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VINE VOICEon June 24, 2011
"Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes" is definitely a fun Kindle download with many entertaining aspects. I read and interacted with this download entirely on my Kindle app for the iPod touch, so I can testify to the fact that having color with the puzzles was very nice. Had it been black and white puzzles the entire time, it definitely would have been a lot more boring to look at and solve.

The interaction aspect was also very well done albeit a bit confusing if you don't read the beginning explanation. You are given a puzzle that has something to do with an image given to you, and you have 2-4 choices to choose as your answer. If you choose the wrong answer, you go to the "wrong answer" page and have to (easily) navigate back to the question. If you choose the right answer, however, you will be congratulated and sent on your way to the next question.

Each question varies in difficulty with level * being the easiest, level ** being somewhat harder and so on until you get to the hardest level *****. Level * is definitely easy, with a lot of the answers being simply common sense, but as you move up through the levels the questions start to trick you a bit, making you think you know the correct answer even though you don't.

This download was definitely a lot of fun, but at the same time, it could have been much more fun. The majority of the puzzles were based on math (mostly geometry), so I would've liked to see more word puzzles thrown in there since the ones that were there were amazing. Also, some of the puzzles gave explanations when you solved them, while others didn't; it turned out for me, the puzzle answers that didn't have explanations were the ones that I didn't understand. It would have definitely been nice to have an explanation for every puzzle in the book. Another thing that would have been nice was more variation with the puzzles; there were several puzzles that were repeated in each level, and while they were different and harder, I would have enjoyed it more had they just been completely different puzzles instead.

Despite my critiques, this is still a really fun download for those that enjoy logic (mostly math) puzzles. I personally find the current price (2.99) to be a bit high since the download only takes an hour (or less) to complete, so if you're on the fence about this one (due to maybe the large amount of geometry puzzles), then you might want to wait until the price decreases a bit. I'd still recommend at least trying this puzzle download out, though, even if you want to wait a bit for the price to go down.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this ebook for review purposes, but it did not affect my review or my review score at all.
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on May 7, 2012
I used to love logic problem books so when I saw this I was looking forward to exercising the old grey matter and seeing how something like this would work on the kindle. The book includes 100 puzzles ranging from 1* to 5* difficulty level, starting off easy and getting harder. The puzzles test different areas including visual, spatial and counting skills. After the puzzle is a number of different answers. You use the controller (or touchscreen) to select the answer but only the correct one will take you to the solution page. That page then has a link back to that puzzle or the next one.

On the topic of the puzzles I thought it included a good range, and it soon became clear which areas I definitely don't excel in! Some of the puzzles I found simple even at the higher difficulty, while others had me baffled even at what should have been simple levels. From this perspective I would have also appreciated an additional "I don't have a clue" link to also take the reader to the solution. Most of the solution pages showed clearly how the answer was achieved, but there were a couple that could have done with some more explanation.

With regard to the way the book works I thought the navigation was easier than I had expected and as a concept it worked much better than I had anticipated. I haven't looked at it on anything other than the kindle but it is apparently in full colour for Kindle Fire folk and those who use the various apps. I didn't find working in shades of grey any hindrance though.

This is the sort of book it would be great to have on the kindle for short trips or times when you can't quite get into a novel, and if you're the sort of person who looks out the puzzles that appear in newspapers with the crosswords you might want to consider this and the other books in the series.
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This is a series of 100 pictorial puzzles, specifically adapted for the Kindle.
Rated in order of difficulty, these brainteasers range from "jeez that was easy" one star puzzles to "oh, my achin' brain" five star puzzles.

People whose brain cannot wrap around spatial puzzles or those who have problems visualizing geometric objects hidden in other geometric objects will have a hard time completing this puzzle book. Others will zip through it in a jiffy.

My main problem was navigating my way around the screen using the Kindle arrow keys and buttons. Speaking for myself, I found it too cumbersome to be clicking up and down the pages, remembering when to use the "back" button or trying to skip to puzzles out of sequence.

Otherwise, the puzzles show up clearly on the screen, and would be a lot easier to complete with a Kindle app on another device which shows color and is easier to navigate.

My one other wish would be for a more encouraging answer screen than just a :( for an incorrect answer and an explanation for a correct answer. I know that you get no such thing in a printed book, but hey - this is electronic, give me a visual bell and whistle when I get it right.

Overall, a very nice collection of visual problems, but not entirely suited to the Kindle unless you're using an app for better navigation and living color.

Amanda Richards, June 21, 2011
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This puzzle book contains 100 puzzles in an interactive book. There has been a lot of thought put into the structure of the book. The index shows an icon of the puzzle. Click on the icon and it takes you to the puzzle.

When you solve a puzzle, you click on the answer and it immediately tells you if you are right with an explanation of the solution, or tells you that your answer was wrong, try again.

Some of the puzzles are relatively easy and some are maddeningly difficult. Most of the puzzles involve spatial relationships/geometric comparisons - which is not my strong suit. I found I got some answers correct but used incorrect reasoning to arrive at the answers.

I think I would have enjoyed a more diverse mix of puzzles. However there are definitely some good things to say about the puzzles. Some are easy, some will challenge you. It is all good mental exercise and the fact that it is interactive makes it a real treat.

I would rate the entertainment value good for the cost. Some people may not be disciplined enough to make a serious effort at solving the problem before they go clicking on the answers.

All in all, it is a fun little book that can give you some mental exercise. It is also great for those times when you are forced to wait (doctor's office, airport, etc.) but don't have the energy to focus on more serious activities.

This is a Kindle version. Please do not dismiss this because you do not have a Kindle. You can download a Kindle version to your computer and access it there. It is a great way to start your Kindle collection.
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on July 27, 2011
This collection of puzzles includes 100 individual titles with varying levels of difficulty. Some puzzles do repeat (at differing levels of difficulty) but overall, has enough variety to keep you interested.

Other reviewers have done a good job of mentioning what they liked about this collection, so I will review what I did not like: the formatting and game play.

I think that the puzzle navigation forces you to make too many clicks and d-pad movements. Especially in the beginning of the collection, when puzzles are easier, you spend a lot of time clicking around to be able to navigate from one puzzle to the next. This has the overall effect of taking away from the enjoyment of the puzzles.

Having said that, the navigation issues do not directly impact the quality of the puzzles. The puzzle titles are often unique and if you are using the Kindle app, will be in full colour.

This is a good overall purchase providing challenging puzzles for both novice and expert users alike. While some Kindle users may find it too tedious to navigate through the puzzle book, most will probably find it a worthwhile purchase.
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on December 11, 2013
Very entertaining and challenging. Always enjoy brain teasers and this book delivers. There is a variety of difficulty that can appeal to a lot of different ages.
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on July 6, 2011
This is a great little book of 100 puzzles, which as the other reviewers have stated, range from simple ones which are relatively easy to solve with a little time and patience, right through to ones that have tested me mightily!

It is refreshing to have something like this available for Kindle; it would certainly make a great gift for anyone you know who enjoys puzzles, and would be a refreshing change from reading or other activities while stuck for hours on a plane or other transport.

Just a note, if you are not gifted with patience, you will find some of the later puzzles very frustrating. But I guess that's the mark of a good puzzle! They are interactive and you can try many times - I think I shall have to revisit some after I have had an opportunity to think on them for a while! :)
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on December 9, 2013
I like this puzzle book, I have it downloaded to my tablet an use it when I'm waiting for something/one to occupy my time.
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on March 7, 2012
I loved this book - my first experience of interactive content on my newly acquired Kindle. Quite addictive and good fun to share. Will definitely be purchasing more puzzlebooks from the Grabarchuk Family.
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on June 23, 2013
I like the games and songs I have chosen. Dont get enough time to spend on it I would like to find more games Adult ones to play
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