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on October 12, 2015
I won't go into all the things I love about this case. If you've ready anyone else's review, you'll know what is so good about the case. The ony thing I'd add is my review regarding MtG specifically and deckboxes. The case promotes just sleeved cards, but anyone who plays MtG (Magic the Gathering) knows to put their cards in a box. Unless you're building a cube, or you're just totally playing casual (which prob means you aren't buying this case in the first place), you are going to be putting your decks in a box. I was looking through all of the reviews to see how this would work for me.

I play with the Ion Deckboxes and one made by Aaron Cain (the Cool Deckbox Guy: So I was concerned about the fit. People already stated that there is a tight fit with normal Ultra Pro deckboxes. Well, I play Modern, and I only ever have 3 decks with me. I bought this to play with, have with me at a tournament, have something that is sleek and compact, something that doesn't take much space. This fits everything I wanted.

The only bad thing about the case I got was this: When the case is closed, the top is a little crooked. Pretend you take the entire case and twist the two ends in opposite directions. The bottom is flat, but the top looks corkscrewed. It's not even that bad, but since i'm a little OCD about things, I can notice it and it is a little annoying. Again, more aesthetic than a functional problem.

Back to the main point, fitting Deckboxes. The deckboxes fit longways with NO issue. Yes, this limits the amount of boxes you can fit into the case. If you have Ion boxes or bigger, you're not going to get many into the case. What you'll have to remember is that this case is not for carrying your collection. If you want a slim, sleek, compact carry case that is easy to handle, maneuver and store deckboxes, dice, tokens, etc; this is your case.

If you look at the pictures I've attached, you can see that on the far left of the case, there are loose cards with the stock dividers. These are the tokens that each Modern deck can produce. Next to the tokens, I've set up the dividers (the Velcro dividers that came with the case) to include my die. I have three Modern decks, and they hall fit comfortably in the case without feeling 'squished' in the case. I would not be able to put them in the other way, because they're too big and wide. This is pretty much the only configuration that works for bigger deckboxes. As for the regular Ultra Pro Deckboxes; you can see in the last photo that they fit so much better than the Ions do. You can probably carry about 10 decks in this fashion if you choose to do that.

Final Review: Great case if you want a slim way to carry a few decks, tokens, dice, and other random things you need for a tournament (papers, pencils, etc). If you're looking for a case that carries EVERYTHING, this is not for you. My only negative comment about this case is that there's no way to pull off a playmat. You're going to have to suck it up and carry it. If you were to put the playmat in the case, you might be able to carry a deck and some other small things like dice or tokens, but that's it. So, Unless you're going to be going to a tournament with one deck and your playmat, just carry the playmat and allow yourself more room for decks.

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on March 29, 2017
I searched far and wide for the perfect portable case to take card and board games with me on the go and I am happy to say I found it! While there are many cases that are cheaper than this one and about the same size the quality is just not there. Other cases have: bad zippers, weak exteriors, unraveling seams, and dimensions too small to fit sleeved cards. The Quiver on the other hand suffers from non of these. It comes loaded with tons of extras for you to customize your loadout, and is dripping with quality. Also for 10 bucks more than most duel deck boxes it is a way better deal.

I will start off saying there were some components missing from my first order, and their customer service went above and beyond to make sure I received exactly what they promised. I was missing the two corner pads in my original order which help keep the cards from getting bent in the corner of the case. Korn one of their service reps was very prompt in his emails and quickly resolved the issue. In the end they sent me a brand new product and had me keep the original one I bought. Talk about generous!

So about the case itself, it has all the features I was looking for. It can fit card games and board games (without large boards). It can fit my 3DS XL securely. It is neither too big to become heavy and unwieldy nor is it too small. My favorite feature is the movable Velcro dividers. These can be angled which is great (see my splendor pic below) and they are very sturdy. The shoulder strap is perfect and feels very comfortable when worn. Some people have complained that the zipper is too tight but I haven't had a problem. if you take the corners slow then its fine and after a week of use it feels normal. The waterproofing is a very nice touch.

I have fit tons of games from collection in here. I have used it for star wars armada fleets, ashes, summoner wars, star wars destiny. numerous board and card games. I have thrown my phone and wallet in there if I don't want them in my pockets. It is so versatile and so well made. I'm sure if you are reading this far you are probably thinking I am some sort of paid reviewer and I will say right now that I am not. I don't ever regularly review items on amazon. But I needed to give a shout out to this company and product in particular because of their superior craftsmanship and service.

TLDR: If you like board and card games and travel / play in a tournament scene, this is for you. Also great customer service

So all in all I am very happy with this product I will be using it for many years to come and will most likely be getting more as gifts for friends and relatives.
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on May 29, 2017
This is very well thought out case. I'll divide its strengths into the following categories:

Configurable: I've used this case for several different living card games. The combination of hard plastic dividers and soft velcro dividers, lets you devise your own configuration appropriate to your game, reducing setup time/etc. The inner mesh pouch works very well for a folded down the center, letter-sized, laminated rules reference. Some games that came in the smaller format boxes, with the smaller rules books, fit in this pouch without any folding, so you can have the full rules reference with you. That isn't going to work for any of the living card games that come in the bigger boxes, which is why I opt for a laminated quick reference sheet.

Carrying: I like the large carry strap, but they also provide the hand strap if you'd prefer that. Both are more than adequate for the weight of the case when fully loaded.

Protection: I believe this to be just right for card games. It's sufficiently protective, to the point I am not concerned when this item is thrown into a suitcase with other heavy items when I'm on the road. I don't see any risk of the case crushing unless you push it far beyond what you can see it is intended for.

All in all, it's a perfect rating. I would love Quiver to make a half, or perhaps two-thirds sized option, as this size is far too big for some of my favorite smaller games. In those cases I'll put 3-4 different games in the one Quiver, using the velcro dividers to mark the games, and the plastic dividers as sub-dividers. You'll know it is right for you by a simple check of your total cards in your game versus their published intended capacity.
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on March 7, 2017
The case has just arrived, so I cannot speak of its durability, but my initial impression is very favorable. I wanted a case for playing cards in the case. I read numerous reviews and was still not sure if the case would hold playing cards in the sleeves. There was even a question answered by one of the reps of the company confirming they would fit, but I still was a bit skeptical. Fear not, it's perfect for my purposes (see attached photo). It will hold approximately 20-22 decks of cards depending on whether you want to include other items in the case. I included fanning powder and Sortkwik (finger moistener for card handling) in the case, so I did not max out the card decks. The case overall looks nice, has convenient carrying straps and looks sharp. Would highly recommend.
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on April 9, 2017
When I purchased this card holder it was delivered with slight damage to the case (not from shipping... Could have happened at Amazon?) I contacted the company and sent over pictures of the damage, they sent me a new case at no charge, very stand up company that stands behind their product.

As for the case...
The case is made very well and I really think worth the 40 dollar price tag. Zipper is very good quality and you can feel how sturdy the case is, it has no issues protecting your cards. I purchased a few other cases on Amazon (best case... Etc) and this is by far superior in construction.

I am currently using it to hold mtg (magic the gathering) cards. The cards/decks are sleeved with dragon shields with some in pro boxes. The case holds them well (on their sides) with no room for movement. I am able to fit 5 pro boxes with about 40 cards extra per deck (so able 200 (in that range) of sleeved cards. With this set up the case is completely full so no extra room for dice or mat etc. FYI, if I was to pull the cards from the deck boxes I would have a lot of room left for dice. I can fit my mat in the top netting folded over (the mat is a inked gaming brand) however, zipping the case closed is a tight fit (but doable).

I would like to see a double row case from this same company with the same quality as this one. But for now, if you are needing a high quality case for you cards, this is the one (especially compared to the others on Amazon)
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on March 18, 2017
I bought this case made by Quiver on Amazon to store my Star Wars destiny collection. It was able to hold everything I have with room to spare (both starter sets, 36 booster dice, at least two of every common card, and a bunch of uncommon and rare cards). All the cards are sleeved . The cards are separated by a white Ultra Pro 100+ box for the heroes, a black Ultra Pro 100+ box for the villains, and a clear Ultra Pro standard box for the neutral cards. The dice are in two piece Ultra Pro boxes (2x100ct & 2x50 ct). The tokens are in two piece Ultra Pro boxes (2x25 ct). I added the Empire and Rebel decals to the white and black deck boxes (I found them on Amazon - They measure 2" x 2"). The rules fit easily under the mesh net under the case top. I am very happy with the quality of the case! The zippers, carry strap and handle hardware appear to be well made. The case is rigid and I feel it will protect my collection well and it is stylish to boot.
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on August 31, 2017
This case is the best case for Magic cards, hands down. They aren't kidding with sleek and stylish! Just received it, and was able to easily fit in 6 Commander decks all sleeved, with about an inch at the end for my 12 craps dice-counters. If you're like me and take multiple formats to a FNM then this is the case for you. I can fit my oversized sleeved commander cards in the top section, a couple commander decks, a modern deck, a standard deck, a few packs of cards for drafting, and a draft set (I presleeve land and have extra sleeves for drafting). Not to mention it will also fit my tokens, dice, and life counter easily. I'll probably have to get creative for holding a playmat (or maybe it will just fold up in the lid), but that would be the only downside of this case if there was one. The cards in sleeves still fit loose, no bending of corners. The manufacturer even though of those cards at the end and put in some endcaps so your cards don't bend there either. The dividers are thick acrylic, not superthin plastic dividers. Excellent product!!!
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on February 10, 2018
Amazing. Everything I wanted and more. The sleeves provided are transparent and I've put them on extra cards I have and are great quality. The case itself is VERY sturdy and fits the standard size deck boxes (in case you've already invested in those too). The Quiver logo and zippers are awesomely designed. Very sleek and professional looking. Color looks exactly like the picture.

LOTS of space. I fit two 100 card deck boxes (Magic cards) in it, a 60 card deck box, a spot for my left over sleeves (about 150), a place for my dice (standard dice box that comes with dice when you buy them), and I still have more space left over.

I'm OCD as hell and this box is perfect.
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on January 2, 2018
After years of struggling with multiple card storage issues, along comes the Quiver! An idea so useful and obvious, why wasn't it created years ago? An elegant and slim design fits comfortably over the shoulder, with plenty of room to store your decks and accessories. Comes equipped with dividers to help you organize the case to personal specifications. As a bonus, several packets of card sleeves are included. If you wish to make tournament travel easier, get yourself a Quiver! The fact that it also looks awesome is a big plus!
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on June 11, 2017
I bought this for my Dominion cards. The only downside is that for the price of the case, I could have bought another expansion to the game. I was using a Flambeau tackle box that held all my cards, but it didn't have a real handle, so when I inevitably dropped it, cards went everywhere. This has both a shoulder strap and a wrist strap, so there's no way I'll drop it. It feels sturdy and zips securely, so even if it did fall, the contents would be okay. And the trough is wide enough for the my cards and their dividers, unlike a cheaper card case I purchased earlier. I think that even if my cards were sleeved or boxed they would still fit okay. And it all feels like good quality materials. I expect I will be using this for a long time.
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