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on June 3, 2010
This item only had one review so i thought i would share info on this great player. I only paid [...] for this,so how much can you really expect,right? First of all i got free shipping(which i wouldn't do again)and they held the product for five days before shipping.Once they shipped it,it came by usps so it was not bad.Anyhow,this ipod copy(as they call them)does everything it's supposed to and more.I am not by any means a computer geek or software specialist but i had a full length movie loaded in it the first night. Shocked Me!!But i did do one important thing,i read the instructions on the website and followed them. first try,loaded a current movie(1.35 gb).played perfectly. this was so easy because you just open the player up on usb and find the file (movie,song,pics)and just drag it over to the player.It took about 4 minutes do download the whole 1.35 gb movie.Remember you have to follow instructions including downloading the converting software but that was very easy too.The fm radio works well with no problems.I was very surprised at how good the touchscreen works. Very easy to move around with soft touches. You do have to click twice but that soon becomes second nature.Easy to get through the video for fast forward. If you leave the movie and come back you can return to the same spot.Tried the micro mini sd slot (2gb is the only one i have) and the player reads it well.It charges very easily. Only concern i have is battery life,seems to go quickly,but is getting better the more i use it. But i did play music for about 5 hours and the battery was a little less than half,so it might be fine.Touchscreen is not chintzy like a lot of people say about some of these players.Comes with a built in stylus for pointing,but i haven't even got it out of the player yet because my fingernail works fine. The voice recorder works good. The speakers work but are very low decibel.You won't use them much,but you can hook up a pair of off market speakers with no problem.i bought a square trade warranty for 5 bucks which will cover this for three years.So to wrap it up i have to say(you probably think i work for pyrus or something)but i am just an average jerk like anyone else and wanted to let people in on what a great player this is!well now its march of 2014 and I still have this player and it still goes 100%! Nothing wrong with it at all. Still holds a good charge,I have many songs and a full movie and it all plays great price went up a little but it is worth it!
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VINE VOICEon July 15, 2010
I bought this Mp3 player for my 9 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it. The pictures doesn't do this Mp3 any justice! I was a little apprehensive about purchasing it because it's not very expensive but I'm so glad that I did. The player is very durable and the hot pink stainless steel is absolutely gorgeous. The instruction manual that came with it wasn't that good, but we managed to figure it out. it seemed a little dated. Right out of the box the Mp3's touch screen was very responsive but you may have to plug in the charger because it may be dead. The battery was really low. We didn't inquire any issues while setting it up and the sound quality is excellent. I was a little surprised by the video quality because I didn't expect it to be that good but it was. The Mp3 player is loaded with some sample pictures, music and video. It also comes with a CD to use on the computer but we didn't need it because when we plugged it up to the computer with the provided USB cable, it recognized the Mp3 player right away and began to install the driver for it. We were able to transfer music to the player in a matter of minutes. The Mp3 player comes with a stylus but it is soooooooooooo tiny!!! We had a difficult time locating it on the player. The stylus is attached to the Mp3 player like the The Nintendo DS's stylus is but at least with the DS, you can locate it fairly easily! If you're not looking carefully, you will miss it. It's that tiny. There is also a little nifty carrier case that it comes with. I also like the fact that you can also install a SD card if you chose to do so. Overall I'm 100% happy with this purchase and so is my daughter! Now she will stop bugging me about using my phone to listen to music!
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on June 17, 2010
I was searching for an MP3 without the complexities as the apple ipod. The only issue I have is that I don't like the earphones provided and I would like to get a case for it, if anyone has any suggestions please advise. Otherwise, I'm very happy with my buy. I've dowloaded music very easy and overall everything is what I expected in an MP3 easy to use, sound system is great and pictures on videos are better than Apple's ipod, i can actually see them. Is just what I wanted for the price I can't go wrong!! I highly recommend it.
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on June 10, 2010
Great Customer Service
Excellent Sound Quality
Good touchscreen
Easy to upload music, video, pictures...
Good speaker
Comes with bad earphones
Manual is sort of confusing

This is a great mp3 player!I wanted one that was in my budget with a touchscreen that looked good and maybe could also perform functions other than just playing music. I couldn't believe I found this, because it matches what I wanted perfectly. It came with everything it says it does. The earphones are horrible though. I strongly suggest you buy your own, as those are clearly meant to be some sort of back-up and not the main earphones. The sound quality is excellent with different earphones. The manual could be better, too. It is a little confusing. I had a problem with viewing the videos I uploaded, so I contacted customer service. Their response was very fast and completely resolved the problem. The touchscreen is good. It responds well to light taps. Even though it is not needed, I love using their built-in stylus. Just as a warning, there is no scroll option. You have to use the up-and-down arrows to look through a list.
I got this with free shipping, which was convinient and fast. I recommend this to anyone who wants a great-quality mp3 player for an amazingly affordable price.
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on May 5, 2011
I got this at for 45$. Here's what I think.

Look's: the player's is a very pretty hot pink. It is not an Ipod.

Menu: in the menu you have 9 folders: Music, Video, Photos, Radio, Ebook's, Recorder, Games, Browser, and Options.

Functionality: It function's very fast and never crashes.

Touch screen: the touch screen works well, It will work out for you if you
don't hit or touch the screen aggressively.

Battery Life: The battery life is O.k, But it last for 24 hours or more and then you'll have to charge it again. It will be good unless you go and charge it every night before going to bed.

Turning off/on button: to turn off your mp3 player you have to press the button and then wait until the screen will go blank. Then turn the power button off. If you want to turn it on then make sure that you check that if the power button is turned on or off. and then press the on button and wait till the screen will appear. The Power Button is on the Left and the turn on button is on the Right. It's that simple.

Games: the sad thing is that you can't Download Games for you're mp3 player.
and it has only 1 Puzzle game, that is very annoying with a picture of a snake.

Sounds: sound is very impressive. you can only put it on 32 volume and it still is very loud.

Style: You could even choose yourself a pretty desktop in the Options menu, when you record, when using radio or playing a Music.

Radio: the radio is not the best one. the search is very frustrating when your looking for an Indian music or any kind. you can set the radio to different stations. USA, Europe, China, Japan, and Campus radio.

Recording: the recording is very good but it only records the sounds.
it can record sounds that are far away a little bit.

Organization: You also have an Organization folders in the music's place. you have 10 Organization folder's: Resume Play, Artist, Album, Genre, My favorite, Record, Dir List, Medialib Update and Hold Recollection.
Or if you want them scattered around then touch the All Music Folder.

Options: the options are good. You have 8 options. Display Setting, System setting, Desktop, Time setting, other function, Language, System Information, and Auto Shut time.
In display setting you can adjust Brightness, Light time, light mode, display status. you can set the auto shut time to: 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes. or No automatic shutdown.
In system settings you have Upgrade which were you need the fireware, Restorable, and Key lock time.

I hope this review was helpful to you. this is not going to break or have a scratch on it if you'll take care of it nicely. this player is not really for some small children.

Enjoy! this Great little player.
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on March 22, 2011
Product worked as expected. Daughter was delighted. Did lots of research & comparing before purchase. Read lots of review, both good and bad. Great functionality and technology for the price. Read some complaints in other reviews. They seem to be based on expectations. We've run the thing for hours and its still working well. It's been in constant use for two to three weeks now. Worth the price. The screen is a touch screen, but you must use the stylus or a pen with the guts removed (so you can use the plastic point). The provided stylus is as small as described, but its cute, works, and fits inside the unit. You have to tap twice, firmly, to activate menu options. If you're not looking for something compact, this isn't for you. Compared to other mp3 players our family owns, this one is a winner. I especially like the metal case. It's more hefty than plastic, but the unit is still very light. We've been impressed. If you buy one, you will be, too (unless you're expecting an ipod touch). Seemed easy to get around. Had it loaded and running in no time at all.
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on October 24, 2010
Hello ! I ordered this product on Sunday, October 17th and I received it Tuesday October 19th. Shipping was fast & convenient. HONEST TRUTH ABOUT THIS DEVICE (In my opinion): PROS: First & for most, I absolutely love the color of this. Also, it comes with a charger, usb cable, sleeve (case), software, and headphones. This device supports a microSD card and synching music straight from the PC to it is very simple! You're allowed to sync photos, videos, and movies as well.It works great and I had music on it right after I received it via UPS. The touchscreen works fine and the headphones are pretty acceptable as well. Believe it or not, I think this was a great buy. The price wasnt high at all, actually PRETTY LOW. CONS: I really dont have anything negative to say about the device. For game lovers: this device only contains one puzzle game. (This doesn't bother me at all considering I dont play games). Lastly, I hope you find this review helpful && please feel free to contact me. : )
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on November 21, 2010
I got this a couple days after expected date but not really a problem. This is easy to use and navigate. Easy to download and did it through my Windows Media Player. It is really pretty with the pink metal. The screen is easy to read and the touch is sometimes a little touchy but once you get the feel for it-it gets easier. The stylus is handy if needed. The speaker is really better than I thought it would be but will mostly be listening with earphones on the back of a motorcycle anyway so not too worried if the sound would have been bad. I would recommend this little player but next time would get the 8GB--which I thought I had ordered--so I am ordering an 8GB micro card for it. The only "trouble" I had was when I put my own SD micro card in it went all the way into the player and I had to take it apart to get it out! So be careful when putting your's in and make sure you line it up just right--not sure but I probably messed up my warranty doing that but what is a girl to do??? All in all a nice piece of electronics without paying the big bucks for something with a big name to it.
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on December 9, 2011
Me and my husband both ordered one of these awesome players. We read the reviews and debated on which on to buy and decided to go with the 4 gb model. We couldnt be happier with the purchase. We have had them for about a month and no problems. The player has been great. We had a little trouble with putting video on it but we got in touch with tech support and they had us up and running in no time. The are perfect for the young teens who want the Ipod Touch but dont have to $200 to spend on it. My husband has 300 songs and 5 movies on his and i have 200 songs and 8 movies on mine without using the expandable memory. The earbuds that come with it are great. My husband has never been able to wear any earbuds but these are extremely comfortable for hours of use as he often does. I can put all the great things I want in this review but the fact is you just need to take the plunge and get this amazing little gadget. Tech support is awesome and stationed here in the good ole USA. They respond quickly are very helpful. My husbands earbuds came apart were the wired splits. We contacted them and they sent us another pair out promply. So if you want a good little MP3 video player this is the one for you. Thank you and will update in a few months.
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on November 19, 2011
I ordered this for my daughter's 5th birthday after already buying and returning a few other "cheap" players. I had ordered it last minute and needed it the next day so i sprung for the one day shipping. I had it and was loading music and videos on it before noon the following day. At first glance out of the box it looked and felt of much higher quality than the other players i had returned. This device supports a bunch of different formats so loading was a breeze. I plugged in my headphones (skullcandy) and much to my surprise the music sounded pretty good and after playing with the EQ settings even better. Then it was on to the video, i already had some futurama episodes in avi format, and WOW the picture on this little bad boy is incredibley crisp. I can't wait to see what other movies/shows look like. It also has a decent little speaker on it as well, i have pretty bad hearing and even i can hear it quite well. The touch screen is adequately responsive and the onscreen layout is decent too. (no album artwork though, would be nice) All in all this little unit is well worth the price if you are looking for a simple, inexpensive multi media player that is still made well and performs as promised. More importantly my daughter loves her "ipod" as she calls it and so do I! (I am even thinking about getting one for myself)
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