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on July 19, 2016
Great for NYC without having to deal with cable companies!

This antenna is super easy to install and has a sleek and modern design. It's flat and can be hanged on the wall. I personally left it hanging on the side of the window so I can easily move it based on what channel I want to watch. The reception is good, consistently reliable. I've ben using it without the booster because when I tried it it didn't really make a difference. It works fine without. Sometimes for certain channels I get better reception based on where I position the antenna on my wall or window. If I want to watch one or two specific channels I might have to move it around but it's no big deal because for the most part it can stay as is. This antenna picks up the major channels in NYC. To give you an idea, it's comparable to the channels that you would get with a basic cable subscription. Unless you want premium channels, this will do the job. You will get great content for free!
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VINE VOICEon March 30, 2012
I puchased TWO!

o One antenna is on an older analog TV equipped with a digital converter and replaces rabbit ears (Philips SDV2210/27 HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM Indoor TV Antenna) which picked up about 30 channels. I wasn't expecting much other than not to have to constantly adjust rabbit ears for better reception. It was easy to set up and the converter box scanned 47 channels the very first time. The reception is consistently clear but affected by people walking by the TV.

o The other antenna is on a new HDTV in the Master Bedroom and it too scanned 47 channels. It does very well with reception, and clarity is very good too given there's a huge tree near this part of the house.

Overall: The antenna is easy to set up but is very conspicuous, just not a much as rabbit ears. The Local ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CW, FOX and ION channels as clear as cable MINUS the BILL and lame customer service. Whether with a HDTV or a digital converter box this antenna performed well for me and I purchased BOTH antennas for TWENTY-ONE BUCKS. That's less than ONE old monthly BASIC cable bill!

This antenna is not as good as the Winegard flat antenna that easily fits better into our Family Room decor. The tradeoff is: the price is right for viewing TV in less social areas of the home.

NOTE: Using wireless wi-fi devices (laptop, kindles) in the same room while watching TV with antenna, picture reception and clarity is degraded on some TV channels.

UPDATE 5/23/12: Texas heat, humidity and wind today have wreaked havoc on the Over-the-Air broadcast stations. Station reception is pixalated and or non-existent like rabbit ears deja vu`. Panic did set in ... but the solution was SIMPLE! LAY THE ANTENNA DOWN FLAT and re-scan the channels and everything returns back to normal. From initial set-up the antenna was standing up using the supplied U-bracket until today's "fix". Compared to rabbit ear reception issues/solutions, this was EASY! Have yet to need OR use the amplifier either. Still very happy with the purchase!
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VINE VOICEon June 2, 2012
This RCA ANT1450BM Refurbished Multi-Directional Digital Flat Amplified HDTV Antenna is a good example of the old problem solution scenario, and it's a good one. So without the normal pros and cons that are often used by this reviewer, this one is fairly simple.


I had purchased the RCA 7-inch Portable TV, RTV86073 here on Amazon and had found that its included telescoping external antenna was almost worthless, and that's here in New York City where television signals are very good (read my review on this TV for more details). Tried the TV briefly with my older Terk Technology HDTVi VHF/UHF HDTV Indoor Antenna and the reception improved greatly, but this antenna is somewhat directional and I didn't feel like having to readjust and auto scan for better reception every time the TV was moved. The other problem was one of aesthetics: the Terk isn't exactly small or unobtrusive. This time I didn't want to use something that visually shouted, "I am an antenna" and getting involved with geeky discussions about which TV antenna is best... been there, done that.


Came online here, read a number of reviews that had been posted by other, then ordered this RCA ANT1450BM Amplified HDTV Antenna. It arrived a few days later, and once it was hooked up, the reception was excellent. Problem solved.


Opening the box made me wonder of it really refurbished, as it was just like new. This antenna comes with good, clear directions. The use of the amplifier is optional, so I tried it both ways. Found that the reception here in this viewing area worked both with and without the amplifier, but since it's to be used most often in a semi-permanent location, left the amplifier plugged in. The antenna has an industry-standard coaxial antenna connector, so it's pretty universal for most television sets except for those with some proprietary input connector. Check the directions that came with your TV.


This is an excellent product, and one that performs better than expected, but read through the reviews here as I did to see if it fits your needs. Your results may vary. Aesthetically this is a good product because it's simple, unobtrusive, and doesn't look like an antenna. One can go on and on discussing the technical merits of signal strength and such, but for me this time it was a simple case of a problem needing a solution, and it works. It's worthy of a 5-star recommendation, but again, read the other reviews here as your needs may vary according to your location

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on October 19, 2013
I had high hopes for this antenna, since it was inexpensive, omnidirectional, and had a built-in amplifier. One think I did not like immediately is that it's coax cable is built-in rather than detachable, but that's a minor quibble. I experimented with placement in a number of different orientations and locations, and found that the antenna was still quite directional, which didn't surprise me. More disappointing was the fact that it received many fewer channels than the rabbit ears I was using previously, even with meticulously rescanning channels after every new placement. Most of the TV towers in my area are within 35 miles, turning the amplifier on or off made no difference whatsoever. I also had an unamplified flatwave antenna to compare this to, and the flatwave received many more stations than did this one. I returned the RCA antenna.

After reading alot of these antenna reviews, the one caution I would make is that your mileage may vary, and this antenna may work perfectly well for your situation. I cant say enough how helpful it is to be able to return something that just doesn't work out, and Amazon is THE leading edge retailer in making that easy for you should you need to do it.
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on October 12, 2014
Looks very nice - I had the option of attaching it to the projector controller in the basement or in the second floor - tried the basement first (antenna right by a small window in the basement room), but the results were bad - didn't get more than 2-3 channels that were consistent - in fact it fared worse than my old Radio Shack antenna that was there. I thought maybe the antenna was defective, so tried it with the TV on the second floor (which is away from any windows) and it pulled all the regular channels in full HD, so I am keeping it - blends nicely with furniture - I have it lying flat on my chest next to the TV and its hardly visible and works very well. Still disappointed that it didn't work in the basement but hopefully I will find something that works better than the ugly old TERK.
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on January 22, 2013
I live in the hills of Oakland, CA, facing San Francisco, and have a clear view of the Sutro tower about 7 miles away, in San Francisco, where the majority of my signals originate from. There are no obstructions or buildings where signals will reflect off of before being received by the antenna. I am at about 1000 ft elevation. These are conditions for perfect reception. With careful placement and movement, I can receive all of the available digital stations in the area (about 46). It's also small, flat, and can be hidden from sight. I have not used this antenna in any other applications (locations), but for local unobstructed signals, this small, portable antenna performs surprisingly well. (I do not use the amplifier that is provided.) This product receives and provides transmissions that allow for HDTV as well as an external pole-mounted antenna that I've compared this one to. You cannot expect this to work for distant signals.

If you live close to your transmitter, this antenna is worth a try. Careful adjustment is necessary, but once that is done, this small unit can serve you well.
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I purchased the RCA ANT1450BM Refurbished Multi-Directional Flat Amplified antenna to give antenna digital feeds a try. I wanted to try the refurbished antenna due to it's reduced price, as I have purchased refurbished tool regularly and have yet to get burned. The price savings is like a little gamble; will it pay off? It has again with this little inexpensive antenna. This review is as much a review of the refurbished part as much as the antenna. This antenna is pulling in feeds from 35 miles east and 65 miles west of my location. I do live on a little elevated area for my location so I am guessing it is working in favor of my reception of these signals. I do not know what refurbishment this unit could have received, as unlike a drill or a power saw, it just either works or not, I guessing as there appears no getting into it and fixing anything like a tool. I am happy with the results of this purchase and would recommend this antenna to others or friends.
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on December 17, 2012
I wanted to get some of the local channels that the cable company doesn't carry, especially TV Antenna Channel which carries lots of old classic TV programs, ones I grew up with. This unit works great. Most of the broadcast channels here are relatively close so I get good reception. I am not sure of stations that are more than, say 20 miles or further. Most of our local channels send their signal from near the top of a mountain about 20 miles away. So, I can't speak for other locations.

The only problem I had was making sure the unit was positioned properly, Laying it flat didn't work all that well for me. However, hanging on the wall behind the TV was good. Everyone will have to adjust to their own area. Plus you need a good converter.I am using the Zinwell ZAT-970A Digital to Analog TV Converter Box (also sold here on Amazon).
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on March 7, 2012
Bought this at the same time as I bought the RCA Basic Antenna (unpowered/not amplified). The Basic Antenna is cheaper and works 10 times better. I was able to get three times the number of channels with better clarity using the Basic Antenna vs. this amplified antenna. Also, the Basic antenna was able to find digital broadcast stations over 100 miles away (some Los Angeles stations were nice and clear from coastal San Diego), where this amplified antenna had trouble with the local San Diego stations. Whether the amplifier was powered up or not, the reception was no different. Whether the ANT1450BM was near a window or not, the reception was similar. So, why waste electricity on a unit that has poor performance when the Basic Antenna provides better performance and does not need to be plugged in.
Unfortunately, I kept playing with it trying to get it to work decently, and now the return period is expired. Guess I will just recycle it.
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on October 19, 2014
I have two of these. I get 22 stations in one room and 20 in another room. I get all if the major stations in one room and three in another. I get the major sub stations and my city has three local stations. The rest are PBS and reglious stations.Also two stations I have never heard of GETTV which show movies from 30; 40 etc. and Escape TV owned by Sony, which show move us from 70, 80 etc, and Bounce TV and two Spanish stations. The picture is clear. On the box it says the Antenna has a 40 mile. I suggest you try it, if it doesn't work for then return. I also suggest you read third party about antennas so you will know what to expect.
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