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on January 5, 2015
I was looking for a simple amplifier with built in bluetooth to power a pair of outdoor speakers. This looked like exactly what I needed, and indeed it would be... if the bluetooth actually worked. Please, if you want to use bluetooth at all, stay far far away (check other reviews, I'm not the only one noticing this). Pairing is not an issue, but sound quality and consistency are. As soon as any of my devices were paired, I would get a very loud hum from the speakers. Then when playing music, it would cut in and out and be incredibly garbled. Distance from the amp to the device didn't matter - it did the same thing whether I was standing right next to it or 10 feet away. I plugged in via the mini jack and it was fine, so bluetooth is definitely the culprit. Even stranger, the amp would randomly emit an "on hold" sound (like a phone) very loudly over the speakers. If this is meant to indicate some kind of problem you'd never know it from the manual that was clearly run through Google translate, and which doesn't mention a thing about this random tone. This is coming from someone who has used many Bluetooth devices, amplifiers, and speaker sets through the years, so don't think I just don't know what I'm doing. Returned for a refund the next day.
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on December 23, 2014
+ Solid, hefty feel
+ USB charger at front panel
+ Bluetooth sync was a snap
- Only 12W/channel (25W peak)
- Lots of humming noise at 50% output using the Bluetooth connection
- lots of distortion at 50% or above
- Every 30-60 sec, amp injects a ~1000Hz beeping sound!?
Sound quality over line connection is even worse
Okay, i didn't expect a lot, but the combination of price, wattage and integrated Bluetooth sounded perfect for my application. I intended to drive a pair of ceiling speakers (of the cheap, high impedance variety) to my iPhone. No need for a lot of power or high fidelity. And in fact, the sound level was adequate at 50% output and the sound quality wasn't too bad. A bit tinny, but the combination of small gauge wires and cheap speakers had a lot to do with that.
However, the humming noise and distortions at only half volume are atrocious. Also, the published specs are misleading, because the amp is only 12W/channel and the quoted 25W/Channel are only peak handling capability. Most annoying and befuddling is the constant beeping sound that the amp sends to the speakers at somewhat random, but frequent, intervals. I assumed that the beeps are some sort of error indicator, but i can figure it out. It only appears in bluetooth mode. However the bluetooth connection was strong and i had the phone right next to the antenna. the beeps are there with or without music. I changed impedance of the cables and speakers, but nothing worked.
Just for giggles, i hooked up my $5000 B&W floor standing speakers. As expected, it sounded much worse, the tiny amp couldn't dive the large speakers. And- the beeping in bluetooth mode was still there.
I wanted this to work, but i give up and send it back.
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on November 27, 2014
Bluetooth Fail.

Crackles and breaks up (as others have noted) playing music from my Google Nexus 4 phone. Will send it back and try something else.
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on January 6, 2015
It over heats too and I worry that my Appartment would catch on fire. Replaced with an old school Pioneers receiver,now I'm good to go. I keep it as a reminder that new tech isn't always the best if you want a good sound system without burning down the house.
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on February 1, 2017
Lets be clear, this is a low end amplifier that only actually puts out 5w per side RMS. I decided to try it out to drive some small buttkicker devices (Low frequency Transducers, shaker, puck, etc...the model i'm using is a Dayton audio puck) for use on a racing simulator. This actually does the job fairly well. I do not have to max out the volume, and get plenty of tactile feedback, even up to heavy vibration with large bumps or low RPM rumble. Cannot speak on sound quality as these drivers are purely tactile, but the power is there to drive them, and the amp has not gotten too hot. I should note I am only using one side of the amp, but it does the job well to power the single transducer.

CON: Has hardwired male RCA jacks for line-in, when 99% of people will need either female RCA or 3.5mm. Had to break out the soldering iron to wire from my pc soundcard.

PRO: Decent power output for $20, sturdy, decent looking unit
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on April 8, 2018
I used to think of this as a 5 star. But at this point I can't say that. It could be bad one I received. I purchased 3 of these on Amazon (at different times) which I believe was the same seller (not the seller's fault since this is the quality of the product). First one was amazing for connecting mobile devices over bluetooth to it and putting it on speakers. Actually did it for a few small parties and gatherings.

The third one worked for 4 months and then it started smoking. Good thing we caught it in time as it wasn't even running. This could have been disastrous. Took it apart and had to replace some of the chips and do some soldering.
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on February 15, 2017
I gotta admit, I was not expecting much when I ordered this power amp. I had a situation on my patio where the TV was approximately 40’ from the hot tub. No way that I could hear the TV with the jets running. I could barely hear it when they were off. I installed this Pyle Home PCA1 amp and hooked it to a pair of Sony SS-MSP1 mini speakers. I was totally impressed! The sound is crisp and clear. The volume on the amp is only to the halfway mark and is more than adequate. I did run 14 gauge speaker wire which probably helped also. I cannot express enough how pleased I am with this amp. I definitely recommend this product.
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on April 4, 2016
I knew when I was buying this that I should't expect much. $37 for a bluetooth power amplifier means the bill of materials must be close to $10 (a good rule of thumb is to use a 3x multiplier for BOM to retail cost), and $10 isn't going to buy very many high quality components, much less great construction.

It works. Barely.

Tons of noise in the output; the whole thing acts like an antenna for electromagnetic noise near it. For example, set your mobile phone next to the device and you can hear the radio in the phone.

Bluetooth bonds well with the Amazon Echo Dot (why I bought this). The connection is reliable and sounds OK with the Dot about 3 feet from the amp (the amp is under my bathroom vanity, the Dot on the counter).

The USB port is badly mis-aligned illustrating the cheap construction.

Pyle sells a lot of interesting gear like this... I wish my experience with this product were better because I'd like to buy some of their other products. But based on this unit, even for less than $40, the poor quality means I won't.
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on March 18, 2018
Wasn't sure why many of the reviews kept pinging this amp on "poor Bluetooth" capability! The PCA 1, which is the amp I purchased, has NO Bluetooth built into it. Then I saw where the product description references the WRONG amp. The PCA1 is 30W, very basic basic amp with no Bluetooth, for those looking for a decent lower power amp. It does the job cleanly, quietly, and efficiently! I bought mine to power the left side of my home audio system. It worked perfectly for what I needed. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 only because I dislike the input not having RCA plug ins ... forcing users to seek adapters in situations where inputs are other than RCA , or where more length is needed between the input source and the amp (the built in RCA cable is just too short). Also, there is no built in tone or EQ controls. It's a very simple, clean, amp. Once I got the correct adapters ... the 15W per side that this amp pumped out was perfect for the channel of my home audio system.
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on April 8, 2017
I've ordered 2 now and neither one had a working charging port on the front. Amp works but disappointed in the bad charging port. Tried multiple chargers and phones. First one made a nasty noise when charging cords were plugged in-second one just didnt work. Also to note I tried to use an amazon drop off site and I repackaged as directed keeping it half of the max size my email directions said-when I went out to drop off the package it opened one of the smallest doors not one of the bigger ones that fit the package size in my email! Customer service couldnt give me a new code or guarantee that the correct door would open if I did it again so I ended up shipping it back ups...amazon needs to work on the drop off site issue cause its a convienient idea-if it works! Not sure If I want to go through the hassle of returning this again-may just use it for the amp-hence the 2 starts as the amp and bluetooth work-but I wouldnt order it again.
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