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on November 21, 2014
If you are a fan of Joe McKinney, you will like this book even though it is not a Zombie book and is stand alone novel. The story begins with Det Lilly Harris and her partner Reginald, Chunk, Dempsey, police officers in San Antonio, Texas. There are plenty of twist and turns in the story, making it a true detective novel in a post apocalyptic city. A particularly nasty strain of H2N2 has killed thousands in a very short time causing the government to move quickly and quarantine the city when it becomes obvious there is no way they can get ahead of the outbreak. Unable to leave, Lilly and Chunk continue on because really, they cannot do anything else. And the remaining thousands still trapped inside the walls are barely holding on receiving food rations. But the the promise of food and water being delivered to several distribution centers around the city are quickly falling short bringing the tension to already dangerous levels. Add to that the murder of one of the doctors that is trying to find a cure for the virus and you get a feeling of the hopelessness that is felt not only by the survivors but the two detectives. Particularly when looking for answers brings more question. Slowly they begin to uncover a conspiracy that not only threatens the survivors in the city but the entire world. But as they discover more and more of the true nature of the virus, they find their very lives could be in danger. Lilly and Chunk know they have to find a way out of the city and at he same time try to stop the unstoppable before it is too late... but can they? Joe McKinney has shown that he can easily cross over from the Horror genre to the Suspense. Very well done
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on October 28, 2014
Just finished reading this book and it was a real page turner. It was horrific in an almost calm sort of "real world" way. Like seeing a day-to-day documentary of the folks who are living in Ebola plagued countries. With cases of that disease now being reported in the US, could it only be a matter of time until WE are "those people"?? (My answer is "yes".) This book is centered on a disease that spreads quickly (with the help of Mother Nature) in one city in Texas and how our government chooses to contain the disease (and those citizens) at "Ground Zero." Lots of good elements in this story (character development, personal relationships, panic and mayhem, etc.) and I highly recommend it to others. Let's hope we are never told "WE'RE ALL GONERS!!!"
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on May 3, 2012
When I purchased my copy of Quarantined, I assumed it would be the typical horror novel: Enough thrills to hold my interest, but nothing too spectacular. I was wrong. It was a fantastic book! I've already recommended it to several others. Joe McKinney brought his characters and their city to life, so much that I barely noticed I was reading. The story simply unfolded in my mind's eye. It is the perfect mix of murder mystery and plague horror. The action scenes don't rely on an endless stream of zombies and gore, which has become so popular these days. It's a touching story about the tough decisions one would encounter in the face of total mayhem and destruction of the human race. Loved it!
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on June 15, 2012
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! What a thrill ride. It's an end of the world book, and very realistic. Actually the book kind of made me nervous. Not in a good way. I definitely feel this could happen. Author obviously did a ton of research, maybe in his free time he works at the CDC. The book is, IMO, quite the page turner and a nail biter. I'm not sure I'll look at birds the same way again!

My reviews tend to be all over the place. I highly recommend this book to EOTW, PA, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI fans!

Two books that are similar to this by way of conspiracy and quarantine are Cordyseps and Area 187. Both riveting.

Sue Nick
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on July 20, 2013
McKinney's "Quarantine" is a exciting read because it's easy to believe every detail of the novel is actually happenning. His characters and their terror-filled lives are located in a real city (for those of you from So. Texas, you can follow one road to the next), creating even more urgency and anxiety for readers. Don't let this novel slip away! You'll be carrying your e-reader with you everywhere and reading through the night because you just want to know what happens next. The good news is that McKinney has several other books in this series, equally as addictive, to keep you on the edge of your seat.
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on February 15, 2013
This book is a well-crafted story of a family caught in San Antonio after an outbreak of a virus. The entire town is walled, preventing any residents from leaving. The MC is a police officer who tries to solve the murder of a scientist and finds terrifying information. The situations mentioned int he book of cover-ups, mob violence, and people dying in droves from the disease are realistically portrayed. This book is entertaining and thought provoking. Sadly, some of the circumstances mentioned in it are too plausible for comfort. I highly recommend reading this story. The author did his research and I look forward to reading more books by Joe McKinney.
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on January 2, 2011
This is the second book by Joe McKinney that I've read. In speaking with Joe after reading Dead City, he mentioned that Quarantined was the book he was most proud of, and it is a fine work. Trying to find a murderer in the midst of a plague killing tens of thousands of people provides an interesting plot line. And the decision to have a woman cop as the first-person narrator works out surprisingly well.
Though Quarantined takes a bit longer than Dead City for the action to kick-in, it felt better-paced overall. As a San Antonio native I found the descriptions of the devastation visited in places I know intimately to be well done and very discomforting. The annual migration of grackles had a particularly sinister feeling this year.
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on March 10, 2016
I bought the kindle version some years back when it was available. This is a really good short story about a murder investigation combined with the potential for the end of the world. Well done! Fast paced, logically laid out. Interesting characters you can care about.
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on March 24, 2013
Quarantined is one of those rare few books that starts at five stars from the moment you pick it up and then shoots itself in the foot as it goes on.

The premise, a murder mystery set in a very believable dystopian San Antonio, is brilliant. When a large scale emergency happens, people don't stop being people. There's still crime to deal with. The premise is extremely believable and from the very beginning, you are instantly transported into that world.

McKinney has a very good ear for dialogue. I could hear the different voices of the various characters and felt that those voices were true to the character's background.

I am extremely distressed at having to dock stars from this book. It's got a lot going for it! Unfortunately, these errors are too grievous to let go by without discussing them.

Firstly, while McKinney has a great ear for dialogue, I had a very difficult time buying into the main character as a woman. The main character mentally describes the murder victim as someone with a "dynamite figure." While that's not to say that women can't and don't appreciate each others figure, that particular choice of words is uniquely and particularly male. I easily bought into Lily as a police officer, as those parts felt very real to me, but, not as a woman.

Secondly, the main character frequently indulges in mental dialogue where she describes others using extremely homophobic language. While I feel that homophobia is probably somewhat institutionalized, as I can and have heard police indulging in casual homophobia, it's never vocalized and consequently, no one ever calls the character on it. Under the same vein as my first point, I really have a hard time buying into a woman in a man's world engaging in those sorts of mental monologues. That's not to say women can't be homophobic, but, this is done so pointlessly and wantonly that it just seems almost gratuitous to me.

Thirdly, the ending was very..... abrupt. I idiotically tried to flip the last page of the book a few times, looking for the next page before realizing, "Oh, right. I guess this is the end." I don't feel that the story was tied up as well as it could have been, and McKinney makes the mistake of introducing new possibilities towards the end of the book.

If you can deal with these flaws, Quarantined is a great way to kill a few hours. The plot is engaging enough, but the setting and Mckinney's ear for dialogue really steal the show.
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on May 11, 2013
This book was scary in all the right ways. The family dynamic portrayed in it was believeable and heart-breaking. The story grips you and makes you truly care about the characters and what happens. Very enjoyable...as a mother I completely sympathized with the main character fighting for her family...hard to believe it wasn't a mother who wrote it. :)
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