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on April 19, 2014
It takes a while to arrive as scheduled. It arrived in a clear plastic box for protection like those for dolls and toys. The delicate hands are inside another box in the form of a narrow stick.

If you look at my reviews I have been getting low cost near silence clocks for all the rooms. But their price keep rising. So I thought of making one myself and just write the numbers on the wall. But after some research for ideals it turns out that a DVD or CD is even better. Because some non-profit organization actually advice you to donate for recycling your discs! So this clock is even cheaper than the price I pay for the mechanism.

I knew the hands are way longer than the radius of a DVD, but the gold color compliments the silver side of the discs. And since it hangs on the wall, the length of the hands doesn't matter. I can also glue to the DVD some backing sheet with a larger diameter. Surprisingly, the threaded stem (bolt) almost fit the DVD hole exactly. So the clock is done almost as soon as the clock mechanism box is opened.

Although looking like metal, the hands are very flimsy because it takes energy and battery juice to turn them. I think you can snap them on easily but I took my time to make sure that they aren't bent by me.

The clock is near silence but you can hear it when you are a few inches near it. So I won't make a night stand clock with it. But it should be OK for a bedroom clock. The second hand moves virtually continuously and smoothly. The noise you hear is close to white noise, which is better than my other near silence clocks that still ticks.

Update: if you know what to hear for, you can hear that clock white noise a few feet away in dead silence. Other than that, it is virtually silent because you don't notice white noise.

I found out that the mechanism is fully compatible with a Chinese made clock at Target. Those several dollar clocks in big box stores are all ticking. The hands are interchangeable! Even the two tiny extrusion at the front corners of the mechanism fits exactly to align the clock face to the mechanism. I suspect all the Chinese made clocks are compatible. So I brought two more to turn ticking clocks to virtually silence clocks. For the clocks I have, only an old one made in Taiwan is incompatible even the mechanism says made in China. For the other clocks the mechanisms are virtually the same size and uses the same hands. However, this mechanism comes with a handle for hanging. If you chop this off, or find something else without that, it can fit in all the clocks I have.
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on September 8, 2016
I received my order yesterday. The movement is whisper quiet and seems to work quite well, replacing a non-sweep hand movement which can only be categorized as a 'doomsday' movement. I do think they need to reconsider how they pack these items for shipment. The hands were bent up, and though I was able to reasonably straighten them, I think they would do well to package them on a piece of cardboard to prevent them from getting bent up during shipment.

My only other desire? That the movement had two nuts and washers so you could effectively set the 'depth' of penetration beyond the clock face. I used a large rubber washer I happened to have handy that acted as a spacer and did the job quite well.
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on March 31, 2015
Product arrived with needles damaged. The needles are thin so I just bent them back and they looked good as new. When I went to assemble the unit though, I noticed that a couple of the plastic teeth of the mechanism gears inside. Once the mechanism hit the missing teeth, it was game over. Stuck at 3:05 until the end of time.

Well I guess I shouldn't expect much from a bargain like this.

Note for buyers: I may have just had a bad product. That said, expect 3 weeks for shipment as this comes from mainland China.
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on May 17, 2013
I have ordered from this company before, they ship out right away, pack things nicely and the quality is wonderful. I have been re-building some Mid Century Modern Clocks and their parts are a Perfect match and they last. I would for sure order from this company again and I have ordered from them again and again. You will be happy with your purchase.
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on April 4, 2016
This Mechanism was a little too short. I didn't understand I needed to measure the length of the piece that fits through the opening of the clock (hope you know what I mean). This was my fault, so for a few dollars(the metal is very flimsy and bends easily) it was ok even if I couldn't use it. This took a long time for delivery I won't try it again.
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on September 24, 2013
You will with this kit.

I like this clock mechanism because the second hand is the smooth constant rotation and not the type that jumps for ever second. You can't hear this on tick.

After 24+ hours, the time is dead on. It did not seem to lose or gain any time. Of course it could change after a longer period. Only time will tell. If I notice the time being off after a week or a month, I will update the review.

There is a hanger (as seen in the image) on the top. That did not fit in my clock body so I snipped it off easily.
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on May 26, 2016
Cheaply made, but this is a commodity that doesn't have to be made any better, I guess. I works and the price was great and wonderful customer service. Truly, cannot ask for more.
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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2014
Very flimsy, did not work. The hands are made of such thin metal that they bend while you're trying to put them on the clock motor. A couple of washers were missing, and to top it off, when I put in the battery, nothing happened. There is a much better one if you look around on Amazon, don't get this one.
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on March 28, 2017
Broke while I was trying to install. Went to a brick and mortar store found the item...problem solved. I
Would NEVER buy again. Needs no stars but I had to give it one to post a review?
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on March 14, 2014
Not packaged well enough. All hands are fragile, and the second hand came slightly bent. For my purpose, unbending it worked okay, but the break is still a bit visible. Hands are long as advertised, which is one reason why they must be light in order to work with this movement, but packaging should be more secure--as shown for some of the other listed movement kits. After three weeks, the clock is keeping fairly accurate time, with no ticking. The threaded connector is only about 1/4" diameter so you have to be careful securing it on-center if you have a 3/8" opening like I do.
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