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on November 26, 2015
The lid is totally useless because it won't stay on the measuring cup. I paid three times as much for this measuring cup because I was looking for one with a lid and I can't even use it. No matter which way I put on the lid, it pops right back off almost immediately. Please see the photos I've uploaded so you can see what I mean.

I figured that maybe I got a defective measuring cup and/or lid so I went to a local store that sells the same Pyrex measuring cup/lid combo and they all had the exact same problem.
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on September 25, 2016
Pyrex Prepware 8-Cup Measuring Cup, Clear with Red Lid and Measurements
I loved it until today. Heating water to 180 for my Oolong tea batch and the thing exploded into a gazillion pieces. I know it is overtime to get a refund but it was a disaster cleanup job. You can see the glass crazed and shattered. Isn't is supposed to be microwave safe?
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on March 3, 2017
Within 2 months, the markings are gone. Didn't use it that often and never put it in the oven. I have another that's 25 years old that's still perfect, I guess Pyrex has gone downhill.
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on December 29, 2017
Looks gorgeous, that is it. Can't pour a darn thing out of it without it going everywhere. The pour spout is about a 1/4 inch wide. It doesn't look like the picture MeditiAs soon as you start to pour it goes everywhere, even when you are careful and try pouring super slow. Don't know if this is defective or not but it is unusable. I use it to heat water in my microwave for my tea. My old one cracked and I was afraid it would break when I picked it up with boiling water and purchased this as a replacement.
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on January 23, 2014
I wanted a second Anchor Hocking cup but couldn't find a 1-qt, so I ordered this. The problems with cracking when exposed to sudden temperature changes was not a deal killer because the sole use for this cup was to heat water for tea in the microwave - although I wasn't happy with the downgrade.

Unfortunately, the spout on this 1 qt doesn't pour cleanly; I had scalding hot water doubling back under the bottom and pouring all over the counter. Not safe and not useful. The only way I can get water out of this Pyrex is to pour it out very slowly, which undermines the point of getting the water very hot for tea.

At first I thought it was the new (unimproved) spout size. The spout in the picture no longer represents. That's the size spout on my Anchor Hocking, but not on my new Pyrex. The Pyrex spout is now very very small, like someone made it by pushing a bit on the hot glass with a pencil eraser. However, my 2-qt Anchor Hocking has small spouts on all sides and they pour fine. So, it is the spout design. The Anchor Hocking has more of a twist and a curl. The Pyrex spout just doesn't work.

If the only thing you plan on doing with this is mix up waffle batter and you think the measurements on the sides will be of assistance, buy it. But if you see an Anchor Hocking 1 qt for sale, let me know.
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on August 7, 2013
NOT like the old Pyrex bowls that they used to make.

After purchasing these and this problem arising, I read a review where PYREX sold out to another company and does not use the same glass that they used to in their products. They now use a cheaper glass!!
So...be weary of ALL of Pyrex glassware!!

I have an old one that I can use in the microwave and boil water for 5 minutes and take it out with my HAND. NO Problems at all with the old one! Not hot!! I loved my 4 cup soooo much, that I thought I would order one for all the females in my family and ordered 4.

THESE do NOT have the COOL HANDLES as the old ones do!! THEY BECOME EXTREMELY HOT!

I'm glad I tried mine out before GRANDMA tried hers out with her tiny little arthritic hands.

With ordering 4, mine came in one big Amazon box, each wrapped in bubble wrap.
No problem with that, other than after reading another review where they said "read instructions" that come with these.... there were no instructions, I believe because I ordered bulk and they shipped them bulk.

SOoooooo.....be careful! Use a pot holder!

Also, make sure to brake the water's skin surface after microwaving....with something like a wooden spoon so it does not blow up in your face.
Do this BEFORE removing it from the microwave.

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I call this a bowl because it's a pretty huge measuring cup, functioning as both that and a mixing bowl. Best of all, it goes in the microwave. My main goal in buying this cup was to have something to measure milk and also heat it when starting yogurt. Most vessels this size are too tall to fit in the microwave or metal or plastic, and/or unmarked which made my yogurt prep more complicated than I wanted. I was moving the milk from one container to another and I knew the process could be easier if I just had the right vessel. This wonderful big cup has met my needs completely.

I like the straight'ish sides which means the cup has a large base and won't be tipping. The other feature that makes this the cup of choice is that the handle is open at the bottom (doesn't attach to the bowl). The handle is very sturdy but because it's open, the bowl is easier to store. It can be nested with other bowls and pots in the cupboard. The red measurements are very easy to see for right or left-handers.

Although I haven't used the lid yet, it is nice to have the several available options. It fits snugly so the contents can be sealed in there securely. The lid can be put on the cup so that it is closed completely or so that the contents can be poured openly or poured through either strainer holes or slots so as to hold back ice or whatever. You have to remove the lid and reinstall it in the position of choice rather than turning it once on, but it holds quite well due to the flexible silicon-like edge that fits into the cup. Since the lid is not domed, it is also easy to store when not needed. I put mine in the drawer that holds my other lids. I anticipate using this bowl with the lid to make sun tea among other things. I'm very satisfied with the purchase and would buy again.
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on February 15, 2014
I purchased the 1-quart version of this Pyrex measuring cup 4 yrs. ago for twice the price it is now. I grew up with Pyrex and knew it to be a quality product. I already owned a 1-cup Pyrex glass measuring cup that I had received as a wedding gift almost 20 years ago. I have used that cup daily to boil water for my iced tea, and washed it in the dishwasher, and it has held up wonderfully. It is a little cloudy, the lettering is very slightly faded, and there is a tiny chip at the top, but no cracks or other problems.

As my family grew, I started doing a lot more cooking and really hated measuring everything one cup at a time. So I ordered this Pyrex glass measuring cup in the 1-quart size. It arrived in perfect condition and to my surprise was actually a heavier glass than my older Pyrex cup. I have used it for boiling water only sporadically and haven't had any issues with cracking. My problem is that less than two years after I purchased it the red measurement lettering started to fade dramatically. Within 3 yrs. of purchasing this cup there was no evidence of any lettering having ever been on this cup at all!!! It is no longer a measuring cup at all due to this issue. There are also issues with the small spout causing thin liquids to drip easily when pouring.

In conclusion, I must say I love this cup for mixing pancakes, waffles and other batters. It is nice and heavy and should last a long time. Just can't use it for measuring!
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on September 18, 2014
A lifetime of advertising conditioning prompted me to buy 'the best' glass measuring device. With clear, high-constrast printing on the side, heat resistant glass and large one quart capacity, this is a wonderful pyrex product... until you want to remove the stickers.

There is a large sticker on the side of the product with branding and other information. It cannot be removed entirely. I purchased two of these and I've spent an hour with everything from goo-gone, to kerosene, to alcohol to several other chemicals to try to get rid of the sticky residue left by this labeling.

An hour spent, and I'll likely need another hour of scrubbing and soaking and scouring and I doubt if I'll be rid of it entirely.

An hour that has already erased a lifetime of conditioning telling me that Pyrex is the best. It makes me sad and angry that an otherwise perfect product is ruined for lack of low-tack glue on a sticker.

Never again. Pyrex, I'm done with you.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 11, 2013
I purchased a new Pyrex 1-cup measuring cup as my old one, used for at least 15 years, is beginning to look a bit tired. I was so pleased to find out how Pyrex has improved the handle design making it easier to stack the measuring cups making it easier to store in my cupboard. The old cup had this feature too, but the style was a bit different than this newest improvement. To be honest I have an even older Pyrex 1-cup measuring cup with a closed handle. In other words, these measuring cups last a very long time. Both of my older 1-cup measuring cups have fading paint but they are still very usable.

I would also like to address the exploding glass issue: All glass will shatter due to thermal shock. You must follow the manufacturer's directions, and Pyrex does include very clear directions, in order to use any product safely. I strongly encourage you to read the package directions for any product, including Pyrex products, before using them.

I've also included some Pyrex information from Snopes.com in the comments section for further review as Amazon does not allow external links in reviews.

For me I love my Pyrex measuring cups and bakeware. They both have served me well during my 40+ years of cooking.


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