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on June 16, 2015
The lids are supposed to be safe to cover in the fridge, freezer and microwave just not in the oven. However the first time I tried using it to half cover a bowl I was heating up in the microwave, it got completely warped and is now unusable. Great other than the microwave problem.
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on January 25, 2015
I have had these for a while and I mostly use them to store food in the fridge. When I first started using it for microwaving purposes, the plastic lid melted on the edge and had not been able to close properly. Tonight, when I put one of the smaller bowls (taken out from a cabinet under room temperature - it was not even taken out from the fridge) in the microwave for a minute and half to heat up some sesame seeds, the glass container exploded into pieces with a loud bang! Luckily, my microwave door did not spring open or it would have been really bad. When I opened the microwave door, some tiny pieces of glass fell on the counter and into the bowls that are on the counter and have my prepped dinner ingredients. I did not know there was glass pieces in my prepped food until I chewed on them! Luckily, they were small enough and there was no major injury. I immediately threw my dinner away. It also took me some time to clean up the mess in the kitchen.

This is quite a terrifying experience, and I will not put any of these bowls in the microwave again.
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on July 15, 2013
I am an avid reviewer, and I usually read the bad reviews first. I purchased this to supplement by red pyrex set, and I have the 11-cup rectangular baker as well. First and foremost, the "European", version is our MOM'S corning type. So it can handle a HOT TO COLD surface. THESE WILL NOT. you must set this: if, coming from oven, or even Microwave, on a cloth trivet, that is dry. PERIOD. or it will CRACK. Also UNLIKE our old ones, you can not DEFROST, under hot water. Or else, internal hairline cracks. These are great for baking in a pre-heated oven, and as neat and inexpensive serving bowls. I purchased these to use as a breading kit. Since, the glass, cleans better than any plastic. Also great for cold salads, and fruits for picnics. SO ALL IS NOT LOST. Pyrex, still beats plastic- any day.

Just keep in mind, these are not like the 50-90's glassware. These are a cheaper, more tempermental version. But still a great value. Considering stainless, nonstick or melamine,- and dare i say plastic. -eeeeeeew.

What's important: They have the "cleaning" advantages of glass, that we love.

6. Use to cook in Microwave for over 60 minutes, IT WILL EXPLODE in some conditions.

1. bake in pre-heated oven
2. use as a serving dish for cold salads
3. MICROWAVE for a full hour
4. use in DISHWASHER ( top rack)
5. CLEAN with simple soap and water solution to a sparking shine
6. transport items with lids, fitting secure, but use a casserole strap or case for the car
8. Make a full family style meal in largest pan, and sides in the two round bowls
9. Marinate veggies and meat in fridge, and slide right in the oven
10.Present to table, with trivet. from microwave or oven

So as you see, the "CAN-DO'S" outweigh, all of the limitations of the new formula.
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on February 23, 2016
These are okay (a little disappointing), not bad - but certainly not great either. Pyrex has been a household brand in my family for a few generations, mainly used by my grandmother for a lot of her cooking needs. My grandmother, mother and I, have all had many Pyrex products, from measuring cups, pie plates, glass mixing bowls etc. But sadly, this is not one of Pyrex's better quality products - I guess expected more from Pyrex. I purchased this set a little over 3 years ago, and while I still have it, I don't use it much.

The main issue I have with my set is, a few of the lids do not really seal the container tightly like they are supposed to. One lid I can lift it off with my pinky, no effort at all to remove it. Now if I put foil, or saran wrap over the bowl first, THEN add the lid, it works. But then doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose? This of course would be the con to this set, the pro is that the glass bowls and glass pans are still very functional, and will get used more as serving dishes, rather than for storage.

Anyway, unless by now Pyrex has listened/read these reviews (complaints), and fixed the issues mentioned by many of us, then you are better off to look elsewhere - as there are better options out there.

*P.S. I would have returned this Pyrex set, but I was in the middle of getting ready to move, and unfortunately I didn't discover the lids being an issue until it was too late to return them. Oh well, like I said they make good serving dishes. :)
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on December 11, 2015
My plastic food storage container cabinet was a disaster! I was distressed every time I opened the door! Because of the various sizes/shapes of the containers, it was hard to organize and KEEP organized; some of it was stained and pitted because my husband doesn't follow directions and used it in the microwave, and I was tired of NOT being ABLE to use it in the microwave. I would store leftovers in the plastic, but had to transfer food to another container to reheat, so I had twice the dishes to wash and ended up saving no time. This only added to my frustration. Finally, I had had it. I vowed to change and I did! I got rid of all but a few select pieces of plastic and am replacing it all with Pyrex. I am satisfied with this set, but do take note of the sizes of the rectangular containers--the picture is misleading, so read the capacity--they are 3-cup and 6-cup. They appear larger.
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on December 28, 2015
My family has slowly tried to transition to more glass products instead of plastic, and one of the first changes we made were with our food storage containers. These are heavy-duty containers -- I've even dropped one on concrete and it didn't break! The biggest benefit is that we never have to worry about toxins leaching into our food from heating food in these containers, and there's never any staining or gross smells from previous uses. My only complaint about these containers is that the tops have warped a bit over time. I try to be mindful and not heat the tops or put them in the dishwasher, but we've still experienced issues with them. Otherwise, I'm very happy with these containers and even purchased a second set.
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on March 2, 2016
I hate to say this, but this is one of the worst Pyrex products that I have ever bought. So bad, that I thought I may have been shipped counterfeit products, only to find out they were real.

In short, the lids have nothing to grab onto glass wise. There is no lip, and this is not shown in any of the product pictures. What ends up happening is, if you have any sort of liquid in them, it sloshes out. If you have food in them and, say, want to take that food somewhere like work or to a relatives, the lids just pop off.

This also makes it a nightmare for food storage. Everything in them either dries out or spoils easier because the lids in no way seal. They just sit loosely on top.

There are some awesome Pyrex products out there, however, this is not one of them. Look elsewhere.
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on March 2, 2018
This is a pretty good set for the price. They are heavy and the lids don't seal completely tight, so they're best for storing food in the fridge rather than transporting food around. However, they are great for this purpose; the pyrex cleans very easily. I have had problems with the lids warping slightly in the microwave, but the lids still work alright (they just look a little funky). I would recommend not microwaving the lids, or making sure they are completely detached from the container before microwaving.
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on February 24, 2016
I purchased the Pyrex Simply Store 10-Piece Glass Food Storage Set in hopes of getting rid of all of my plastic storage contains. Overall I am very happy with this storage series and the price. Plastic and foil wrap, ziplock bags or plastic containers just doesn't compare. I've used this to store baking ingredients such as flour and sugar, leftovers from dinner, meats and other items in the freezer. I have microwaved them, stacked them in the freezer, cleaned them by hand and in the dishwasher without any issues. I do wish they were a little bigger, you are limited with a couple of sizes that come in this set. I am always a little worried about ordering glass products through the mail, these came well packed and nothing was broken. I purchased this set for $17.28 (prime) and I have seen similar sets in stores going for much more.
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on April 2, 2016
You can't go wrong with a brand like Pyrex! This is a really great set. I love the size of the containers. The perfect size for an extra serving or two of leftovers. I have replaced most of my plastic containers with glass ones from Pyrex. They are so easy to clean and store and just feel more substantial than flimsy plastic ware. I love that these can be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher and don't hold stains and odors that plastics tend to. These tend to fit well in my fridge too - I enjoy the compact size and shape of this set. I plan to buy another set in the near future!
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