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on December 20, 2010
When I have put on other waist nippers, my reaction has been: "Yeah, I'm thinner, but I still don't have a figure." With the 821 model of the Rago, I have a WAIST! WOW!!

I purchased mine based on my hip measurement, because my jelly-belly gives me practically no waist at all, so nothing on the size chart matched up to my measurements. I made the right choice, size-wise. (NOTE: The Amazon size charts don't work for this product; had I used the Amazon charts, I would have bought too small a size; I used instead the Rago size chart and bought the correct size. Here is the Rago size info:
X Small (2-4), Hip 34, Waist 24;
Small (6-8), Hip 36, Waist 26;
Medium (10-12), Hip 38, Waist 28;
Large (14), Hip 40, Waist 30;
X Large (16), Hip 42, Waist 32;
2X Large (18), Hip 44, Waist 34;
3X Large (20), Hip 46, Waist 36;
4X Large (22), Hip 48, Waist 38;
5X Large (24), Hip 50, Waist 40;
6X Large (26), Hip 52, Waist 42;
7X Large (28), Hip 54, Waist 44.
You can see more pictures and info online at the HERROOM website [...]

I would post a picture, but there's no way that's happening online ;), so let me describe the effect: this reduced my waist measure noticeably, with the maximum compression to the waist, not the hip. In my case, it also pulled in my rib cage(mine is broad)& also improved my posture (which I thought was good!). Makes my figure look so much better, and the overall effect in clothing is so amazing - I swear it took YEARS off my appearance.

There was some bulging above the top (though not at the bottom), but once I put my brassiere on (which I had to tighten to the tightest hooks & I could probably wear a smaller band size when using this product), the brassiere took care of the bulge. So the bulge was not a concern.

I highly recommend that you try this product. Its design is unique in that the tapes that define the waist give you a slimmer waist as compared to other products that only squish you all over.
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on October 17, 2008
I have several corsets and waist cinchers and I have to say that this one is my favourite. I have worn it almost daily since I bought it, and I couldn't be more pleased. Allow me to explain why this is the cincher to buy.
1)The difference between corsets and cinchers: I own both, and they both do different things even though most people think that they're the same. A corset makes the body look beautiful outside of clothes (they push the breasts up very high and pull in the waist), but in general (unless you're wearing Marie Antoinette style clothing) they don't look good under an outfit. The breasts become a single lump and the ties are usually quite visiable underneath (which defeats the entire purpose of trying to get people to think that this is your natural figure). A cincher is made to be worn under clothes, to pull in the waist, and to be as invisiable as possible. Therefore they often aren't as pretty as corsets but make much better undergarments.
2) Rago rocks! I own many shaper garments, and Rago's are by far the best. Yes, you can find cheaper brands in the department stores, but they won't hold up as well and they won't have the power that Rago's have.
3)Of the versions Rago offers on this site, this one is the best. I own the other model which is very similar except that it is lace and has garters, but it doesn't offer as much support as this one and aren't as invisiable as this one. The satin feels wonderful next to the skin and even under clingy dresses this is just about undetectable. Unless you have your heart set on garters, this is the cincher to buy.
4) The fit: like many women I suffer from "Mummy Tummy", the horrible price one must pay for having grown two human beings in her body. I am in very good shape, but nothing gets those muscles back to their prepregnancy shape besides surgery (I don't have a spare $20,000 lying around and the scar is huge and ugly). This garment instantly takes 2-4 inches off of the waist and allows one to wear fashionable clothes again without looking frumpy or silly. Another bonus is that I stood about two inches taller because it forces you to walk and sit with perfect posture. This gave me back my youthful waistline. One reviewer said that the fit is a bit tight and they run small; the fit is much tighter than what lace materials and cheaper brands offer but that's because it's a high quality product that works! Those satin panels really pull you in, but they're not uncomfortable (I felt like a sausage for the first hour I wore it, but the body heat warms it up and makes it softer without losing any control). I plan on losing about 10-20 lbs. over the next few months so I will probably buy a new one soon, but I'd recommend buying your size according to the chart. Most of the time I can fit into a small because they don't provide as much compression, but this one you need to be exact.
Anyway, if you are looking for an awesome waist cincher that is affordable, flattens your stomach and gives you a lovely "wasp's waist", and feels wonderful and comfortable next to the skin, this is the one to buy.
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on January 16, 2014
I love to wear mid-century inspired dresses, and they just don't look right without some attempt at the traditional underpinnings. This is by far and away my favorite waist cincher. It is surprisingly comfortable after the first wearing or so, making it easy to keep a good posture without a lot of effort -- my posture when I'm not wearing it has improved as a result. I also love the way the shaping bands on the side create a nice, firm waist while still allowing you to have natural-looking hips. The smooth front makes it nearly invisible under clothes, although I sometimes add a think cami over it as a "corset cover" to make sure nothing shows. The stays are quite flexible, and, contrary to some people's worry, I have no trouble breathing deeply while wearing it. I even wear it out ballroom and salsa dancing, and I can still exert at a very high level and do dips and oversways. I have it in black as well, and I would love for Rago to add more colors -- perhaps a soft pink or a blue.
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on April 26, 2017
I already have this in black and wanted a light colored one to wear under light colored tops and dresses on days when I feel larger than normal. I also wear them under t shirts around the house while I am doing daily chores. Great for the back and to train my abs to hold in my belly. I wear a size 8 - 10 in pants and have a large rib cage, so the large fits me just right. This garment is easy to get off and on and doesn't show through my clothes, unless they are really tight.
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on September 24, 2013
I Absolutely LOVE this product. In fact, I had 2 different versions--this one which does not have garter straps (821) and the one with lace front which does have detachable garter straps (21), but I seem to have misplaced one, so I've just ordered another!

Comments about this product. Note: even though they look the same, different versions have different levels of control. If you look at their Website, items are rated as: Light, Moderate, Firm, Extra Firm, and Soft Control.

This one should be Rago style 821 which the company classifies as "Firm".

I've tried all manner of shapewear and have both purchased and made traditional corsets (traditional corset being defined in this case as the traditional old-fashioned kind with laces meant to be worn under Victorian garments) as well as constructed and altered garments intended to go over said garments.

This is a well-made garment which balances modern demands for lightweight and comfort with power and structure.

I would most certainly rank it as significantly better than the Maidenform Flexees waist nipper which is still a piece of crap no matter how many times I tried to make it work. The Flexees always flips up on me making me wonder how to stand up after sitting down--not so with the Rago 821. The Rago stays put. No matter how hard I've tried, I've never been able to get it to flip up at the waist. One reason might be because it's difficult for me to slouch from the underbust down in this thing.
My center front measurement from underbust to hip is about 9"

The Rago 821 is made of nice stiff Powernet. Some people might think that the stiffness or thinness of the powernet might make it seam cheap, but really, that stiffness is important to make this thing work properly. The power net makes it light and reasonably breathable as opposed to the heavy, tighter weave fabric in traditional garments or the stretchy flimsy fabric in competitive garments. It has additional horizontal reinforcement in the waistline providing additional strength in a key high-stress area. I don't have any worries about any seam or fabric failures with this product.

The spiral boning allows a reasonable amount of movement and comfort. But here's a key design comparison note between this and other similar products--the boning for this product does not extend all the way down to the bottom of the garment, and in fact, in the front, the boning stops about 2" from the bottom of the garment. This allows me to sit down without the boning poking into my legs causing it to flip up. The bottom bit does curl up a bit since I am 5'4 this is not designed for petite torso but it doesn't cause any problems for me. (My Flexees finally stopped flipping when I took a pair of embroidery scissors to discreetly slice the casing on the inside of the front 2 channels and yanked the front boning out but it now lacks structure in the front. One of these days maybe I'll actually insert shorter spiral boning into it--but why--I love my Rago garments and even with the adjusted boning inserted, the Flexees fabric is too soft for the level of shaping I prefer.

The shaping is beautiful. Measurements aren't everything, and visually, I don't have much shaping in the waist. With the Rago 821 or Rago 21, my waist is well defined.

As far as sizing goes: As another reviewer noted, THE AMAZON SIZE CHART IS INCORRECT--or rather there is a correct note that states that specific size information is not available and thus posts default Amazon data which is not correct for this product. Something important to note is that you need get over the whole size concept that drives garment companies to create vanity sizing (you know what I'm talking about: the there's-no-way-I'm-a-size-__-I'm-not-that-big mentality) and just be realistic about your actual measurements.

You can cheat it some, but there's a limit. For those who don't know, your waist is not necessarily where you wear your waistband. Do a side bend and note where your body creases at the waist--that is your waist.
To put things into perspective, I generally wear a size 12 in most fashion brands. I measure 34" at my true waist. According to the Rago charts, I should wear a XXL/34. Having tried these product on in a store, I would say the Rago size charts are pretty darn accurate for their products. An example of what I mean by cheating it a bit is that I own both a L/30" and an XL/32. BUT I am also used to stuffing myself into a heavy corset on occasion. So I deliberately own 1-2 sizes smaller than I ought to for specific purposes. If you're not used to cinching yourself in, don't drop down a size the way I did. The 30 is wearable for me but barely.

THE CORRECT SIZE CHART is provided by another reviewer and is accurate. to summarize sizing:
Start with your waist measurement.
A size Small=26" waist. sizes go up every 2 inches, so a
M=28", L=30 etc. with 8XL=46"
If your hip measurement is more than 10" larger than your waist, bump up one size.

The only drawback for me is the length--it's just a bit long. I'm skirting the edge when it comes to length. There's some scaling that goes on with sizes, but I'd say if your measurement from underbust line to hipline in the center front is less than 9" you're going to be miserable in this garment because the boning will likely poke you in the underbust or legs. Right around 9" you may our may not be able to make it work.

About show through and muffin top:
While it is lighter than a traditional corset, this is still a structured garment I wouldn't wear it with garments made from super thin or clingy material. I do wear it under garments that skim the body closely but aren't super clingy like a nice pencil dress. I have also worn it under stretch dresses that had design elements/pattern that hid the boning and hook & eye front closure even though the dress hugged my figure. As far as muffin top goes, Fat does need to go somewhere, and if you go 2 sizes down, don't be surprised if you end up with a bit of muffin going on. Someone at a lingerie store tried to get me to fasten from the bottom up. I actually prefer to fasten from the top down with the concept that I am pushing the fat down as opposed to up.
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on April 15, 2017
I like this one better than the Maidenform corset, the material is lighter, and it does not break down as fast, and it definitely holds. The reason i don't give it 5 stars it is because it sets off some security entrances. That is annoying to have to go through the gate many times, and security beeps, and then i have to tell the guard maybe it is is this item. Maybe some security gates are more sensitive than others. I hope Rago does something about this issue.
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on February 4, 2014
While reading a review of a just released memoir, which I thought was going to be about the Victorian era, the author mentioned a corset given to her as a gift by her husband. What she shared regarding the vast improvement of her shape instantly inspired me to buy something along these lines (even if wearing meant not being, for a time, especially comfortable). I am delighted to report that wearing this item is far more comfortable than any girdle I have ever owned (back in the day when one wore such an item regularly). Placing a high value on comfort, I ordered the large. I should have been brave and purchased the medium. I cannot only wear this waist cincher all day long, unlike other shape wear; it does not interfere while visiting the area where even the empress must travel on foot. Not being familiar with this type of clothing (and not presently having a lady in waiting to help me dress), I found, by trail and error, the best and quickest way to get this thing on is to fasten all but the top three or four hooks, slide it up as one would a pair of slacks, and then finish the job. For me, trying to fasten all of the hooks while simultaneously trying to hold this garmet in place involved more time that I was willing to spend on getting dressed.
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on November 8, 2014
First of all, let me say, I have been searching online for almost a month now, for an inexpensive waist cincher, but they are all soooo expensive!!!
I was not looking for one to alter my body physically, in the way that most people are using them, just the appearance of it to others. I wanted something comfortable most of all that I can wear under my clothes to go out or to work. I didn't want to shell out a lot of money on it, and I didn't want to be bulky. I looked at TONS of Youtube videos on customer reviews, and the Rago caught my attention as fitting the bill. So I ordered me one, I got a large, because it's what seemed like it would fit me best, being that I am 5"3, 140lb, I naturally have an hourglass shape, but with some extra weight to the abdomen. The large, felt kind of loose on me, I was able to suck in my stomach with the Rago cincher on and achieve a better look! I wanted the cincher to do the sucking in for me. I will be returning this. Another problem, was the boning, since I have a short torso, the bones tend to reach up under my bra to the front, and dig into me, I don't need to cinche my hips in, because my hips are not an issue for me, so I will tend to want to pull the cincher up higher than what is portrayed in the picture. I've learned two things, one being, I don't want a cincher with boning, it just makes it to obvious if someone gives you a hug, and there is the possibility of it digging into the flesh, and two, I'd like a cincher with three rows of hook and eye, so I can expand or cinch to my body weight fluctuations.
Would I recommend this to a friend, yes... The product provides firm control around the abdomen, I think it would be a bit more comfortable for someone who had a longer torso area. I just saw a cincher called Franto women's magical lingerie, its a cincher, I am going to try it and see how it works out, size medium, lol.
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on March 18, 2017
I have tried several different makes of waist cinchers or waist trainers and have been disappointed with all of them except Rago. With some of them, the bones bend the wrong way and make you look even fatter. They only stay in place if you have a very slim waist and don't need a waist cincher. I find that the Rago waist trainer is comfortable, transforms my waistline and wears well. It is the only waist trainer I will ever buy,.
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on March 8, 2017
I shop this part for many years. The first one was okay in black. The second in white has been much smaller. The third in beige had on top an absolutely worn-out edge and has a total of 2" made a distinction to the first part. Now this fourth part in white. The elastic seams for the waist are sewed in everybody absolutely askew in crooked. The quality of Rago becomes worse and worse. One can shop equally cheap in China.
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