that he's falling asleep much quicker which means I have to hear more snoring! (The nerve of you purple! 😂)

I'm laying here night 2, it's on our old box spring/bed not the floor and my husband fell asleep in 2.5 seconds (mid conversation) I've been in the same position for an hour and I'm having the same experience as I did last night! My 2 year old even fell asleep for his nap today so much quicker!

Seriously, this mattress is a dream. And honestly I wish we had this before my surgery because that is a few years of pain and lost sleep I'm trying to catch up on! I would 1000% recommend this bed to anyone whose got the same back issues as mine- it's supportive of your spine but seriously no pressure points and I'm not as achy when I get up. It's night and day. My back was also less fatigued than it usually is by mid day (and today was the official move in day- so today has been rough!)

This mama bear will be following up with a lumbar support pillow for her car and telling all her spiny friends and Doctor about purple. Because friends don't let friends sleep on crappy mattresses ^_^
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on July 13, 2016
I came home a week ago to find a gigantic purple tampon in my driveway. It took about three weeks from my order date to arrive. The Fed-X guy must hate us, because this thing is big, heavy and awkward. I'm guessing he rolled it off the back of the truck, flipped the bird at my house and took off.

Thankfully I have a two wheeled cart that allowed me to get this king sized beast up the steps and into our bedroom. Once there, I was able to roll it into place and slice open the bag easily enough. Mine came out upside down, so maybe it works better to place it at the foot of the bed and roll it out toward the top. (Or maybe I just had it backward.)

My wife and I are not in full agreement on the comfort of the mattress. I have slept like a baby from the first night. She struggled for the first few days, but seems to be sleeping much better a week later. She also does not like the lack of edge structure we had with our former (interspring) mattress.

The thing I like best about the Purple is the "Dead" feeling when you lay down on it. I find it VERY calming and I fall asleep within minutes, every single time. It seems to be both soft and supportive, something I cannot say about our 20 year old, very firm, Serta mattress. However, the Serta did hold up for a long time. (Something we will find out later about the Purple.)

Although I am very physically active, I have had multiple knee surgeries and my hips generally ache in the morning. I have not been able to sleep under the blankets on our bed for quite some time. I have spent years sleeping on top of the bed with a light comforter to alleviate my knee pain, frequently with a pillow between my legs. I am now happy to say I am sleeping comfortably UNDER the covers with no ill effects. The bed seems to cradle me so I feel no unwanted pressure on my hips and knees. My wife is happy to see I have joined the rest of the world "between the sheets".

I also find that I am waking up well-rested. I wake more easily, and do not have the stiffness in my knees and hips I had on the old mattress. Come to think of it, I have not had any shoulder pain in the last week, despite having ramped up my workouts significantly...so there is that as well. I have noticed that my wife seems to wake more easily as well, although she remains skeptical about the Purple.

I too would like to see a bit more edge structure to the Purple when sitting on the edge to tie a shoe, but my primary focus was on finding a restful night's sleep and I have most certainly found the Purple to excel when it comes to quiet, peaceful and restful sleep.

Thanks Purple!
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on August 10, 2017
As someone who highly prefers investigating things in person before purchasing (especially large purchases), I was very nervous about ordering a mattress online. When it arrived I was mentally prepared to test it out and hate it.

Turns out, this mattress is excellent! The feeling of the gel grid is a little weird at first, but after laying down you'll quickly forget after experiencing how comfortable this bed is. As a side sleeper, I used to wake up with shoulder / clavicle pain all of the time - gone!

A king size for $1,300 seemed way too good to be true, but the value really is there. Super happy with it and I recommend it to friends & family.
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on March 17, 2017
I ordered this bed with some trepidation, because it's difficult to test a bed online. I researched the purchase extensively, and carefully compared the Purple bed to its closest competitors, and finally took the plunge. I haven't regretted it. One word of warning though; if you order the king size mattress, keep in mind that moving it around will be something like moving a dead body, at 150 lbs. I was very grateful that the local UPS contractors were willing to actually carry it up to the second floor of my house, rather than dropping it in the driveway.
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on May 1, 2016
I have never wanted to like something so much in my life. Purple comes compressed in a tube (over 150 lbs for the king) and immediately expands when you cut it open. There is no smell and the comfort grid seems soft when your first sit on it. When you lie on your back you can feel the pressure being lifted away and it feels like your floating.

All this being said, I don't sleep on my back. I am a side sleeper which is clearly not who this mattress is intended for. Maybe I am simply too light for it but the medium firm/firm mattress left me with aches and pains. It has gotten progressively worse the more I sleep on it to the point where I have been waking up with dead arms and severe neck/back pain, as has my boyfriend. In addition to all this both my boyfriend and I have consistent on-and-off headaches which started around the time our new mattress was delivered. For the sake of comparison I am 5'5"/135 lbs and my boyfriend is 6'/180 lbs.

I would not recommend this mattress if you are a side sleeper. If you sleep on your back you'll love it.

I purchased the mattress straight from the manufacturer, but I feel Amazon is a better place for an honest review.
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