Customer Reviews: QuickBooks for Mac 2013 [Download] [OLD VERSION]
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on November 8, 2012
I don't review products very often, but all of the bad reviews for QB for Mac 2013 have caused me to want to clear the air a bit. It appears that there are a lot of problems with QB for Mac 2013 for two groups of users -- those that formerly used QB on Windows and those that are what I would call Advanced Users. If you fall into these categories, chances are you're going to be a hater. However, if you are like me and you have never used QB before and you have a new service business that your are operating out of your home or small office, this is a great product. Really it is. You're going to be able to figure out how to set it up pretty easily and within a month, you'll be comfortable and not afraid that you're going to screw things up as soon as you enter in a new purchase or invoice. Your accountant will also appreciate you choosing QB because that's the software most of them prefer. Oh and the IRS will appreciate it too because the QB for Mac 2013 version now has a handy attachment feature that allows you to attach a digital copy of your receipts. The IRS is cool with you having only digital receipts (and tossing all your paper) so long as they are in a searchable index, and this version qualifies as such.

Another myth that needs to be dispelled is that Intuit is made up of a bunch of evil hackers hell-bent on making their products the bane of your existence and ignoring all suggestions for improvement and ease of use. I don't know anyone who works for Intuit, but with their extensive Q&A community on their website (which has answered every one of my many many questions), web forms for submitting suggestions for new additions, tutorial videos, and easily accessed customer service, they show all the hallmarks of a company working pretty hard to get things right and keep you happy. And since they are trying to make their system broad-based and one-size-fits-all, it is a phenomenal challenge. There are a plethora of industry specific accounting tools out there, so if you want the perfect plug and play system, you can buy one of those. They will cost you more inevitably. But if your needs are simple and your budget for an accounting system low, don't let the angry reviews turn you off. It ain't perfect, but QB is fine. Really.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 12, 2012
I upgraded to Quickbooks for Mac 2013 from the 2012 version because I am a sucker for software updates. One of the main features was 'improved reconciliation' but it should have said 'reconcile your accounts in twice the time it used to take'. I reconcile my accounts daily and with the 2012 version you can easily scroll through the register in the reconcile window with your up and down arrows using your spacebar to quickly check and uncheck each transaction. Now you have you use the mouse, it takes a ridiculous amount of time for the check to appear and you can't move on to check another until the check has actually appeared. What used to take 60 seconds now takes 6 minutes.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 1, 2012
Purchased the latest version of this program and running on my brand new MacBook Pro running the latest OS (10.8.2). Imported data - no problem. Looks great. Start entering invoices....crash. Restart. 2 more invoices. Crash. So on and so forth. Called tech support and had to pay either $49 for one phone call or $85 for 3 months. I did it. As tech takes temporary control over your computer, they saw it crash 5 times. Tried all of the help steps together. Crash. Sent file in for repair. They said nothing was wrong with the file or the program. In the end, they said it must be a problem with my operating system. I asked if this does indeed work with the latest Mac operating system and they said yes. So how can it be the operating system? Told me there must be a conflict - maybe some strange customer file, or template (I have used the standard template and also one of my own and still - crash). There is no other help beyond this. So I have paid for the software I cannot use, the $85 for tech support, countless hours and... I'm about to crash. If Intuit does reply to this email, I would love more than the standard corporate response. This is a big problem for me - my entire business runs on Quickbooks - and now looks like I have to resurrect my old computer and go back to Quickbooks for Mac 2009 (will this work on my new computer?) and ask for a refund (is that possible - downloaded about 7 days ago)?
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 12, 2012
Although I didn't want new features, I was forced to upgrade from 2010 Mac because I upgraded to OS X 10.8.

I thought all of my time sheet information was gone, but it turns out the first line of time sheets doesn't display until I refresh the window by reentering the employee name.

I called support to see if there is a fix, but they want cash in order to file a bug report, and see if there is a fix. Apparently I'm not doing it right.

I have stopped using Quicken for my personal books, looks like it's time to find a QuickBooks replacement and return this product.
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on November 12, 2012
Without platform parity where you can work on it across platforms without problems, where you can export to the windows file version for your accountant, then this program is and always be a non starter.

It's a joke.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 7, 2012
Once again this upgrade falls short to address the bugs from years past. For me, the biggest disappointment is that Intuit STILL hasn't fixed QB2013 for Mac's inability to class the balance sheet (unlike the Windows version) and is still incompatible with Windows versions.

Given the lack of new useful **accounting** features, I'm not sure why anyone would want to upgrade (unless they think they need new icons)!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 11, 2012
I have used Quickbooks on a PC many years and found it to be very adquate. Bought a MacBook and installed Quickbooks for Mac and was hugely dissapointed. I wanted to do some payroll reports, which it will absolutely not let you do without their expensive subscription payroll product. This is intentional by Intuit. How redundant. Makes it completely worthless to do some of the business stuff I need at home. Total waste of money except for the consumer and profit of Intuit made by people like you who were suckered into buying the product. If you have a business with more than 8 employees, do not use the expensive Quickbooks payroll. Use an outside service. 35 years of owning a business talking here. Also concerning personal finance, do not use Quicken. You can research why on the internet yourself.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 9, 2012
So I upgraded from Mac 2011 to Mac 2013 without realising that it was not backward compatible. I requested a backup CD from Intuit which when it arrived was 2012. NOT A GOOD START.

The software is buggy, I want a customer report which I can filter by sales rep, it allows me to do this but misses a HUGE chunk of that sales reps accounts, I have checked and they are associated with that rep - no fix I can find online.

Now my headoffice has to buy this buggy version to look at the accounts which are uploaded to the Cloud as it won't load on 2011.

All in all I WISH WISH WISH I had not switched to MAC last year. The MAC is the only reason I keep this version but its that bad I am considering buy another computer to run the window version. Either that or bin it and start again.

The most annoying part is the constant crashing, I run a quad core 2012 Mac 27" with 12gb ram - apparently this is not enough to stop this program crashing mid invoice?

Massively disappointed, 2011 for windows was better and still is....
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on December 22, 2012
I followed the advice and upgraded to QB 2013 after Mountain Lion was released. Now my books are messed up. After upgrading, the reconcile balance doesn't match the previous statements for any of my accounts. To make matters worse, there is no way to over-ride the incorrect previous statement value in QB because the field is read-only. Arrghhh! Now, after every reconcile, I have to accept an incorrect account adjustment to close our the reconcile. Then the account adjustment messes up the balance for the next statement. Arrggghhhh, a never ending pain in the butt.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 11, 2012
I've been using Quickbooks for over a decade now. Switched to Mac recently, and imported 11+ years worth of data - several thousand customers and jobs - into this version of QB purchased directly at the Intuit/QB site. Productivity has dramatically screeched to a halt. Every single transaction takes several minutes just to load the appropriate window. With several dozen transactions to enter every day, I'm now a couple of days behind in data entry, thanks to the profoundly bad performance of this software on a late-2011 Macbook Pro i7 quad core running 4GB of RAM - not spectacular, but certainly much more than adequate power and memory for most other normal applications. Clearly this software needs a lot more, although the reviews by people with 12GB RAM are not encouraging. The other reviewer who mentioned waiting 6 minutes for a window to load was NOT exaggerating. Receive Payment? Wait 6 to 15 minutes while QB "thinks" about it. Enter Invoice? Wait another 6 to 15 minutes for that window to load. Enter a Vendor payment? Another 6 to 15 minutes. For every. single. entry.

The only thing that was relatively smooth was conversion and import of my old Windows company file backup - and that is the only reason I'm not giving this 1 star. QB docs say it will take "up to 10 minutes." Mine took well over an hour. Most of the data seems to be intact. However, memorized transactions did not keep any customer billing information. I have to open the Job separately, and copy/paste that data from that, back into the memorized Invoice, then re-memorize the transaction. Tedious at best. Especially at the snail's pace this program runs at.

No, I'm not going back to Windows, nor will I run compatibility software on a Mac. The whole point of switching OS's was for improved security and performance. Shame on you, Intuit. You've got no business trying to foist this on the Mac-using public.

UPDATE 02-16-13:

Out of sheer frustration, I bought the "latest and greatest" Macbook Pro retina display model with maximum and fastest cpu, memory, and storage possible:
2.8GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
768GB Flash Storage (All-flash architecture for maximum speed)
OS X Mountain Lion

Guess what? Quickbooks works a lot more smoothly and quickly on this, but still not as well as Quickbooks works on much older and slower Windows computers. Most transactions still lag (even with 2.8 Ghz quad core i7 and 16GB memory), forcing me to wait between 15-45 seconds for each transaction to "Save." A vast improvement over 6 to 15 minutes per transaction. But Quickbooks still crashes about once a day, and never predictably - in other words, I can't nail down exactly what will trigger a crash. It varies. I dutifully send crash reports most of the time, and hope it will help improve future versions.

I have also noticed that Quickbooks has completely ignored accessiblity. The fonts in Quickbooks for Mac are much smaller than in the Windows version. But QB provides no way to increase font size. Everything is so tiny that it's difficult to distinguish a comma from a period/decimal point. I don't ask a lot - just something like a 10 or 12 vs a 6 or 8 size font. I can increase font size in browsers, email, word processors, etc, but not Quickbooks. The only way to make fonts appear larger in Quickbooks is to change native font size for the entire sytsem in Mac system preferences - which makes fonts for everything else ridiculously huge.

Most if not all of the highly favorable reviews for this product are from people who either never used QB before, or those who have only a few years' worth of data, or small company files. Those of us with 10+ years of data, thousands of customers, and 10,000+ transactions per year, are pretty much stuck with barely-functional, slow, buggy, crash-prone data entry in this version of Quickbooks.

My advice if you have 8-10+ years worth of data and a lot of customers and transactions to work with: Stick with the Windows version. Otherwise, In order to work with Quickbooks for Mac at all, you will need a LOT of power, speed and memory. If you are going to try to run this on a Macbook Pro laptop with a large company file, you will need at least the specs mentioned above unless you want to go crazy from frustration. If you want QB for Mac to match the performance of QB on (XP, Vista, or Win7) Windows in handling very large company files, you'd be far better off installing this on a faster, more powerful Mac Pro desktop model, not a laptop. Go with at least 12 cores in the fastest processor you can afford, and at minimum 24+ GB of memory. If you want room to grow, go with even more memory than that.
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