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on January 7, 2013
I purchased this version because my Quicken 2010 software notified me that I would not be able to continue recieveing online updates and downloaded transactions beginning on April 30, 2013. The upgrade process was fine and all my data seemed to convert over to Quicken 2013 correctly. I had been hesitant to upgrade to previous versions because of reading other online reviews and talk that the Cash Flow Forecaster was missing. Given the lack of 2013 reviews, I downloaded and hoped for the best. I was greatly disappointed that still there is no Cash Flow Forecasting feature comparable to the Quicken 2010 product. There is a Projected Balances feature, but this does not allow you to chart a view of aggregated accounts (such as a Bank account and a Credit Card) and does not allow you to account for other budgeted items that are not in your Managed Bills list. I contact customer support with the hope that they would refer me to a feature that could replace what I previously was relying on in Quicken 2010, and was again disappointed that they could not help. Afterwards, I came to the conclusion that I wasted $130 that I could not use, asked for a refund, and reverted back to Quicken 2010. I will be forced to manually update transactions after April just to enjoy features that Quicken has not been able to duplicate since removing them in 2010.

Save yourself the time and effort, stay on Quicken 2010. Intuit WAKE UP and read all the negative reviews about this missing cash flow feature. As a former MS Money user, forced onto Quicken, I am afraid I will have to drop Quicken entirely if this issue is not addressed. How many years of research does it take to duplicate features that previously existed in your own software?
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on January 9, 2013
We tried it out for the 60 day trial period and it didn't overwhelm us to keep it for $130. We asked for a refund.

We upgraded from Quicken 2008 for our personal finances and finally wanted to try the Rental Property Manager.

We have two relatively simple rentals (three units total) and in the process to add one more rental (four units) but found it will easier to use Excel to keep track of the rental investments.
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on March 23, 2013
There is nothing worthwhile in Quicken 2013. Nearly every "feature" has a bug and I've spent months now trying to get this forced "upgrade" to work correctly so I can continue to directly download banking transactions, and even that has failed me miserably. Investment transaction accuracy - forget it - Quicken creates "placeholders" for stocks I don't even own any longer, wanting to create a BUY and SELL for the same number of shares. Mortgage loan accounts for rental properties - nope - interest for all mortgages is lumped together, so you cannot accurately track interest deductions for rental property (Schedule E) separately from personal mortgages (so that means importing to tax software isn't going to create the proper schedules). Split transfers - haha, don't even attempt it - you'll get double postings on both sides. Budgeting is now worthless - gone is the time-proven category/monthly detail two-pane view so you can customize non-monthly allowances and so is the auto-budget from scheduled transactions. Support? HAHAHAHAHA. What a joke - scripted answers and no technical expertise whatsoever, and only marginal understanding of how the software even works (I had to explain how to navigate into the mortgage loan detail!) I'd like to know how Intuit is spending all the revenue from the forced every three year updates - it certainly isn't going into any software QC!
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on March 3, 2013
I have used previous versions of this software for years. The latest update is terrible. Heed the other reviews. It is a repackaged version of Quicken at a ridiculously high price. The rental property add on wants desperately tie into helping you balance your checking account rather than give you property performance. Interestingly it notices the amount deducted from the checking account for a mortgage payment, but you can't segregate what portion of that payment goes to principal and which portion goes to interest. That would be fine if it were like previous years and you could work on a cash accounting basis and at the end of the year work on the end of year report, adjusting the interest paid for the year.

The reports are terrible and due to the interest accounting issue, I wouldn't trust this uploading into TT. Enter an expense, good luck finding where it went. You can find it, but it is difficult compared to previous versions. Want to see how a property is doing compared to another, it can't. I'm going to return this, save yourself the hassle.
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on May 1, 2015
I was totally disappointed in this product. I had an older version (2.0) that worked very well for my simple needs on my older computer. I got a new computer and unfortunately that version was not compatible with Win 8. I ordered the 2013 version that was compatible. Unfortunately, when I downloaded the newer version, it wouldn't let me take advantage of all its features until I linked my bank account numbers with it. I had no intention of doing that and for what I wanted to use the software for, it wasn't required. I simply wanted to keep track of rent, expenses, etc. Others have reviewed this product and given it a positive review. If there was a way I could have gotten around the "bank" business, I would have kept it and at least given it 3-4 stars.
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on August 11, 2013
With so many complaints about this version why did I buy it? Laziness is the answer. I was too lazy to learn something new and convert everything to it. The other part of that answer is what would I convert to, I don't know of anything that can pull all the different pieces of a financial picture together like this package does. I also kind of decided to give it a chance despite the reported issues. Lo and behold, I upgraded without a problem and imported my accounts with no issues. Likes: Well, it's familiar (did I mention I've been using Quicken for nearly 20 years) and I know how it works. It connects with my banks and handles all the transactions. The separation of rental property accounts from personal ones yet keeping them in the same file actually works well for small time rental owners like myself. New stuff that is cool is the profit/loss view, and specific rental account views for cash flow and account overview. There is more complexity here than the 2010 version, some of which is useful. Dislikes: the Bills view is not that helpful ,I thought the month calendar view of bills was a little more useful. Projected balances unfortunately shows hidden and closed accounts, it would be better to only used closed accounts for retrospective reports rather than future projections. Overall a decent upgrade even if we long time users must pay the same as new users…well I did wait until Amazon gave a healthy discount!
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on January 2, 2014
Quicken is somewhat illogical and if you can get yourself to think like quicken you will be a ok. For example, credit card payments shoudl be entered as "Credit card payment" in the drop down, but, rather, as a transfer into that account. If that makes sense to you, Quicken will work just fine. I switched over to Quicken a handful of years ago and I feel trapped in a non-stop upgrade cycle until the day Intuit drives me from Quicken or a better product is on the market.
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on June 12, 2013
I am disappointed with the rental property portion of this program. My biggest surprise is that each tenant's rent check must be recorded as a singular deposit or else the rent reminder option doesn't work. In my experience, no one has multiple checks and deposits them one at a time. Quicken, you need to add the ability to make a single deposit comprised of multiple rent checks. It would be great to be able to record a deposit in the checkbook register that automatically provides a list of tenants when Rent Income is selected as the account. Then I could easily make a multiple check deposit while still linking the payment to the tenant's history. I find the rent reminder portion of the rental property to be difficult to use as it lacks this option. May I suggest you copy the ability of QuickBooks, which keeps a running tab of checks received and then allows me to select the ones I want to include in a single deposit?

Another problem is lack of information in the Tenant History report. Not all tenants make it easy and pay one lump sum on the 1st of each month. Occasionally one will have rough times and have to make two payments, but the History only shows dates and the tenant's name, not amounts paid. This is not helpful. To really assess a tenant's payment history, I would need dates and amounts of payments. A running history which also shows any balance due on rent would be very helpful.

For personal finances alone this software works fine. I really like the ability to connect with my banks to download transactions. As for the Rental Property portion of this product, I do not find that it makes my life easier as a landlord. It lacks the very basic steps that any financial software should provide - ability to make complete bank transactions and enough data to monitor each account adequately.
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on September 5, 2013
I used to like how quicken was fairly easy to use. Not anymore. they are upgrading features without working the bugs out of the software to make sure everything works correctly! I upgraded from quicken 2010 rental property manager to 2013 rental property manager. memorized transactions do not work and I lost data. Of course when you need help you have to search for a phone number, that once you call you wait in que for a long time, only to be directed to India and trying to understand a foreign dialect, who is not even a level 1 trainee. Broken promises for returned calls, lack of knowledge, NO USA SUPPORT. NO RETURN CALLS, I CURRENTLY HAVE 3 INCIDENT NUMBERS AND WAS WAITING FOR A RETURN CALL TODAY FROM SUPPORT THAT OF COURSE NEVER CAME. I am looking for another software vendor, Intuit has really gone downhill
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This product disappoints me. I loved the old version. The new one is not user-friendly and was more expensive for less product and service. When we called customer service, it was answered by someone who did not speak English and could not understand the question. We were put on hold for over an hour. Finally, the customer rep said he would have a supervisor call us. No one ever called back. The new product certainly does not meet the standards of other Quicken products. I filled out a survey for the Intuit regarding this product. Of course, I never got a reply. Ease of use and customer service are certainly not considered in this product.
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