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on June 24, 2011
I am writing this review to help everyone out.

This splitter will take the input of one Ethernet RJ-45 connection and physically split it into two RJ-45 Ethernet connections. Please notice that you can only have one device turned-on at a time. This is a limitation of the Ethernet physical signaling. If you try to have two devices use the connection simultaneously, it will not work.

If you need two physical connections both on at the same time from one connection, please look for a switch like a 4-port, 5-port, or 8-port Dlink/Linksys/Netgear/HP/etc. More money, but this is the correct way to 'split' connections when you can't run more Ethernet cabling.

Hope this helps everyone!
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on May 26, 2016
Parts did not work as advertised. I am a computer professional with over 25 years of network experience so I know how it is supposed to work. I used a Fluke LAN Runner 2000 and tested them and they failed. I used the same test and cabling on 2 homemade LAN splitters and they worked perfectly. One of them popped open and when I saw how they were assembled, I knew why they didn't work. There was no split in them, no 4 wires on one RJ 45 socket and the other 4 wires on the other RJ45 socket. All 8 connections were present on each RJ45 socket. It was wired more like a cable extender than a splitter.
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on May 1, 2015
A good solution for when you need to connect two computer that are never turned on at the same time, and you only have one jack on the wall. It works very well, I didn't noticed any failure regarding connection stability.
In this case, I have a desktop computer that I use in specific opportunities. Over the same desktop I have a docking station that I use for my notebook. So as you can guess, I share keyboard, video and mouse, for which I have a KVM switch. My problem is that having only one RJ45 jack installed on the wall, I want to have connection from my laptop without having to unplug the workstation.
The solution: this RJ45 splitter allows to have both the workstation and the dock connected to the same jack. I only have to be careful of no turning on both computers, to avoid networking problems. And in the case I need them both for whatever reason, I just connect the laptop via wifi, and problem solved.
The only detail I found is that both ethernet cables to be connected should have the same norm (standard color sequence).
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on March 23, 2013
I am a networker, and when I saw this splitter I understood that it can't be used to connect two devices simultaneously, but I wondered if it could be used as a network tap for read-only packet capture/sniffing/intrusion detection systems. I didn't see any other reviews cover that topic, but it was cheap enough so I decided to test it. Unfortunately, it will not work for that purpose. When two powered-on devices are connected to the split end, both devices lose their link light. I can't say I'm surprised, but it would have been a nifty addition to my tool kit if it did work.

If you are looking for a way to sniff traffic, buy a hub (the old kind--a "multi-port repeater"--not a switch), use a managed switch that has a mirror-port feature, buy a switch with a TAP interface, buy a passive network tap, or build your own passive network tap (there are instructions online for building a cheap one out of 4 Cat5e keystones with some creative punchdowns). Just don't buy this splitter hoping for the ability to sniff traffic.

Especially don't buy it hoping to get two devices connected simultaneously by splitting the Ethernet 4 pairs into 2 pairs of 2... this doesn't do that either. This is more similar to those old "A-B" switches that were common 15-20 years ago that you could use to connect two computers to one printer. Except this splitter doesn't have an A-B switch (it'd be a little more useful if it did) so the second device needs to be POWERED OFF for the other device to work, or the cable needs to be disconnected. And sometimes a device being powered off isn't even enough, because the network card still has power even when the device isn't running (for example, computers with Wake-On-LAN ability)

I won't rate this low since I didn't expect it to work for my purpose, but I won't give it 5 stars either because it seems to fill only a very, very rare niche. I can't think of any time in my networking career that this device would have been useful.
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on March 5, 2016
A bargain is not a bargain if the value does not exceed the price; unfortunately, this did not. It's very cheaply made, and one of my cables never would click in. The other two had to be forced. Once in, it worked, but I should have paid more for higher quality.
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on April 7, 2017
I bought this to be able to plug a couple things into the internet..... little did I know it does not work that way, so I bought these for nothing.
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on January 15, 2016
I purchased 3 or 4 of these together several years ago.
They did not function as described.
At least two of them could be used to connect two Ethernet cables in series, using both plugs on the same side and ignoring the plug on the opposite side.
At least one of these did not even work well enough to connect two cables.
None of them could be used to split one cable into two.
The wiring was simply wrong.
I never had time to request a refund.
I think I have one or two of these still around somewhere, but they only work to join two cables.
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on September 25, 2014
Works exactly like I thought it would. It is essentially 3-way jumper that parallels 3 RJ45 connections together. What does that mean? If you are buying this to split one cable into two to have two devices online at the same time, it will not work. But if you have two devices of which only one will be on at any given time this should work fine. Also comes in handy if you just need to extend and ethernet cable a bit by linking two together.
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on October 26, 2011
Splitting an ethernet cable will cause communication problems if you are splitting one line. I used these in a prewired CAT 5e application. I have comcast phone and internet coming in via modem. I sent the internet to my measley 4 port router and phone to a 5 phone splitter. to prevent crossing wires I put a new RJ11 connector on the end of the phone splitter plugging into the comcast modem but only used one pair instead of the 6 pairs that are prewired. Doing this will be important to prevent cross talk or frying your connected device since phone lines are live. The phone splitter and the router now represent the incoming lines. I used these Splitters to "Combine" the incoming phone and data feed into one Cat 5e line. Since these "Splitters" have RJ45 ends, to send the phone feed to the "Splitter" you will need a custom RJ 11 line with one end an rj11 and the other the RJ45 for each phone line you need to combine with an internet line. For the lines coming from the router to the "Splitter" you will have to reconnect each end with the corresponding pairs (Orange/white, orange, green white, empty, empty, green, empty, empty. This will only give you 10/100 mps doing this and you lose the ability to POE if you are using phone or two data lines. Now simply plug your custom RJ 45 phone line on one side your internet feed with your 3 pairs next to it and your outgoing Cat 5 on the other end going through the house. You can use an additional Splitter to seperate the lines at the other ends but it was better to split the pairs into their respective data and phone lines; either way you MUST split the pairs either using the same custom cables with respective one pair for phone two pair for internet. You can also split the line into two Data lines instead of one phone one data; i didnt have a use for this application. This will require more knowledge about pairs but can be done fairly easily; however each line must have its own port on your router. To understand this again, this product does not split ONE data line into TWO. It can combine feeds and subsequently split them.
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on December 4, 2015
This thing splits stuff and does things I do not understand. I like it. This splitter does not dilute the signal and works like a charm. It looks like a prize from a cereal box, but more than makes up for that in what it does.
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