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on November 17, 2011
Some background about me :

I have been a Quicken user for over 15 years. I am a computer tech and fix hardware and software issues for a living. I own the business. Therefore I know about computers and I know about running a good business.

My Impressions about Quicken :

I have just upgraded (or rather purchased a full version as Intuit doesn't ever offer "Upgrade" pricing...they make you pay the full price. Thank God for Amazon!) from Quicken Home and Business 2011. I normally would have waited for the mandatory 3-year "forced" upgrade Intuit always imposes like clockwork, but my 2011 version has stopped working in that the "One-Step-Update" function has stopped downloading transactions from my bank for my checking accounts. This has been the case for about 6 months. I've tried multiple times to get the issue resolved through my own skills, through my bank and through Intuit tech support. The upgrade to 2012 failed to resolve the issue. Manual exports from my bank still import but the auto-downloads are still broken. I've tried every trick in the book. I've verified my data files are A-OK and not corrupted. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and a ton of other things and can verify the problem is not my computer or files. It is either the software coding or Intuit's servers. I have been in detailed lengthy conversations with the knowledgeable techs at the bank and am confident the problem is not at the banking institution.

Unfortunately, their tech support is a joke. They either are unresponsive, push blame elsewhere or accept the blame and say they are aware of the problem and working on the issue but it never gets fixed. You get a different story every time you call depending on who is answering the phone. These are untrained "techs" reading a poorly written flow-chart script on a computer screen somewhere overseas and they do not know a thing about computers or their software it seems.

I would give a more in-depth review of the software but many others have already decried its other bugs and for now the main convenience of this program for me...the "One-Step-Update" is still broken (not for all institutions mind you..just some) so please be advised that if you are considering updating to fix this issue please save your money. Perhaps they will fix this in the future and, if so, I will update this review and provide more detail. I would hold off on purchase until the bugs are ironed out. If your current version is working for you save your money, come back in 6 months and see if the reviews have become more favorable. Good luck Amazoners!!

*************** UPDATE 2-1-12 *****************

As promised I am updating my review as changes in functionality have manifested. There have been a few updates since my post with no change in status (in that the "one-step update" function was still broken...where you download transactions directly from your bank, initiating the download of informtion from inside the quicken software.)

Well it appears, at least for me, Quicken has for the time being fixed this functionality as I successfully updated two days in a row with new transactions appearing in my register. Time will tell if this functionality is here to stay but this is the first time in almost a year that it has worked and it worked immediately after the update. The update revision number is R5 (to be exact "R5(" )

This is pleasing news for me as the convenience of this function is what facilitates me keeping current with my finances. As a workaround till now, I have had to go to the bank website and manually export transactions from the bank and import them into the Quicken software which has negatively impacted the regularity of my personal and business accounting. Just to be sure I was correct in my original diagnosis I contacted my bank's tech support dept to see if any updates on their end had recently gone live in regards to the quicken functionality. The answer is a resounding "no". So it does appear the issue was with the Quicken software as I determined from previous, extensive troubleshooting.

Bottom line Quicken has finally fixed at least this one single bug that has been present for over 8 months. I am not changing my rating simply because I will not reward a company that:

1) Forces customers to "upgrade" every three years for corporate profit.
2) Without offering a discount to current customers.
3) Who released beta-software which is buggy and not ready for live use.
4) Then denies responsibility when the issue is clearly within the software

Intuit is a poorly run and greedy company but is the only show in town as they have a virtual monopoly in the personal/business finance software arena. I will continue to use the software but with trepidation. Thanks Amazoners and I will update if the situation changes yet again.

*************** UPDATE 4-10-12 *****************

Things continue to work as far as "one-step-update" downloads from my credit cards and banks, so that is good. I have noticed quite a few miscellaneous "bugs" and quirks in the functionality but nothing that threatens data integrity...just inconveniences where I have to enter categories a second time after editing them, etc.

One thing I have become aware of and the reason for this addendum post is there has been a known issue with updating to 2012 and some longer passwords no longer that you enter your password and quicken tells you it is the wrong password....even though it is the correct password. Again this appears to be an occasional issue with longer passwords. My recommendation is ALWAYS...make a separate backup file before you upgrade. If you run into this or any other problem you can go back to your previous version by restoring from backup using the previous version on quicken. Once you open a datafile with the new version it converts it to the newer format and you cannot go back. So, again, always make a backup of your data file before you upgrade.

I just had a client who had the password issue occur. We had to send the datafile to quicken to remove the password. The quicken rep said they are having 20 to 30 requests a day for this password removal service due to this bug. The fact that they are offering the password removal service for free (from a company that charges for everything) tells you that it is a known issue ON THEIR END. If you have this password corruption problem...just know you can send them the file and they will remove the password from the data file for free. A fix for this would be to
1) remove your password before you upgrade so the file is not password protected
2) upgrade the file
3) then re-password-protect your data file after the upgrade is complete

Again, this does not happen all the time but is a know issue and appears to be more frequent with "longer" passwords. Good luck Amazoners!
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on November 2, 2011
I've never written an Amazon review before, but I feel I have a moral obligation to warn people away from this product.

I've been using Quicken since 1993, and have been very happy with it. The automatic download of transactions from my Bank (Bank of America), has never really worked, but I've always been able to manually download .qfx or .qif files and import them into Quicken.

This does not work with Quicken 2012, which I recently upgraded to (what a mistake!)

I contacted Quicken support and told them that every time I tried to download transactions, I get a "Quicken Server Error".

After a few days, they told me they had fixed their "script" on their server. It still didn't work. Their support people asked me to send the logs (again). I sent them. They said the logs were corrupted. I sent them again. They said I sent the wrong log files. I sent them again. Finally, I contacted Quicken Support using their "online chat". I was able to confirm that all of the files I had previously sent were in fact correct (and yes, I sent them again to be sure, 5 more times). I'm not really sure if their support people are technically inept, or if they are just giving me a run-around, but they are definitely not working to solve my problem.

I've wasted a huge amount of time trying to get this problem fixed.

Unless you are willing to sacrifice about $1000.00 of your personal time trying to get this product to work, I strongly recommend that you try a different product from a different company. I've been working with their support people for two weeks now, and nothing has been resolved.
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Quicken user for 20 years. Don't buy this update -- almost everything I tried to do, I found a bug in the software (downloading & accepting transactions, entering investment transactions)...Felt like it must still be the alpha version. After much frustration, I am giving up and going back to Quicken 2010. And, by the way, back up your files in a separate place before you try 2012, otherwise you wont be able to revert back if you don't like it.

More generally, I am pretty fed up with Intuit's updates, which seem to repeatedly introduce needless UI changes and new bugs.
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on November 11, 2011
I've been downloading transaction from Wells Fargo to my Quicken checkbook account for years. I started getting constant notices from Wells Fargo recently that I needed to download an 8 page pdf document and follow the instructions or my Quicken downloads would be discontinued on 11/30/2011. I followed the instructions, which ended up taking a few frustrating hours, and download procedures that had been working fine until that point quit working. One of the three Wells Fargo reps I ended up talking to said the change was required by Quicken and my problem was that I had not upgraded to Quicken 2012. So, I upgraded. The downloads still did not work. This time Quicken rather brazenly said it was not the bank, it was them, and that there was nothing they could, or would, do about it. Here is Quicken's emailed response:

"Dear Loyal Customer,

Recently you requested assistance from Quicken Customer Care. Below is a summary of your request and our response. We are committed to resolving this issue to your complete satisfaction.

I apologize, but due to technical limitations on how our connection works with Wells Fargo we will be unable resolve your connection problem. Your options at this time are to (manually) download your Wells Fargo accounts through Wells Fargo or see if Direct Connect is a viable option.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.

Quicken Customer Care"

There are only a few big banks left. Wells Fargo only works with Quicken. Near monopolies can get away with treating their (unvalued) customers this way.
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on November 28, 2011
I am finished with all Quicken products, unless future reviews indicate real upgrades and no bugs. I upgraded to Quicken 2012 Home and Business from the 2011 version on Nov 7, and immediately had to deal with the damage this bug-laden program did to my Quicken data. Imagine seeing your personal checking account with a huge negative balance and all your other accounts in disarray. All of my credit card purchase transactions disappeared, leaving only the payments for two years. My ability to download transactions from my bank was suddenly nonexistent, and the bank created several new accounts to replace the old for no apparent reason to add to the mayhem. Enough already! I have uninstalled 2012 and reinstalled 2011,Quicken Home & Business 2012 [Download]. I've restored everything as I backed up religiously, so this project does have a light at the end of the tunnel. Apparently I can't ask for a refund because I downloaded this piece of junk instead of doing the smart thing and buying the box at Costco. I have been using Quicken since its first issue as a DOS program, and most of their full-price upgrades have seemed cosmetic to me for years. It's too bad that Quicken H&B 2012 turns out to be such a turkey, because it has some attractive visual upgrades. Unfortunately, they're not enough to keep me as a customer.
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on November 4, 2011
I had Quicken 2011 and thought this upgrade would be great. First time I opened up my old file, it crashed. I sent crash logs serveral times. Finally figured that if you update a single account seperatly then the onestep update works. The point is, I paid 70$ to see my quicken crashing.

The new feature on budgeting is good. Otherwise I dont see a major change. So if you are using quicken 2011, it is not worthy to upgrade. Stay away and save some time and money.

I really miss Microsoft Money. When quicken is going to bring up such a easy interface and reporting capabilities?
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on November 9, 2011
I upgraded from 2010 to 2012 expecting some relief from several bugs that lingered in 2010 like downloaded transactions matching records over 8 years old. Not only are these bugs still in 2012, but the product is much worse in several ways.

Crashes about once a day. Usually after or during transaction downloads.

My credit union is listed as available under "One Step Update" but I get errors when trying to download transactions that way. Similar problems existed in 2010 as well.

Performance is terrible. Just changing tabs or accounts or accepting a downloaded transaction seems to take an eternity compared to almost instant response in 2010.

All in all, this is no upgrade from 2010 but several steps backward. I hope they can make it into a useable program soon, but based on the bugs that have persisted for years without resolution, I am not holding my breath.

*** UPDATE! *** 2/15/2012

I have been running release R5 for about 2 weeks now. The daily (sometimes more) crashes are gone and online update works once again with my C.U. Performance has improved dramatically. Check numbers download again and usually match up to the correct transaction. However, the longstanding issue of matching many downloaded transactions to ones that are 8 years old is still there.
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on November 16, 2011
Quicken 2012
I am a long time Quicken user from the early 1990's. I am presently using Quicken 2006 - the last good release as far as I am concerned. However, every year I do try out the latest version, perhaps believing that there is now way that Intuit could possibly let escape another unready product. So I have tried the upgrades to Q2007, Q2008, Q2009, Q2010, Q2011 and now finally Q2012. After six years, I am still holding on to Q2006 as my main personal accounting program as each subsequent iteration has in some way other another been a letdown due to bugs, redesign errors or just poor end user testing.

Reconciliation Issues
Jumping into Q2012, the program interface has improved?... hmm.. changed! (better word)... but since Q2010 the data loading and screen presentations take much longer that Q2006 (I have a 64MB data file). Thinking I could try to live with that, I tested the reconciliation functions as a first order of business. ABYSMAL!!!!! Just try to reconcile an account and you will find yourself waiting for upwards of 20 seconds after each click on a transaction to be reconciled. In Q2006 selecting an item takes ZERO time - allowing the user to move quickly through the recon process. Not so with Q2012. I tried the program on 2 other computers just to be sure and the results remained the same. Just imagine trying to reconcile several accounts (checking, several savings, credit cards etc) with each click costing you half a minute of your life. Very not fun!

This one test alone say more than words - quite simply, apparently nobody at Intuit every even attempted to test this function with even a moderate data file. There is no way that any decent coder could have compared this degradation in performance to the older versions and thought that this was ok.

There are more issues but I have given up on trying to get Intuit to pay attention anymore.

Their attention appears to have shifted to becoming a service bureau for QuickBooks related business functions. Yup - I use QuickBooks too and am holding to QB 2004 since Intuit decided to take out the payroll function from the software in favor of offering "payroll services" to the QB users. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had left the customer the choice to continue using their old manual system as older versions of QuickBooks used to allow.

Fortunately Peachtree is proud to advise that their manual (end user) payroll function remains intact.

After the less than stellar foray into trying to convince quicken users to use the online Mint service I had hoped that the developers for Quicken would have realized that they do have loyal but strongly vocal user base. As for Mint, really, the idea of taking my personal data and storing in the "cloud" outside of my direct control is just crazy. All it really does is make the end user dependent on their ISP to access their information via a slower connection compared to the file sitting on your own PC. Literally the concept implies converting access to the users own data to a subscription based service!!! I don't think that most Quicken users would have gone for it.

Careful Testing Before Conversion
In any event, my recommendation for Quicken remains as it has since 2006 "Hold on to Q2006" - it works and is fast.
The new re-coded versions are not performance ready.

One day I look forward to upgrading to a new version..... one that works right!
However, do test for yourself - set up a test PC with Q2012 and try it. See what works for you or not.
Please do make a copy of your precious older database for use on the test PC. You may come running back to it in a hurry.
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on November 30, 2011
I have avoided upgrading from quicken since using quicken 2005 until now. I had hoped that improvements in portfolio management, spending reports, online updates and the planning tools would make this a worthwhile upgrade. I have been very disappointed and I am uninstalling the software and reinstalling Quicken 2005. Things that annoy me and have caused me to give up on this are:

-- Entering a basic transaction causes my computer to hold up for 5 seconds. If you plan to enter a lot of transactions this is going to slow you down. I am not used to having to wait for my computer, I expect it to move faster than me.
-- I noticed some of my scheduled transactions were messed up, so I was going to have to go through the scheduled transactions one at a time to set them up again properly.
-- The online account center will not let me delete old accounts that are no longer in existence from the online update center. I was stunned how little control over the online update process I have.
-- The net worth calculations were off. I was going to have to spend a considerable amount of time messing around with this to make it work.

Overall I was very disappointed in the level of progress quicken has made in the last 7 years. The performance of the software has slowed dramatically while providing very little incremental value to the end user. I am a heavy user with on the order of 50 bank/credit accounts, 10 investment accounts, multiple properties and loans. I have shed C, D and E. I plan to use Quicken 2005 while I evaluate other programs. Anyone have any recommendations?
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on November 14, 2011
I purchased this title through Instant Download and immediately had cause to regret it. The best feature about the product for tracking your finances - automatic download of your data from your bank - does not work at all for US Bank most of the time, and is horribly unreliable when it does actually connect. Neither Quicken nor US Bank take any responsibility for the feature not working correctly, beyond US Bank offering to charge me $4 per download to use the "Direct Connect" feature to get my financial data correctly. Um, no thanks.
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