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on March 2, 2011
I'm a computer programmer by trade. My job requires the utmost in concentration. The reason I purchased the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones is specifically for the level of noise cancelling ability they provide. Rather than go into yet another highly detailed review, I'll share my experiences with the headphones and address some of the negative responses I've seen posted by other reviewers.

I'm not an "audiophile". I just need a comfortable way to lose the sounds of a noisy office area. I've had the Bose QC 15s for just over 2 weeks. I use them 5-6 days a week. I wear them for four to five hour stretches without break.

As you know from reading the other reviews posted here, the headphones are excellent at cancelling surrounding noise. However, they are better at cancelling some types of noise than others. With the noise cancellation engaged and no music playing, on one side of the scale - the whoosh of the building's climate control system disappears completely. On the opposite side - nearby voices, including an office-mate with a "public speaker's voice", are still there but sound very far away. If I apply a low volume of music to the headphones with the noise-cancellation engaged, I'm completely isolated from the surrounding din. Nirvana.

From my experience, the quality of sound is very good. Perhaps it could use a bit more bass but I find the sound quality to be very clear and pleasant. But as I said, I'm no audio (nor any other kind of) phile. ;)

The headphones are extremely comfortable. They are very well designed with respect to "wear-ability". They are light-weight, seal around the ears well (effectively blocking much of the ambient noise) and apply no physical pressure on the ears. I can comfortably wear them for hours.

I read one reviewer who commented that the headphones made his ears so hot and sweaty that he had to remove them every ten minutes to allow his ears to cool. I've not had that experience. If I think about it while wearing the headphones, my ears do seem a little warmer than usual but nothing anywhere near the level of uncomfortable. And I'm a "hot-natured" person.

Another complained that the headphones are "made very poorly for a $300+ product". I respectfully disagree. While I balked at paying the price, I find the headphone design and construction to be engineered very well indeed. On the order of cutting-edge.

A reviewer complained that you can't run the headphones in "bypass mode". If I understood the complaint correctly then the reviewer was saying that it's a bad thing that the noise cancellation feature has to be engaged in order to hear music. I agree with this particular complaint. I'd like the ability to still use the headphones to listen to music without noise cancellation engaged just in case the battery that powers the noise cancellation functionality dies and I have no replacement nearby.

Another issue to consider is the effect the noise cancelling functionality has on your inner ear. When engaged, the noise cancelling gives the effect of pressure being applied to the inner ear. Apparently, some people find this so disturbing that they can't stand to use the headphones. I personally can feel the pressure when the noise cancelling is engaged without playing music. It doesn't really bother me. I can just feel it, but the sensation disappears as soon as I apply music to the mix.

All things considered, if are about to buy a set of noise canceling headphones and you can bear the price-tag then you should do yourself a favor and give the Bose QC 15s a spin around the block. They really are truly brilliant!
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on March 28, 2016
I have purchased this headset because I was going on a 7 hour road trip with a friend who likes to listen to heavy metal, whereas I prefer either classical or jazz style music and I have to say these work better than I expected. I was enjoying my music in the car ride and it sounded perfect, I could hear a little mumbling sounds so I took them off to see what the sound was and my friend was blasting heavy metal and I did not even notice, thats how good the noise canceling was. I was astonished, I told my friend sitting next to me to try them on and tell me what he thinks and he looked at me wide eyed and said "dude I can't even hear the car radio!". They are very comfortable to where and very light, like the interior of the cup has an angle to it so the your ear can fit inside of the cups, where as other headphones have flat facing speakers that can pinch your ears, these never did that. my parents love them and said " it sounds like she is singing right in front of me" (I played some opera music). the sound quality is very very clear and good for the price. Younger people may not like them because its "doesn't have a deep bass for my dubstep" well thats because these where not made for that kind of music (if you want to call it that stuff music). however when you play jazz, classical music, classic rock, and others these headphones will satisfy your completely.

- sound quality and clarity
- superb noise canceling
- light weight
- comfortable
- battery life, and only needs one AA battery
- can also double as some ear muffs in the winter haha

- cable is a little too long. but you don't notice unless you look down and see it hitting your knees when walking.
- because it is light, I fear it is fragile, I am not sure but I wouldn't drop them just incase.
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on September 26, 2009
First off... I want potential buyers to be aware that the people downgrading (1 star) these headphones for their quality are complaining that the headphones CRACKED after YEARS of owning them... The only problem, is that these headphones have only been out for a little over a month. I suspect that they made an honest mistake, and have the old Bose QC2's (QC15's are the newer version) which were notorious for their cheap construction on the headband. I have only had mine for a few weeks so I cannot comment on the durability, but [...] wrote in their review that Bose had made adjustments to the headband (new design + materials I believe), and that the durability should no longer be an issue. Hopefully that is that case.

On to the review:
I went on a little shopping spree and bought the JVC HA-NC250, Klispch Image S4, and these guys (QC15) to compare them. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I am really picky about electronics purchases... even to a fault. I am a medical school student, and obviously don't travel extensively, but I want to be able to study at home without being distracted by my wife's music/tv/neighbors/etc, so I was in the market for some noise cancelling/isolating headphones. The reason I chose these three headphones: JVC were cheaper noise cancelling with decent reviews ($[...] now), the Klipsch Image S4 ($[...]) got AMAZING reviews on CNET for sound quality, so I had to see if they blocked noise sufficiently, and these were the "top of the line" headphones that I wanted to try to see if they were worth the money.

Regarding the comfort of these headphones... ohhh baby. The material that they use for the earcups is AMAZING. No clue what it is, but it is extremely plush, without being obnoxiously huge and pillowy. I have worn the headphones for 3+ hours listening to music while studying with no discomfort, although my ears do get a little warm. It is not really uncomfortable to me, but I could imagine if I were in a really warm room, it might be a nuisance. I have used multiple types of earbuds, on ear headphones, and over ear headphones, and these are by far the most comfortable I've tried. Klipsch are earbuds, and fit VERY securely, but after a while they just annoy me (30+ min). JVC are more comfy than the Klipsch, but get destroyed by the Bose. QC15 win, hands down.

Sound quality: In my opinion, the Klipsch earbuds sounded the best, but I think that is partly due to the extremely secure fit and tight base that is produced as a result of having them jammed in your ear canal. The obvious downside is that those bug the crap out of me after 30 minutes of use. JVC sound quality is NOTICEABLY worse when the noise cancelling is off, and good when it's on, but I found the base kind of shallow (the battery compartment is not a pain to access like some people seem to complain about... unless you have gorilla hands). Bose sound quality seems VERY balanced. Exceptionaly clarity, responsive/tight base, and no hissing in the background. I did notice a little hissing when I was listening to classical music at near max volumes, but who listens to classical music at really high volumes... and it was most likely due to the sound quality of the song (download from Itunes) and not the headphones. Overall, outstanding sound quality for the QC15.

Noise cancelling: Bose > JVC > Klipsch. Obviously the klipsch aren't designed to eliminate sounds, just muffle them, and they do that well, but not well enough, and as I said before, I find earbuds slightly uncomfortable. The JVC headphones had notably worse sound-cancelling than the Bose. It is partially due to the fact that they are on-ear instead of over-ear headphones (bose). With the same song at equal levels I tested out both headphones while vacuuming (obviously VERY loud sound). JVC probably knocked out about 50-60% of the sound. The eleminate LOW frequency/pitch sounds very well, but ALL of the high ones that aren't muffled from wearing the headphones get through. As a result, I could hear the whine of the vacuum extremely clearly. QC15's easily eliminated 80+% of the noise. All of the low frequency sounds were dropped, and the higher frequency sounds were noticably reduced, but not gone. Of the 3 headphones, the bose is the clear winner.

While I know these are obnoxiously expensive ([...] bucks for headphones is ridiculous...), I have been very impressed with these headphones. Only gripe other than price is that noise-cancelling technology in general is unable to reduce high frequency sounds as much as I would like. With that said, I believe that these Bose headphones provide OUTSTANDING comfort, exceptional sound (aparently some audiophile people complain that they don't match up to their 500+ dollar shures, but w/e), and among the best noise cancelling money can buy. Also, it's wonderful that they changed over to a AAA instead of the stupid proprietary bose battery. If I were a frequent flyer, these headphones would be a no brainer.

Kept the Bose, and the other two got the boot.

(Quick side note... I have a pair of Sennheiser CX300's [earbuds], and for < 20 bucks you WILL NOT find a better pair of headphones. Comfortable by earbud standards, amazing base, clear mids/highs, unbeatable price. I use those for running, and the Bose when studying)
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VINE VOICEon May 1, 2010
Some of you may remember the infamous Cone of Silence from the Get Smart comedy series made in the 1960s. In the show, the cone of silence was meant to provide a, well, cone of silence around two people who wanted to have a private conversation, like when discussing top secret information, so that no one outside the cone could hear them. The cone never worked correctly in the show, which is part of why it was a funny prop.

I've often wanted, or rather maybe needed is the better word, my own personal cone of silence. Since I, in part, make my living by writing, e.g., computer code as well as prose, having my own personal cone of silence around me so that I can read and write without having my thoughts constantly interrupted is critical to being productive. Moreover, sometimes, like when on flying in a plane or staying in a noisy hotel, I just want to tune out my environment. And finally, when mowing the lawn, I'd like to continue listening to my audio books or music without damaging my hearing.

Those were my criteria, and after using the Bose QuietComfort 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones, I'd have to say I indeed have found my own personal cone of silence.

The headphones work best at filtering out, say, engine-type noise. I can listen to my audio books while mowing the grass on the tractor without having to adjust the volume. In other words, I use the same volume setting while mowing the grass to listen to my audio books as when listening to them inside the house. That's pretty effective, to me.

The headphones do also suppress higher-pitched noises, like dogs barking or humans talking, but the headphones do not completely make those noises completely silent. Those noises are muffled, as if they were happening in another room.

As for comfort-I've worn these headphones for hours at a time and they did not bother me at all. I did notice that when I was outside mowing the grass, in the sun, that my ears did feel warm, but this was a minor inconvenience compared to the noise cancellation benefits.

The headphones come with a handy carrying case along with an audio cable to connect the headphones to audio devices as well as an airplane audio adapter plug. Also, they fold flat for easy packing. And note that there is some mechanical noise suppression from just wearing the headphones, but the noise cancelling function is battery operated-one AAA battery (included) gives you about 35 hours of noise cancelling quiet.

Are they worth the price? To me, yes. The hours of productivity they have allowed so far are already worth more than the purchase price. So I guess it comes down to how much you value your time, what types of environments you can be productive in, and if you've always dreamed of having your own personal cone of silence.
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on July 21, 2016
I purchased these because I ride the train to work every day and I wanted to drown out the loud noise so I could listen to my music or watch movies. When I turned these on and the noise cancellation came on I was surprised at how well they mask the loud sound of the train, you can barely hear it but when the music comes on it completely drowned out the sound of the tracks. I am so happy that I can listen to my music and hear everything. I wish the bass was a bit thumpier but that is not a big deal for me because I don't have to crank up the volume anymore.
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on April 28, 2014
These headphones really surprised me with how well they work. I use rechargeable batteries with these headphones because I use them so often. It holds a charge for a good amount of time, which is great for long flights and even longer study sessions.

They may be a bit big, and pricey, but they are worth it. The first time I put them on I thought I'd almost gone deaf. I've logged countless hours on them, and still continue to use them because they are so great. I would definitely get them again, though I would consider the slimmer profiled QuietComforts, just due to the sheer size of these. I would recommend them for anyone who works in a busy workspace, travels a lot, or needs to study for extended periods of time around others.
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on March 22, 2011
I am currently in Iraq, and have been for 9 months now. After a long flight home, and back I decided the next time I sit on a plane for 13 hours it would be in comfort. As I always do "When I can" I purchase Bose products. I decided after looking around for some Bose noise cancellation headphones that The Quiet Comfort 15 would do.

Although they are a bit more than my wife would like me to spend LOL, they do provide excellent noise cancellation. My sleeping area, is 100 yards away from an active helicopter airport, that operates all the time. I share the room with one other fella, who talks quiet loud on Skype with his wife, and kids. Also now that it is getting to be summer over here, the air conditioner is constantly running. So in saying that, since my very wise investment. I no longer hear the helicopters, the air conditioner is muffled to a peacefull hum if heard at all, and the roommate well the roommate can still be heard, but his voice is not so dominating. It cut the noise from him easily in half if not more. I mean this guy literally sleeps, and Skypes 5 feet from me. I can always just add a little volume, and the whole world dissapears. I actually did not hear a mortar drop, I felt the wall shake, and was told later that it was pretty loud.

I have limited space to enjoy my music, movies, and internet usually on my bed, and several times I have gotten up forgetting that I am plugged into my computer.The jack pulls out of the headphones preventing my computer, or headphones from flying onto the floor. While whatever I am listening to goes away, and the quietness is still there. They are a comfortable fit, and as usual Bose provides great sound. I cannot wait to see how they do on a plane, when I finally get to leave this place for good. I would certianly recommend the Bose Queit Comfort 15's to anybody that asks for a recommendation.
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on January 25, 2016
I'll start this by saying I'm not an audiophile. The purpose of these was to block out noise in the office. We bought the whole team a set and they've been great. So far they've lasted about two years. Will update if anything goes wrong!
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on August 27, 2016
Wow! I bought a used pair, in 2016, for $85 and they are worth every penny. These absolutely still hold their value.
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on March 2, 2015
Great for airline trips, really cancels out cabin noise. I bought a U-Fly-Mike aviation microphone for it which converts it to a very light noise canceling aviation headset which works pretty well... until your AAA battery goes out, then you can't hear ATC... so always carry a spare and use a fresh battery for each day's flight for safety.
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