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RCA 4GB MP3 Player with Flipout USB and Display
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Price:$139.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 24, 2013
This unit is small, but packs great sound. It is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. The display is LCD, which can make it a bit hard to see in low light situations. It was very easy to add my MP3 files and it came preloaded with a few songs. The headphones are standard, but descent, if you want better sound invest in better phones, I like skullcandy INKD personally, these really kick the base. It has shuffle play and it also has continuous play. The operation buttons seem ok and the unit is pretty compact and light, it uses one AAA battery and plays for quite a while. Once again this is a basic unit if you don't want to take your main unit to the beach or the gym, this works out great. Very happy with this unit, will have to see how long it holds up.
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on September 2, 2014
every few years i replace my mp3 player when it's cheap predescessor goes bad. i know i know why do i keep buyin these cheap players? 1. i love the ones that take a AAA battery 2. Drag and drop whatever mp3 files u choose. easy & efficient. 3. You do the math: i am spending between $10 and $20 for these devices, that usually last me at least a couple of years. I will agree with some of the reviewers on here, the player does have a tendency to repeat like the same 4 or five songs, so it's hard to navigate through your songs and it's a little frustrating. I used the random/shuffle function and it seems to help a little but i have bought cheaper mp3s at brandsmart (Coby brand) and they work a lot better than this. I expected more from RCA brand...UPDATE: fEB 6 2015: tHIS item is like a rubiks cube-u have to play with the settings to get it to do what you want. increasing my rating to 3 stars (really, 2.5 but oh well...there's no half stars on amazon's system) just keep playing w. it and occasionally, delete songs it keeps repeating and add new songs, deleting songs it tends to like to repeat. I tellya, this device has a mind of it's own...but it is what it is...
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on June 20, 2017
Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I wanted an MP3 Player for use at the gym. I needed one that used regular batteries as opposed to one that was rechargeable. This way, if the battery ran low without my noticing, I could quickly change batteries and not have to put the player away until I got home to recharge it. It holds more than enough music and the sound is clear and crisp. I enjoy it very much.
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on February 24, 2017
I bought this one to replace my old one that had a smaller capacity, if not for that I'd still be using the old one. I love these! They are simple to use and easy to download on to. I like the push button-type of function of the new one better than the touch screen-type of the old one. I miss the delete button from my old one, on this one you have to plug the player into the computer and remove it there. One of the main reasons I love these is the true shuffle button! I tried other players and they want the music uploaded in a very specific fashion, then it will move randomly between folders- but it doesn't have an actual shuffle button, so I was only hearing the songs from one artist- which is what those other players defined as folders. I also like the battery power, I lost power mid way through several workouts on other types of player that had to be charged. After trying other players, I searched for another RCA player like my old one and was thrilled to find they were still making them! LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!
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on June 14, 2013
The perfect little MP3 player for sleep listening... Runs all night for three nights in a roll on on little rechargable AAA battery. Compare that to most of the competitors that only run about 8 hours. Not many features beyond that, but perfect for long play.
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on May 15, 2014
This is the second MP3 player I have bought of this make and model. And I am thinking of getting a third one! This little gadget is perfect for me. I used the first one to record all my work-out songs. I am debating whether to use the second one for the songs I listen to on my hikes or for slumber songs. Oh well, decisions, decisions. The reasons I love this are because it is so easy to use--plug the little player into your computer, use your cloud, CD's, whatever to record the music and voila! Lightweight, compact, easy to use, easy to doesn't get any better than this!
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on October 9, 2014
I use the RCA 4GB MP3 Player while at the gym and when I,m working in the yard. What i like most is it runs on one AAA battery. I never have to worry about the player loosing power while i'm in the middle of a workout since I keep an extra battery in my pocket. The batteries I purchase cost $1.00 for a package of 6 so cost is not an issue. It is extremely easy to download music onto the player. I owned an MP3 player that had to be charged and was very angry when I had forgot to charge it and in the middle of a workout the devise lost power. This is my second RCA 4GB. I left the first one at a relatives home out of town. When I returned home and realized that I had left it I immediately purchased another one. The first one was found and returned to me now I own two. I love it!!!
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on June 15, 2014
This device will play the tracks in its memory in only two sequences: in the order in which they were synced, and the predetermined sequence you are supposed to believe is "random." There is nothing random about it! If you place the device in the shuffle mode, it will begin at the top of this "random" sequence and play an assortment of songs in exactly the same order every time, always beginning with exactly the same songs! If you store hundreds of songs, you'll never hear those that aren't either at the too of the list you entered, or else at the top of the stored sequence. You'll hear exactly the same songs over and over again.
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on December 27, 2013
I've had 5 or 6 of these players in the past 3 years. The only problem I've had was due to dropping the MP3 player on a concrete floor one time too many which damaged the earphone connection. The player would still play but I lost that uninterrupted signal from the music. I recently bought two other lithium power MP3 players and they are no comparison to this player. The output volumes are lower and you've gotta constantly charge up the batteries in those players. This RCA player only uses one AAA battery and I don't have to ever concern myself about battery charging. And I only use use two or three batteries a week in this player. I forgot to mention. This RCA MP3 player is easy to load with MP3 files and to operate. I don't know why the Walmart stores in my area stopped selling this player. Glad I could get one elsewhere. I will gladly order another one from the RCA website if I have too. Enjoy.
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on February 25, 2014
in the broad realm of mp3 players it would not get 5 stars, but it was exactly what I was looking for and for that it gets non-professional league 5 stars. I get most of my news and info via podcast. The Podkicker for Android which I use on my phone is very convenient. Alas the day came when the phono jack *on my phone* wore out and could no longer transmit a signal lasting more than a few seconds. No way was I going to buy a new phone just to get a working jack (maybe I could have opened it up and replaced it myself, don't know). I had a top of the line 30 zillion GB Ipod that would have taken over podcast duty, but it broke soon after it's warranty ran out, no way was I going to spend $250 for a new iPod just to listen to podcasts (yes, I know how to replace ipod batteries, but this wasn't it). So I wanted a cheap AAA battery powered player that only has to play sequentially and remember where you were the last time that you stopped (as long as the battery's good).. this does that just fine.

----------- update caveat --------------
So it turns out that not all of my Windows based devices will recognize this product. 2 of my Vista OS machines have no problem with it, but only 1 out of 3 Windows 7 based machines will recognize it via the USB interface. This means that if the only PC I had were one of the Windows 7 machines that 'doesn't work', I'd be the owner of an essentially useless device.
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