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on October 19, 2011
I should have paid attention to the number of bad reviews for this software. I attributed them to users who had problems unique to their situations and that the software itself couldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong.

I finally decided to move to Quicken after using MS Money for over a decade. I have been very satisfied with MS Money and have continued to use the sunset edition for the last couple years. Yes, it's a hassle to manually import .OFX files from each bank, but after trying Quicken, the hassle is well worth it.

Complaint 1: I had to purchase the latest edition. Every other major software company on the planet (ok exaggerating) offers downloadable trial software. Intuit does not. So to even try this software, I had to pay for it.

Complaint 2: It does not work as advertised. Intuit advertises cash flow forecasts (account balance forecast) and even shows screenshots of them, but in reality, they do nothing for the user. The forecasts show ONLY scheduled bills and do not take any planned budget spending into account. This makes them totally worthless. My spending account balance will not be $3000 at the end of the month. The $2900+ worth of budgeted transactions will reduce that, but does the balance forecast show that? No. The forecasts may be useful for savings accounts, or other non-liquid accounts, but are worthless for day-to-day, liquid accounts. Yes, you can set up budgets, and yes, you can set up scheduled bills, but nowhere in the software can you see the two together. To borrow from another online review I read...It's like having lumber in one hand, and a hammer and nails in the other hand and having no way to put the two together to actually build anything. In other words, both sections are nearly worthless since you can't use them together.

Complaint 3: The refund process. Amazon won't refund downloadable software....this I understand, EXCEPT for this garbage software. Normally, you don't want people to buy software, use it once, then return it for a full refund. That is theft, since the customer is using the software, and not paying for it in the end. I totally support Amazon's policy in most cases. However, this is one product that it SHOULD NOT apply to. Since Intuit offers no trial (see complaint 1), the only way to try it is to buy it. I tried it, didn't like it, and want my money back. Amazon said "too bad, so sad, contact Intuit".

Complaint 4 The refund process continued. I followed Amazon's instructions and sent the order information to Intuit. No response. I contacted intuit and got hold of a rep who apparently doesn't care about his job, or their customers. To summarize the call... Me: "I would like a refund" Him: "follow the instructions in this link I'm sending you (since I'm too busy to actually listen to you say that you already did)." Me: "I already did, I just want to know that my refund is in process" Him: no response. Me: "Hello, are you still there?" Him: "You'll need to follow the refund instructions I sent." Me: "I did. Can you tell me if you received my info" Him: "Let me check" ten minutes of silence Him: "What is your email address and when did you send the info" Me: provided info. ten more minutes elapse Him: "We don't have record of it. Refunds take 5-6 weeks. Don't call back until then"

I had heard that Intuit had very poor customer service, but again, I really didn't believe it could be as bad as people say. can, and then some.

Finally, I had to get my bank's fraud department involved who convinced Amazon to refund the money and agree to fight it out with Intuit themselves.

So, for now I will continue using MS Money sunset since it still has better budgeting and balance forecasting than Quicken has even if I have to manually download OFX files from each bank. It's really a shame that MS Money was discontinued. It seems that all the online stuff I found while trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong in Quicken, was correct. Intuit hasn't bothered to actually improve the software at all since MS Money no longer competes with them. Since they have no major competitors, they just don't care. It's a shame really.

Now, all that said, if you want softare that is "reactive" and shows you where your money went with simple, one click account updates, then Quicken seemed perfectly fine and why I'm giving two stars instead of only one. But by that same logic, using their stuff does the same thing, is free, and also provides mobile access. If you want software that is "proactive" and can actually help you plan for the future and see what your bank accounts will look like if you do x or y or z, and you don't mind updating each bank individually by downloading OFX files, then use the free MS Money Sunset.

Of course, if you want good proactive planning AND mobile access, well then, too bad. It doesn't exist. At least not in any easy to find, widely supported software/vendor.
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on October 28, 2011
I have used the 2010 version since 2010 and have enjoyed it. I upgraded to 2012 and 2 weeks later I can no longer connect to my account and download updates to them.
I have contacted Intuit support and they have no idea what or why and have told me it will take 7 - 10 BUSINESS DAYS for them to possibly fix.
A 7 - 10 day best effort SLA is completely unacceptable. Another company sticking it to the public.
I will be requesting a complete refund and not using any of Intuit's products in the future.
Imagine having an issue with their tax software and they can't fix it in time to submit your tax information because they have a best effort of 7 - 10 days.

Intuit, if you take our money, you better support us with reasonable SLA's.

Quicken Deluxe 2012 [Download]
Quicken Deluxe 2012
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on October 11, 2011
I was so excited to download the latest version thinking certainly that they would have fixed the problems associated with downloading the transaction files. I was wrong. It worked great the first time I did it. Then, the next day and the day after and the day after that I got tired of having it pretend to download transactions and not update the files--it didn't even give me an error message that the transactions had not been downloaded. I tried importing files and every other option to fix it that I possibly could having researched it and the only "fix" is to keep creating new accounts...what a TOTAL WASTE of money and time. Part of the draw of Quicken for me was that it would automatically download my files and it is a total headache trying to manipulate it only to not have it work then invest more time manually entering all the transactions. I wish I had listened to the other reviewers and realized if it could happen to them it could happen to me-for some reason I thought that with my computer savy the difficulties wouldn't happen to me but they did. Don't waste your money.
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on November 10, 2011
I downloaded this hoping to keep better track of my spending and saving. I immediately had problems downloading my banks information and so I got on with the chat help. They had me download the log files so they could look into it. A day or two later I got an email saying the issue is resolved and to try it again. Tried to add the account again and still the same error. LOL! I then got on with customer service AGAIN and they told me it was a server issue. Mind you I have tried to add this account for a good week before I even contacted them. So the server issue has been probably two weeks long. I advise if you want a working program don't buy this. It has many bugs and doesn't even have the ability to connect to some banks to download your transaction data because of server issues. Not sure how this company is staying afloat with this kind of software release. Refund and will never use again.
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on October 11, 2011
I have using the software since I purchased this as an upgrade to the previous version because the online service quit working. Since day one of this software, the online hasn't worked either! So I paid for this software to fix the old version and neither work. I have been working with tech support the entire time. They kept assuring me that they would fix the problem with patch. After a couple of patches, they still don't have this fixed. So I have given up entirely and asked for a refund since they couldn't make the software work from day 1. Their response? Sorry, we can't help you after the 60 days is up. So there you have it.... Intuit won't stand behind their product that has NEVER worked since I purchased it and they don't care. STAY CLEAR OF THIS PRODUCT!

First off let me say that for years I used Microsoft Money and it was good for what it was... This software is clearly not good for what is it reports to be:

1) If you want to only see uncleared (or any other type) transactions, the balances reflected are that of only the items in the filter. This makes working with the checkbook annoying as I always have to scroll through reconciled transactions to see my uncleared items (IE checks) that didn't get in the last statement. Stupid!

2) Getting transactions from bank are problematic. I will get most, but not all. If the transaction downloads twice, it enters it twice. If the bank shows the item online, it doesn't always download to Quicken. Also, transaction downloads seem to always stop after the new version is released. For example, my checkbook hasn't updated in a month, but when this one shipped to my house and I updated, it suddenly worked again! Now, of course, it has stopped working again.

3) Transactions are difficult to follow at times. With the problem above, when it does download old transactions and doesn't seem to recognize that problem, it puts them back into the checkbook as new transactions. When I upgraded to this version, it download a bunch of items from the last statement that were already reconciled, so I had to find those items and delete them. Since the dates and such were wrong, I had to remove all of my cleared transactions and pull up the bank website and manually clear each item again and then delete the bad items from the register. WHAT A FREAKING WASTE OF MY TIME!

4) Quicken's solution to the download problem is to remove the online transaction downloading (One Step Update) and re-enable. When doing this, you have to ensure that you select in an obscure box that you want it to link to your current register or it creates an entirely new account! I had to add and remove a few times before I figured this one out. BTW, I can get this to download, but not to my current register no matter how many times I attempt to download, clearly this is the software's fault!)

5) Randomly, the software forgets where the database file is at and I have to select it again. Don't know why, but happens often.

6) No matter how many times I change the auto fill for the automatic transaction information (IE, Olive Garden category is Dining Out) it always wants to go back to the default of Dining (and yes, I have deleted this category a number of times.)

7) Worst of all, I have had every one of these issues since Microsoft discontinued Money and I have been forced to use Quicken. They haven't fixed a single one of these in YEARS!

8) Support is non-existent...

I would return every copy of Quicken if I could just to get out of this cycle of crappy software, but of course, you can't return opened software even if it does suck. It was pointed out to me that I can return this copy of Quicken for up to 60 days after purchase as Intuit has an unconditional money back guaranty. I didn't know that when I wrote this, so to be fair, Intuit does offer a refund. Thank you Greg for letting me know.)

Anyway, just my opinion of Intuit's latest release of please kill me Quicken 2012.
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on November 16, 2011
I read the negative comments and still I decided to upgrade. Why? I must be a glutton for punishment.

2012 Deluxe is a piece of junk. How can a software company put out a product with so many bugs? I waited until Intuit had put out 2 fix releases before upgrading. Evidently, it must have been much worse before this upgrade. Wow, it boggles the mind. I upgraded from 2011 Deluxe and they haven't even fixed the issues with that in 2012. Plus, there's all sorts of new issues to boot.

Forget balancing your checking account. It doesn't work. I had to add phantom entries to get mine to balance. How's that for something that's essential and doesn't work? Reports don't work, screens don't scroll, preferences don't work (my backup options don't back anything up). It goes on and on.

Why did MS/Money go away? I was quite happy and now I'm pulling what's left of my hair out. Thanks Intuit.
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on December 28, 2011
I would not purchase this product from Amazon or any other retailer. The reward is simply not worth the risk. The program does not work and customer service is virtually non-existent.

I had been a happy Quicken user for a few years before moving on to another product. After a couple years, I decided to purchase Quicken 2012 when it was released on Amazon.

I don't feel that my accounts were that difficult to set up: a few checkings/savings, a couple retirement accounts, a simple brokerage account, a rental property and mortgage, and some student loans. The setup was easy and the product worked well for two weeks.

However, on 10/18/11, I received my first error when attempting to download data from PNC bank. After playing around with online support and user forums, I sent a request to customer service. Over the past 2.5 months, I have sent the log files roughly a dozen times since they can't seem to keep track of them. I have also chatted online with support as well as phone conversations. Finally, two weeks ago, I got someone on the phone and after an hour, we were able to download the transactions. The next day, the errors returned and service has been unable to help me since.

In total, as of 12/28/11, I have been unable to use quicken for ~10 out of the 12 weeks that I've owned the program, sent dozens of emails, and spent hours trying to solve the problem. The only reason I have put this much effort is that Amazon does not refund money for downloadable software, and there is no viable competitor (since Mint is now owned by Intuit). I do not recommend purchasing this product under any condition.
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on May 20, 2012
The only reason I bought this was because I was getting messages that my Quicken 2009 services, downloads, etc wasnt going to be supported anymore so they werent going to work. Sure enough, after the cutoff date, I couldn't download transactions directly from my financial institutions anymore. I kind of feel like they were holding me hostage, forcing me to pay another $35 or so to keep the convenience of being able to download. Its kind of a crappy thing to do. They shouldn't disable features and services that work perfectly fine on software. The fact of the matter is that Quicken 2012 offers NOTHING for me and the way I use the software that my Quicken 2009 didn't do. I wouldn't have upgraded otherwise, I wouldn't have needed to. But here I was, held hostage and I figure in 3 years they'll probably pull the same stunt again. If they do, I might start to look at what other options are out there because money management software has come a long way since Quicken was the innovator in personal finance software.

So I get this thing installed and that was fine but guess what? None of the financial institution downloads would work. So the very thing that I bought it for was the very thing that wasn't working. I contacted customer support, and the guy couldn't figure it out so he had me email logs and such and said someone would get back to me in 7 - 10 business days. After 3 weeks I still hadn't heard anything so I emailed back twice more. Finally I got a solution to the problem (turns out it was a very quick and simple fix that the first guy should have been able to address). So I'm glad they solved my problem but the hoops I jumped through with their service made me a little unhappy. Still, its always been generally reliable software that usually works as it should, so as long as nothing else breaks on it, I guess I'll be a happy camper.

Anyway, this may be a great thing for you or you might find alternatives that are just as good or better. I think it really depends on how you use the software and what your needs are and what you're trying to accomplish. That will give you an idea of what features are going to be important to you, how robust you need the software to be and ultimately, whether this product, a different Quicken product or a product from a competing company will make the most sense for you.
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on March 6, 2012
I updated to Quicken 2012 this past fall as I was about due for an upgrade from the Quicken 2009 I was using and which would soon no longer support the online downloads I have come to rely upon from my financial institutions. I expected a useful, incremental improvement to what I had been using in the older version and possibly some new features and capabilities to add to the tool I have been using to manage my finances since 1993. While my initial experience installing the software and importing my data file from the old version went well and the new User Interface seemed to have some potential, I have been very furstrated with several of the key features I use heavily and which were far better in prior versions. The transaction downloads for several of my accounts now require a two step process to first enter the transactions into my register and then later reconcile them. This was a one step review process in 2009. Additionally, the software actually duplicates transaction, not just in its own register, but at my financial institution, where it apparently is now creating actual transfers rather than just downloading the records of my account. Most frustration, however, is the disastorous budget making tool included with this version. While it appears reasonably intuitive at first blush, it is almost impossilbe to develop a meaningful budget. Budgets can now only be created for the twelve month period starting today and not for any other period of time. It does not total subcategories as it has in the past, but rather trackes both the parent category and its sub-categories as individual, completely seperate line items. Most disturbingly, when budgetting is switched from an average amount per month, to a individuatl monthly value, the tool does not properly account for the sign of the numbers entered for a given month. As an example, if you change the amount in expense category by altering a $50 a month expenditure to be $60, the calculator actually assumes that you just entered an income of $60 and it reduces the total expense for that category by $110 dollars, $50 for deleting the value that was there and then another $60 becuase it assumes that since you did not put a negative sign on the value it must be an income value, evn though it is an expense category. This could make sense, except for the fact that none of the values in the expense area have neagive signs. This seems to be an overt error in the way the software functions becuase it behaves differently if you enter a value in the average monthly expenditure versus in a discrete month.

If you are considering updating to this version, I would strongly suggest you wait and see if 2013 is any better. I have never been disappointed in a Quicken product before, to the contrary I have usually found its updates to be evolutionary improvements that added value to its offering. This version however, seems to have ben released in something close to a beta version and probably created by a team that lacked a clear understanding of how it is used and what has come before. I hope Intuit recognizes their errors in this version and provide updates to current users and a better product in the future. If not, I will sadly need to find an alternative tool for managing my finances.
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on October 15, 2011
The only reason I upgraded was the "redesigned" property and debt features. Well there is no point because I spent hours trying to download credit card accounts and entering loans. The software takes forever to connect and you can not even select the type without it erasing your selection when you click next and saying please select and account type over and over. This product was clearly not ready for production. Wish you could get a refund on this since its such garbage.

On another note that was basically the only "new" feature and it doesn't work. No interface changes, no functionality as promised, such as "faster importing".

Very disappointing...
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