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on December 2, 2013
After sustaining a serious loss of blood injury, I was told about this product.

While sitting in my recliner recovery from my injury that nearly bled me out, I brought this up on Youtube. Once I seen the demonstrations, I promptly ordered it from Amazon. When it came, I placed it in the first aid kit. Hopefully, I never have to use it ever.
But, if I or someone I know gets an injury that has blood loss, I now know that this product will stop the bleeding.

I sustained a chain saw injury to the leg. I then had to walk 1000 feet to get to help. The thirst from blood loss was horrific.With 100 feet to go, I lost vision.

If you watch the youtube demonstrations, you will see this product is amazing.
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on April 11, 2013
You never know when one slip, fall, or bad axe swing can leave you with a wound that just won't stop bleeding. In this and many other dangerous situations where a large open wound can be a serious threat, QuikClot comes to the rescue. I keep at least one of these in my custom-packed trauma kit that is always with me in my truck or on any outdoor trip. In conjunction with some good large gauze bandages, you can easily stop the bleeding of a large flesh wound.

A must-have for any trauma kit or serious first aid kit. This ain't your granny's band-aid!
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on July 14, 2012
I'm the sort of person who believes that "be prepared" isn't a motto, it's an existential requirement. So naturally I carry a couple of these items in my backpack when I'm out and about in the wilderness and near-wilderness (e.g. places with trails). Although I've been fortunate enough to avoid (so far) situations where I might need to staunch bleeding somewhere on my own body, last summer I had to help out a guy who'd managed to injure himself quite seriously. When I came across him he was trying in vain to apply a rough-and-ready tourniquet to stop himself bleeding out. Within a couple of minutes the Quikclot and some medical gauze did the trick. Of course it took a bit more than this to get the guy to a point where he could walk back to the trail head but without the Quikclot there would have been more drama. I keep a few around the house (with teenage kids, you never know...) and always keep 2 in my backpack, and a couple in each of my vehicles' first aid kits. They are light but very effective. As the cliche goes, "don't leave home without one."
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on March 1, 2014
The price is right, that's for sure.
Our Crisis Casualty Care (TC3) Instructor walked us through the improvements the Quik Clot folks have made over the years. The product is well known, widely used, and credited for being a potentially life-saving yet inexpensive item to have in your range bag, bug-out emergency bag, 1st aid bag, etc.
If you run with scissors, flirt with danger, or want to be prepared - keep this stuff handy.
I noticed that (as they do with so many items) Amazon also offered the "More Buying Choices" and showed a reduced price for USED Quik-Clot.
...Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed to cut costs, use coupons, take advantage of my PRIME membership, or anything else I can do to save money. But, (and I am NOT speaking from experience) I would say you should pay a little extra and ignore the USED Quik-Clot. But hey, that's just me.
No matter what:
- This is good (might be life-saving) stuff to have around. The price is right - don't leave home without it.
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on November 3, 2013
This is one of those things that is difficult to review. By that I mean if youve had to use it, something went terribly wrong. In that sense, I cant actually review the product itself as Im fortunate enough not to have had to use it. Instead my review focuses on the packaging, shipment, and price.

Like everything else on Prime, this stuff got here lightning fast. One day instead of the guaranteed 2. So A+ there. Now for packaging. The packets are vacuum sealed in a thick plastic. They feature a quick open slit near the top that would allow you to open it very quickly. So these packs dont waste any extra room and youre also not afraid that they will tear under being tossed around in your pack. Another A+. And price is always subjective, but for me a product that can potentially save mine or someone elses life and doesnt expire for several years is a great value. And by this standard, I consider Quik Clot cheap.

So while Ive never used it to stop bleeding, I trust the professionals and our military folks who use the same product in their kits to stop life threatening bleeding.
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on January 11, 2015
I've needed to use one of these sponges on a friend who took part of a branch through part of her leg when she took a spill hiking. It controlled the bleeding very well, and probably most importantly, it made her feel MUCH more secure. The psychological impact of blood just stopping coming out of your body is not to be underestimated.

I always carry a small one in my everyday bag, and never go hiking without one.
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on July 11, 2013
This is one of those things that you hope you never use but better have around in case you do need it. Its primary use is for gunshot wounds and puncture wounds. If you go to a range you should ALWAYS have one of these with you in case the bozo in the next stand over forgets to keep the barrel pointed down range at all times and lets lose a round...... It does unfortunately happen, people are still people. If you go hunting, have one of these in case you become a victim of a hunting accident or you see someone else become a victim. Beyond that, this stuff will work on any serious wound where a victim may bleed to death. Like say a car accident or something else. Its a pretty good idea to just keep one of these around for a "just in case"...its cheap insurance basically. This will not take the place of a doctor or the need to go to a hospital, but it very well may keep a person from bleeding to death before they get to a hospital. Learn how to properly use it though BEFORE you find yourself in an emergency situation
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on April 16, 2017
Have several around the house and car. Husband had a wound that required many, many stitches, and it stopped the bleeding long enough to get to the emergency room.
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on December 30, 2014
I have seen this product used before and I know it works. I suggested it to my dad, who has to take bloodthinners for the rest of his life after two separate incidents of unexplained blood clots in his legs. He's a skilled craftsman and handyman, and although he is more careful now, he does still use tools that would be quite capable of killing someone not on bloodthinners if handled improperly, so we insisted he take other precautions.
Not a lot of information is available on how these might interact with someone who takes bloodthinners and has a history of clotting, but his surgeon said, "if you're ever faced with a situation where you would have to decide whether to use this, any cleanup we might have to do afterwards is probably worth it given the short term benefit of not bleeding to death." Sounds good to me.
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on July 17, 2017
Outstanding product. Have used this in the field this past month, and it is truly amazing. I am purchasing several more for our Field/Triage Kit.
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