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on May 4, 2016
I bought this system 8/19/2013 for my 2000 Honda Odyssey. Unfortunately, the cupholders in the van didn't hold it securely, so I used PVC pipe to make my own base. As it turned out, my kid had a similar mount, but his flex arm broke, and he ended up with my base. I was prepared to give the iPad holder five stars, but I noticed a few weeks ago that the top clip was beginning to feel "spongy." When I looked more closely last night, I am afraid plastic fatigue has set in and it's going to snap off before long. I guess that's when I'll find out if the lifetime warranty is any good.

Pros: holds iPad very securely
Cons: may not fit your cupholder; flex arm is a weak link; top clip of iPad holder may break over time.
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on February 19, 2012
The mount comes in two parts, the black plastic cradle and the cup holder insert with the very stiff gooseneck.

On the cradle are two possible positions to attach the gooseneck. Picture two rectangles with a bolt hole in each corner; you'll attach the gooseneck to one of these. And, that's where the "good but not great" comes in.

With the gooseneck vertical and slightly bent, the orientation of both of these "rectangles" is horizontal (landscape). Since the gooseneck to cradle fixture is fixed, you WILL NOT be able to just rotate the iPad in its cradle after you attach the two parts unless you buy another part from the Ram Mounts people. If you prefer a vertical (portrait) look to your iPad you can bend the gooseneck down so it is horizontal. WARNING: However, this is not ideal, and a Ram Mounts guy told me on the phone that manipulating the gooseneck too much will cause it to fail (probably what happened to a couple of reviewers here).

Be sure to cinch the bolts down "manly tight;" that takes all the play out of the cradle.

If you don't mind the landscape positioning of your iPad, this will work for you.

Three stars only. Four or five stars if it came with the requisite mount swivel.
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on December 19, 2012
I was looking for a way to conveniently mount my iPad in my truck but in such a way that isn’t permanent and doesn’t require much work to mount it. This was the perfect solution and it is awesome.

There were some concerns I had before I started using it:

Will it fit?
The model I bought was initially intended for the thicker original iPad. They tried to make it compatible for the thinner iPad 2 by including rubber stick on pieces to fill that gap. It holds well until one of the rubber pieces fall off due to the heat of the car and usage. Although without the rubber piece, the iPad will still hold but just rattle a bit.

Will the gooseneck wear out?
I’ve had the product for a few months now and drive a bouncy truck. I do try to not move the gooseneck around much once its set as to not wear it out. Whenever I hit a large bump though, the positioning of the iPad does move and I have to move it back. But for the most part the gooseneck is very strong and doesn’t show signs of fatigue yet.

Can you use it in both horizontal and portrait mode?
Yes. The mount does rotate to be able to either mode you prefer.

Is a cup holder mount a sturdy place to mount my heavy iPad?
It depends on where your cup holder is in your car. For my Ford Ranger with the cup holder that is a part of the center console, it is a perfect place to have it. The part that sticks into the holder is weighted and has rubber pieces that are meant to be wedged in there for a tight fit.

Overall I recommend this to anyone looking for a way to mount their iPad without having to deal with any suction cups or adhesive tapes. This definitely beats looking at the screen of a little phone to find where you're going etc. It is a little expensive but if used correctly, its worth it.
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on June 22, 2013
The mount is easy to install, it fits in the cup holders for both of our vehicles (2006 Jeep Cherokee and 2012 Dodge Durango). Since the cup holders are close to the shifter, you have to manipulate the movable arm...not a big deal. Only downside is that the Ipad tends to slightly shake when moving because it does not had a snug fit while in the mount. Other than that, I love it and would defiantly recommend it to others.

**Updated on August 8, 2013**

Well, we loved this mount until the swivel arm stopped holding the ipad upright. We have had the mount for less than 2 months and we do not use it daily. It's used mostly on weekends or when we take long trips. So when the swivel arm failed, we were very disappointed. We rarely move the arm. The ipad is always positioned in the vertical/upright position. It's is basically useless since every time I accelerate, brake or make a turn, the ipad falls down. Very disappointed. I plan on contacting Ram Mount. I will post my response.

**Updated on October 7, 2013**

I opted for the Double Ball Mount Upgrade for an added cost of $9.17. This mount is what the unit should originally come with instead of the weak arm that broke after minimal use. Bottom line, the mount is working exactly as I originally expected. I was just disappointed that I had to pay extra for an upgrade that guaranteed something that the product was supposed to deliver in the beginning. Review changed to 3 stars.
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on January 26, 2012
Fits snugly in the front cup holder of the center console in my Subaru Impreza. From reading reviews that said it shook, I was concerned that the gooseneck would be flimsy. The flexible neck is quite stout as is the overall construction. However, it does vibrate slightly, but I don't think it is a problem for the given purpose. It is positioned in my car quite low and far from the windscreen which makes it hard for the driver to focus on but fine for navigation or for passenger entertainment. In fact that position probably makes it less of a distraction for the driver. Assembly on the other hand was a bit comedic as I didn't have a vice to hold the two pieces together while I screwed each of the four nuts to the machine screws. Get a vise or an extra pair of hands or be prepared to laugh at yourself when putting this baby together. I do worry that as firmly as the top clip slides around the iPad that it may mark it. But that hasn't happened in the first few uses..
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on March 9, 2012
My husband loved this mounting system for his car. It fits the ipad perfectly, once you take off all other cases.
Me however I do not care for it. With the shift in the center this often got in the way for shifting gears, or as a passenger being pushed over on me so the driver could shift. If it were a little bit longer these problems wouldn't exist. On the whole a 4 star because it does what it says, and is good and what it says. It is the perfect mount for him so he can program things in for work, (not while driving obviously), and although a little stiff going into and out of the cup holder (which is good because then it holds the weight securely), can be a pain to remove it so it is out of the way while driving.
This only works in my husbands car, as my cup holders will not support it. We were kind of disappointed in that as I have a dashboard gear shift and would probably be easier, but we could not test it out. I am not upset about it to much, as we bought it for my husband any.
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on October 28, 2012
Does a great job of holding the iPad in place, and adjusting for the proper viewing angle. It's quite heavy, which helps to anchor it in place, but is a consideration if you want to pack it in your luggage. If I have one complaint, it's the snap mechanism the locks the iPad in place. There's a little plastic bar you have to bend up at the top and snap the iPad under. I'm not sure what the longevity of this piece is, since it requires the plastic to bend on each insertion and extraction. So far so good, though. It also puts a considerable amount of stress on the edge of the ipad on insertion and extraction, which could also be a consideration for the LTE devices with the plastic piece in top. You definitely want to insert or remove the device slowly, with care.
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on February 25, 2012
The design of this device is very nice. The cradle holds the iPad securely and the included "bumpers" that go underneath the iPad when in the cradle, keep it from moving around. The goose-neck that goes from the cradle to the base is tight and allows for adjustment on both the X and Y planes... The rubber "fins" attached to the base that allow for a snug fit in a variety of cup holder seem to be duranble. The only issue I have is in my 2010 F-150, the cup holders are designed to hold more that one size cup. The top part of the holder is 2x's wider than the bottom. That means the base of the iPad holder, when inserted, only contacts the bottom 1.5" of the cup holder. This in turn allows for some minor movement when hitting bumps. I have fixed this by allowing the cradle to rest on the seat a little and this seems to have solved the problem. Even with that said, I believe you will love this holder if you need you iPad in the car and need a device to hold it.
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on April 24, 2012
I was very disappointed with this iPad holder. I had really high hopes for this device. The critical flaw in the design is the connection of the ipad holder to the gooseneck. Basically, every time you turn the iPad to landscape or portrait mode, you're grinding the plastic anchor on the metal gooseneck rod. It is inevitable that the plastic will grind down and then the ipad holder will either fall off the end of the gooseneck, or spin freely and not stay in place. Mine broke after two days of use. VERY FLAWED DESIGN. Shame on them for even bringing this design to market knowing it would fail after very little use.
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on May 4, 2011
RAM Mounting Systems RAP-299-2-AP8U Flexible Arm Mount for the Apple iPad (Black)

This us a great product! It won't fall off the glass or break your vent when you hit a bump since it mounts in a sturdy cup holder at the most stable point in a car.

This product exceeds my expectations in adjustability of the gooseneck and overall quality. This is a very sturdy product that should last for years. It wasn't obvious before I received the product but there are two points to attach the gooseneck to the iPad holder which is a great idea because it allows for some more adjustment in relation to the gear shift and my other cup holder. Given the location of my cup holders, a standard shift would be a little inconvenient but since my car is an automatic so there is no problem.

It will work with an iPad 1 or an iPad 2 after the attachment of two small bumpers that compensates for the thinner iPad 2. You can't go back to the thicker iPad 1 after you install the bumpers.
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