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on December 26, 2015
I am using this with my SmartThings v2 Hub. After scratching my head over the extremely confusing state of direct SmartThings support, I got the functionality I wanted using IFTTT:

- Install the Wink app on your phone and create an account.
- Add the device and program it using your phone.
- At this point my Power Genius was actually configured correctly, but the app gave up before it could ping the Power Genius. I scratched around trying to figure out how to "reset" the Power Genius (seems impossible), but the answer was simply to pretend to program the device again, and this time the app was happy.
- Using, add New Device, call it "Power Genius Outlet #1" or similar, select "Simulated Switch" as the device type. Do the same for Outlet #2.
- Create an account with IFTTT and add the "Wink: Pivot Power Genius" and "SmartThings" channels (and add the two simulated switches when connecting to SmartThings).
- Nearly done! Create an on and off recipe in IFTTT for each simulated switch, pairing each virtual action with the equivalent Power Genius action. You should have 4 recipes in total.

That's it. There is a little latency due to the IFTTT intermediary, however it has so far proved extremely reliable. The only downside is that the "Wink: Pivot Power Genius" channel appears unable to trigger actions in IFTTT, so if you manually toggle an outlet using the physical buttons on the Power Genius it will go out of phase with the SmartThings app (and you'll have to toggle twice in SmartThings to trigger the action). I have triggered the Power Genius simulated switches many times and have not noticed a single failed event.

I would buy another one.
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Quality power strip with two internet controllable outlets and two dumb outlets. This is a very good quality strip, well made and thick, sturdy plastic. That could be a negative because it is big and bulky but it is designed well and looks nice. The first two outlets are controllable from the Wink app with the Wink hub, allowing you to control many different devices. Perhaps the best use for something like this is to give Internet control to dumb led strips that can be purchased cheaply here on Amazon then plug them into an outlet like this and then you can power the led strip on and off from the Internet without paying $100 for hue lighting...
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on September 19, 2017
I bought one and liked it so much I bought another. I may buy more. The second one caused me a bit of grief, since I had not renamed any of the names from the first. The second was initialized to exactly the same names, so proper identification was impossible - and the UI didn't help at all with this. After removing the second completely, then renaming the first, then adding the second again and renaming it too, everything was great.

Anyway, that's the worst bug I've found in the year or two that I've owned these.

Nowadays I usually use Alexa to control these, but with recent automation helpers, I can add them into larger smart home flows by voice command, motion sensors, or other triggers.
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on July 15, 2017
This is an incredible value. It links well with the Wink App (free) and then with Amazon Echo and Dot. Each Pivot Power Genius comes with two programmable outlets and two regular outlets. I have one of my Pivot Power Geniuses connected to lamps on either side of my sofa. When I want to turn on a lamp, I simply ask Alexa, "Turn on ____'s Living Room Light." Likewise I have two lights on either side of my bed. To turn on my light, I simply ask Alexa to turn on _____'s bedroom light. When I am ready to go to sleep, I simply tell Alexa to turn off _____'s bedroom light. Another advantage of the Pivot Power Genius is that it can handle heavier loads like a coffee or tea maker. My friend has his turn on the teapot for his afternoon tea. Finally, another huge advantage of the Pivot Power Genius is that it will work with an IFTTT channel. I have two uses for that function. When I come home at night, the IFTTT senses when my phone enters my driveway and sends a command to my Pivot Power Genius to turn on my lights. I no longer have to come home to a dark home. I also used the IFTTT channel to turn my lights on and off after dark to give the home a lived in look when I am out of town. I am such a fan of this product that I have bought several in case I think of some other use.
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on December 4, 2016
I don't understand why this is so cheap? These things rock and in the world of home automation, are at giveaway prices.

I run Wink in our barn and Smartthings in the house. I use these strip plugs to run xmas lights, a model train set, and security floodlights over Wink. For $18 (latest price), you get TWO controllable outlets and a couple of dumb outlets. You just cant beat that price as most automated SINGLE switches stat at $25 and REQUIRE a Wink or Smartthings hub. This strip requires no hub as Wifi is built into the strip plug - it connects to your home wifi. That's right - all you need is this strip plug, the free Wink app (or IFTTT) and your'e in business and controlling two devices from anywhere in the world for $18 - what's not to love? Example: Hook this strip up to a fan and use IFTTT to monitor your home towns weather temp, if the temp hits 70 degrees IFTTT turns on the fan - our chickens love this idea - possibilities are endless.

Grab 'em while you can. They wont last forever.
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on May 5, 2015
Terrible, took forever to connect and once it did there was such an incredible delay (when it actually worked) on turning on or off 1 or both connected outlets. I have a really nice asus router. about 3 months old and an incredibly fast internet connection. This product stinks! Stay AWAY! Wink is losing it bad, go to Smart Things!
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on April 18, 2016
I bought this on my familiarity with other Pivot power strips and with IFTTT (If This, Then That), which allows outside events to act as triggers for these devices. What I hadn't realized is that IFTTT isn't all that relevant, and that Apple HomeKit compatibility would be something I'd want.
The reason IFTTT isn't needed is that WINK's own app allows for triggers based on sunrise/sunset at my location (as well as time of day), and even my arrival at home (based upon my phone's GPS). I can even set it up to come on -ONLY- if I arrive after sundown. Not even IFTTT has that!
Since our home is Apple-friendly, I was beginning to find the joys of HomeKit. "Hey, Siri, turn off the bedroom lights." Nice. Sadly, these outlets don't communicate with HomeKit. iHome iSP5 WiFI Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit with Siri, Nest, Wink and Amazon Echo does. But iHome's app is pretty feeble, so you might still want to use the Wink App to set up your triggers.
So if you -do- want IFTTT connectivity (have the outlet turn on/off when your team wins a game? when it starts to snow? when someone tags you in a Facebook photo?), and if HomeKit isn't necessary, then this is your product.
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on March 17, 2017
Wow. For the price there is nothing like this on the market. I love that I have two different smart plugs that I can connect to within my WINK app. It was easy to setup and worked great. I want to order 10 more for my friends and use around the house. Here is the best part: you don't need a hub! That is huge. I was able to give these to family members for christmas and not worry that they don't have a hub. My sister and my dad easily set up their strip to be used with Alexa. "Alexa, turn on the living room lamp" and bam! Great great product.
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on August 8, 2017
Works with Alexa and WInk app but not with Google home. Google home is my primary method of controlling my home automation devices and I was disappointed that I couldn't get it to work. It connected to my Wink controller (version 1) very quickly. I was able to control the first two sockets individually as expected. I was also able to turn them off/on independently via Amazon Echo. But Google Home assistant doesn't see them so I'm out of luck there. It cost them two stars in my rating.
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on January 7, 2017
Great idea, and we own a few of these. Even as "dumb" power adapters they're nice. But the make flaw is the huge plug - it's hard to get into anywhere that isn't a perfectly flat surface. We have a recessed outlet behind our TV and the plug on this is too big to fit, so I can't use it there. The other flaw is the really weak wifi antenna (and why wifi?) -- unlessa very strong signal near the plug, it won't get a reception. It integrates nicely with ifttt and Alexa via the Wink app, though, once you get it working.
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