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on October 31, 2009
I rarely write reviews for things that don't make immediately positive impressions (or horrible ones), and this was one of the positive ones. To be brief, with this antenna I now receive signal strengths between 64-74% on a couple stations 38 miles away that I didn't get before! I did a test of signal strengths among six different stations; first with rabbit ears and then with the amplified signal of this new RCA ANT1650. The rabbit ears averaged a signal strength of 51.66% (with a low of 32% and a high of 74%). The ANT1650 received an average signal strength of 90.16% (with a low - among the tested stations - of 67% and a high of 100%)!

This product was also very easy to set up. I connected the antenna to the detachable amplifier with a coaxial cable and then connected the amplifier to the TV with another coaxial cable. I then plugged in the power adapter for the amplifier (it will work about as well as rabbit ears with the amplifier's power adapter unplugged), turned on the TV, did an auto-channel search, deleted some analog stations, and was good to go. The flat antenna part can be situated in a variety of ways so as to get the best signal. You can attach it to the wall with two screws, you can set it upright with a stand (kind of like a picture frame), or you can lay it flat. For our situation, it worked best in an upright position so as to avoid being heated up by other equipment. Because it's rather inconspicuous as a shape and color, it looks good as well - certainly much better than our tv's previous rabbit ears. The only thing better would be if the tv worked without this item in the first place.

Here are the signal strength results from six test stations. I tested the rabbit ears on a clear morning and tested the ANT1650 on a clear afternoon of the same day. Both antennas were placed in the same location, which wasn't necessarily ideal for the ANT 1650:

With rabbit ears and clear windless weather:

Station A: 51%
Station B: 42%
Station C: 32%
Station D: 74%
Station E: 61%
Station F: 50%

With amplified ANT1650 propped vertically and clear windless weather:

Station A: 94%
Station B: 67%
Station C: 93%
Station D: 100%
Station E: 100%
Station F: 87%

I have since done a follow-up test with the ANT1650 laid flat and it averaged slightly better at 92%, even under windy conditions.

With amplified ANT1650 laid flat and clear windy weather:

Station A: 89%
Station B: 93%
Station C: 99%
Station D: 85%
Station E: 100%
Station F: 86%

To summarize, most of the stations look and sound great with the antenna just laying flat. Once in awhile, a problem station cuts in and out, and you have to prop the antenna up. In my case, it was just one station that was problematic. Not a big deal, though design-wise, they might've made it easier to prop up the antenna by having a built-in stand swing out of the backside.
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on March 3, 2016
Disappointed. This was top rated by Consumer Reports, but functionq no better than my 30 year old Radio Shack rabbit ears with a uhf loop. Maybe not as good because optimum reception for this one was on the ceiling where I can't mount the rabbit ears. I am in a valley with 3 transmitter locations all within 20 miles on surrounding promontories, but west, north, and east from me so a multi-directional antenna seems practical. I am in a relative high spot with no surrounding large structures, trees, or cell towers and I have clear direct lines of site to all transmitter locations. My house is wood framed with fiberglass shingle roofing. I tried it with and without the amplifier turned at multiple different angles and placed at multiple locations the cables would reach to. Why does the Rabbit Ear antenna perform as well when it is obviously directional??? I gave it 3 stars because it did perform as well as any of the different indoor antennas I have tried, it will mount on walls and ceilings and with the amplifier and long cable it does facilitate lots of mounting location options. I am always unable to get the CBS affiliate in consistently in HD. Turning my WiFi off didn't help.
I desperately want to cut the cord, buy I don't want to give up the quality HD viewing experience and I want the major network channels and local news. I May try the attic before I return it and the amplifier with rabbit ears, but I have already spent more time than I wanted to on it..
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on April 9, 2017
RCA antennas are in my experience above and beyond that rest. I tried a cheap one (Sobetter) from here on Amazon didn't get too many channels, then while moving it around to find a good position for it on the first day it just stopped working altogether, so I sent that back, went to a local closeout store to find any antenna for the moment. They had the RCA ANT1450 I got that. It worked amazingly well, in the first position I put it down it picked up double the channels right away. But that antenna is technically a indoor antenna, I live in a basement so that's not an option, so I wrapped it in a thick Ziploc bag so it won't get wet, put it in my back yard on top of the garage, as high up that roof as I could. And it worked amazingly well there. The very next was a heavy rainfall, so I got to test the plastic idea, had no issues with the water at all. Worked perfectly. Then I saw here on Amazon a model higher than mine, the ANT1650 so I wanted to try it to see if it will pick up more channels from farther away maybe. But it didn't really, I put it in the exact same position and it got just about the exact same channel. So I figured no point in keeping this one, so I sent it back. Kept my ANT1450. Works fantastic!
Again this is my experience with these. Maybe if you live farther away from a city than me, maybe you will see a difference between them. But for me they were the same. Both worked amazingly though.

Now today while writing this. I just got delivered today from Amazon a different RCA model. The ANT702Z. I wanted to try it cause this one is an outdoor one. But originally I didn't go for it, cause then not knowing the value of RCA, I thought this small plastic thing won't get a single channel. But now since having my confidence in RCA boosted, I figured I'll try it. Connected it today, it's even better than my ANT1450. Got a couple more channels, and I didn't even position it fully yet. Just the first tryout. AMAZING!
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on March 9, 2017
I had to moved it around quite a bit to get the best signal. It really needs to come with a longer cable. I had to get an adapter and extend the cable to get it to my window. And suction cups to mount on a window would be nice. But once I was able to find suction cups and mount it to the window, I was really surprised by the number of channels that I was able to get. And I live in a low area with a lot of tall trees around.
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on August 25, 2015
Just know that this antenna will work based solely on location. I lived in one place and it picked up 42 channels. That is because I was basically at the top of a mountain on the top floor of a building with a direct line to the station that emitted channels. I moved about 2 hours south of that area and it didn't pick up anything, not even one channel. Use antennaweb (dot) org to find out which channels you can pick up in your area before you buy this. This got the overall best ratings by Consumer Reports, but like my review states, the ability of an antenna to function depends more on your location than anything.
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on February 21, 2014
I have found the RCA ANT 1650F/1650R to be of very good performance. I purchased and installed one of these on each of my two television sets. One television set is a flat screen 32" JVC digital LCD. The other is an old-fashion 27" SANSUI analogue, which required a digital converter box. I was pleased, and I am still pleased, with their performance. However, out of curiosity, I purchased and tested the RCA passive ANT 1600F on each of my television sets, i.e. the 32" JVC digital LCD and the old-fashion 27" SANSUI. The RCA ANT 1600F is also multi-directional, but it does not come with an amplifier. However, in spite of its lack of an amplifier, I have found the RCA ANT 1600F to be very powerful and with impeccable picture quality. While the RCA amplified ANT 1650F/1650R provided me with, no more than, 20 clear channels, I receive, at least, 25 and 29 clear channels respectively with the RCA 1600F. Moreover, I have found the RCA ANT 1600F to be really MULTI-DIRECTIONAL. I have both of mine in the upright position, and I still receive, at least, 25 and 29 clear channels respectively. I have, therefore, returned the two RCA amplified 1650F/1650R, and installed permanently the RCA passive ANT 1600F. My neighbours, on the other hand, own a different brand of indoor antenna, but they can barely receive 12 channels, at best.
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on May 10, 2014
If your looking to cut the cable bill and go free tv, or add an antenna in case of cable outages so you can still at least get local stations, then this baby is for you. I live in a concrete built apartment building, with concrete floors and ceilings, about 40 miles from the major city and their towers, and this baby pulls in all the major locals with no problem. Some of the smaller local channels are a little weak but still come in. To be able to simply plug this into a tv and get that reception, AND WITHOUT THE INCLUDED BOOSTER, is very impressive. For such a small form factor, and for such a low price, if you need free tv, this is your ticket!
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on November 28, 2014
I just hooked up the unit and I finally have TV in the bedroom. I did not want to pay the cable company any more money than the outrageous fees I am paying. The reason I did not give this 5 stars are the instructions. I have a Samsung tv that was set up for cable. I had to go into the system and change the setting from cable to air. After that, I ran scan and the channels were keyed in. If the setting is not change from cable to air, the antenna will not work. Air is the setting for my tv. I was hoping to receive more channels but some are far better than none!!!!!!!!!!
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on April 14, 2013
Okay, so I tried standard rabbit ears, the standard mohu leaf http://www.amazon.com/Mohu-Leaf-Paper-Thin-Indoor-Antenna/dp/B004QK7HI8/ref=pd_sim_e_3 and the mohu leaf ultimate http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00APPDX86/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_img_sol_9 , This RCA worked far better for me than the standard mohu leaf, going from about 5 channels to 11 and was about equivalent to the mohu leaf ultimate which did not perform in a manner to be worth over twice what this rca looks like. Granted, if you want to have a sleaker, light weight antenna then the leaf would be preferrable, but in terms of amplified performance this RCA worked just as well as the expensive mohu leaf ultimate. This antenna is larger than a hardback book and is not light, it does come w/a stand so you can have it upright but it does take up a bit of space. It is easy too hook up. It came well packaged and seems to be pretty sturdy (well as sturdy as plastic can seem) sort of a hardshell plastic not flimsy at all. I am in central Illinois and am able to get abc, nbc, cbs, fox , and several pbs networks, metv, this, a country music channel, a religious channel, and a shopping channel with occassional reception of cw with this antenna. It is sufficient for cable replacement if you are not concerned about having anything outside of major network channels and can live without the CW. The picture is actually clearer for me than my cable provided channels. The clarity is outstanding! I do have the occassional pixelation issue in the evening but that is something to do with my location as I had the issue with all three antennas. All in all for the price I'd definitely recommend this antenna.
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on December 6, 2015
Wanted to cut the cord. This was my first antenna, and I live fairly close to our city transmitters. I live on the bottom floor of a complex and this thing, even though it comes with an included stand (which hardly worked), still required me to have my blinds open to get any signal. No, I'm not about to keep my blinds open all the time to let sketchy people see where I put my TV. So I had it in my window for a while, only picking up half the channels TVFool says I could get even though this is advertised as getting a 40 mile range (the towers are 3).

This is trash. Get a model specifically for windows if need be, this melted a bit in the sun so of course that affected signal too..
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