Customer Reviews: RCA DH24SPF Two Way 3 Ghz Bi-Di Splitter
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on February 6, 2011
This is an excellent product when used PROPERLY -- and as intended.
This is a SPLITTER, which means that BOTH of the "OUT" terminals should be connected to cables of the SAME, or nearly the SAME Length in order for your equipment to receive an equal share of the signal.
In other words -- the RCA splitter has 1 "IN" and 2 "OUT" terminals -- and the cables attached to the terminals must be the SAME or nearly the SAME length so that the signal loss in each cable run will be the same for both components.
Example: If you have one cable coming off the Splitter that's 60 feet long but the other one is only 6 feet long, they'll be way out of "balance", and certain equipment (such as a cable modem) will not function the same on either length of cable. Internet connection speeds are very sensitive to signal imbalance, so it's important to keep your cable modem on the shortest possible cable run, and NEVER on the "long side" of a junction !!
Under those circumstances, a SPLITTER is the WRONG CHOICE -- and a "TAP" must be used !!
A "TAP" looks a lot like a SPLITTER, but works differently -- the TAP has 1 "IN" and 1 "OUT" terminal, with the 3rd terminal "unmarked". -- With a TAP, the longer 60-foot run would be connected to the "OUT" terminal, and the shorter 6-foot run would go to the "unmarked" terminal.
Note that the DH24SP is a "2-way" splitter, which means that the high-frequency signal can pass freely in BOTH directions, which is critical for high-speed internet's need for bi-directional, hi-speed transfer of data "packets" to and from your server/tester/ISP.
Some reviewers have claimed that a cheapo splitter from the dollar store is "just as good" -- but that's just crazy talk !! And those gold-plated ones from "the shack" are NOT APPROVED by COX Cable, either !! I thought they were jackin' me around, but the COX Tech replaced my "golden" splitter with a SV2G 5-1000 MHz splitter and my internet connection speeds improved quite a bit !!
Anyways, if you need a SPLITTER for high bandwidth applications, such as Satellite, Cable Internet, Digital Cable, or HDTV -- this is it !!
Just remember to keep your cables as close to the same length as possible, and if you CAN'T, get a TAP for that long run !!!
One other thing -- for absolute best performance and a strong, steady signal, place your Modem and your Wireless Router about 4 feet apart to prevent radio frequency interference. Electrical interference of any kind drives Wireless Routers crazy, which is why I use and recommend Category 7 (double-shielded) Ethernet cables !!
The RCA (Audiovox) DH24SP gave a noticable improvement in the picture quality of our 52" Samsung LCD HDTV and to the 20" Standard TV on the other leg. It replaced an SV2 Splitter @5-1000 Hz. and -3 db drop per leg.
Great product when used as intended, and well worth the money - especially since cut the price IN HALF of what I paid here just a few weeks ago !!
The most important thing to remember is that this is NOT a signal BOOSTER, and it CANNOT make a weak signal stronger !!
What it WILL do is divide a high-frequency signal into 2 separate but equal parts by using intelligent circuitry combined with quality components and excellent workmanship.
The Bi-Directional capability MAY improve your computer's UPLOAD speeds, but that will depend on other factors.
My own personal install (outdoors) yielded an average Upload Speed increase of about 275 % over the old ISP-provided splitter -- (it wasn't bi-directional)

UPDATE: 21 January, 2015
The RCA 2.4 GHz splitter has been going strong for four (4) years now, delivering internet speeds as high as 131 Mbps Download, and 30 Mbps Upload (Top 12% of the world), and excellent audio-video quality from Samsung 52-inch HDTV.
Thanks to Amazon Customer Frostarix, I was made aware that an upgraded (3.0 GHz) model is now available from RCA-Audiovox. Based on the excellent service life and performance of the 2.4 GHz model, I would highly recommend the newer model to any and all who demand the absolute best performance from their equipment.
Don't be fooled into buying the cheaper splitters, thinking that they are "just as good" -- or that they are "good enough" -- or that they are "a best seller" -- because there is no substitute for the economy of quality performance !!

Good Luck !!
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on June 7, 2011
I ordered two of this. The bi-directional feature is definitely needed for digital cable or cable internet (to pass back interactive signals.) Also, it is a high frequency one - 2.4GHz. If you are to split signals for digital cable (i.e. digital cable set top box) or cable internet (i.e. cable modem), I would suggest you to pick the high frequency one - 2.4 GHz like this one. There are other 2.0GHz products on the market which I don't have experience. The older models with 900MHz or 1000MHz (i.e. 1GHz) frequencies would probably not work as well for digital signals, although I didn't bother to test those.
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on January 21, 2013
"RCA DH24SPR Two Way 2.4 Ghz Bi-Di Splitter" Works perfectly. Used on Comcast system to split signal between a Comcast digital box and a Cable modem. Works perfectly.
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on January 30, 2015
For the record, I am a cable tech and deal with splitters on a regular basis.

I will say this is perfect for Antenna TV signals.

However, I would strongly advise against this for your internet. A lot of consumers unfortunately are duped by the fact that gold and high number equals better. This is NOT the case.

If you open this splitter up, you will see a very basic analog splitting system. This causes signal to noise ratio on the digital carrier to be lowered. I verified this by opening the splitter up. I also connected by my spectrum scanner to this splitter and picked up -30 decibels of noise. A splitter should NOT have any noise leak in! If it does, it is a result of poor shielding and connectors.

I highly recommend Antronix splitters or equivalent. If you open a back of a high quality splitter, you should see a circuit board.

Also, you want a 5 - 1002 mhz splitter. The max all cable plants in the US currently operate till is 1 Ghz. By getting a 1 Ghz splitter instead, you are focussing on a more distinct frequency span that your equipment actually operates at.

Once again, this is a good splitter for Antenna TV signals. But for digital TV and DOCSIS, it is highly not recommended.
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on April 30, 2011
I have FiOS, and in a fit of laziness when adding a new STB used a splitter I had sitting in a drawer. Internet speeds and tv reception got worse, so I plunked down the six bucks for this and it works perfectly.
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on March 23, 2014
I ordered this item because it said it was 5 mhz to 3 ghz and the instructions for what I am using it formy project said it had to be at least 5mhz to 1000 mhz (1ghz). Instead when I got it, the package said it was 5 mhz to 900 mhz, and the item does not look anything like the picture on Amazon's website. Then to confuse things even more, someone stuck a label on the back of the package which says model number DH24SPF, but only shows it as 2.4 mhz. To me this seems like an attempt (maybe not by Amazon, but certainly then by their supplier) to pass a cheaper item off as a better item.

Come on Amazon, you need to do a better job than that in monitoring to make sure what you are sending out is what is shown and described on the site. And you clearly missed the boat here meaning I have to return it and go out and buy one from a store in order to get my job done today. Shame on you, Amazon!
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on December 10, 2014
I cut the cable, finally. Swtiched to digital. The setup was easy, with the help of this nifty splitter. I used the cables already there, one to the bedroom, the other to the kitchen, hooking up the two cables to the 2-way splitter, and the splitter to the outdoor antenna up on the roof. A piece of cake. At first I had connected only the bedroom TV to the outdoor antenna and gotten excellent reception, UHF,VHF, digital and couple of analog. HDand SD. I had read that splitting the signal in two would somehow weaken it. Not mine. After I hooked up the second cable, which had to go 20 feet or more farther frpm the bedroom, the reception on both sets is perfect. A good splitter and a good outdoor antenna really make a difference. I had tried using those paper thin flat indoor ones but they could not pull in the VHF channels and the reception was spotty, in and out on certain channels.
This is a good product.
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on January 15, 2015
This splitter is a good unit for use with satellite or video installations that require 2 or 3GHz bandwidth, and performs very well for its intended use.

However, this type of splitter is NOT designed for splitting a household digital cable signal. It may work, but it may not work reliably.

This is particularly critical when splitting your incoming digital cable feed between your cable box (for television) and your cable modem (for Internet), since you need a high level of EMI isolation between these two outputs for reliable operation of the cable modem if any of your video equipment is feeding electrical noise into the cable.

This splitter does NOT provide EMI isolation because it is a passive design, unlike splitters for use with digital cable systems that have an internal electronic circuit board that provides the needed isolation.

A recommended two-way splitter to use when hooking up a cable box and a cable modem to your digital cable service is Extreme Broadband Engineering's BDS102H.

On the other hand, if you need a high bandwidth splitter for satellite or television signal needs, this is a good unit.
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VINE VOICEon August 12, 2011
I got this as a replacement for a faulty splitter that screwed up my cable internet.


It's a really cheap and it works very well. I can now finally have both cable internet and cable tv again.


The only thing I didn't like was that it feels and looks cheap. However this cost the same as a bottle of soda and I didn't want to spend twelve or more bucks for something seemingly over priced from M0nster.

I think I may have lost some HD channels from cable, but I won't be able to confirm until I get tempted to buy what I logically know is an overpriced m0nster splitter.

I'll update this review if this ever breaks or when it passes the 1 year mark, without any issues.

UPDATE: it's been almost a year and it still works fine.
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on January 24, 2013
I returned a splitter I previously got from amazon gold deal that drop OTA signal. I bought this. It works great to split my external antenna to my two tv. Both tv get all OTA HD channels i usually get.
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