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on June 2, 2013
The Realook is the only good protector that fits samsung galaxy note 2 covering almost entire area of the screen. It is invisible after application and creates perfect protection for my phone. Almost every other flat protector is too small and leaves exposed area around the screen. That is why in my opinion flat protectors are useless because your screen will get scratched there sooner or later. The application is fairly easy but requires dust free environment. If you do not understand it do not apply screen protector and seek help from someone experienced.

This is my second Galaxy phone protected with Realook. My first SGS2 have been used for almost two years when the protector got hit many times and it got scratched in process. But after removing old used protector the actual phone screen is intact and looks like brand new.

*** 6/15/2013 update
Few days ago I have noticed proximity sensor is no longer working properly. For example during the call, the screen stays blank when I have a need to press number. I downloaded sensor app to test proximity sensor and found to be sensing close proximity at all times. I called my carrier customer support trying to troubleshoot the issue and after several hours of testing, resetting, they allowed me to replace the phone. When new phone arrived and I was about to use it, I came about an idea to check the influence of Realook screen protector on proximity sensor. I was right, once Realook protector was removed from the screen where proximity sensor is located, it started to work just fine as before. It is interesting that no one including carrier Technical Support did not checked with me for screen protector being attached possibly blocking proximity sensor which turned to be right.

In my opinion, this is major oversight from Realook. This protector should have a hole punched where proximity sensor is located. I had to cut the piece of protector with scissors to make sensor work. It was pretty easy but now protector looks ugly and I am thinking of returning the protector to manufacturer as not working properly. I wish I did not have to spend hours on the phone with carrier customer support troubleshooting the phone and have it almost exchanged. I hope Realook fix the protector design and will offer protector which would not mess up proximity sensor on Note 2.
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on December 6, 2012
I first started using Realook screen protectors on my Epic 4G two years ago after being disappointed at the coverage and difficulty of installing the screen protectors I bought at the Sprint store.

I bought Spigen screen protectors for my Note 2 initially, before the Realook's came out, and they are not as good in quality or as easy to install as the Realook's.

To install the Realook's, just align the screen protector, peel off the backings and place on screen. Then with the included microfiber cloth just rub the air bubbles out. That's it...you don't need to "roll" the screen protector on while using the squeegee.

The fit is perfect and covers the entire phone, not just the screen portion of the phone.

The only complaint I have with it is that the screen protector only covers half of the two sensors located to the left of the front facing camera. I doubt any other manufacturer will provide that level of coverage.

The Realook's are virtually invisible and can be seen only if looking real close; offers a little bit of resistance when using the S pen which gives the S pen the feel of using a real pen and paper; DOES NOT affect the brightness or clarity of the display at all; easy to wipe and clean; doesn't scratch easily; easy to remove; does not affect the responsiveness of the touch screen.

By far the BEST screen protectors for the Note 2. Period.
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on March 13, 2013
This screen protector is a pain in the rear end to apply perfectly. Even one piece of tiny lint and there's an air bubble you can't get rid of. Having said that - I will never buy anything different for any phone I own. This is my 2nd set of Realook screen protectors for my phones - it doesn't get better than this. I could take the protector from my old phone, wash it off, reapply it and it would be practically like new (it's 1 1/2 years old and still protecting the phone).

Do what the instructions tell you and give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to get it right. Have scotch tape available to "sticky up" the little dust or lint particles. Clean that screen with the included microfiber cloth, adjust the screen protector before taking off the two covers to it... remove the covers and start from one side of the screen. Slowly allow the protector to adhere to the phones surface then knock out the bubble by rubbing them to the sides with the cloth. Boom - it's on and protecting you.

Once this sucker is on and free of bubbles you can hardly see it. It protects with amazing durability. You'll probably never take it off before you move to another phone. There is no adhesive at all... it seems to electrostatically stick itself to your phone in a death grip. I love it. Pain in the rear to apply, but take the time and do it right and your screen will never see a scratch and you'll never have to worry about your screen again. EXCELLENT product.
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on June 7, 2013
I've purchased the Realook screen protectors for two Samsung Captivates, one Samsung Infuse 4G, one Samsung Exhilarate, and one Samsung Galaxy Note. For every one of those devices, they're perfect.

Yes, I wasted a whole pack of Captivate protectors (and so had to purchase another; expensive lesson) learning how to do it properly, without getting any dust beneath, and without getting any edges or corners that didn't want to stick. There's actually a bit of a trick to it; though, that said, it's not rocket science. Somewhere else around here (just find my profile page and look-up my reviews) I explain it. Kinda' involved, but boy-oh-boy does it ever work.

And I got one pack containing protectors with virtually no (or at least ineffective) adhesive on them; either that or the adhisive was really old or something...

...didn't matter, though: Realook replaced 'em, lickety split, no questions asked, no shipping charges... nothin'. Gotta' like that.

But there's more to it than just that; more which qualifies them. Turns out that most makers of these things don't do it very well. Forget the soft ones; they end-up looking like you hand-made 'em from plastic wrap. And forget the anti-glare ones -- even the ones Realook makes -- they just disburse the light weirdly, resulting in a seemingly dimmer screen. Always go with crystal clear rigid screen protectors, regardless what kind of device it's for: phone, tablet, whatever.

But not just any crystal clear, rigid screen protector will do. Again, turns out that most makers of these things kinda' don't know what they're doing. I mean, don't get me wrong, Realook has maybe three other competitors who seem to know what it knows, and who do a good job, too. But there's nevertheless something of a trick to it, and Realook, in my opinion, knows what it is as well as or better than any of the others. Its protectors are just really, really good.

If they're not made right, with the right layers of the right kind of whatever plastics are used in these things, they won't apply properly, or stick properly through all kinds of temperature changes, they'll scratch easily, they'll not really be as crystal clear as they claim (and so not only will the images seem not as sharp, but small amounts of light from them won't flow in a straight line to your eye, thereby disbursing it a little, and making the image appear the tiniest bit darker. Badly made ones will also goof with the capacitive touch capabilities of the Gorilla glass screen beneath, and so, then, ever-so-slightly impede touch sensitivity and responsiveness. Badly-made ones will also exhibit that weird blue/green swirly motor-oil-on-water look when held at certain angles to the light; and they just won't clean-up well... will have dull swirls from the cleaning cloth left behind; and if you use something like a McDonald's napkin to clean 'em, they'll eventually get little scratches in said swirls.

None of those things -- not a one -- are a problem with the Realooks.

Oh, don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that they're a perfect product, but, seriously, they're as close to perfect as this sort of product gets... I kid you not. If you apply them properly, trust me, they'll be just like glass... you'll not even be able to tell they're there, to speak of.

Some people say they're fingerprint magnets, but I did some testing on that a couple years ago. Turns out that these kinds of really high-quality rigid plastic protectors -- the Realooks, as well as the top two or three others -- don't show fingerprints any more than just plain glass. The reason people think they're fingerprint magnets is because fingerprints are a tad harder to clean off of these protectors than plain glass. So there's an illusion that the protectors are fingerprint magnets. But they're not.

All one need do is never try to clean them dry, or using just the steam from one's breath or something. Always use a few drops (don't use too much) of a good, non-abrasive glass cleaner -- or even just plain tap water -- and a clean, soft paper towel or toilet tissue, and they'll clean-up to a shiny, crystal-clear, glass-like appearance in a few wipes.

My normal routine, every day, is to get up and unplug the phone from the charger, then reboot it, and let it just sit on the nightstand while I shower. Then, just before I leave in the morning (after I've put my phone's horizontal leather pouch on my belt, I grab the phone off the nightstand and take it into the bathroom and get my fingers wet under the tap and fling a few drops of water right onto the phone's screen. Then I use a clean and dry white 100% cotton wash cloth (which I've devoted to this task) to make the screen look brand new. When I'm out-and-about, I just go into a men's room and do the same thing, only I use soft toilet paper (not the stuff in the hand towel dispensers; though the Realooks, at least, are hard enough that they could take it; I just don't wanna' tempt fate) to dry it off. Soap's not even necessary.

Only if I'm cleaning the entire phone (actually, it's only the TPU skin/case and the screen protector that I'm cleaning; the phone, because it's in the case, stays clean) do I use Windex and a soft paper towel. I hold the phone out at arm's length and spray a cloud of Windex from a distance in the air above it, and let it fall, atomized, onto the phone, front and back; and then use the towel to clean the screen first, then the rest of the hone, including front camera lense...

...which is also, by the way, covered with a Realook protector. Be careful when you open the package, 'cause there's a pair of little circles or squares in there, too, made to fit and protect your phone's front camera lens; and it's easy to lose 'em! They're a nightmare to install, too, truth be told; but I've finally got the hang of it, now.

Some also complain that some Realooks, for some phones, don't really cover edge-to-edge. That, sadly is true. On some models, it's so close to being truly edge to edge that it would be unreasonable to ask that it be any better. But on others, honestly, there can sometimes be... oh... maybe 1 to certainly not more than 2 millimeters of uncovered glass, all 'round. That bothered me at first...

...that is, until I fit the TPU skin/case on the phone, and the parts of it the wrap up and around the sides and bezel, touching the glass, more than cover the gap. So it ends-up looking, as long as one's got a TPU skin/case on the phone, perfect.

By TPU skin/case, I mean someting like this...

Soft TPU Gel Grip Skin Case Cover (Black)

...which they make for pretty much every phone, and which, as you can see, don't cost much. They fit like a glove; look and feel good; actually provide some protection (though not, obviously, like an Otterbox or some other two-or-three-layer hybrid case) and I wouldn't own a phone without one.

Even if you use a silicone case, though; or any of the hard-plastic, with one- or two-layer silicone hybrids out there, the part that wraps up and around the sides and bezel until it touches the glass will more than cover any tiny bit of glass not covered by the screen protector. So it'll end-up looking really, really good.

One protector will last a good, long time. But, trust me, you'll waste at least one the very first time you try to install. That's okay, though, 'cause you'll still not need to buy any new ones for a long time. They really hold-up. Just go read the customer comments, here, for the cheap, five-to-a-pack, $5-or-less-per-pack ones (or even ones costing two to three times that much), and you'll see how short are their lives... hence the reason they're five to a pack! Realooks are two to a pack, and cost a bunch.

But it's worth it! Trust me on this. Rigid screen protectors for phones and tablets simply don't get any better than this. Again, there are, even Realook would admit, a couple or three decent competitors out there; and you'd not be shooting yourself in the foot to purchase their products instead. But I'm tellin' ya', here, that with Realook, you need look no further. They're best-of-breed, and that's the long and short of it.

Just plan on screwing-up installing your first one or two. No, really, just plan on it... it'll be less stressful. You'll get dust under one, or fingerprints; or a corner or edge won't stay down 'cause ya' didn't get it quite right; and then if you fiddle with it too much trying to fix it, you'll hit that point when you know it's ruined. Ugh.

That said, if you happen to get the first one right, after all, then you'll be a freakin' genius, and women will want to have your children. So, see? It's win-win, all 'round. [grin]

I just got a new Samsung Galaxy Note, and my wife just got an Samsung Exhilarate, so that's why I have renewed experience with Realook, installing the screen protectors we just bought for them... hence my coming here and writing a review. The pair I installed on her Samsung Captivate, and my Samsung Infuse 4G, almost two years ago, are still goin' strong. About three months ago, I thought my wife scratched the one on her Captivate; but I'll be darned if what I thought was a tiny scratch didn't clean off with just a little Windex and elbow grease. I don't know what it was, but it was really stuck on there; and sure looked like a gouched-out sort of little scratch. But it wasn't.

Dealing with them again, today, installing them on these new phones, just made me remember how really good Realook protectors are. And, no, I don't work for Realook, or am a dealer, or anything like that. I really am just an end uers, who just wrote this to share.

They're that good.

Now I'm gonna' go write essentially the same thing over on the page, here, for the Samsung Exhilarates's Realook protector.

So, in any case, I dunno if any of that helps, but helping was certainly my intention.

Gregg L. DesElms
Napa, California USA
gregg at greggdeselms dot com
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on May 5, 2013
Preface: Found Realook when I first had my original Galaxy S1. I have used the brand on the S2, and now my Note 2. All have gone on Super Easy with great fitment, only ever leaving a micro bubble here and there. As long as you prep properly and get rid of all the oils from fingerprints/dust from the screen before applying, you shouldn't have too many problems with bubbles.

My application process goes like this: Prep the screen with alcohol pad, wipe down with microfiber cloth (both supplied), final spray with can of air (not supplied), then I apply. The 1 or 2 big bubbles pushed right out with my thumbs. The screen is left crystal clear, and helps with fingerprint smudges as well being fairly scratch resistant. Its not "fingerprint proof", but it does make it less visible and find myself cleaning my screen less often (my experience with all the ones I've used on my personal phones old and new). I've had the screen protector on my Note 2 for a few months now, and it still looks great after a wipe down. Don't even have any scratches that I can see or feel yet, and I keep my phone in my pockets.
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on March 12, 2012
I read the comments here carefully first, so I knew to be careful about which side of the protector was the sticky-side. The labels do say to remove the "1" first - but ALSO (in the fine print) that the "1" is the top/non-stick side.

I did the shower-first trick to settle the dust from the air, and then applied the screen protector. When you do it the right way around, the screen protector practically installs itself - it flows onto the phone glass, pushing out bubbles as it goes.

I had both my phone and a night later my husband's phone to do - mine had one minor bit of dust in the corner, but I got his on the next day without any dust - and got up the courage to try to remove the dust mote on mine then. Using their yellow-backed tape to raise the corner of my protector and sticky tape to remove the dust particle worked perfectly (just be careful with your sticky-tape as the one I used attracted fine hairs by static, so it took a few goes to get rid of the hairs my sticky tape introduced). I'm really glad I did go back and remove that dust particle from mine though - you can't see that there's a protector on there at all now.

I've never had a screen protector that "just worked" before - these ones were a delight to use. Camera protector is fiddly, but went on well too - and since the camera lens actually extends a little beyond the back of the phone case having a protector there was *very* welcome. I was glad that there were extras of the camera protector though - one of them sprung out of my fingernails and got lost goodness only knows where - a hazard of small, springy plastics.

* Very clear, can't see it once it's applied properly
* Applied easily without bubbles (when put on the right way around)
* Easy to get any dust out if you do have something get in
* Camera lens protector (most only protect the front screen)

* Fingerprints - it gets a bit more smeary than just with the plain glass screen, but no more than any other screen protector I've used previously. While the protector itself doesn't cause rainbows, fingerprints/smears on it can.

I still far prefer to use a protector than scratch the phone's glass, and this one is the best I've ever used.
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on March 30, 2013
I used to have Realook on my Captivate and was so happy that I recommended it to owner of an IPhone...... This screen protector dry installation is one of the easiest I ever tried. Same glass like finish, same finger smudges. It is about 3 mm shorter on both sides and bottom of phone surface and about 5 mm off the top. So if you have TPU case it will not interfere with it and lift.
The only beef I have is the cut. It is not precise and has an open bottom cut for Home button and open top cuts for speaker and front camera. Now, Home and Speaker cuts are directly across each other which helps to properly place the damn thing, but the cut for the front camera is a bit off. At least on my protector it forced whole thing to the right. Not a big deal giving 3 mm of space on each side.
I started from the home button because that is where the #2 sticker is, perhaps the proper way is to start at top. Easlily got rid of bubbles and with help of sticky tape provided I removed dust particles. Overall, I recommend it for dry install.
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on December 14, 2012
Prefer Realook's packaging, cut and how they have you apply it beginning near the home button for more optimal placement as compared to SGP Ultra Crystal. The cut is better fitted leaving less gap underneath the speaker grill and above the home button where your finger is less likely to bump against. Clarity is good and so is protection for the screen.

Tip: The Galaxy Note II's screen has a curved edge around the edge of the display and also around the home button so the screen protector has to be placed appropriately. With this in mind the ideal placement for the Realook is to leave a 1mm gap above the metal rim around the home button. Doing that leaves a 2.5mm gap at the top and bottom glass edge of screen which is more than the 2mm required to clear the curved edge. The left and right glass edge gap is ~2mm so very little gap and plenty of screen protection.
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on April 30, 2012
Other reviewers seemed to be having trouble installing this screen protector without air bubbles, but I found the process to be straightforward with a little bit of patience and careful attention to detail. I applied the screen protector per instructions (wiped screen with included alcohol pad and microfiber cloth -- did not spray the air with water) under a bright light so that I could see any dust. I ended up with one piece of dust trapped near the bottom of the screen which I was able to easily remove per the instructions using the included tape to lift the protector back up and a piece of scotch tape to grab the dust. While the large screen on the Galaxy Note and stiff nature of the protector does pose a little bit of a challenge, it is not too hard to apply it without bubbles.

Once the protector is on, it is very nice -- it is so clear that I can't tell it is there when the screen is on, it feels as good as or better than the naked glass to my finger and stylus, and it does not increase reflection or fingerprint smudges.

Pretty much invisible when screen is on
Feels as good or better than glass under finger or stylus
Has been bulletproof on other phones I have owned and this one feels no different -- very durable

Somewhat difficult to apply (partially because of the note's large screen)
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on February 13, 2013
Realook has done it again!! These are the best screen protectors out there IMO. I first used realook on my EVO DESIGN 4G and didn't hesitate to buy them for my GALAXY NOTE 2. I'm shocked that there are only four other reviews about these . They take 5 minutes to apply because there's no solution to spray or squeegee, they're durable in a pocket or bag, and they look almost invisible when they're applied properly. So much so that my friends couldn't even tell I applied one until I told them. They feel like the original screen if not better. (Some other so called sheild protectors feel tacky and require you to use solution for the application). Not only that but fingerprints wipe away with ease. The only complaint I have about these is the fact that they don't surround the home button completely on my NOTE 2. I'm not even sure if that's possible with this phone because it's so huge. Lol. I'll be buying these for every gadget that they'll fit on.
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