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on February 15, 2014
For Pete's (whoever Pete is) sake don't throw away clocks you like. These little gizmos are easy to swap out. Just pull off the clock hands one at a time (it might take a bit of elbow grease), and voila! it all just comes apart for you. In my case I wanted to keep my original hands as this unit had hands that were an inch or two longer than I needed. My old hands slipped right onto the posts for this clock. Works like a charm. It looked like there were three things to ensure when purchasing this thing:
1) that the post for the hands was round (in my case) vs the oblong shapes I've seen on other clocks.
2) that the post length wasn't too long to fit under the crystal of my clock (it was slightly, so I put the crystal back on but didn't snap it completely back in place, thus giving the post and hands a bit of headroom).
3) that the unit allowed for hour/minute AND second hands vs just an hour/minute. In my case I wanted the second hand movement too.
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on June 1, 2014
We've had it for about a week. The hands are REALLY flimsy and keep getting caught on each other. I *think* I've untangled them, but it still doesn't keep accurate time.
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on June 15, 2016
This works perfectly and was easy to install. The seller gave printed detailed instructions for installation. It also came with the necessary washers, nuts and clock hands; I was able to use my existing clock hands, though. The important thing to know about buying the "correct" size (for replacing a clock movement) is measuring the threaded portion of the stem and knowing the thickness of your clock face. It is better to buy a longer stem and add rubber washers between the clock movement and the back of the clock face, then to buy it too short (as it will not be installable). The shipping was quick and the movement seems to be accurate. FYI, the movement is made in China. This was also the best price compared to other sellers.
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on February 5, 2014
This does not work at all. I'm not going to bother to return it as it was only about $4 or so. But it should at least work for a little while I would think. It is a piece of junk.
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on November 14, 2016
Good mechanism, makes for an easy fix for the battery clocks. I've bought several of these (from different vendors) and the only issue with these mechanisms for me anyway, is that all the ones I've replaced only had a square hole in the back of the clock, with no room for the loop. So what I do each time is take a hack saw blade or a wire cutter, and cut off the loop on top so it will fit into the clock. Simple. If you don't have a saw, just grab a needle or a straightened paper clip with a pliers, heat it with a candle or blowtorch red hot, and just slice the loop off the top of the mechanism. None of these methods will affect the clock function. I bought 2 from this vendor, have only installed one, which works fine. The other for my next clock that goes out. On the ad, if its coming from overseas, it may take up to a month or so, but for the price, eh?

Oh, there's no instructions on what to do with these, but its real easy. First, remove the loop if you need to as described above. Take the face off your clock, pull the hands off carefully,(first the second hand, then the minute, then the hour - they pull off very easily) so you don't stab your fingers. Unscrew the nut, and either keep and reuse the old hands, or use the new hands, and washers that come with this mechanism. Remove the mechanism on the back, insert the new mechanism, and reverse the process, screw on the nut on the new mech, then putting the hour, minute then second hands back on. Replace the clock face. Put in a new battery. Thats it!

Important: This mechanism doesn't tick-tock on each second, which is what I wanted, it just silently and smoothly moves around on the clock.
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on July 20, 2015
Got this clock movement to repair a broken clock I purchased at a thrift store that I loved and I wanted for my kitchen. I had replaced movement mechanisms before so I ordered one to replaced this one. After my first try (I needed 2 tries, this is my second repair kit), I got it right and it works like a charm. This company sends instructions with their kits. I suggest you follow them exactly. I did not follow one step and ruined my shaft. The good thing is these kits are not expensive. Be sure to measure the clock face also, for instance a thick face needs a different kit than a thinner face. I've fixed 4 clocks now so I am an "intern".
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on February 7, 2014
I purchased this because it was purported to fit a 6 mm thick clock face. The clock face I have is exactly 6 mm and the spindle is not long enough to fit through the clock face.
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on May 15, 2014
Have a clock that has a golfer and looks old. Hangs on my fireplace. Started losing time. Changed battery a couple times to no avail. During process of a major spewing cleaning I was on verge of putting into the garage sale pile but was having hard time because I love clock. What the heck. Lets try and fix. Found this kit and it did the trick. I screwed up and got wrong style. My particular clock unit did not have the triangle plastic piece on top of this unit you see in picture therefore it didn't want to fit in my clock. No biggie, took some wire cutters and clipped (busted) them off and unit went in and now the clock proudly hangs back on my fireplace.
There were no directions (not that you need any) but just in case pay attention when you remove old unit
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I ordered a few of the different Quartz Clock Movement Mechanisms from Amazon and this DIY Repair Parts Kit had a set of hands that were black like the movement that was in the clock I needed to get working. These hands are too ornate, but the other hands would not slide onto the clock spindle so I will have to use them, but at least they are black. The others were either gold color that could not be readily seen with the clocks white face, or were just too ornate and a red second hand looked kinda out of place on this clock. This works with a little trimming of the lengths.
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on June 6, 2014
My wife has a clock she received from her Grandmother, who has long since passed, proudly displayed in our living room. The clock quit working a few years back and is not much more than a dust catcher ever since. Not having the heart to get rid of it I went out on a search to find a replacement movement mechanism. This product met the size requirement and fit with only minor modifications. The hanger at the top had to be clipped off to fit the original size dimensions. The clock now shows the proper time and brings back value to a family treasure. I am happy as this was a great DIY project and well worth the extremely small purchase price, which was cheaper then purchasing another clock. Sweet!
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