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on August 1, 2012
I was getting by with my Belocia-style vertical double winder for a couple years, with only a couple annoying instances of finding that my grail had rolled out and down to the carpet floor. (!!!) But recently I added a couple beaters and also needed to make room for my wife's grail. This quad winder appeared to offer the best package per watch wound, would be cheap to double up, and seemed secure.

The package arrived securely styrofoam-packed in a plain box and seller did a good job with ground shipping promptness. Nice looking out of the box in a cheap dust bag. I was satisfied with the glossy black wood finish, but the plastic gold veneer drawer handles and lock reminded me a little of a dollhouse. The top plastic window pane might not be show quality, but alright for the price and fine for my closet. Plenty of extra storage slots for my wife's quartz and when my Nato arrives.

I liked how I could choose to turn one or both rotors on/off separately. At first when I loaded up my 44.5mm diver on a rubber strap askew from a 41mm with leather on one rotor, the rotor struggled to turn and made a funny noise. Thankfully I discovered that a silicon dessicant gel packet had gotten lodged under the rotor in shipping, and it worked fine after I removed that potential disaster. On the other rotor, I loaded up another 44.5mm diver with another 41mm diver. Both are on bracelets with 3 links removed because of my wrist size. The smaller bracelets would not skew on the holders, so both cases almost touched each other. Because of the tight fit, pulling a watch out caused one's crown to actually inflict a small scratch in the other's polished case side! Now, no matter what, I put the enclosed polish cloth between the watches and let it spin along. By the way, the pillows are wrapped by a metal "C"-shaped strip that is lined with cloth. I exposed a bit of the metal strip with my tight bracelet clasp. Might be something to watch out for.

After a couple days so far, the watches are keeping good time in the "Automatic" alternating setting (I never use the other two winding programs). Too early to speak about long-term durability, but I am optimistic. At this point I would recommend this product and seller, but take one star for the tight spacing issue which is problematic of double rotors of this type.
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on March 30, 2013
This is my 2nd winder of this brand, and model, so I write from an experienced perspective. I have no affiliation or beneficial arrangement with the manufacturer or reseller of the item either, so hopefully this will come off as unbiased and neutral as an assessment of the winder's abilities, plusses and minuses better as time has gone on and my tally of negatives becomes more entrenched.

The positives: competitive price vs other brands of 4-watch rotary winders; I have tried desperately to love this winder as I do the 1st that I bought early in summer of 2012, but it is looking more grim as time marches on the winders'; spiffy looks, lacquered finish and striking finish and fit are 1st Class; storage is utilized efficiently with space for 12 additional watches in the bottom, front of the case, so in short version this comes off as a great addition to anyone's multiple automatic watch collection.

Negatives: partitioning of the space between watches on the rotary tumblers (2) is very limited and one cannot place a large watch with a "regular sized" watch (42 mm's or less diameter watch face size), much less two large watches on a tumbler and have good performance and zero damage to the watch's sides and crystal area from literal contact between the two watches; motor torque appears inadequate for turning power with any large watch or combo including a large watch; the soft, beige faux leather surface of the interior does get stained with any type of lubricant or residue deposits from watch bands or cases; finally a big deduction (one star+) is given the score here with a lack of variable/variations in the type of motion one may choose for each winder---there are only right or left turning directions, no different combinations of timing, revolutions per day etc available.

Compared to a single or double watch winder this one is a big step up, but even my lowly Diplomat single watch winder has multiple-choices for speed, RPM, and direction of motion for the watches. The 4-watch winder with 12 additional storage spaces for non-automatic watches is a great score in terms of 4-watch winders specifically, but the conclusions I have come to are weighted negatively, given the more than $125+ price tag and competitor's winders features, I have to rate this winder with a 3-Star overall score, unfortunately.

Wavey Davey - March 30, 2013
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on January 13, 2013
I have always been a watch nut. But this all stopped when I got my first self winding watch. If you wore another watch for a couple of days, then you could not go back to the self winding watch without having to change the time and the date. It just became too much of a hassle. So I got to where I only wore one watch. Then my wife gave me a new watch for our anniversary and I decided that I needed to do something about this. So I researched watch boxes and picked this one. I have been very pleased with it. I have enjoyed this so much that I have gone back and pulled out all my old watches that I had stopped wearing and have started getting them updated. The box has two settings. One setting turns the dials 6 minutes every thirty minutes and the other setting turns the dials more every thirty minutes so that your self winding watches will stay up to date. There is a place for batteries, but the instructions do not say what that is for. I assume that the batteries will keep the box working during a power outage. The only change I would make to the box would be that the lock would also lock the bottom drawer (which it does not). Overall, I have been very pleased.
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on February 1, 2016
It is obviously a very good attempt at offering a quality item, BUT . . . the WOOD was "Un-Finished" (HEAVY SMUDGES all over the top, left side of the lid that opens), and the plexiglass cover you look through was also damaged, or was otherwise heavily SMUDGED, or scratched. NOT a very nice "FINISH" on the piece sent to me. I was VERY disappointed. VERY. If they'll take it back, I'd be happy to return it for one that was in mint condition, and not all smudged / streaked it two VERY OBVIOUS places as you gaze upon it.
Other than these 2-complaints on the item, it IS very quiet while operating, and is pretty on the inside. It would probably be worth it, IF . . . those 2-LARGE smudges / streaks weren't there !

I have tried to rub (Buff) out the smudges, but it appears to be a compound on there, that I'm not familiar with, and cannot seem to get it out / off.
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on September 12, 2015
I have 10+ mechanical watches, so this is one of the larger boxes you can get at this price point. I bought this for a second time, first lasted about 5 years. Materials and construction is ok, typical for low cost item. Looks nicer than it feels.
2 of my 6 automatics don't wind on this kind of winder, both vintage, one a bumper and other has a sticky rotor. Knew his going in and why a 4 winder box was fine by me. Since I use deployant clasps on every watch, I use the drawer to store tools, replacement straps, etc.
this is a solid value option for anyone with a low to moderate priced collection of watches, needing up to 4 winders. If you're spending more than $1k on any single watch, I'd suggest the name branded winders may be more appropriate. Better made with better materials, replaceable or repairable motors, more winding patterns, etc. For me, I'm willing to replace this entire box every 3-5 years as a maintenance cost for my collection. So far, so good. My rating reflects value over quality.
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on January 4, 2017
Bought this December 2013 and one of the winders broke by December 2016. Although the other winder is still functioning, the sounds it is making indicate that it is just a matter of time before that one gives out too. I would have expected a longer life for the price of this and given that electric motors are pretty fool proof. Also, the spacing in the winders do not allow for 2 large watches to be wound at the same time (and the motors probably will not be able to handle it anyway). Overall very disappointed with this.
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on March 22, 2016
Item works as advertised and one of these that has what this has to offer is somewhat hard to find. The fit and finish was very good with one exception. It looked as if it had been wiped down with something abrasive as there were real fine scratches all of it in every direction! I almost sent it back but as I said it had everything I wanted and the price was right. So as long as its in a room that is not bright and on display you will be fine. Mine sits on my dresser in the bedroom and you can't see it.
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on March 12, 2016
Awful! Both winders are broken, fabric is worn out and lasted 2 years. I was told I had to purchase 2 new winder motors... Uh yea lets do this again, NOT . I left feedback for and I am curious to see how they handle this review and if they provide in credit. More importantly why is merchandise allowed to be sold here . Do Not Purchase This Product. Read all the other reviews as they are the same. Don't even purchase from this company if you see their name or website run.
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on May 30, 2015
Bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend after his watch collection outgrew the smaller model. It's working pretty good so far. He does have a couple of watches with a very large dial that are a tight squeeze, but that's easily solved by staggeringbthe watches so the big ones aren't next to one another. Those watches are oversized though, all his more regular watches fit just fine.
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on November 8, 2015
Depsite the sound of the winding, which forced me to remove this to my office from my bedroom this is a pretty decent unit that generally feels pretty high quality. It has a nice solid feel, a shiny lacquered black finish and the felt inside is nice. Lots of storage for many watches too. Good value and very presentable. My only criticism would be the perspex clear viewing window. I would like this to have felt a little less cheap but overall, I rate this good value.
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