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on November 17, 2015
Cons: Your audiophile friend will give you lots of cons about these speakers; they sound just okay.

Pros: Price. It will also discourage you from inviting your audiophile friend over; he's a d0uche anyway.
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on June 4, 2014
These are great speakers, the tweeter can be directed after installation or at any time without removal of the metal cover grill. Very powerful speakers that provide excellent sound and finish quality. I purchased the 8" ones and glad I did over the smaller ones. I was worried about appearance, but painting them before installation, made them almost disappear into the ceiling.

Never installed these before, here is what I learned in the process:

1). To remove metal cover grill: Sit on couch, invert speaker onto lap, swing locking clips toward center, push top of tab to force off metal cover grill while holding speaker just off your lap. POP!

2. Paint metal cover grill and outer plastic flange before installing. I used a small roller (light paint saturation) to match texture of ceiling. Do two coats. Use a big needle or small tack to clear any paint-filled holes. Once painted, they almost disappear into the ceiling.

3. Make a fist sized hole in the center of where you plan to have your speakers and reach in to confirm that you don't hit any rafters or blocking BEFORE you make your larger cut-out. You may be unpleasantly surprised and may need to shift your location, so don't make the big hole until you are sure all is clear. The clip/locking tabs need clearance all around (about 1/2").

4. Paper cut-out template provided is a bit undersized (thank you Pyle for making it sturdy cardboard and pre-cut), they probably imagine self-installers are not so careful. Cut it atleast 1/8" bigger all around.

5. To avoid damage to your finished sheetrock during cut-out operation: use a dremel tool to cut thru the paper layer of the sheetrock completely or do multiple passes with a mat knife. Otherwise you risk spalling off large chips of sheetrock which you don't want to patch back. To reseat any chips flaked during agressive sawing, keep elmers glue handy to patch back smaller chips on the finished side as you go. Then drill out a 3/8" or larger hole in center and near edges to insert your sheetrock saw.

6. Most likely you will cut the sheetrock slightly off-vertical on the cut line, so use your saw and go back to straighten the cuts.

7. Carefully wash you hands before final installation of speaker.

8. Test each speaker before installation. **This probably should be item #1.

You won't regret doing this work (less than an hour not counting crawling thru the attic), the payoff of these speakers is huge. Verisimilitude confirmed when all our pets completely freaked out by the quality of the surround sound for very low investment. Enjoy.
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on September 9, 2017
I installed 2 of these speakers to go with my other home ceiling speakers. My hope was to get good sound and not pay as much as I had previously. I am comparing these to Polk speakers that I spent $90-100 for each speaker. These were much cheaper. I'm not an audiophile but the sound difference is readily apparent. If this is all your current budget has for speakers then it may work out for you. My biggest problem was that one of the speakers died 6 months after install. My money saving project is now costing me more than I hoped and will have to reinstall new ones.
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on February 18, 2018
These are good speakers and great for the price. I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 because of my experience. I'm not sure if that was the fault of the manufacturer or the Amazon vendor, but it looks like both might be the same in this case.

I didn't open my box for a few months after I bought them - shame on me. When I did so, I found one of the speakers was slightly blemish - the paint had been scratch off on the edge. It was also a pain to get the grill off for assembly (yes, I followed the directions) and did not fit perfectly when I installed it. It seems clear to me that I received a used set - someone probably tried to install them and either couldn't get it to work or changed their mind about the product. So shame of Pyle for selling used as new and shame on me for not checking when I could have returned it.

Outside of that, I'm happy with the product. Even with the problems, it took me just over an hour to install everything (including cleaning up the mess and showering afterwards). I did have the speakers already run in the ceiling before I started, so that was not part of the time. The directions are simple:

1) Use a circular template to draw a circle in your drywall ceiling (edge must be 2" away from stud to work well).
2) Use a drywall knife or other method to cut the circle out
3) remove the grill from your speakers
4) Connect the wires in the ceiling to your speakers (I had the wires already connect to my speakers and powered by my receiver, that way I could tell everything was working as soon as I connected the wires)
5) Screw the speakers into the ceiling (there are internal mounts that come out and hold into the drywall from above - this is why the circle cannot be against a stud)
6) Point the tweeters where desired (straight down may work best, but they are directional in case you want to point them somewhere like a chair)
7) Reinstall the grills (this is the only part of the process that was annoying, it took a few tries for the speaker that looked like new, it took about 5 minutes for the slightly used one and never did fit in flush, but I believe this is because it was used, not a manufacturing issue).
8) Clean up
9) Enjoy music in your new location - I put these in our bathroom, but could also make decent rear speakers for a surround sound system.
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on January 15, 2017
I've had these speakers for a bit over three years and I must say for the price it was hard to find a better setup. The were attractive and still have very good sound. I have 5 of these speakers ceiling mounted inside and two wall mounted inside as part of my theater system and 2 ceiling mounted in a weather protected outside patio area (Southern California location). Unfortunately, even though the outside speakers do not see weather/sun, their mounting plastic started cracking about a year and a half after install. This was first noticed as the grill fell to the floor. After reinstall this started happening rather routinely every few months. At the latest reinstall, a large chunk of the surround popped off making the speaker unsightly requiring removal. Since I had another in the garage the speaker was replaced, but the plastic mounting/surround that was removed crumbled in my hands as if it had 3 years of direct sun exposure. Because this is what holds the rather heavy speaker in the ceiling this is somewhat of a safety concern. Now I'm worried about speakers randomly falling on my head... I'm not a materials engineer but the plastic the surround is made of is not what I'm used to seeing in my previous quality speakers.
As on note the 4 plastic L-shaped clip was not made of the crumbling material...these piece were solid. The only pieces that were crumbly are everything else non metal...

Update November 2017 - initially 3 star rating...

Two more in my inside ceiling and wall had the telltale initial crack in the visible plastic ring surrounding the grille...
As I had an extra speaker, taking them out resulted in complete crumbling os the surround...please see picture...

After discussing the above with Pyle customer service they were very apologetic, however one of the managers I talked to seemed incredulous that the above is happening. They promised to send out some plastic surround replacements when they get some in...
A month later still nothing arrived.
After being tired of looking at big holes in my ceiling and wall I decided to go with another brand altogether as there is no guarantee that if I replaced the rest of my speakers with pyle products the same thing will not happen again.

So to summarize...great sounding speakers if you want them to sit on the furniture or floor next to some big holes in your ceiling or wall, or if you don't mind replacing your whole system every few years.
review image
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on February 29, 2016
These Pyle speakers were perfect: inexpensive, sounds good (though it does lack bass - but hey when you get a gaggle of women playing cards they don't care or appreciate the fact that the bass level is lacking). Very easy to install (it takes more time to run the speaker wiring up in the attic than to install the speakers).For less than $40, these are an outstanding deal - cheaper than what I could have Make sure you have a wall board hand saw, a good stud finder (make sure there are no studs located on the other side of the ceiling where you want to install the speakers), and a Shop Vac (for the clean up). I would definitely buy these again and would recommend them.
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on June 1, 2017
They sound really good for the money paid, however getting the grill off and back on again was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced for an in-wall/in-ceiling speaker. I dread if I ever have to get them back off again. It took me an hour to get both grills back on the speakers and had to somewhat reshape the edges to get them to fit back in. I would not have purchased these had I known it would be this difficult to install the grill.
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on March 12, 2018
I mounted these in the ceiling as rear surround speakers. They were easy to install and sound great. I use them with video games and movies. Hearing lightening, or sword fighting, or whatever behind me is very cool. The sound is very prominent and it sounds really good. I do not use them with music, do I cannot comment on that. The one and only issue that I had was that they are advertised as 4-8 Ohm impedance. So, it is 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm? I called for clarification. If you hook it up normally, it is 8 Ohm. If you wire it in in parallel with another speaker, it is 4 Ohm. Advertising them as 4-8 is goofy and confusing. They are 8 Ohm speakers.
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on July 9, 2017
These things are a steaming pile (pun intended). The sound quality is awful and the manufacturing quality is even worse. When they arrived the plastic post that holds the adjustable tweeter in place was broken on one speaker. I had to glue it so it wasn't dangling from the ceiling. Please keep in mind I am not an audiophile and I think most speakers sound about the same but these aren't good enough for the intercom at the grocery store.
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on August 25, 2016
These were well protected when arrived. I ordered 3 pairs. All parts were included. They were certainly easy to install, like 2 minutes. You will spend more time prepping for the install, for sure. Just remember that the fruits of your labor will be awesomeness!! My ceiling (LUCKILY!!) was pre wired so I just needed to measure, remeasure, and measure again, for good measure and then cut some big holes and there's a template for that. I took some photos because I was, admittedly, dreading cutting such seemingly large holes (9 3/8" for the 8" speaker) all around into my ceiling but eventually my procrastination subsided and I got right down to business. Everything went smooth and the only incident that I had was the grille popped off when I was bumpin the room (BUT it was MY fault---don't forget to put the included putty glue stuff in there like it says in the directions! ;) I had to go back up the ladder for that and probably because I think I know everything so I picture-book the directions just for familiarity.) At any rate, after I completed the directions entirely, these speakers bump. They are awesome no matter what type of music you listen to (I tried tons of kinds, just to be sure) and they are well balanced and perform stereo sound style. It didn't specify but from my past experiences with the materials, I'm nearly 99.97% that you can paint to match and they will keep the paint on. (I will be painting mine to match a tat better, regardless) I definitely recommend these. Pic Tips: Pic1and2: if you stick your phone thru the prewired area and turn your flash on and take a pic, you can kinda see what your doing and where to find studs. (I didn't use a stud finder. Don't forget to give speaker at least 1/2" distance from stud for the locking mechanism, although I didn't have enough room for one of my speakers because the builder or whoever pre wired, cut the square box right next to the stud. Regardless, I was able to strategically turn the speaker just so and it still locked in place just fine. Pic3: again, it is a big hole. Pic4: I recommend using this saw thing, it's cheap and has some teeth but doesn't chew. Pic5: if you see this metal thing, it bends back easily out of the way, and just keep sawing. And Pic6: final result, everything is flush and functioning beyond my expectation.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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