Customer Reviews: Pyle PLCM18BC License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Parking Reverse Camera, Built-in Distance Scale Lines, Night Vision Waterproof Cam, Zinc Black Chrome
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on April 7, 2013
Good Camera. Now, Pyle adds this red wire, and no where in the simple directions they give you do they tell you what to do with the red wire that is connected to the Composite Video Cable. Of course you read the reviews, half the buyers don't know what it is for, half the buyers say they figured it out. However nobody tells you what to do with the red wire. So for everybody that buys this unit, here is what you do with the red wire. First you will have a power supply, this has a black stripped wire, and a red stripped wire. Run these wires to your back up light. Red is positive, Black is the neutral. Connect the red to the positive wire on your back up light, Connect the Black to the negative wire on your back up light. When you run the composite video cable with the red wire, one end goes to your head unit. There should be a wire on your head unit that says "To Reverse Light" or something similar. Connect the one end of the red wire to this wire. Now here is the kicker, the piece of information that is missing everywhere. At the Camera, you will connect the other end of the video wire to the camera. What you will have left is the red wire hanging out of the video connector. Get yourself some extra wire, connect the extra wire to the red wire hanging off the cable, run this extra wire back up to your reverse light, connect the red wire to the positive wire of the reverse light. Now, when your stereo is on, and your car is running, when you shift the car into reverse, power will go to the camera and turn the camera on, a signal from the reverse light will be sent back up to your head unit, basically telling your head unit the camera is on and you are in reverse, the head unit will immediately switch to back up camera mode, whammy, you now have reverse back up video, as soon as you put the car into drive or any other gear, the camera will shut off, send a signal to the head unit telling it power is off, and your head unit will switch back automatically to your tuner, or whatever you have it setup to do. Pyle does not send enough wire, you will probably need to get an extension video cable from Best Buy, Radio Shack, or on here at Amazon. In addition, buy extra wire to extend the Red Wire up to your back up light. You may just want to tie both red wires in at the same time to your back up light. You will probably need to extend the red wire up to the head unit if you had to put on an extension video wire because the little red wires connected to the video wire that comes in the box are only about 4" long on each end. I hope this finally answers all the questions as to what to do with the red wire.
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on July 6, 2013
Picture is fairly good up to about 20 feet. Mounting on top of license plate I had to cut off both ends of the bracket or it would have covered the registration stickers. RCA plugs did not fit tightly, so I had to tape them together to keep the ones mounted in the hatch from coming unplugged when the hatch was closed. No IR lights or night vision, but works fairly well in low light. Not a bad camera for the money.
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on May 18, 2015
Im triying to install this camera on a Chevy Suburban 1500, year 2003.... on a Pionneer AVH-X 1650DVD... Please HELP ME!!! I dont undestand what the orange wire is for, please somebody help me. If anyone can help me step by step i would be very grateful!
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on January 17, 2015
This camera works great! It also works great a night. The Photo was taken in pitch black dark.
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on September 2, 2013
I bought this device for my 2009 Ford Ranger extended cab.

When I received the camera, it had the following in the box:
1. Camera
2. 17'-ish long composite cable
3. Power cable
4. Utterly useless instructions.

I did not have a wire alongside the composite cable. I wound up running a single 18 gauge wire to send the signal to the head unit to turn on. The composite cord is just long enough without having to extend it on my truck - for other Ranger owners, drop the wire from the radio down the driver's (left) side of the tranny tunnel, then go through the grommet that is under the driver's seat. I put the wires in loom and snaked them along the frame alongside the other wiring for the truck and it's *just* long enough to get back to the bumper. I soldered a wire onto the positive side of the backup light, and I grounded the camera above the spare tire (using an existing 10mm bolt that bolts the spare tire cable assembly to the truck), which you'll want to remove to have some room hooking things up.

I don't recommend the camera be on all the time, it'll probably wear out too fast. If you have a trailer and want to be able to turn the camera on, use a diode at the backup light and hook up an auxiliary switch on the dash somewhere to put +12V on the power line you run from the back of the truck - this will turn the camera and the radio input on and the diode will prevent the backup lights from coming on if you want to use the camera independently. Make sure you solder all the connections!

The quality of the camera is a lot better than I thought it would be. Haven't tried it at night yet.

Edit: I've now had this unit for 2.5 months. Camera still works perfectly. Night vision is actually pretty decent - the backup lights on my truck are pretty bright and I could even see a car parked across the street from my house. It's nothing like infrared and the image can be a bit grainy at night but you can easily identify people walking or parked vehicles.

I also discovered that if a raindrop sits on the camera it looks like your LCD screen is broken in the truck. That gave me a heart attack the first time I saw that. Now as a part of my morning routine I wipe off my side mirrors and the camera at the same time and problem solved! ;-)

Edit (2014-11-28): For those wondering about durability and longevity, I've now had this for about one year and four months. I've dropped things on the camera while loading my truck (if it wasn't metal I'm sure it would have broken), I've caught it with my toe climbing in and out of the truck bed, it's been through the carwash several times, it's been buried in snow a few times, covered in snowy mud from highways, and it's seen temperatures of about -20 celcius. The dang thing is still working!
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on May 17, 2012
I have to admit that I wasn't thrilled to spend nearly $40 on another backup camera after previously purchasing the Koolertron one for only $20. The Koolertron lasted about 6 months and died, perhaps from water inside, perhaps from being on all the time, who knows. All I know is it worked ok but the colors were way off. I had high hopes for this camera and it does not disappoint. The colors are almost exact, it does have the distance grid (which I do like in conjunction with my Excursion's backup sensors), and the night view is very good (and I have smoked tail lights so my backup lights aren't even as bright as a normal car). This is also made from metal and is much more low profile and stylish than the Koolertron which is plastic. Haven't done a car wash yet and I did change the wiring so that it's only on when I'm in reverse now, hoping to extend it's life. Crossing my fingers this one lasts more than 6 months...
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on May 18, 2014
I initially liked this camera. It had good heft (ok -- the frame was heavy so it gave the illusion of quality) and installed well. The picture was pretty good. For the first few weeks all was well.
And then it happened.
It rained.

Actually it rained a lot. I live in Seattle, so we know rain quite well. We are rain experts.
Somehow a few drops of water got on this "waterproof camera" -- because Chinese water torture must be a myth and is not employed by the maker of this camera. It's now permanently fogged. It lasted an entire 5 weeks!

Just understand they can say anything on the label regarding its ability to shed water.
And it's not true.
Since this was on my RV and I don't take it to work every day I missed the opportunity to send this Pyle of Mist back.

What is true is that this is a Pyle, but of the type deposited by your neighbors dog -- on your lawn.

On Edit: I did take this apart. This requires Jeweler screwdrivers. I clean off all the old goop, dried the lens, and re-siliconed the unit.
This is fiddly stuff. Not for the week kneed.
But it works like it's supposed to work now.
Updated from one star to two -- but only because I'm clever and managed to fix it. (pats self on back and gets back to bigger and better projects).
Won't buy another. Not recommended.
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on July 3, 2012
Okay. This product is just as advertised and once installed properly, is on point. Now, my unit did not come with directions for installation but I figured I would pretend Google didnt exist and went at it. First there are two cables with this unit, one is a video male to male connector (for hooking up to display unit, stereo, tv, or projector if you are really odd) and another one that plugs into the power jack on camera and then has a naked end with positive and negative wires (exposed). I found the reverse light wires running to reverse lights and spliced the red and black to the positive and negative leads to reverse light, which gives the camera power only when the reverse lights are on (when in reverse obviously) I then ran the video cable to head unit and hooked up and every thing was great. The one thing i did not figure out, was a small thin red wire that was exposed at both ends of the video cable. I am not sure if that is something to hook up to the monitor or head unit that makes it automatically switch to the camera feed once vehicle is put into reverse. But the camera works fine as is, and I did not want to resort to google as I mentioned earlier. Oh and the hardest part if you have a tailgate or hatchback is running the wires from the camera THRU some orifice (I used the place where my license plate lights are) to get it into the cabin of car to run video cable thru car to head unit or monitor.

Okay all of that being said. It was not that hard to install once I worked out the obvious and the quality of the image is very very very clear and the adjustable camera angle is easy to work out and my wife likes the three color (red yellow green) back up scale lines imposed on the image. Good stuff.
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on December 26, 2012
works great in the night and doesnt get water in the lens part. When it rains it will blur out due to droplets on the outside of the lens but when it dries it returns to normal function. for the money its great, now that its wired, if it does break or get stolen its just a simple hook up and another 15 to 20$ for new...
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on February 11, 2013
I replaced my previous camera (Crimestopper) for which I paid $75. The crimestopper was really bad. The image was B&W and the lens flare was out of control. This camera in comparison is like a High Defination TV vs an old B&W TV. The colors are brilliant. The distance scale is a great help while reversing. The night vision is good enough. I use a Jensen 9424 head unit. I will highly recommend buying this camera.
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