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on February 20, 2015
Been using for about 15 days now. No complaints here. Nice thick, even glass
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on September 24, 2015
I bought these bowls to replace plastic mixing bowls that had seen their last day. I wanted mixing bowls with lids and was surprised at how hard it was to find a product I liked. I wasn't really looking for glass but I ended up getting these and I have to say they are pretty good. I wish they were not so heavy but they are pyrex. I have not put them to the temperature test yet but I expect they will perform as most pyrex products do. I use these bowls often for mixing and food prep, and sometimes for food storage.

The lids make a good seal - I tested these while making roasted potatoes by adding potatoes, olive oil and seasonings to the bowl, putting the lid on and then shaking it up to coat the potatoes. Even turned it upside down and gave it another few shakes. No leaks.

The different colored lids are nice if you're in a hurry - it's easy to pull out the right sized lid for the bowl you are using.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 21, 2015
Great set of bowls!! These are great for mixing, with an electric hand mixer, I don't have to worry about the mixer heads scratching off flecks of metal like I did with my previous set of mixing bowls. They freeze and thaw soups and freeze ice cream. The bowls are microwave safe and oven safe (without the lids) as well as dishwasher safe. The only thing I would suggest is not going from having these in the freezer and then going straight into the microwave or oven, just to prevent them from cracking. I'd try to let things thaw a little before. Overall I'm very pleased with these bowls.

*I took photos of the largest and smallest bowl. I wanted to take pictures of the middle two sizes but I used them immediately after opening them and just took photos of the largest and smallest before putting them away. Hopefully it can just give a general idea as to how big they all are.

Made by: Pyrex
Size: 8 piece set
Style Name: With Lid
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging
Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
Shipped by: Amazon.com LLC
Delivered: 4 days after order date
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on June 9, 2015
Received the item in 2 days after i placed the order. Used it same day,.. microwaved milk in it (for a recipe). The glass is pretty thick but not too thick. Good for microwaves. The biggest bowl is big enough for a big salad for the whole family!!
Love the fact that they come with covers too, that way you can just leave the salad or whatever you made in the bowl and microwave it later.
Totally recommend this item, the price is also very good!
**update. Month later. Still love this product and I do not have any dislikes
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Pyrex doesn't need a review--it's great stuff. Non-pourous so it doesn't soak up tastes and smells that can never be washed out. Tough and beautiful, Pyrex does it all.

So the bowls are a no brainer, but why buy these instead of others. The tops of course are the difference. I've found that most Pyrex bowls with tops I had looked at didn't fit on their bowls very well or were made out of materials which didn't seem like they would outlast me--as they should. These tops are durable, make a good seal that wont pop off or leak. And they're labeled with the various volumes of the bowls.

The size range of the set is also very good--from one the size of a cereal bowl to one large enough for a pot-luck salad without being so big that it wouldn't fit in a kitchen cabinet--and they all fit inside each other without the smaller ones rising above the rims of the larger ones.

You can put all the bowls inside each other then close them all up with the largest top--with enough room to put paper towels between each bowl and the next for safety.
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on March 21, 2015
You can't beat Pyrex for quality. These bowls are just the right size for the bread baking I've started doing. They are sturdy and the perfect sizes for mixing dough, letting dough rise, mixing wet ingredients prior to mixing with dry ingredients. I really like these bowls and highly recommend them.
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on April 26, 2016
I ordered these bowls Christmas of 2014 as a gift for a friend who is just starting out. I am a firm believer that everyone needs a nice set of mixing bowls! I had them delivered directly to her but she told me that she absolutely loves them and that she uses them all the time (she is an avid baker)

I asked her a series of questions today via fb chat and here are her answers:

Q: How are your Pyrex bowls holding up?
A: They are perfect!! I use them all the time

Q: Do the lids still fit, is there any chipping, did any of them break, are there any scratches in the glass etc?
A: No! no scratches and the lids aren't funky

Q: Do you put the bowls in the dishwasher and if so, has it caused them to become milky at all?
A: Nope!

Q: If there is one thing you could say to sum up these bowls, what would it be?
A: They should be in every bakers home!

I hope this "long term use" review has helped someone to make the decision to buy these! I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again for myself or as a gift.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 3, 2014
These are my main mixing bowls which I use for all sorts of various applications. The sizes, strong glass, compact stacking, and good lids have impressed me and using these to cook with has been a pleasure. They are some of the nicest mixing bowls I have used, but also one of the most affordable (I own the 8-piece set.)

The tempered glass that these Pyrex Essentials are made from perform very well for my needs. As a glass, it does not alter flavors like other materials can. As a tempered soda lime silica glass, it's durable and capable of withstanding high-heat cooking/baking/cleaning/shock...and it is suitable for usage in the dishwasher to make cleanup easier. With a good lid design, these are great for liquids (ex: brining or soaking beans) and reduce mess. Being compact, I find these are easy to store. I also really like how these are clear...and I find I do use this to my benefit (ex: looking for clumps of unblended flour that may be stock to the bottom or side wall.) The sizes themselves are also a real plus. Ranging from the small 1 quart to giant 4 quart, this wide range in sizes means that these can tackle jobs of all different sizes. Finally, I like how the bowls used a flared lip at the top. While the purpose of this is so these bowls can use a lid, I find this reduces spills and gives you a lot better leverage when holding the bowl and stirring something thick (such as a batter.)

The only possible downside is that some people may not like the heft of these...being these use thick tempered glass, they have quite a lot of weight to them. I personally really like this as I find it helps keep the bowl more stable, but some people may find the weight is not what they prefer.

Price-wise, I am also really satisfied with the purchase. Nice mixing bowls are not cheap to begin with, let alone nice mixing bowls that are clear and have an excellent lid. So for under $8 per bowl & lid, I think this is an excellent value.

Overall these are just great mixing bowls and I don't think you can go wrong here.

It may be worth noting that modern home-use Pyrex containers are NOT currently made from borosilicate glass. Up until around 2000, it was borosilicate, but it is now a tempered soda lime silica glass made by a different company.

That can raise interests in regards to the differences between the older borosilicate and the current soda lime silica glass. More-or-less, borosilicate glass is more heat-resistant and can better handle drastic temperature fluctuations, where as soda lime silica glass tends to be slightly more resistant to damage from shock. Borosilicate is also more expensive to produce, and Pyrex's use of soda lime glass is arguably a major reason they can offer a high-quality mixing bowl set (with lids) for not much more than an inexpensive economy set (without lids.)
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on June 18, 2016
These are pretty high quality pyrex bowls. I use them for leftover storage and as mixing bowls when making cookies and pancakes or even tossing salads. As mixing bowls though, they are very heavy (seems petty, but I usually just want to grab something really easy to mix stuff in when I'm looking for a mixing bowl). I have not had a problem with scratching on it, despite using (manual) whisks while mixing.

Do note that these bowls are gigantic!! The smaller 2 are more "normal" sizes for what you'd think of as tupperware bowls, and the larger 2 are more like mixing bowl sizes (not really tupperware!). These larger ones are useful for storing large batches of pre-made salads or perhaps just cookie dough that you made in that bowl and don't want to transfer. Otherwise, it may be overkill if you're just looking for straight storage bowls!!

The bowls nest in each other nicely for storage in your kitchen.
I also find it silly that the standard labeling is to count lid and container as separate pieces, just thought I'd point that out if anyone didn't know!

Do note these caveats I mentioned, and if you know this is still what you are looking for, it would be a great choice.
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on February 10, 2015
I read the reviews prior to buying this and I was hesitant to purchase this at first.

Pyrex bowls were originally made of borosilicate glass which could resist thermal shock better.
But Pyrex switched to cheaper soda-lime glass, which is cheaper and more abundant.

Some reviews said their bowls shattered because of exposure to drastic heat changes.

I bought these bowls after much thought. Originally I was going to purchase the SIMAX borosilicate glass mixing bowls, but they were almost 3 times as expensive and out of my budget.

Pyrex has said these bowls were made of heat tempered glass which could withstand heat just as well as borosilicate glass, and another upside to these bowls is that it is more durable, as it made of thicker glass.

However, I am not 100% convinced as I have seen some pictures of shattered Pyrex ovenware. If you want a good lifelong investment I suggest buying a higher quality glass made of borosilicate glass.

Overall, I recommend it because of the affordable price and I have used it twice as a double boiler without any cracks forming yet.
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