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on October 13, 2011
As noted in the first post, if you have any other version of Quicken, you will end up shilling out another $30 or more to open your file via an upgrade. I am a mobilized Army soldier away from home. When my laptop gave out and I replaced it, I restored my data files to the new laptop. As I don't have access to my original software (at my house) I thought I would just go ahead and buy the starter version (which has everything I need) to use with my .QDF file. Wrong! The starter version won't open or read my "deluxe" version file. Hence, another $30 spent on the "upgrade". Now I know why Quicken was "free" when MS Money discontinued their software... I am very disappointed in this company and feel totally taken advantage of.
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on November 17, 2011
One would think that after 20-ish years of developing the premier accounting software they would work out the most basic, annoying and dysfunctional kinks...but not with this proiduct. Despite having read other reviews warning me that the product does not sync properly with "supported" banks, I bought the product. Within 20 minutes of download, it is absolutely worthless as it will not sync with multiple accounts from the same bank (i.e. checking AND savings). So, finding out how poor this product is was lesson #1. Lesson #2 was learning that Amazon will not allow you to return downloadable software purchases, so I am stuck with a purchase that is worthless. Shame on you Quicken and Amazon for selling this product.
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I'm pretty conservative when it comes to computers and their software. When I find something that works, I want to keep it. Recently, the computer I bought in 1999 became undependable, so I bought a new one. I dreaded loading the 2012 version of Quicken, because when I loaded the 2000 version back in 1999, it would not recognize the files from the older version.

Much to my surprise and pleasure, the 2012 Quicken Starter edition provided easy menu choices to restore files from the C drive, a CD, a DVD or online backups. My backup included three extra files that were automatically combined into the single 2012 format and the resulting data is displayed exactly the same as the older version! Any version of Quicken offers automatic features that make it superior to Excel for financial management, but I did not use very many of the Quicken 2000 facilities because they did not display the information I wanted the way I wanted it. I hope for better results from Quicken 2012. I like the ability to set flags for recurring expenses and income. The reconcilement feature appears to be the same slow, clumsy process as in Quicken 2000, though. I'll have to try the tutorial to look for improvements.

My brother-in-law uses the advanced version of Quicken to track his investments, but I'm pretty happy with this Starter edition.
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on October 29, 2011
While I have always been a fan of Quicken, please be advised that they explicitly disallow "upgrades" from earlier versions of Quicken Deluxe to new versions of Quicken Basic. (While this practice may be common in the software industry, it is completely unnecessary.) This is not obvious until install time. While I am certain there are workarounds for this, I don't wish to take the time to discover them.
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on March 3, 2012
I had the 2011 starter edition and had no problems getting this to open my file. There are 2 things that might be worth the upgrade. The biggest change is the ability to sync your accounts at once. With 2011 it would sync them one at a time so it would take a few minutes to sync all my accounts. With 2012 it'll do all of them at once so I can usually get them all synced in about a minute.

The other notable change is the addition of a budget tool. It's a very simple tool that I find kinda annoying as it's setup on yearly spending, then divided by 12 to get the monthly amount. I think Mint's budget is better, but I just end up using Excel as I can tweak it how I want.

I like quicken better than mint as it is more flexible with accounts and categories. I really like that I can manually add in what you spent and you can know once it clears the bank (it helps me knowing which checks have been cashed). You can do this with Mint but you have to delete what you put in once it goes through).

There are also several other features such as when expenses are due and projecting your bank account balances based off of your expenses and income that are handy.
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on March 28, 2012
I bought this program to track my personal checking account/expenses. What I wanted was Quicken like it use to be around 2003, last time I used it. Then is was easy, intuitive and helpful. However, within a few minutes of loading the program I was nearly brought to tears when I synced with my bank (which as a sidebar, you do not seem to have an option to not sync...they want to get right into your bank account). Quicken does not ask which accounts to sync when it does the set up it just grabs all my personal account, my kids accounts, my business account, my business line of credit and savings were all synced. It then happily gave me my net worth based upon all of this. Arrrgg!! How hard would it be to ask which accounts? I then tried to delete the accounts only to get a message that I had to contact my bank to do that...3 people later at the bank, no one had any idea what Quicken meant. At that point I threw in the towel for a few weeks. I am working up the courage to go back in and try to see how I can follow one simple checking account to track expenses and tax receipts. An earlier reviewer who said he was very computer and accounting savvy trashed this version for its difficulty of use and total lack of any sort of intuitiveness. He was absolutely correct. Using this is misery for the beginner.
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on January 21, 2012
If you purchase this software and have a prior version installed on your computer you will not be allowed to run both. This is a limited feature software package, which I understood when I bought it for my daughter. Why Intuit INSISTS that my prior FULL version 2010 software MUST be un-installed and disabled is non-sensical. I paid for both licenses! So by purchasing a new product for my daughter, I must disable the full featured package that I have years of data in? I don't think so. I'm so over Quicken, all their versions, incapatability, crappy customer support and complete disrespect for their customers. Bottom line, I paid for 2 different software packages, but by purchasing the second, I wipe out the first. Save yourself the aggrevation. Lessson learned.
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on October 10, 2011
Before you purchase Quicken 2012 Starter Edition make sure your previous version isn't something more such as one of the Quicken Deluxe versions. If you are using one of the Quicken Deluxe versions you will not be able to convert and use your existing data file without investing another $30 to upgrade the software you just purchased to Quicken 2012 Deluxe Edition.
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on February 4, 2012
Quicken works...that's the big plus I have for this. Unfortunately, I migrated from Microsoft Money which worked better. This is the only real game in town.

On the plus side: It interfaces nicely with my online banking.

On the negative side: The user interface is clunky and feels like a program from 1995. There is very little customization compared to what I was accustomed to with Money. Also, I have to be very dutiful in my balancing as the program wants to autobalance from online records and, if you balance with a paper statement, it screws up and cannot reconcile the difference between a paper statement and the online balances, even though you manually enter the dates and balances.

Microsoft! Why have you abandoned me!
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on November 28, 2011
I like my Quicken starter edition ok but it will never replace Microsoft Money which I used previously. Maybe it is just that I was so used to Money & can't quite get the hang of new software. I have had trouble with their "help" when I have a question. It still won't download any bank interest when I update my accounts.I can't seem to connect to their "help" people to let me know if that can be fixed.
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