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on March 14, 2017
I received my order early and it played like new. Case and disc were like new, but upon playing the disc, somehow big sections of certain songs were totally cut out. I brought this to the attention of the seller and the seller took care of the problem and everyone was happy. It was not the sellers fault in this case. Thanks, Dean
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on August 8, 2007
I have been a Queensryche fan since the first E.P.way back in 83.
Mindcrime, to me was and is the finest concept piece of music ever written. I spent months pouring over every note, every vocal line, and every lyric. Geoff Tate is the reason I am a singer.
I bought this DVD with the hopes of a kind of closure from the concept. a complete telling of the story. What i got was a bizarre stage performance, with Tate less acting like the virtuoso singer he is, and more like William Shatner. I hate writing this as much as you hate reading it.....
In alot of ways, it is great; musically, the band has never been better. Stone and Wilton rip the songs into shreds with lightning riffs and major props to Stone's respectful adherance to Degarmo's playing on Mindcrime 1.
Ed Bass is great at holding the bottom end as well as the backing vocals in the higher registers.
Rockinfield is his usual professional amazing self, lighting the songs up with tight beats and eloquent fills.
Pamela Moore shines vocally as well, adding much more voice to the totality of the set.
No, the real problem here is Tate himself..His need to dumb down the story by explaining every nuance is almost insulting to me. Having read the lyrics to both discs, I thought it obvious the story, and did not think we as fans needed our hands held as Tate walked us through every step of the tale.
His voice seems shaky at times, and I can olny imagine it is due to all the poor acting he is struggling through instead of simply being a lead singer in one of the greatest progressive rock bands ever...
Again, I love Queensryche. I have a mindcrime logo inked on my calf. I have always styled my voice and songwriting in the queensryche vein. Yet, I cannot really reccomend this to a true fan of the band and of the Mindcrime story...This West Side Story version is too much to take.
Buy Operation Livecrime. I put it in after about 30 minutes of Mindcrime at the Moore, and thought to myself "Ah, ok, here is the real Mindcrime"..
Allen Dean, The r.A.d. Project..google me!
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on August 18, 2007
I know I'm late, but I finally got around to watching this DVD. I've been a fan of this material since 1988's original release, and I've got to say this is the definitive version of the Mindcrime saga.

Some have talked about the somewhat 'flat' sound of the band in the recording, but take a look at the venue. For Operation: LIVECrime, the setting was a massive arena that the band could barely see each other from the stage-wings and mountains of speakers. Here, The Moore is a much more intimate setting, nearly that of a club gig. Of course the sound will be different. I, personally, like the smaller, "group of friends" flavor of this version.

I like the fact that they answered the two big questions for O:M and O:MII - What happened to Mary, and what happened to Nicky. I can imagine some folks don't like that the 'mystery' was revealed, but it just adds to story.

Geoff Tate's still got the vocal range that makes him such a stand-out in the field of rock, and the band hasn't lost a step. Sure, having Chris deGarmo would have been cool, but Mike Stone is no slouch and Michael Wilton is magnificent. Scott Rockenfeld and Eddie Jackson get there moments to shine, and they don't disappoint.

The addition of the Seahawks drum corps a couple of times is a lot of fun. Pamela Moore still absolutely delivers as Sister Mary and Christen Sorensen (no relation that I know of) is both creepy and believable as Nicky.

The one minor complaint I'd give is that they could have recorded this when Ronnie James Dio was available to reprise his duet with Tate on 'The Chase,' but they even smooth this over by adding the one live Dio performance of the song as a DVD extra.

I really dig the fact that this is produced and presented as a true stage musical, with the band acting as sort of the chorus/narrator from old Greek theatre. It's just a great show that is so much more than just a concert.

If you're a fan of the band, or a fan of Mindcrime, you'll definitely want this in your collection. If you're a fan of great stories told with music, grab this up today.
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on January 13, 2013
While I have always loved to hear Geoff's voice and the music they put out in the studio to a point has been unique to say the least; I have to agree with another review that I had read mentioning the editing.. it could have been longer on each scene. I liked the venue they chose and the arrangment was good as well as the music performed. I still have to sit and watch beginning to end but I like Queensryche anyway for their talent so I can get past the minor negatives. Nice to have a copy though.
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on July 16, 2007
Before I start my review and analizes I want to make one thing clear is that I am not a huge Queensryche fan. I have always liked the story of Operation Mindcrime 1 & 2 and was thrilled that they performed both parts live in concert. I do respect the talents of all of the band members especially the Vocals of Geoff Tate.

I attended a show on this tour and was totally blown away. In fact it was one of the greatest shows I have ever saw in my life. I was thinking all throught the show I hope that they film this for either a DVD release and/or an audio release. Now on to my review.

This DVD captures the raw energy of the performance and the audience. Geoff Tate never sounded better. Sure he can no longer hit the high notes which in is case is good because in the early days all he did was wail instead of sing. Pamela Moore was excellent as well. The camera angles are both good and annoying. I felt that the camera moved to much in some places and din't move enough in others.

The sound quality was mixed as well. In some areas Geoff Tate sounded great but in other parts of the DVD he sounded like he was eating the microphone. Pamela Moores vocals weren't turned up loud enough which was annoying too.

The acting wasn't that good but they still pulled it of anyway. I have to remember that these arn't professional actors there rock stars. The drummer, guitar plaer and bass player were really good in there performances as well.

The bonus features are amazing as well. I like how the band filmed their rehearsals for the upcoming tour. I also like how they filmed Ronnie James Dio only appearance with the band which was recorded live from Los Angeles.

The bottom line is if you like the story of both operation mindcrime 1 & 2 you'll love this DVD.

This DVD is also a great addition to anybody who likes concept albums as well. I will compare this to the genious of Pete Townshend's Tommy!
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on August 7, 2007
The quality of this DVD is great overall. The picture is really good and the sound is OK althugh the mix itself could be a bit better. To my ears the vocals are mixed way too loud and sometimes end up "on top" of the music without really blending in. Besides this I like the sound though.

The performance itself is cool with live actors on stage and all the Mindcrime-songs played in their entirety. Some of the songs have been re-arranged which sometimes works really well and sometimes not so well. Tate struggles with some of the notes but overall he sings really well. The band plays solid as usual.

However, compared to the performance on "Operation: Livecrime" this one's not so exciting. I'm one of those who really misses DeGarmo... He brought A LOT to the table that Mike Stone just doesn't. For example I hate it the way he has changed DeGarmo's parts in the duelling guitarsolos. They don't fit at all with Wilton's parts. The list could be made longer but I won't go into that here.

The bonus material is pretty cool, especially the documentary about this particular performance. It's always nice to get an "inside glimpse".
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on May 15, 2008
Of all of the concert DVDs that I own, or have seen, Mindcrime At The Moore is definitely my most favorite! I've been a Queensryche fan ever since the early '90s, after the release of "Empire", & I've seen them twice in concert, even though they were the opening act. I love Mindcrime At The Moore for tons of reasons: all 34 songs in the concert, live actors play the parts of the characters, there's different set & costume changes, lots of props, Pamela Moore, who plays Sister Mary, is in OMC1 longer than on Operation LIVECrime & she's also in OMC2, there's a video screen in the back of the stage, showing scenes that highlight the storyline and the band, themselves, are front & center, on stage & play magnificently! Also, even though Chris DeGarmo's not with them, anymore, the guitarist that replaced him, Mike Stone, does a fantastic job on guitar! Plus, we answer these questions: "What happened to Mary?" & "Whatever happened to Nicky?" I also like the bonus features, especially the tour documentary. This is a terrific concert DVD set & I recommend it to all Queensryche fans or fans of heavy metal, in general, because, believe me, it is fabulous and everyone involved in it hit a grand slam!
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on July 27, 2007
Queensryche still sounds great. Geoff Tate especially still sounds terrific. He hasn't lost a thing over the years. As for the production, it was just OK in my opinion. The stage at my high school was bigger than the one they performed on, and the little skits they performed reminded me of a high school play. I also miss Chris DeGarmo on guitar. The guy they had was good, but anyone who has seen "Operation: Livecrime" knows that no one plays that part better than Degarmo. Still. I gave it 4 stars. A very good concert.
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on April 21, 2016
Good sale
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on December 3, 2015
Operation live crime much better
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