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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
Queensryche - Operation Livecrime
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$17.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 11, 2016
So awesome. Took me back to '88 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco opening for Metallica on the And Justice For All Tour. Great video and sound. A must have for Queensryche fans. I remember a interview with James Hetfield years ago when he remarked that the toughest opening act they ever had was that tour with Queensryche. It was very complimentary but he said he hated going on after them every night, because every night they brought it. Never took a night we had to up our game everyday more because Queensryche was so good. I never forgot what an incredible compliment that was. This DVD takes me back to that particular night each time I watch it.
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on November 14, 2015
It's been a long time since I have seen this show in it's entirety. Saw this show live about 4 or 5 days after this was recorded in Madison, Wi. It still stands as the best live show I have ever seen.. and I had seen a LOT of 80s bands live. The show itself was considerably longer than this video. They played a set prior to entering the Mindcrime session, then came back for more after. The most memorable, to me, was Road To Madness..Pure perfection. I wish that video would have been included in this video, but cant have everything. I had previously owned the VHS/CD combo box bought the day of release. But that VHS has long since degraded and, frankly, I have no way of playing it any more. This was a nice way to re-live the moment.
If you are a fan and have never seen it, it is worth every penny. If you were there, it is still worth it to re-live that moment.
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on July 7, 2011
This is the rare concert DVD that any Queensryche fan could write a book about. The hardest part is being brief enough to fit the short format that Amazon allows. But I'll do my best...

Musically, the Operation Mindcrime CD was just about perfect. The refreshing intelligence of this band was something that rock fans longing for something with a bit more depth than the "party all night" subgenre were ready for. And they nailed it almost out of the chute. When they made Mindcrime, a progressive rock legend masterpiece was born.

A great album that tied in a plot worthy of a big budget film with high level musicianship and brilliant songwriting, Mindcrime was the kind of album you could listen to over and over and get something new from it each time. Thanks to the storytelling hints interspersed in between and in the songs, you might also get a new twist in the plot each time. 23 years after it's release and hundreds of album purchases since it's release, I still pop Mindcrime in to my car CD player periodically. And every so often, I catch something I hadn't heard before.

The reason I brought up the CD is that the DVD could have easily been a letdown. The band surely had reached a creative pinnacle with the record. Surely doing a live concert film version would have trouble living up to that standard. And yet the DVD was even better...

The picture quality even in the age of LED technology is fantastic as is the sound. The band's performance in this show is spot on. The visuals could easily have been distracting but they actually add to the show as intended, giving you a better idea of the story behind the album. Tate's vocals are incredible. Wilton and Garmo are great individually and even better together, with the brilliant guitar harmonies they have made famous making my ears happier than ever because I get to watch them do it on video. Scott Rockenfield is a jackhammer with impeccable timing and one of the best drummers I have ever seen or heard. The band is at this point relatively seasoned and melds their sound perfectly live. The interview with Geoff Tate is even great, and the "Complete Story" Bonus Feature fills in some blanks if you didn't quite get the story when you listened to the album the first 900 times, like me.

I still love Queensryche, but I am less fond of their newer work. I think DeGarmo was a big loss to the songwriting capability of the band. I am very grateful for this DVD as I can see what I consider one of the greatest bands in rock history play a perfect album, perfectly. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this purchase.
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on August 2, 2005
One of the few prog metal released that deserve a five stars rating in my opinion. But this album is probably the best live album I have heard(and seen on DvD). It was after the release of the Empire album, that Queensryche decided to promote the band's previous album and well appreciated masterpiece, Operation : Mindcrime with a sequence of live performances of the whole album on stage. In this album, Queensryche prove that actors or special setting are not required to set up a theatrical, dramatical background for the album's scenario. Just a not so used video-wall, and an amazing performance by the band's lead singer Geoff Tate. The songs are reproducted amazingly, as in most Queensryche concerts up to that date, and Tate's vocals are not only reaching up to the album levels, but also moving further, as his voice combined with his movement on stage and the general aspect of acting, promotes the results to the greatest. Starting of with a sample of I Remember Now, the band enter to the second track Anarchy X, and then Tate comes on stage for Revolution Calling. Notice the change of lyrics to be fitting to present circumstances, as critisism goes on. Operation Mindcrime, Speak and Spreading the Disease in a frenzy atmosphere with no mistakes at all, and then a rather theatrical version of the Mission with Tate singing on his knees. The highlight of the concert is definitely Suite Sister Mary, with Pamela Moore on stage. This one gave me the thrills, really, I almost cried with seeing this one. Then, the needle lies and the frenzy goes on. The album live reproduction proceeds until the end with breathtaking carry outs of I don't believe in love and Eyes of a Stranger. Then the album ends, leaves you there, wanting for more, and really not aware of what has happened. In the DvD version of the album, there are some information that explain part of Operation: Mindcrime's story, for those willing to find out more about the album.
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on May 21, 2007
I was pretty impressed by this DVD - it expands on the Mindcrime story, revealing tiny details omitted from the songs themselves, and provides a new spin on the album. However, I was pretty disappointed with some parts of the performance. There was too much emphasis on showing the band and not enough of the story bits for my liking, but I guess that's just Queensrÿche's video style for you. Tate's overacting, while pretty hilarious the first time through, kind of detracts from the experience as a whole on subsequent viewings. I swear he was pretending to have some sort of halfhearted seizure by the end of Suite Sister Mary - I'm still wondering what he was trying to do. It also seems to me like they pulled Pamela Moore's original recording for Suite Sister, as it sounds, note-for-note, like what was presented in the original album.

I bought two copies of this - one for a friend of mine as a birthday present, and one for myself because I'm a huge geek. Neither of us were terribly disappointed with it, but at the same time, we agree that there could've been a lot more done with such an amazing album. What irks me most was the treatment of my favorite song from Mindcrime - The Needle Lies. What happened to your voice, Tate? Where are the screaming vocals that I'd been anticipating since I ordered this thing?

In spite of all these negatives, this is an amazing performance, and a must-have for any Ryche fan. Seeing the band's original lineup on stage doing what they do best is really a treat, especially for people who were too young to ever see DeGarmo on stage with the rest, such as myself. However, I don't recommend this to anyone who has a limited interest in Queensrÿche, as they'll likely be turned off by the dark story of Mindcrime and the lead singer's antics. Highly recommended for anyone who already likes and is very familiar with Queensrÿche.
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on November 9, 2015
My old VHS tape was on its last leg, so I was VERY happy to find this on DVD. I was actually at this concert when it was filmed in Madison, WI. To this day it is still one of the top 5 concerts I have ever seen in my life...and I have been to a LOT of concerts! Video and audio were great (considering when it was filmed) and I loved all the bonus features that you couldn't see on the VHS tape!
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on February 7, 2007
I am not quite sure why I waited so long to buy Operation Livecrime on DVD. Afer all, Operation Mindcrime was one of my favorite albums of all time. I first saw Queensryche's video "Gonna get close to you" on Headbanger's Ball on MTV back when they showed videos from all different genres. I was blown away by the groups creativity in sound and visuals. I went on to pick up "Warning" and the "EP" and then "Operation Mindcrime" was released. There were no words to describe the album but it was the only cassette that stayed in my car for weeks. I went to see them live at the Philidelphia Spectrum on this tour when they opened up for Metallica. It was a highlight of my life. This leads me to now. I guess I was afraid that the video would take away from my memory of being there live. I was very wrong. This is a testament of a band in its prime. This is a band giving everything they had to the audience. This was and still is a band that recreate everything from the album. This is a must have for any Queensryche fan and any fan of Progressive Metal. Now I just can't wait to get my hands on "Operation Livecrime 1 and 2" in their entirety. The DVD is excellent in video and 5.1 sound and really allows the lucky watcher to feel as though he or she is there. If I had the money everyone would get a copy for next Christmas. Take it from the Ronster Monster.
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on November 1, 2016
It brought back a lot of memories from 25 years ago!!! My husband used to work with them and Ive seen this show live MANY times..Weve had a VHS copy , but, could not play son said to buy the DVD and Im happy I did!! If you are a Queensryche fan, youll LOVE it!! Ryche ON!!!
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on February 7, 2010
When you have released one the greatest rock operas in history, how do you top it? By releasing a filmed concert of the album...OPERATION; LIVECRIME.
The insane energy filmed in this release by band members of the "Ryche" Tate, DeGarmo, Wilton, and Rockenfield, will inspire, as well as entertain, any Queensryche fan, to anyone living under a rock who hasn't heard of them.
This is not your ordinary concert video with selected songs from different albums. The filmed concert consists only of the entire Operation Mindcrime Album (1988). Scorching guitars, mad drum skills, as well as mind blowing vocals, fuel the the energy of this concert filmed in Madison, Wisconsin in the early 1990's.
If you LOVE to rock, and you LOVE it loud, there isn't a better concert dvd you can get your hands on.
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on November 29, 2017
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