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Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup with Lid
Size: 2-Cup|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$12.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 11, 2013
I purchased a new Pyrex 1-cup measuring cup as my old one, used for at least 15 years, is beginning to look a bit tired. I was so pleased to find out how Pyrex has improved the handle design making it easier to stack the measuring cups making it easier to store in my cupboard. The old cup had this feature too, but the style was a bit different than this newest improvement. To be honest I have an even older Pyrex 1-cup measuring cup with a closed handle. In other words, these measuring cups last a very long time. Both of my older 1-cup measuring cups have fading paint but they are still very usable.

I would also like to address the exploding glass issue: All glass will shatter due to thermal shock. You must follow the manufacturer's directions, and Pyrex does include very clear directions, in order to use any product safely. I strongly encourage you to read the package directions for any product, including Pyrex products, before using them.

I've also included some Pyrex information from in the comments section for further review as Amazon does not allow external links in reviews.

For me I love my Pyrex measuring cups and bakeware. They both have served me well during my 40+ years of cooking.


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on June 22, 2017
Fantastic! I've used it to make banana bread and potato masher fit inside perfectly. I've made broccoli soup and precooked the broccoli in the microwave in water, then drained broccoli using the lid. Made a double batch of soup and was able to store it in the refrigerator in this Pyrex. Next day I was able to reheat soup in this Pyrex cup and serve in it. Today I'm making carrot cake using this. I noticed that it's easier to pour batter into the baking dish using this instead of the mixing bowl I've used for years. I can hold on firmly to the handle and use a spatula in the other hand. The batter came came out easily and this cup easily washes out with running water. I already have a 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup with the same type of lid. They both are very easy to read the measurements. The lids are great. They don't warp and fit nicely inside the cup. I even like the fact that I could break eggs on the edge of this cup.
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on August 3, 2017
This 8-cup measuring bowl with lid is terrific. I have regular kitchen bowls, but the fact that this one is an actual measuring bowl is very important to me because I make doubled batches of pancakes or such. The lid fits securely and the glass is heavy and durable. It is also a great size for holding peeled vegetables in large amounts, etc. The size allows quite a bit of room for storage or mixing. I highly recommend this bowl.
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I call this a bowl because it's a pretty huge measuring cup, functioning as both that and a mixing bowl. Best of all, it goes in the microwave. My main goal in buying this cup was to have something to measure milk and also heat it when starting yogurt. Most vessels this size are too tall to fit in the microwave or metal or plastic, and/or unmarked which made my yogurt prep more complicated than I wanted. I was moving the milk from one container to another and I knew the process could be easier if I just had the right vessel. This wonderful big cup has met my needs completely.

I like the straight'ish sides which means the cup has a large base and won't be tipping. The other feature that makes this the cup of choice is that the handle is open at the bottom (doesn't attach to the bowl). The handle is very sturdy but because it's open, the bowl is easier to store. It can be nested with other bowls and pots in the cupboard. The red measurements are very easy to see for right or left-handers.

Although I haven't used the lid yet, it is nice to have the several available options. It fits snugly so the contents can be sealed in there securely. The lid can be put on the cup so that it is closed completely or so that the contents can be poured openly or poured through either strainer holes or slots so as to hold back ice or whatever. You have to remove the lid and reinstall it in the position of choice rather than turning it once on, but it holds quite well due to the flexible silicon-like edge that fits into the cup. Since the lid is not domed, it is also easy to store when not needed. I put mine in the drawer that holds my other lids. I anticipate using this bowl with the lid to make sun tea among other things. I'm very satisfied with the purchase and would buy again.
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VINE VOICEon May 31, 2016
We used to only have 2 cup measuring cups here. So many times I've needed 2 1/2 cups of liquid and it was such a bother to go back to the sink just for 1/2 cup of water.
I finally just went and ordered this Quart measuring cup. Wasn't a big deal to keep refilling the 2 cup one but, having this larger one makes cooking just a little easier.
I love the pyrex measuring cups. I like how thick the glass is. I have confidence that the glass won't shatter when I use the measuring cups to boil water in the microwave.
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on February 25, 2013
I must admit that I am not terribly mean to my measuring cups. Pyrex dishes, yes, measuring cups, no. I use them for measuring and sometimes I melt frozen butter in them for cooking/baking. After reading all these reviews about temperature changes cracking people's Pyrex, I was a bit apprehensive about sticking a cup with a frozen stick of butter in the microwave, but I've had no issues. I love that these cups have metric conversion on the other side as I am european and a lot of my recipes are in the mL/L measuring units. I've had my 1 cup and my 2 cup sizes of measuring cups for at least 10 years and just saw that I can get a 4 cup one and it was under 5 dollars! So, I ordered one. It is wonderful quality and looks just like my 10 year old measuring cups. The only thing that startled me is the fact that it is wide and shallow as opposed to the tall shape of the smaller measuring cup sizes. I guess they designed it that way so that it fits on the smaller shelves height wise. However, I find it to be a slight bit annoying as I am always worried that I will spill the contents. It reminds me of carrying a shallow bowl of soup to the table... you have to do it very carefully, no filling and dumping it in the pot with the same ease as the smaller sizes.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 9, 2015
I use this every single day! I bought this one for my daughter for Christmas and she hates getting kitchen items as gifts BUT I know she will use this 4 cup PYREX measuring cup all the time.
As so many people do with this, I use to make and pour batters, I use for full on recipes adding different liquids at a time because of it's size and easy to read measurements. It is a work horse in the kitchen and I would say it is on my top ten list of most needed and used kitchen tools. Just buy two because you will use for so many things!
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on August 9, 2017
My husband took my old one cup glass measuring cup to use for pool chemicals and I had to replace it. This is my most used measuring cup size, and I like this Pyrex cup because it's very roomy and there's lots of room for stirring. I use it to mix vinaigrettes and marinades, to beat eggs I am adding to other recipes, to melt chocolate or butter in the microwave, etc.
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on May 6, 2017
I had a plastic 4 cup measuring cup that I used mostly to move soups and stews from big pots/slow cooker to lock and lock storage containers. But the last time I used it, it cracked in several places -- maybe from the food being too hot? So decided to try to glass one instead. This is a really nice one, what you would expect from any Pyrex product. And very nicely priced.
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on January 10, 2017
The heavy rubber lid is a bonus I did not expect. It extends just a little over the lip of the cup, providing a little protection in the cabinet. I have a tendency to bang around my glassware, and chip the measuring cups, so this helps a lot. Nice big numbers for the measure, also. Have not used it with hot, hot liquids, or to heat anything, so I cannot tell whether this is good Pyrex or the kind that shatters.
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