Customer Reviews: Pyrex 1072164 Storage 18-Piece Round Set
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VINE VOICEon June 1, 2007
After reading reviews, I decided to purchase this set. I got so tired of storing in plastic and having to switch to a different container to then reheat (TWO bowls to clean up). These are great for both purposes, the sizes fit my needs, I can see what's inside. Since my storage space is limited I nest 2 sets, and usually have the extra 2-cup in constant use. The lids are very tight; they'll loosen just a little with use. Easy cleanup [NO STAINING]. Buy these--you won't be sorry!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 7, 2006
I like this set with just the round pieces. We were using all that plastic junk for microwaving soups, putting chopped veggies for salads into the fridge, etc. I just hated it. I decided to switch to these storage bowls because they are the right shape and sizes for much of what we do. But, also, I can use them in the regular oven (without the lids) and also in the steamer basket in the top of my stock pot for perfectly steamed rice. (Put rice in an uncovered bowl, add water to about 3/4" to 1" above the rice line, and set it in the steamer basket for 25 minutes or more while you're cooking your stock or soup or beans or whatever in the bottom. After it's done, it will stay warmed for hours without overcooking.)

I use the larger bowls as prep bowls or for making up several days' quantity of various casseroles or salads. The smallest bowls are great for holding prep ingredients. All the bowls are good for dry storage, as well. The lids kind of fold over the edges slightly so they form a tight seal.

Then, too, they are great for dips and chips and whatever else you can think of to use them for. Just an all-around great set that washes up wonderfully fast.

I'm about to order another set of these and freecycle all my plastic.

Update: The lids to some of my Foodsaver canisters (plastic, that broke) fit the 1-qt bowls and the 1-cup bowls nest inside my Back-to-Basics toaster/egg cooker.
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on May 16, 2007
I ordered this set plus a 10 piece pyrex set with the vented lids. You may prefer the vented lids -- which I understand will fit this set, if we can find a way to just buy the lids. This set has the handier smaller sizes for prep, dips, and small quantities of leftovers, which is nice.

I was surprised to open my box and find not all 18 pieces (I was missing 2 lids) so definitely do an inspection once yours arrive! There is a 1-800# for Corning in the package insert, and they are sending me the missing lids with no problem, so I am saved the hassle of re-packaging and shipping back for a refund.

I am looking forward to making the total switch from plastic to glass. Good for the environment, and our health!
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on August 10, 2010
PROS: Overall I am happy with these bowls. The round plastic lids seal very well. They are snug, but not exactly water tight. Being made of tempered glass, the bowls can be used in the microwave, oven, fridge and freezer. They are heavier than thin plastic containers for taking food to work, but you avoid most of the plastic leeching that happens with those containers. The lids can leech plastic if left on loose during reheating due to the condensation that collects on them. Except for the rim (see "CONS" below), these are fairly durable bowls.

CONS: The major down side to these are the glass rims. They are the weak spot and can easily chip or break. STACKING these bowls with out their lids on is NOT advised. This is especially true for the smaller "2-cup" size bowls. Due to the crystalline nature of glass and very little tapered angle (the sides are almost vertical), pulling 2 bowls apart can shear off pieces of glass from the rim of the bottom bowl. You may not be aware of this when it happens and there is a danger that small shards of glass may be left inside a bowl. Those of you with children should be aware if this point.

When using a dishwasher, you must be careful to NOT allow the rim of one bowl to come in contact with another dish. Otherwise the water pressure may rock the bowl back and forth resulting in impact damage and chips to the rim. I suggest trying to move or wiggle the bowls by hand to check the range of motion while resting on your dishwasher's rack. With a little experimentation, you can find the right spots to load these bowls safely. This is mostly a problem when the bowls are at an angle. The best way to load them seems to be securely on their side. Just be sure they cannot move around and are not tipped back (which will trap water and soap).

Pyrex appears to change their manufacturing frequently, which one assumes is to improve the product. The color of their glassware has a darker blue-green tint than they did a few years back. The rim (lip) of their dishes have a more rounded edge than before. However, the issues I describe above are still present. It should be noted that the rim weakness usually only results in small chips and I have not yet had a "fault line" or deep crack start in one with normal use. With over 2 dozen of the 2-cup size bowls I have only had one casualty when it was dropped from about waist height onto a very hard floor.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 9, 2010
Update: Almost 2 years later and I still use these bowls every day. ALL the sizes are extremely useful. This is one of the best kitchenware purchases I ever made!!! Wanted everyone to know the lids hold up very well with regular dishwashing (I always put them in the top rack). I actually purchased another smaller set to add to the collection. Below is a detailed original review which answers a lot of questions I had in my mind before buying them.

I just received 2 sets of these dishes as a gift. I was dying to get rid of all my plastic storage containers. We're a household of two but I do a lot of cooking from scratch and do save leftovers plus I make my fair share of "pot luck" dishes for gatherings we go to.

There are 8 heavy weight round glass dishes in each set with very tight fitting lids that snap down over the rim of the bowl...2 seven cup bowls, 2 four cup bowls, 3 two cup bowls, and 2 one cup bowls. I expect the lids to loosen up just a smidgon after they've been used a few times. Right out of the box, the lids are extremely tight fitting and appear to be of good sturdy quality. By the way..lids can go in the dishwasher on the TOP rack.

How much storage space will they take up? The kitchen cabinet shelf that I have TWO sets comfortably organized on is 10" deep (front to back) and 20" wide (from side to side) with about 14" from top to bottom. I put the lids on all the bowls and sat like size bowls on top of each other. Yes the lids are sturdy enough to hold the weight of each other. No I would no sit bowls inside each other. I did that when I was unpacking them and two bowls got too snuggly perched inside each other. I got them apart but won't do it again. It's nice not to have to store the lids separately.

Size..Obviously the 7 cup bowl holds 7 cups but I wasn't sure how often I'd use them thinking maybe I'd usually need smaller bowls. I don't think so now. The large bowl will be great for storing a host of different leftovers from pot roast to potato salad. Here's the size of each bowl: the 7 cup bowl is 7" in diameter and about 3" deep. The 4 cup bowl is about 6" in diameter and about 1/2 an inch shallower than the larger bowl so about 2 1/2 inches. 2 cup bowl is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter and 2" deep. Lastly the 1 cup bowl is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and roughly 2" deep.

These bowls are a fantastic addition to my kitchen. I expect to get years of use out of them. I can see where some might want to add a retangular set to your collection. All this and made in the USA to boot.

Last note because of safety tip in the product instruction paper: The other night there was a segment on our local news station (Komo 4) regarding new glassware on the market. They said that newer baking/cooking/storage glassware is not made the same way older glass used years ago. Consumers should be careful of surprise breakage due to extreme temperature changes. Shards of glass can fly everywhere so follow instructions. In the demonstration they took a new glass baking dish out of the oven and set it on a pot holder sitting on the counter top. It shattered because they counter top was too cool and the pot holder had a slight amount of moisture on it like pot holders often do in the kitchen. Older glass bakeware/cookware/storage dishes didn't have that problem. The instructions with this set warns against sudden temperature changes from things such as adding liquid to hot glassware, putting a hot glass dish on a cool countertop or putting a hot glass dish in the sink or on a metal counter top. Lastly it says never put Pyrex dishes in an oven that hasn't been completely pre-heated.
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on February 11, 2007
I really like this set, and I will probably buy more. My one complaint is that the lids readily absorb odors, so that kind of cancels out the non-absorptive qualities of the bowls. Since I use them to store aromatic foods like salsa and soups, this is a problem for me. I don't want my next fruit salad to taste like garlic. Obviously, this is still better than all-plastic storage. I'm hoping that a soak in baking soda and water will do the trick.
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on November 17, 2006
I am thrilled with this storage series. Plastic or Aluminum wrap just doesn't compare. I've used this to store baking ingredients, to store stacked backs of ziplocked beef in the freezer, thin slices of fish, prepared casseroles and of course, leftovers. The largest size holds just a few slices less than an entire pineapple. I think I'd like bigger ones but the current sizes are incredibly versatile in steaming, baking, refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. A larger size might be too unwieldy. I wish pyrex had come out with these decades ago. They are so wonderful. I wish Amazon had offered 18 pieces earlier at such a wonderful price. I've bought the 14 piece set at $29.99. The costs comes out to $5-4 dollars per piece so this is a very big indulgence on my part. I also just ordered an additional 12 lids from Worldkitchen for $17 to replace the split immediately when used lids for my Anchor Hocking milk glass custard cups. I think this fifth order may be my last order. I've never received a broken shipment even though Amazon only packed air bags on the top not the bottom and all sides.

p.s. I am on my SIXTH ORDER but I am starting to lose count. Oh, wow. These things are so good. I use them for salmon apportioned with my expensive knife, I steam curries, Thanksgiving leftovers. The little ones get used all the time. None of the sizes are gathering dust. This is a great product and with lids averages out to about $3 or less per set so pick the set that is priced no higher than $3 per bowl with lid. SOMEDAY, I hope to make English trifle in these. I got the blue lids for my anchor hocking 1-cups and those are all being used as well. This is so awesome.

Is this frugal? not at $3 a pop but the material of the bowls and the tightness of the lids give me the best peace of mind and a sense of order and control

Would I have purchased this used at a cheaper price off of craigslist? no
Did I shop around for the best total price including the manufacturer's website? yes and so should you
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on November 24, 2015
I finally decided to get rid of all my plastic containers. I always end up microwaving them and putting them through the dishwasher, and after several years of hard use, the plastic was starting to wear off. I can only imagine how much I ended up ingesting... So I made the switch to glass, and I was attracted to the Pyrex set for their reasonable price and good reviews. I ended up with the 18 piece round set (9 bowls and 9 lids).

The packaging was great and now issues with any of them. The 18 piece round set comes with three 2-cup round containers, two 7-cup round containers, one 4-cup round container, and one 1-cup round container. I pack my lunch in them every day, as well as store dinner leftovers in the fridge and freezer. I've been washing both the bowls and the lids in the dishwasher and they still look good as new. Just make sure the lids are washed on the top rack. I've also microwaved several of the bowls, immediately after taking them out of the fridge, and there have been no issues with the glass. I wouldn't microwave with the lids on, and I place a paper towel over the top in case of bubbling.

I'm thinking of purchases a second set now that I know how great they work!
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on July 31, 2007
I prefer pyrex storage over other food containers, and like this set for pantry use. But I don't like this set for everyday storage, and heating and handling of leftovers because the bowls have straight, smooth sides with no lip and they easily slip from wet hands.
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on December 19, 2006
OK the glass container is nicer than plastic = no doubt - but the lids are a nightmare. NOT good for elderly. Very difficult to close - and also difficult to open. Especially the round containers. Consider the sq shaped ones instead.
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