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on January 21, 2011
This is the 2nd handheld arm-extender that I have purchased for my GoPro. The first one I purchased was the VidPro and that had a problem with the camera rotating along the shaft (because of the weight of the camera). This required me to mount the camera upside-down to record video so that it wouldn't suddenly drop. I purchased this Quikpod Compod thinking it resolved that problem with the locking ball-joint at the top. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. Yes, the ball-joint locks, however, the entire shaft is not locked and is free to rotate, this means the camera can still "drop" if mounted on top.

Other problems: The cheap plastic knob on the ball-joint already cracked so I had to go to a hardware store and pick up a new wing-nut and lock washer. Then, the upper 2 telescoping rod-pieces completely popped out of the lower pieces and they will not longer stay. This thing is useless now. Returning it to amazon.

It was good in theory with the locking ball-joint and all, but poor in execution as the shaft does NOT lock along it's own axis, and it came apart out of nowhere!

I'm going to get the xshot, I saw the xshot at a local store and the shaft has a small indentation channel along the entire telescoping shaft, this prevents it from rotating along its own axis. Also, the locking head seems to have some "notches" so that it will stay in place better. Hopefully my 3rd time is a charm and the xshot works for me.
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on January 3, 2011
This idea is the best invention ever (thank to xshot for the invention). I was walking with it in Las Vegas and there was not even one person that didn't turn around and stared at me.

The only drawback of the QuikPod (I don't know if the other competitors solved it) is that the parts of the telescopic arm are not locked to each other on the Z axis, so if the camera is too heavy (like a MiniDV video camera) the poll is rotating on its on axis and the camera is not staying horizontal. It has nothing to do with how strong you'll hold the handle, the pieces of the telescope poll are not locked to stay aligned to each other and each is free rotating, which with a non pocket-size camera make this tool useless!

One thing to note, if your camera supports a remote control, you may want to buy one because for still photos it is very hard to use. You have to use the self-timer option which make the photos taking process very annoying (even if your camera has a short 2 seconds or so timer option). It is not as easy as posing telling everyone that you are taking a picture and "press a button".

Also, the small "mirror" at the base of the tripod is too small to help you align the picture and it is not relative to the actual adjustment of the camera on the joint.
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on September 15, 2010
What a great little device! Purchased one for trip to Italy so that it wouldn't look as though only my wife went on vacation. We took it to a local museum for a test run. We loved how the pictures turned out. It has a little mirror so that you can align yourself for the image. At least half a dozen strangers inquired where to get one. It is light weight and fits perfectly in a small camera bag or a ladies' handbag. I would have given it a five, but the clamp that holds the camera mount is plastic and I am worried of it breaking if over tightened. If it survives my three weeks in Italy, I will re-evaluate my rating.
UPDATE-This worked even better than I had hoped on our vacation. Not only were we able to get lots of 'I was there' pictures of the two of us, but this was great for shooting over the crowds at the popular sites and was a perfect monopod for inside museums and churches that prohibited tripods and flash photography. I was even able to use this inside St. Peter's Basilica and captured some spectacular shots. Its construction handled my less than delicate use and I often would keep this attached to the camera in its collapsed configuration and extended it as needed. For night shots or other low light situations, I simply tucked the end between my waist and my belt and I was able to stabilize the camera to prevent blurring and get great shots.
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on September 7, 2010
The photos give you no sense of scale, and I really had no idea how small it is until I received it! The tripod base is TINY! The tripod legs are less than 3 inches long, and they telescope to a total of 6 inches. The telescoping handle extension expands to a total of 3 feet, which, fully extended, gives it a lot of leverage on that tiny tripod. So, if you, like me, were buying this with thoughts of using it as a rather short triopod, it's probably best to look elsewhere. It is neither stable- nor sturdy-feeling when fully extended with a small pocket camera attached, and I wouldn't trust it at full extension with my 1-pound compact camera on the end of that extension.

However, on the positive side, with the telescoping handle contracted to its shortest length, the combination of tripod and handle are stable enough to make an adequate table-top tripod for setting the timer and getting yourself into the photo, even using that 1 pound compact camera, with no concerns about it tipping over. By the same token, it is so flimsy that you can't press the shutter release without shaking the camera, so you can't expect it to work in place of a real, stable tripod for long exposures, because of that initial shake. (And that's with the extension fully contracted to its shortest length! The further the handle pole is extended, the worse the shake, and the more unstable it gets.)

For this to be truly useful as a tripod, the base would need to be made out of larger diameter tubing, with sturdier pivots for the legs. As it is, the best thing about it is the extendable handle pole, which seems well-made and sturdy. However, to me, it really isn't worth the price, because that TINY tripod is just too flimsy.
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on January 8, 2012
I bought this before my wife and I went on our honeymoon so we wouldn't have to constantly find a stranger at the locations we were, give my camera to said strangers, explain how to use it, and trust they wouldn't run off with it / damage it. It takes a few shots to get used to how to use / position it for best results, so I suggest some practice shots at home before you get where you're going. My wife made fun of me the first time I pulled it out for a picture of us, but by the end of the honeymoon she was telling me to get my "picture stick thingy" anytime we'd stop to take pictures of the scenery.

It comes with a small tripod adaptor, but I would not suggest using this attached to the extendable shaft portion unless you have a very light camera, the ground is perfectly flat, and there's no wind at all. If you try it once you'll understand why -- this configuration is not very stable. Even with the lack of this functionality the extendable stick functionality more than makes this a 5 star product. I now keep this in my hiking daypack. After a lot of use it's starting to stick when I try to extend it but it's working great; if it breaks I'll replace it with another.
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on June 8, 2010
As cheesy as a telescopic self-portrait pole is, this has been my best vacation purchase to date. Bought it a week before going to Nassau with my husband, and it was an excellent way to take pictures of us with scenery without having to bug passing strangers, plus, we could take as many pictures as we wanted without feeling bad or disappointed that the friendly tourist didn't focus or frame the shot properly. Also, the tripod attachment is great! It screws to the bottom of the pole to form a tall tripod; we used it at the beach by anchoring the tripod in the sand and taking several pictures. SO worth the price, especially if you like taking pictures of yourself like most vain people (me)! The carrying case is great for keeping everything together. When the pole is extended fully, it works great when you hold it, but as a tripod, not so sturdy. We didn't try it anywhere else except the beach, and we were able to anchor it in the sand. I'm guessing that it wouldn't be so sturdy on even ground, depending on how heavy your camera is. SO SO pleased with this purchase!
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on November 12, 2012
This has been a good product that I use with my GOPRO. The only major problem is that this product does NOT convert to tripod. AMAZON incorrectly labels this and it doesnt have a threaded hole at the bottom to connect it to the mini tripod it comes with. I contaced quikpod who explained its amazons fault. So if you want to use this to set up as a tripod your toast. But it is very sturdy. The shaft does rotate when extended so getting a good video is hard but you can work around this. I put it out the window @ 75MPH and it held fine- no rattles. Too bad it doesnt actually connect as a tripod or it would be great.
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on June 1, 2011
It has to be fully extended to keep the camera from rolling around underneath. The reflector that is supposed to show what you would look like in the picture is too small to be useful and does not articulate with the camera so the angle is off anyway. However, as the designated family photographer, I am now included in a lot more pictures because this simple idea works really well. I've used it both for stills using the camera's timer and for videos. It collapses down to a size easy to carry in my day pack on vacation excursions. Materials and construction seem good for the application. Besides putting the photographer in the picture, I've also used it to get interesting angles on holiday table settings. I'm guessing that with a little more creativity, I'll come up with more interesting uses as well.
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on May 10, 2011
The Handheld Tripod is a "must" gadjet for people that travel by themselves, and like to take their own pictures with the backgrounds.
I always used to carry with me a small flexible tripod, but for using it I had to look for the right place to set it, and in many cases there was none, and I/us had to ask someone to take my/our photo.Many people happily agree, but not too many are good in framing the photo, and in many cases the outcome is bad.
the first time I saw the Handheld Tripod was during a cruise in the Caribbeans. It didn't take long, and I ordered my own tripod. We used it on our last trip to Prague, and the results were great. We truly enjoyed the people astonishment to our picture taking with the tripod. I am pretty sure, that if I had a few extra tripods with me, i could easily sell them, and even make a profit.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 4, 2010
I have been shooting videos mostly of my 3 kids at school programs. With so many people around, it is hard to get to the front to take a nice clear angle shot of my kids. My wife and I mostly ends up with jittery shots and with the back of the heads of people in our frame. Now I can extend it on top of anybody's head who is in front of me and I get clear shots. I also can stand it on the floor while sitting down for a steadier shots. As for still digital cameras, I can now shot with slower shutter speeds as opposed to holding the cameras with my hands.

It comes with the monopod, a mini tripod, a pouch, a wrist strap and a small carabiner clip. Made in China.

The monopod is very very light which is exactly what I need as I felt awkward carrying a full size tripod although we have 2 in the house. I also have a regular monopod which is also bulky and cumbersome to tote around. This thing is 9" long and extends to 38 1/2" (You can adjust to any length in between). The segments do not have a lock but it is tight enough to hold steady your camera plus a few pounds. The head has the regular screw to mount your camera. You can change the angle 180 degrees and can be tighten with a turn of through a ball pivot. Best for the Flip videos, Creative Vado and digital point-and-shoots. It also has a tiny mirror to orient your composition if your are photographing yourself. No way I would recommend this for DSLR cameras - they are too heavy for this kind of equipment.

I was also surprised to learn that the tripod legs can also be extended. I did not know that until I read the 1-page manual. The monopod and the mini tripod can work together. You can remove the round end tip of the monopod and will reveal a hole for the tripod head screw. Attach it and you have a free standing 4-feet tripod. Just make sure nobody bump it or trip on it as it is not as stable as a regular tripod.

Construction wise, it may not be the greatest. Do not overtighten it, the knob is made of clear plastic which does not look as tough as the black knobs that are normally attached to regular tripods. But for my use, it solved my need. This is such an ingenious gadget; I am happy and loving it!
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