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on July 29, 2014
I love this little cord holder, which works exactly as advertised. But I was wondering about why there is a hole through the tabs. Then I realized -- if you put a pencil through crossways, it keeps the cords from slipping out over the top. I'll try to submit a user picture.
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on May 18, 2014
I've purchased these twice. My first purchase was for two, my second for one. The first purchase brought two of the same size. The second purchase brought one of a larger size and heavier. See attached picture. The smaller size works well but is a little too light to securely weight the cables to the surface it sits on. I remedied this by using 'earthquake' putty, a re-useable, nonstaining adhesive putty.

The larger version is heavy enough that I don't need to use the putty. The larger and heavier model (new version?) is more useful in that I can move it around to suit my needs. The smaller and lighter version needs a little help in staying put. I like this product a lot. Cool industrial design, easy to use and doesn't bring undue attention to itself. Hopefully the larger design is the design they will use going forward.
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on June 23, 2015
Works as advertised!

I recently built a desk with a nice finish, so I was looking for a desktop cable management solution that didn't involve any adhesives (which could potential leave residue or damage the finish upon removal). Quirky Cordies did the job. The base is weighted nicely with what feels like a solid metal interior and a matte textured rubber exterior that doesn't want to slide all over the place. Before purchase I was worried I may have issues with cords pulling the unit off the desk, but that hasn't been an issue at all. It's not going anywhere. Works great for my assortment of USB, AC adapter, firewire, ethernet, display and audio cables.

However, be warned of unbranded knock-off versions being sold by some sellers (that are fulfilled by Amazon!). Here's how to tell the difference between the Quirky branded items and the knock off items (I will attach pictures as well): The knock of versions have a strong, nasty odor (made the whole room stink as soon as I opened the Amazon shipping box). The box and packaging is smaller and lower quality than the branded version (no instruction booklet either, not that it's needed). The item itself and box contains no Quirky logo or branding (the branded version has a quirky logo and name on the bottom of the item, as well as in multiple places on the box). The rubber does not look or feel quite as nice as the branded version. The vertical grips are less rigid (flex easier) than the branded version. The vertical grips on the branded version are either made with stronger rubber, or are reinforced with a metal interior (hard to tell). The diameter of the circular hole that goes through the center of all the vertical grips is slightly wider on the unbranded version.

For reference, "Finders Keepers Shops" has sent me 3 legit, branded versions (2 separate orders). "Mile2014" has sent me 2 unbranded versions (which were returned).

Based on the many recent reviews complaining of strong odor, I'm guessing many sellers are selling these unbranded versions. I'm disappointed with Amazon. These are Prime, "Fulfilled by Amazon" sellers. In my case, the seller that sent the unbranded version was even the default seller selected when clicking "add to cart" on the main product page. I expected better seller quality control on Amazon's part for Prime items that they fulfill.

Note: in the pictures, the branded version is always on the right, unbranded on the left
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on January 2, 2013
The only negative I read on Amazon was the inability of this stand to in fact stay in place. That feedback is totally justifiable.
My solution. Use the 3M wall picture 2 part mounting sticker square to keep the stand in place and change the location if needed.
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on August 6, 2015
I don't usually write reviews, but I most write one for this product. I was excited when my package arrived, but immediately noticed that it smelled like gasoline. I thought maybe something spilled on it during shipping, but when I opened the package the smell intensified. I thought that eventually the smell would go away, but it seemed to get stronger throughout the day.

Functionally speaking, I would give the product three stars. The spaces for the wires are too wide, so the wires will not stay in one place. The bottom of the product is not made of a "slip free" material. I would call it more of a "slip resistant" material, so it will not sit firmly where you place it. When I combine average to below average functionality with fumes that are probably respiratory and fire hazards I end up with a product rating of a single star.

I would not be surprised if this product turned out to be a recycled part that was salvaged from some sort of fuel tank (car, helicopter, airplane). I had to throw the part away midway through the day, because the smell of gasoline was so strong!
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on May 11, 2011
I LOVE this product! Intend to order more. It keeps my charger wires (cellphone, laptop) and my USB cords neat and easily accessible. Is heavy enough that it doesn't fall off the table itself; and discreet enough that it can be tucked away behind a pen stand or vase. Perfect.
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VINE VOICEon October 10, 2017
In my search for something for desktop cable management, I was drawn to this one because it is weighted to stay in place as opposed to using adhesive, which could potentially damage surfaces and hamper its ability to be moved from spot to spot. This has four slots to hold cables comfortably, including thin cables like lightening to USB cables for your Apple devices.

While I really like this item, I was a bit disappointed that the "white" version is instead an unattractive grey color and the bottom of it appears dirty or used all along the outer rim. Seeing as this item is NOT adhesive and cannot be hidden under or behind the desk, but instead must be displayed on top of it, the poor coloring is a bit more bothersome. Otherwise, the item does its just and does it well.
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on June 3, 2015
I should have paid attention the reviews explaining how to get the "genuine" product. This review is for the only item I have to judge by -- in other words for all I know, this is the product advertised. This is Amazon, I shouldn't have to play these games...

Anyway, it literally smells like a gas station dipped in oil. Honestly it may not be worth returning given the low price (but then the bad guys win, right?).

If I ever do get a real one I will update this review accordingly. See pic for the box this came in.
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on November 5, 2015
I've owned this for 8 months now. The nauseous black rubber smells like a mixture of burnt rubber and gasoline. It was so stinky when I opened it up that I washed it with soap and water. I left it in the garage for 2 weeks to air out. I set it on my wife's nightstand to manage her charging cables, but she could smell it in bed 3 feet away. I left it in the garage for another 7 months, and it still stinks. Even today, the smell is overwhelming if less than one foot away from your nose. I was about to throw it in the trash after writing this review, then I saw the review by Let'sBeHonest and discovered I received a fake/knock-off.

Read the review by Let'sBeHonest for more details on the fake version that most buyers get.
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I am so happy to have found a cable holder for my desk that doesn't require that I stick it to the surface! Don't get me wrong, I love command and similar "sticky" products A LOT, but my $500 editing desk isn't a surface I preferred sticking something to. This cable holder is the perfect size and weight to keep my lighting cable, older iPad/iPhone cable, external drive cable and headphone cable right where I want them so I never have to go fishing behind the computer. The slots are the perfect size for easily putting the cables in and taking them out with ease, but they also stay put! Each little disk is also somewhat flexible to accommodate bigger cables.

The only reason I took off one star is because I think it might be slightly over priced, it took a long time to arrive and the packaging was a disaster when it arrived, but the product itself wasn't damaged and works great, exactly as advertised! I'm happy I bought it.
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