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on December 13, 2013
I have had these pans for less than 8 months and the non-stick coating has started to peel and they are now worthless. I can't cook food for my family with the chance of the chemicals getting into the food. I have never run this set through the dishwasher or used in my oven over 450.

Update: Tried to get a replacement with Rachel Ray and they told me they were not in charge of their products, I had to call the manufacturer, Meyer, and they said we had to pay for the shipping to them, they would "inspect it" to make sure I was not the one to cause the defect and then they might send a replacement. This process could take 10 - 14 weeks! Bad product and bad customer service.
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on July 16, 2016
These pans are AWFUL. Just from going in and out of the oven the bottoms have non-stick coating peeling off. They have stained terribly with under 2 dozen uses, stains that have penetrated the coating and can't be removed. One wrong move with a utensil and the coating scratches right off. I purchased them a year ago because they had excellent reviews, but I really don't understand how now that I've owned them. I use parchment paper on top of them 90% of the time, and try to use a rubber spatula/plastic spatula as to not damage the coating, but they still look awful. I'm not going to waste my time trying to return them, just don't waste your money in the first place like I did!!
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on January 17, 2014
I don't cook often so I expected this set to last me forever. The orange was a bad idea. Already getting burnt. Why would you have bakeware you can't use in an oven over 350 degrees?
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on March 6, 2017
I had high hopes for these pans. I do love the little silicone handles and it is nonstick for the most part (its just ok) but the first time I used the sheet pan to cook some meat in the oven I noticed that all all the fat ran to one end of the pan meaning that it warped in the oven. The oven was only on 350.
So while these are functional they do warp easily.

Update with the company.
Well I called your number and explained my issue with the pan. I was told to:
1. go to Rachel Ray website,2. set up an account 3. find the claim form and fill it out 4. attach photos of top, bottom, front and sides of the pan and submit them along with the form.
Then I was told it would take two to four weeks to determine if the item had been abused before sending a replacement. Also I was told the bakeware has no warranty at all but you would consider replacing it because it had been less than 30 days. I would have just returned it to Amazon but foolish me tossed out the packaging. There is no way I'm going to purchase anymore Rachel Ray bakeware and the cookware I was looking at? forget it. This is way too much work for one pan.
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I have found, more often than not, when someone famous licenses his or her name to a product, the price of the product has more to do with the name that's on it, rather than the quality that went into making it. That's especially true when the price seems like a good deal. Such is the case here. While these pans aren't terrible, they aren't any better than average. The non-stick surface is nice. The rubberized hand grips are nice, too, and have held up in the oven. Both of the larger pans twisted significantly when place in a preheated (350 degree) oven from room temperature. They both leveled out shortly, although the larger one never went back to being completely flat. So, while these aren't terrible, there are certainly better ones out there for the same price.
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on April 25, 2016
This is a killer bakeware set. Everything cooks great on it, nothing burns on it and nothing sticks to it at all. The set comes with all the sizes you need as well. It also is a very nice looking set. The orange handles make each baking pan look sharp and appealing. This is the best bakeware set I have ever bought!! I love it!!!!
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on August 15, 2015
I absolutely love the non-stick pans! They are great to work with, very easy to clean as long as you don't go overboard with Pam and get some on the sides of the pan. It will clean off if you do, it just takes more to get it off. I haven't used all of the pans in the set yet but I look forward to using them! If you're thinking about this set, I highly recommend these! The price is a bit higher than other brands out there (I thankfully got these for a great deal) but I know from experience they are way better than other cheaper ones. You won't be replacing these after 3 uses like others that are half the price, believe me I just did that and wasn't happy about it.
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on January 13, 2013
The first day home, I used the bread sized pan to bake a loaf of bread. Usually I would let the bread maker cook the bread after mixing it. This time after mixing the bread and pounding it down, I baked it in the oven, in my new RR bread sized pan, and what a perfect loaf it came out to be. Best is, all I had to do when it was done is turn the pan over and the loaf fell right out. The cooking was very even. These are not aluminum pans. They did not twist as they were heating up.

This pan set has very useful sizes and is one of the most versitile sets on the market for the price. They are sturdy, and beautiful to look at. I am totally satisfied so far. More later if anything changes. As far as the talk of toxic fumes coming off the metal, or it being bad for your birds and small pets when you use them for the first time (as said in the instructions, which one reviewer did mention), I am sure that it is propably something that California had them write in the warning labels, because these are not teflon coated pans. I found no smells or problems with fumes detected upon first use. Still, it is better to be safe and not have any of your birds around your kitchen while you cool or clean anything, because birds are especially sensitive to cleaning materials as well as food cooking sumes. Your oven itself has materials in it which can affect birds every time you heat it up.

Good cooking!
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on March 28, 2017
The only complaint we had about these is the handles are wide making you have to use two hands to take it out of the oven. You can't get the finger part of an oven mitt under the pan with your thumb around the handle.
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on May 9, 2014
We were very excited when we first received the pans. My wife had been looking for an affordable non-stick pan and seemed like these were the solution. When we first started using them they worked great. From pizza to lasagna to cake, these pans did the job. My wife took extremely good care of them and followed the directions to the tee when cleaning. Now less than 2 months after we bought them, the non-stick aspect of the pans have gone away and we end up having to almost rip some of the food off of the pan itself (made for one messy pizza night).

I really wish these pans lived up to all the positive reviews! We went from super psyched to finally getting a great non-stick pan product to disappointed in a few weeks.
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