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Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier
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on March 17, 2011
I was really skeptical about getting this amp as a lot of other people probably were too. The $40 price tag and 50 watt output led me to believe this was gunna be a crappy amp but at the same time i didnt want to spend a lot of $ just to power some barley average 10in subs. Honestly after hooking it up im impressed. This thing is not weak at all, my 10's were pounding hard as hell. Prior to this i had a Crunch 1000 watt amp and honestly i cant tell the difference in performance (except that the Crunch cost $90). I let the volume blast for about 30min and after touching the amp it was barley hot. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better amp for $43.

So i decided to changed the overall rating from 5 stars to 3 after using this amp for about 2 months. As far as the power goes its still the same, makes my subs hit hard nothing to complain about there. The only problem is that this amp seems to get hot and shut down pretty easily. It wasnt that hot outside when i first reviewed this amp but now that the weather has been getting a lot warmer the amp is going into protect mode after about 10min of use. I must admit the ventilation isnt that great in my trunk but i've had quite a few other amps that never shut off despite it being very hot. Overall its still not a bad amp espically considering the price but the fact that its hard to use it when its hot is annoying for me.
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on July 31, 2011
Purchased the amp last week for 44 bucks with free shipping and arrived on the given arrival date as what amazon stated. Installed it yesterday to my technics 4 speaker subwoofer lying around, 2 speakers where both wired in parallel so in all both speakers in right and left input has 8 ohms and total of 16 ohms for all 4 speakers each speakers is rated at 300 watts. I thought this would be an overkill for my amp, upon completing all hookups I fired it up boy it still sounds good played several hours of music amp still stayed cool to touch despite my speaker setup. If you're looking for a decent but cheap amp to fill some low end bass that your current setup lacks then is right for you but if you are looking for some pounding and rattling bass you might spend more on high end amp.

Have the unit for almost 5 months now without any neg issues. Just a sort of advice when installing this unit is don't cheap on the connection. Every connection you do must be soldered with the amp kit you're using. Solder with the wire connectors from the battery to its fuse holder, ground wire and towards the amp itself. Tighten the connections properly and remember to have some good grounding point by sanding into bare metal where you tap your ground wire(grounding wire must not be more than 2 feet length), it saves some headache in the future we're talking high current flow here so any loose and on and off contacts can cause short circuits it can either damage your amp or some electronic components in your car. Lastly the casing of this amp has some hole or perforation at the bottom which helps dissipates heat so don't block it leave a little clearance there by putting some washers/small bolts or any alternative materials you have in hand for elevation so that when you screw the amp to the surface it will not just lay flat obstructing those openings which helps in keeping the amp cool.
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on December 6, 2014
I was skeptical at first with some of the negative reviews, but things have been going good so far with this amp for me.
First, everything in and out of the amp:
This amp is in a converted 1997 Ford Econoline-150, hooked up with a Scosche 1500(or around there)-watt wiring kit from Walmart, outputting through 12-gauge cable to two Rockford Fosgate P1 subs.

I have no complaints about this amp. I've been using it for over a year now.

At one point recently, I rewired the subs (replaced the terminals in the sub box which were loose at times, and also replaced the wires with better ones from Monoprice), and the red light came on and the one sub I had hooked up at the time stopped. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I checked that nothing was contacting anything it wasn't supposed to, and since then it's been working fine again.

I can't speak for overheating issues very well....the van this is in is a conversion, and it's mounted between the back seat and wheel well in such a way that it has decent ventilation on both sides, so it doesn't get very hot at all, even in the summer.

As I said, I haven't had any problems with the amp itself. The only issue I have is, depending on the wiring kit you use (like the one I did), some of the copper wires for the bigger cords will have to be loose, as the ground wire out and power in spots are quite narrow. Still, it hasn't affected its performance as far as I can tell.
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on June 3, 2014
This review will come in two parts. First off i haven't installed it yet. But i have used this amp before. A Friend purchased it for a black Friday deal and we beat the hell out of it. We hooked it up to computer power supplies and had it drive a 15" and a 12" sub for hours on end (in two different configurations. one with each sub on a separate channel and another with the 15" bridged) as well as putting it in two different cars (mustang and cavalier) testing both channels and bridged. in the mustang it was hooked to two 12" cadence z series wired to 4 ohms and played off only one channel. In the cavalier it was wired to a single Pyle 15" blue wave sub (also 4 ohm). this amp has endured use in climates all the way from the -20 degree of northern NY to the 85-90 degree of the rest of the state on 3-5 hour road trips. used for about 8 months.

As people have mentioned in other reviews, obviously its not a 1000W amp. if you seriously thought that's what you were getting for $40 then you have no business dealing with car audio. However, if you are intelligent and purchase this product with that in mind, then this is a great budget amp. and for me that's what it is. i just needed an amp to use a for a while so i can save up and find a better amp eventually. Having used this amp before i knew how loud it really was. My friend has a 800 W Sony X plod amp hooked to MTX jackhammers and its much louder than this amp. but this amp does hold its own. This is not a competition amp. This is not going to give you earth shattering bass. But if you tune it right and hook it to decent subs then you will have a respectable sound system.

If you want a sound system that will crack windshields and be heard 3 blocks away then you'll probably want something else.

This being said, having torture tested the amp as much as we did, i decided to buy one for myself. i'll have an update when i actually install my own.
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on February 22, 2014
I hooked this up to my moped battery before installing right to the mp3 player with the y cord ,I can hook it up a few different ways ,its going in 1995 Camaro z28, I bridged it ,for them both about half way is perfect,for the price you can tweek it ,it was shakeing the house ,for 37.00 was like new out of box,hooked up to the phlb pyle 12s with 2 tweeters both 500 watts each,its slams the bass,just like the guys said,an I figure those with the less then 5 stars had one that did not work right did not bridge it or turn up the bass levals ,its louder then I would need most of the time ,an could get me a ticket I will be careful,i may just install a marine battery in trunk an eliminate the head unit ,will be easy 10 minutes install,but with time I will hook it up to the head.2000 songs is a lot of music,iwas playing with thse little ones that just did not have the power I needed ,I would say its definatly putting out 500 watts an about 400watts ,is a clean sound its got great sound now I can hear what i was missing,i did not know if I could hook the mp3 directly to it ,guys you can ,I can only imagine in the car how loud it will be,i got 2 mini fans for heat going to make it look pretty like the tank I have in back ,its all about how it looks,when I first hooked it up ,iwas like wow its no better ,then I relized the review I read about bridgeing it to one channel,an that's whear the power is at ,I cant say enough about the amp ,after trying 600 watt an a 300 watt,this is the one ,wish it was black ,but white does not reflect as much heat an it has plenty of venting,i willtry to remember to post pics when its set up in car next month ,make sure you get 1000 watt wire kit ,
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on December 11, 2015
I wasn't too impressed. The product is certainly on the cheaper side and doesn't compare to some of the other amp's I've owned like my Boss or Kicker's, but you get what you pay for. It burnt out much quicker than I anticipated even when barely pushing. It overheated quite a bit too. Combined with the Vegas heat, it certainly was the opposite of "arctic". I owned the product for about six months or so before it went out on me. I would recommend paying the extra cash for a Kicker.
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on February 1, 2013
It's good, I'd a lower level setup in my last FireBird, got a Kenwood bandpass from my cousin and it held up, both ends. I've heard more impressive performance from many others, but it was just fine for me. The acoustics in my 'bird were such that inside would pound pretty good, but very little could be heard outside. I knew a larger system would irritate my small sleepy town, that said, I was content. My new'bird is going to see a set of 12s in a custom box cos (headache saving tip, FireBird collecters!) The kenwood bandpass 12" will not fit comfortably! I'm confident my amp can handle the output. I can say that after a really long time, can't remember when I bought it. I'd recommend it to anyone (that lives in my town, or an area where other people live who get very irritated by hearing someones "thumping" therefor affecting their attitudes negatively carrying over into the home and/or workplace ultimately leading to grumpy, addictive personalities whos synergy creates unfulfilling Christmas's for children everywhere.). Save the spirit of Christmas. Get this amp so you can pound good, and your neighbors might not have to
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on February 28, 2013
Lets Start This Way
I bought this setup for a 1999 Pontiac Montana it was just so that our daily driver Had some boom 2 it
I got a jvc 45x4 watt stereo nothing super
Used a sewell 2000 watt amp install kit
Put it on a 12' alpine 750 watt sub
Sub is installed in a BandPass box dual port

1 For a $50 amp this S@#% Be beatin'
2 came with hi input cable and screws for mounting
3 Easy 2 install !!!

1 As every comment of smart people here on amazon says Its not a true 1000 watt amp 30 amp fuse
and a lil math will tell u that but very few amps push a true 1000 watts rms. Rms is where it is at.
2 Didnt come with any cable connectors for amp cables had 2 spend a few more $'s on those so if
u dont buy those connectors and just use the wires themselfs they will slide out of the screw holders

Now with that said people on amazon will leave comments saying some bs about this amp if u truly know what u are doing and know how to install audio stuff correctly this amp will work fine if u are looking for a 600 watt rms amp. THIS S@#* RATTLES THE BACK WINDOWS I HAVE HAD TO RESEAL THEM AND I HAVE HAD IT INSTALLED A DAY

Im cheap dont like to spend alotta money on car audio but this amp has done what i am asking for if there is ever any problems i will update me review but till then 10 Stars and plenty more !!!!!

O and ps if u have anything come thru the mail or any shipping company there is a risk off DOA because of all the hands that touch your box so just remember post after you have calmed down and use some sence .
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on February 28, 2013
Works fine and does deliver some power. Mine is hooked up to a 10in Pioneer(1000w) and it hits good. Just make sure you set the gains properly on the amp or you might blow the sub(or subs) and maybe damage the amp as well.

Update(2014) I have had this amp for years now and the amp is still working and sounds well.Idk why the peeps who give this amp bad reviews for bad installs. it's a good amp for the $ if installed properly.

Update(2015) still works fine and so does the sub.
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on April 3, 2016
Dead after three years and less than 20 hours of use. It put out good power while it lasted, I just expected it to work longer. I didn't even push it hard. The light still comes on but it doesn't put out any power. $44.63 was the purchase price.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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