Customer Reviews: Raiders of the Lost Ark
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on May 15, 2000
John Williams really made "Raiders of the Lost Ark" special, a golden classic. If you are a big fan of movie soundtracks and you don't have this one, you better get it soon! It seems that Williams, along with Spielberg and Lucas of course, has a total understanding of the characters, action and the rhytm all the time. There are many thrilling, splendid scenes in the movie in many ways.
For example the beginning in the Peru, which presents our hero in action. Williams' music for the prologue sequence in jungle and in cave tells us everything with its simplicity. The chase in a desert with trucks marks also a high point in cinema both in editing and music. The themes for the Ark, for Marion and of course for Indy are there in our minds forever.
This is also a special score, because even when you are not seing the picture, just listening the music, you can still imagine everything that happens on the screen: when the spiders come, when Indy goes for the statue, when there are snakes, when the Ark is revealed or just when Indy meets Marion. The music is so clear and powerful, not forgetting its thematic bits.
I cant understand why they didnt give him an Oscar for this. A must for all of you John Williams fans out there, or just for soundtrack fans. Yet another good example about the colloboration between Spielberg and his faithful composer!
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on June 14, 2000
I've been a fan of Indiana Jones for my entire life. I've loved everything about Indiana Jones, including the music. The Raiders March was probably the first movie theme I was able to recognize, along with Star Wars and Back to the Future. In 1997, I rediscovered the magic of film music with the release of the Special Edition Star Wars sound tracks. And now, with the re-release of the Indiana Jones Trilogy on video, I rediscovered the magic of Indiana Jones. I just had to get the sound track to Raiders, so I did. And Mr. Williams proved to me once again that his music sounds just as good without the movie as it does with it. And it does go very well with the movie. In the track "In the Idol's Temple" you can feel the terror of Indy's assistant as he sees the tarantulas on Indy's back. And you can tell when Indy is about to grab the Idol when the music swells and builds. And the short but fast-paced trumpet blasts tell you that Indy is running from the boulder. This track is just one example of how the music sounds good with or without the movie. Extensive liner notes help advance the movie story-wise and music-wise. Quotes from Mr. Williams help you to look at the music in a way that perhaps you hadn't before. A must-have for both movie and music lovers alike.
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on February 18, 2003
The first of the three Indiana Jones scores, Raiders established the popular Raiders March Theme as an instant classic in the world. As easily recognizable as the Star Wars fanfare, John Williams' Raiders March is the first track on this expanded edition of the Raiders soundtrack, from there it becomes a great thrillride that follows Indy's adventures to find the Ark. Along with the standard music there are some bonus tracks that were not previously published before. The insert has an interview with John Williams, pictures from the making of the movie and a break down of the tracks. This is a superior soundtrack recording and unlike the more mature sound to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, has many more instances where the Raiders March is used. Other themes to listen for include the ark theme, which makes a brief reappearance in Last Crusade, is used many times here as well as the love theme for Indy and Marion. This is an excellent cd and I highly recommend it.
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on October 3, 1998
I have always been a great fan of John Williams and his music, but my opinion on his music was always mostly based on just Star Wars Trilogy's music (and some Jurassic Park). I then decided to order Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack, and I'm glad I did.
This CD is simply perfect. After viewing the movie this CD brings back all the plot twists and situations from the film. The music is soothing at times, fast-paced at times, silent when silence is needed. The use of leif-motif is visible on this record as Indy's, Marion's, Ark's, Medallion's and other themes are weaved together into one huge musical cloth.
Words aren't enough to describe this music. When I thought Star Wars was inch away from perfection, I was wrong. This record wents mile beyond what Star Wars achieved. God bless John Williams!
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on January 20, 2004
"Raiders Of The Lost Ark" has always been one of my favorite action/adventure movies along with "Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". I like those movies because I am a fan of Indiana Jones and because Harrison Ford is one one of my favorite actors. And since I liked the music from the movie so much, I decided to get the soundtrack to add to my Indiana Jones collection.
The music is excellent! One moment it can be soft and haunting or it could be loud and exciting. "The Raiders March" is a great one and of course, everyone is familiar with the song. It's also a good example of loud and exciting. An example of a dark and haunting track is the next one "Main Title: South America 1936". That song is also great and it is played at the very beginning of the movie. The whole album is amazing and I will never forget the musioc.
This CD also has a booklet that has a lot of information about how the movie was done. It includes notes from Steven Spielberg and John Williams, it tells a little bit about the story. There are also sketches and photographs from the movie. So, if you are thinking of buying this soundtrack then I would also suggest that you take some time to look through the notes.
If your a fan of Indiana Jones, John Williams, or you enjoyed the movie than this CD might be worthwile.
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on October 10, 2002
I�ll always love Star Wars soundtracks, but the Indy�s ones will be in my heart forever because of my passion for History/Archeology. And this score manages to create that mood of mystery, adventure, religious artifact�geez I get chills on my spine each time I listen to some tracks.
Impossible to name the best! It�s needed calm themes as well as the action ones and vise-versa.
The first track is the full Indy�s theme.
�South America� has a real feel of exploration, it�s quite dark. But �In the Idol�s Temple� is an improvement- that spooky chords mark the spiders in the Indy�s back, plus great chrds for the famous escape.
�Flight From Peru� has a soft and quick beginning and then present�s the mains theme.
�Journey to Nepal� has a fine variation of Indy�s theme.
�The Medallion� introduces the a mysterious theme in french horn,pus a little part for the nazis (later to be better developped in Last Crusade).
�To Cairo� is similar to �Journey� but it also includes Marion�s theme.
�The Basket Game� is one of the most admired cues, giving frenetic music for the market fight. It ends with a tragic redition of Marion�s theme.
�The Map Room� is a little theme, very special to me, showing eerie chords for Indy�s exploration.
�Reunion and Dig Begins�, mostly marches for the nazis, Sallah and Indy scenes. More fine Ark variations.
�The Well of Souls�, quite dark tones, when snakes appear the music is very creepy. More soft touch for Belloq and Marion.
�Airplane Fight� a excellent action track, introduces variations of a nice cue for the colossal �Desert Chase�. I know this is released complete for the first time, thing that I love very much. It matches perfectly with Indy�s fight to dozens of nazis. Love that first notes à la nazi!
By this time the CD adds a full rendition of �Marion�s theme� for a romantic scene.
�The German Sub/To the Nazi hideout� contains smore cool nazi cues and that softens at the arrival at the base.
�Ark Trek� a little and marvellous theme mixing the theme of the ark, the medallion, and Indy-the result is fantastic!
�The Miracle of the Ark� is one the most appreciated, it�s also the darkest-it changes from eerie tones to choirs and bombastic Ark renditions. A true gem!
The Ark�s theme returns for the conclusion in �The Warehouse�.
Overall a great score, that should have won the academy award of 1981.
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on July 19, 2006
In 1936, archaeologist Indiana Jones began a search for the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Death lurked everywhere - in the form of Egyptian Cobras (Asps) that guarded the Ark, Nazi agents & thugs that wanted the Ark for Hitler, and traitorous guides in the jungles of Peru. Indiana Jones, however, was too smart and too fast for these adversaries, and the Ark was safely returned to the United States. This adventurous archaeologist could not have done it without the help of composer John Williams, whose music captured Indy's feats, escapes, and misadventures with a terrific score.

Conspicuous by their presence here are several tracks that were not featured on the 1981 LP release. Most notable are 'In The Idol's Temple', which used trumpets to portray Indy's narrow escape from the Peruvian temple with a giant boulder close behind, as well as 'Airplane Fight', in which Indy takes on a giant Nazi thug while trying to hijack the plane intended to transport the Ark in. One of the finest tracks, however, remains the 'Desert Chase', which chronicles Indy's pursuit of the Ark on horseback after the plane is blown up, as he takes control of the truck carrying the Ark & takes out the convoy's vehicles one at a time. Highly recommended for fans of Williams', Spielberg's, or Lucas's work.
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on December 16, 2013
I remember seeing this movie when it first came out in the movie theater. This movie blew me away and it still does. I have probably seen it a hundred times and it never gets old. Why can't they make movies like this anymore?
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on November 26, 1998
Film music is an essential and integral part of my life. And John Williams'music has always been with me, since childhood. And especially during childhood. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is the film on which I embarked in my greatest adventure of all. Just as Indy, and with John's music as a background for me, I was there, in a South America jungle, looking for an Idol, in a dark, dangerous temple; I was flying to different places around the world, from Peru, to Nepal, and to Cairo; I explored the Well of the Souls, trying to discover the secrets behind the Lost Ark; and when I finally discovered it, I closed my eyes, just like Indy and Marion, and I survived. John Williams is responsible for all those wonderful and unforgettable moments I experienced when I was a kid, and still is responsible for new great moments of listening experience. Also, John is responsible for lots of contusion and one broken arm!
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on June 27, 2000
This track is definate up there on my list of favorite soundtracks, just behind Superman: The Movie & Star Wars, both of which had music restored to the tracks recently, and all good music too.
While Indiana Jones is a true homage to the old adventure serials, so is the music, but while it is all in homage, it is very GOOD music to listen to.
Why the music that was cut outwas cut out to begin with is beyond me, but it's good that they were able to go back and have it restored to give us the full feel of the music in the film . . . and to give us a feel of music for out own adventures.
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