Customer Reviews: Rage
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Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$9.99 - $58.31
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on October 14, 2011
First, my message to every-day gamers who play games for fun and don't critique games based on company pedigree or comparison to better games... Rage is a gorgeous game and quite a bit of fun. The weapons look and feel good (always helpful for an FPS) and the three varieties of enemies (bandits, mutants, Authority) keep things interesting most of the time.

However, Rage is also very linear and God only knows what happened during the development cycle to result in the terrible final level and embarrassingly bad ending. It's painfully obvious that the game was cut short and/or truncated quite a bit to either meet a deadline or because Id's publisher wouldn't let them ship more than three DVDs in the XBOX version of the game package.

From a pure price perspective, Rage is worth $30 - $40 in my mind. If I could go back in time I'd wait for it to drop down from its $60 price point (or rent it).

Now, on to a more detailed critique from the perspective of someone who has played every Id game starting with DOOM shareware (though I'm more of a casual family-man gamer now)...

Rage has a few major issues, but I'll focus on three:

One, of course, is the terrible final level and ending. Like I said... it's obvious that Id cut down on the amount of content per area as you get further into the game. The first wasteland around Wellspring is quite large and interesting, with sewers, mailboxes, Mutant TV, etc. all to explore. The second wasteland around Subway town is smaller and less interesting. And then it seems as if there's going to be a third area (or third act, if you want to call it that) which never occurs. Instead, you get one final level that's so bland and linear that I actually feel embarrassed for the designers at Id that I imagine put a lot of heart into this game's design.

The second problem with Rage is that it can't decide what type of game it is and it does not succeed particularly well in any specific type of game-play. Was I playing an action game with racing elements? And RPG with action elements? Borderlands and Fallout 3 already did post-apoc action-RPG, and they both did it better. Id needs to get their pure, hardcore action-game mojo back, plain and simple, before branching out to other areas.

Third issue... I hate to sound like a consolized gamer, but why no auto-saving check-points? PC games have quick-save, which would be fine for Rage if I were playing it on PC. You can't publicly state that the consoles are your primary market and then not include auto-save... no one with half a brain likes punching out to the main menu repeatedly to save their game.

All in all, I feel like I bought an unfinished product. Also, this game had to beat out Red Faction: Armageddon to win my `biggest letdown of 2011' award.
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on October 5, 2011
I need to pipe in as I felt the reviews from the gaming press have been a little unfair. As with most people, I was waiting patiently for the reviews to start pouring in before I made the ultimate choice to buy the game but I'm very happy I pulled the trigger and bought it, cause this game rocks. I was literally at Game Stop, Rage anarchy edition in one hand, Dark souls in the other, conflicted, because most of the reviews I read for RAGE pretty much were a rinse and repeat of "Amazing graphics, gameplay sucks and the story is fatally flawed"...however I went with my gut and happy I did, because these reviews were either too harsh or simply just not true.

Honestly, the only reason why I gave the game 4 stars instead of 5 is that the game does give a gratuitous amount of hints at a deeper story without ever actually realizing it, like they dangle the carrot right out in front of you, always just out of leaves you with the who/what/when/where/why never actually realizing its full potential. That IMO, is a legitimate grievance to ID, "Hey guys, if you're going to do something, do it." With Doom, the simple story arch merely served to set the tone, this they can get a way with since the game was ultimately about some fool opening up the gates of hell and you're there to stop it, return to castle wolfenstein played exactly the same way, which is fine. However, the world of RAGE is deeper and nuanced, with a lot more things going on...was it an EPIC fail, HELL NO! They have so much to work with on future iterations to make this another long standing gem of an IP hopefully. But, if they nail down that one gripe, this game can easily go from very good to excellent!!

If you can get past that one caveat, this game certainly has everything else, the graphics and game play are all top notch and this game sports some of the best character animations I have EVER seen...i thought uncharted 2 and red dead redemption had the best animations and they're still awesome, but RAGE took it a step cant help to be amazed at what youre looking at, every NPC has their own personality and unique facial expressions and the frame rate is impeccable.

Also Ive seen a lot of comparisons to Borderlands and Fallout3, I love both of those games for very different reasons. If you look at RAGE from a birds eye view, its more like Borderlands in terms of story, in that, there is one, its there, albeit vague and never fully realized and really just ends up being second to the actual game play. But, did that totally detract from Borderlands being a great game? Its 2 years old and I'm still grinding away at it with my friends because it was just plain fun to play...RAGE is also just plain fun to play.

So, at the end of the day, its all about what you want to play right? Do you want something youre not going to put much thought into, but want all the FPS awesomeness and great graphics? If so, RAGE is for you and you will have fun!

The AI is challenging, there are shades of Aliens 2 (or just ALIENS lol) where you'll be scavenging around a derelict hospital or subway station, you'll see mutants scurrying around, you know youre not alone and then mutants will start appearing out of nowhere, climbing on ledges, swing off rafters, busting down through drop ceilings, they'll be running around, jumping off pillars, dodging your bullets...theyre hard to target, the gun play is frantic and its difficult to predict where theyre going to come from next. It does get creepy at times, and like Doom, you can be confident in the fact you're going to get ambushed...often. It should also be noted that the human AI is considerably easier to predict since theyre more likely to duck and cover though they have more tactical advantages, they'll talk to each other and if your not careful, they will try to surround and flank you. Of course, a well placed turret will help you in these types of situations :)

But on the flip side, if story is your thing over game play and you want something thats going to have a deep intriguing experience like Fallout, this game isnt for you, because youre probably going to get annoyed at the gaps the game leaves in the story.

**I also want to note I did give this game a 5 star FUN rating, because with the exception of the deeper story, ID's bread and butter is and always has been FPS plain and simple, and the game plays out exactly what I've come to expect from ID over the years. The story is no after thought and its obvious ID is trying to do something new and branch out and start developing games with deeper more satisfying story archs. i really hope they nail that one down eventually, but they've never let me down in the fun department. From Doom 1 to Doom with the Simpsons mod to RTCW to RAGE, their games and tech get better with time!
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on October 15, 2011
Id has always delivered the best FPS's in terms of graphics and action. Their team has skillfully squeezed consoles to the limit, offering breathtaking environments at smooth frame rates. Doom and Quake are perfect examples of Id's masterful creation of atmospheric worlds that almost threaten to overwhelm the characters themselves. Look at those textures! I mean, LOOK AT THEM!

But, there's one other, significant area Id still needs to work on, and if they did, they would own the gaming industry. I'm talking about depth and emotion and story. Id does not deliver much of any of these critical areas.

Rage has the looks of a supermodel and the brains to go with it. Rage has a non-existent story. It's mostly a collection of "Would you please get 'X' for me? Then I'll give you 'Y' in return" moments. You're always getting some object for someone. They give you an object in return. Characters look real but you develop no connection with them. They're gorgeous paper cut-outs. Rage has some depth to it. You can upgrade your guy's weapons, engineer items and choose different ammo, but that's where it ends. Fallout stomps Rage in this matter. You have to remember that this is a free wheelin' FPS and not an epic experience like Fallout. As for story, haven't found one yet, but I am keeping my eyes open.

Id needs to take the next step. Rage could've been the game of the year if they'd focused on story and depth, but maybe they don't care about that stuff.

I don't recommend you buy this unless you're just looking for a reason to kill stuff and run errands while gawking at the scenery. Wait for the price to drop.
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on October 4, 2011
....but I really like this game.

Graphically, Rage is the best looking game on Xbox360 to date. The "id Tech 5" engine is truly impressive and even the HD videos on the Internet cannot do it justice. To truly appreciate the graphical beauty of this game you must play or watch it in real life not on the Internet.

The lighting alone in this game is spectacular. I've heard people mention things like pop ups and screen tearing, but to be honest I haven't seen anything like that and I've played through multiple times now. From the very beginning I was looking around stunned at what I was seeing and that there could be this much of a graphics leap on a console that was released six years ago. The id 5 engine has definitely pushed the graphics envelope up a notch and proved the 360 has hardly reached its graphical limit. Gamers should be excited about this because as soon as they start selling the code for this engine to other developers it's going to make the beginning of this gaming generation and end of this generation look like night and day.

Fighting and driving in a wasteland has never been so fun. Transition to and from vehicles and from area to area is seamless. Combat is fun and fast and urges you react to your aggressors immediately by whatever lethal means possible. In the beginning you can obtain different weapons from main/side quests and later on buy them at the store. They are upgradable and you can make them better assuming you have the cash. There are also a bunch of things automated and non-automated that you can craft to help you in the wasteland- Of these my favorite is the sentry bot. There is nothing as satisfying as switching weapons on the fly to deal out death in a dozen different ways and looting everything you can get your hands on.

Driving is tight and precise and honestly far more fun than I thought I would ever have driving in an FPS. It's very satisfying ripping across the wasteland from town to town blowing up bandits along the way. Outfitting your buggy with weapons is as much fun as outfitting yourself. There are missiles, mini guns, and all types of toys to drop all over the place to screw up anybody who's trying to screw you while you're cruising along.

As far as the story is concerned it does its job well and is furthered by interaction with other characters whether by talking to them directly or overhearing their conversions. They have done an admirable job of placing interesting, if not very deeply developed, characters throughout the game that are believable and sympathetic in their views and their causes. The story is solid, easy to follow, and makes sense. It doesn't drag you along kicking and screaming or forcing plot advancement before you're ready (especially if you're a side mission type of player). It is up to the player whether or not they want to unravel some of the story or all of it. However, make no mistake... this game is a shooter first and foremost. Anyone going in looking for a role playing game or a 1000 page novel or a movie is looking in the wrong place.
Overall Rage is not just an ok FPS or a good FPS. It's great and definitely worth picking up if you like great games.
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on October 5, 2011
Okay first off the critics are wrong about this game, I've been playing FPS for a LONG time. Some of the reviews this game is getting aren't fair. It's being prejudged because of Fallout 3 and Borderlands, although there are some similarities, first off the game starts going at a fast pace, not slow and lengthy to get to the action like Fallout 3 and more realistic looking and the missions/characters are more engaging than Borderlands. Also, keep in mind that this game was in production when Fallout 3 and Borderlands came out, so don't dwell on the similarities, this game needs to be judged in it's own right. Not to mention the variety of different types of bandits, mutants, monsters and the Authority. I played the game for a solid 10 hours yesterday and I can say thus far it makes my top 5 list of Best Games Ever Made. Since when do we judge games so harshly, I look at the basic factors, is the game fun to play, entertaining, engaging, visuals, audio, etc. First off the GameSpot review is retarded they docked it points because it doesn't Auto-Save a whole lot or often enough, you have to Pause the game and save it. I might be alone here, but I hate games that make me wait until the next Auto-Save or the next Save Point. This bothers me, I like saving the game when I want to and not having to get somewhere to do it.

The attention to detail in this game is absolutely amazing, yes in the Dead City some of the messed up desks and rubble look graphically messed up but there is so much going on in this game graphically I wouldn't dock it for that. ID spent a lot of time working on this and it shows, the landscape and entire world is amazing. When your doing missions it doesn't feel like meaningless errands you feel engaged in the game, the variety of missions keep it interesting, a LOT better than the missions in Borderlands or Dead Island where after a while you get frustrated. Then after about 10 missions or so you go to a new town Wellspring and this town has a ton of missions and races for the car, and I find the added car races to be really fun and a good way to change it up, and missions that require you to drive through the wasteland are fun and engaging, you always run into bandits, etc driving through and it's always fun to fight them. For the first outpost you work on primarily fighting the bandits which can get boring but your not doing those missions for long, then you go to Wellspring and your thrown into Dead City to upgrade your health regeneration and you encounter the mutants and monsters (when I say monsters I mean the HUGE beasts). This changes the gameplay entirely these savages come from every direction and are harder to kill than the bandits. The monsters are fast, strong and challenging to kill, especially the massive one the size of a building literally. The inner city is almost terrifying with a claustrophobic/dark/helpless feel to it with mutants popping out of corners. Also, the enemies feel and act real, not fake and unbelievable. The bandits call for backup and talk to each other and you, they will flank you and they all act different, some duck for cover and have shootouts and others charge at you.

The mutants and monsters just surround you and charge from every direction. The people saying this game isn't like COD of course it's not all COD games are the same with different levels, that's all that changes, nothing new or innovative unless you think having a different machine gun makes the game great, you own one COD you own them all. Unless you enjoy mindless Deathmatchs with 12 year olds. This game is not supposed to be like COD and for that I am glad this game is entirely different and doesn't deserve that comparison. Also, the people saying that this is just ID's way to test there game engine, well if that's true then they did it right, this game has every aspect in it to put a game engine to the test. Just wait the new COD's will run on this engine to because they can't innovate there own engine, they have to borrow others. The shooting sequences and controls feel smooth and the enemies react to every bullet, shoot them in the foot they fall to the ground grabbing there foot and the Wingstick is a lot of fun to use on random enemies. The story takes a backseat in this game as your too busy with what your doing to worry about the story, in games like this I rarely care about the story. All in all I think this game should get a 10/10. Those of you waiting until the cost goes down are missing out, this game is definitely not a disappointment in any way.

For this pack I've noticed a lot of people complaining that there not getting the items. You have to redeem the two codes that come with the game, the Anarchy upgrades and the Sewer missions. Once you do this start the game on the first mission, when your given the handgun and on your way to fight the bandits, hold RB and check your weapons the Double Barrel shotgun is there, then you get a mission to go to the Outfitters to change out of your Ark suite you'll notice the armor there as the fourth selection.when you get to Wellspring and get a garage for your buggie, you'll notice in the garage an extra car the hot rod car (which I use for all my races).
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on October 14, 2011
My experience with Rage started out very well. I was very impressed by the graphics and immersive environments the game creates. Everything will be ugly after playing this. Playing Black Ops reminded me of what it was like to go back to playing an original Xbox game after experiencing the Xbox 360 for the first time. The graphics in other games now seem so... simple. The Xbox 360 hardware has a hard time keeping up with this visual feast, and graphical detail draw-in is pronounced in the more complex levels (Dead City comes to mind). The game's pretty face goes much farther than being just a pretty face. Id has put an incredible amount of time and effort into this game and it shows. Clever Easter Eggs abound, and the ambiance the game creates is second to none (although others argue it's derivative, which at times, it is). So why the three-star rating? Two critical design flaws that will make you want to throw your Xbox out the window. The lack of auto-save and the inability to backtrack to closed off areas. These seem like minor complaints until they screw you over, and believe me, they will. First, the auto-save problem. Initially I thought it was just a minor inconvenience to have to save the game every few minutes, but at around eight hours in I became complacent and managed to go through an entire level without saving. At the very end of the level, as I was leaving, I became "stuck" in the ground. My character then fell through the floor to his death, giving me the joy of re-playing the entire level. The only safe way to play this game is to have the discipline of an auto-save feature. Meaning after every battle, after clearing each area, you need to pause the game and physically save it. It is beyond my comprehension why a FPS in 2011 was built with this feature omitted. My second complaint will apply to the completionists out there. There are things that you need to collect along the way that will bring the game to 100% complete. These things are VERY easy to miss, even if you scour the landscape, and will become closed off to you with little or no warning. I was foolish enough to start playing this game without this knowledge and spent several hours wasting time looking for the hidden cards in the game. After dredging my way through every level and backtracking in an attempt to find missing items, I got sick of searching and referenced an on-line guide. Low and behold, the card that I was missing was locked away in the Outrigger Outpost, an area that becomes closed off to you in the first hour or two of gameplay. Since the achievements require everything to be completed in a single playthrough, my entire playthrough was a waste. Around eleven hours... I had to take a step back and think about this when it occurred to me. In 2011, in an already over-saturated FPS marketplace, id puts out a game that (it seems) is designed to infuriate you. I understand that id is the grandfather of first-person shooters. I get it. If it weren't for Doom back in 1993, maybe none of us would be here. Much respect. Maybe I deserved to be taught a lesson by their game. But here's the problem. I already have a laundry list of games that I'm trying to get through. With plenty more coming out this holiday season, I've got my hands full. It's not 1993 anymore, and id is not the only thing going on anymore. So, instead of starting the whole miserable process of another playthrough, I asked myself, "why bother?" I decided it wasn't worth the effort. If id can't evolve, why should it be my problem? I've already suffered enough with this game. That said, if you are planning to get the most out of this game, I would urge you to start from the beginning with the use of a strategy guide. If you're just looking for a weekend distraction or a quick run-through, don't worry about the closed off areas and add another star to my review score.
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on November 5, 2011
I enjoyed the single player of this game even if it was incredibly short and not without a few issues. It certainly has a borderlands feel to it and a bit of a fallout 3 look. But it falls short of being as great as either of those 2 games. I was expecting more of a open world experience but what I got was more of a go here, go back here, now go back one more time. Not much to see and do outside the main story. Graphics are amazing as they should be but it isn't everything. Overall it made me want to play borderlands 2 even more now.

Online was fun a few times but I felt like it got old pretty fast. There is only one option and that is racing which if you enjoy might keep you around a little longer but it didn't offer enough for me to do so with Battlefield 3 out now and MW3 and Elder Scrolls coming next week.
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on October 31, 2011
Had fun with this game. Amazing graphics. Though be warned if you have a Xbox 360, if you don't install it to your hard drive the graphics they will not be as good. The game relies on a texture pack installed on your hard drive to get the most out the xbox's graphics capabilities. If you install all three disks it's about 22GB. But you can do one disk at a time for about 7-8 GB per disk. There is NO option, as there is with Battlefield 3, to just install just the texture pack.

Gameplay is your pretty standard FPS fair. Great shooting mechanics, but nothing revolutionary. Though I will say the AI is some of the best I have ever seen in a game. While the gameplay does not vary greatly throughout the game, the enemy AI made all the combat situations feel fluid and unique. Plus the enemies vary quite a bit as the game goes along and each have unique fighting methods.

Story is only so, so. Keeps you interested, but never really goes anywhere. It also seemed like they missed a chance to really flesh out some characters that seemed interesting at first, but you never learned anything about them. Overall, this a a pretty typical "post-apocalyptic" story...very similar to Fallout 3.

I never tried the multiplayer. But that is not why you should by the game. Sounds interesting, but I don't think many people will be playing it in the future. This is a singleplayer first game.

Great game if you are in the market for a well put together FPS. Just don't go in expecting anything revolutionary.
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on April 2, 2012
I don't usually like open games, but this was pretty good for about 3/4 of the game. It had a nice mix of mission play and exploration. The vehicles and customization were fun, and the environments were cool to look at. But then it just stops...the game kind of just ends with a limp final mission and you can't go back and complete your side missions unless you revert to a prior save. Really a let down.
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on July 20, 2012
Some reviews on gaming sites gave this game a somewhat lackluster review, saying it was not open ended and too scripted. Well, it is a bit linear but its a really fun game and the graphics are outstanding. It's less scripted than console favorites, such as Call of Duty or Halo, as you have some discretion about the order you complete some missions. The combat and exploration is well done - creepy atmosphere will make you jump more than once. There are a few "boss" battles, but nothing too difficult or frustrating. One decision the developers made that I cannot fathom, is locking off certain areas after progressing to certain points in the game, preventing you from going back and obtaining collectibles you may have missed. This can leave you handicapped if you didn't get the recipe or schematic from that area or, if playing on Xbox and trying to get the collectible achievements (most have to be acquired in a single play-through - cheap mechanism for making you play through more than once IMHO), having to replay the game or revert to a much earlier save, negating any progress since that point. The racing aspect of the game is fun, except for the rally races which can be a lesson in frustration as you spin in circles trying to beat other AI drivers to the rally points as they shift from one part of the track to another.

All in all though, my romp around Rage's post appocolyptic wasteland was truley enjoyable and I think the game was better than many reviewers suggested. Make sure you have about 20 GB of storage on your HD for the best gaming experience - you may have some pop-in or stuttering issues if you try playing the game without installing it to your hard drive.
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