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on August 11, 2012
How can something like this over-glorified screensaver get so many five star reviews? Oh wait, I know - because it actually begs you to give it a five star rating!

Upon opening the application you are often presented with a random advertisement for a paid game, OR this line: "5 stars pretty please? =)". But don't fret if you don't see either; the RATE (yes, it's in all caps) button is also prominently displayed on your screen while the app runs!
The developers should be ashamed of themselves for selling this ad-infested screensaver for $.99 cents. Things like this have been available on the PC for years (free of charge), and my phone came with a few that actually look better (and have more options) than this joke.

Seriously, the only thing that you get here is rain falling and splashing against your screen while clouds roll by. You have control over the cloud speed, rain intensity and droplet size. That's it - that's the ONLY input you have in this application. You can also set the amount of time this thing runs for... Yeah...
Now I realize that this is supposed to be an interactive white noise application but the actual sound of the "rain" seems like it was poorly recorded during someone's shower, and has frequent issues on top of that!

For some reason this screensaver also requires the following permissions: read only access to phone state, open network sockets, and access information about networks.
While the read only access to the phone state is not a big deal, the other two are as they allow for some serious data mining. I honestly see no reason for this app to have the latter two permissions, or any permissions for that matter.

If you are looking for an Android screensaver (or white noise app), just download one for free. There are plenty of them on the marketplace - and even the free ones will most likely require less permissions, have less ads, give you more options, AND sound better. I can't in my right mind recommend this spyware atrocity for the $.99 cents that Pixel Delight Studios wants to charge for it. It also saddens me that the current top helpful reviews are held by people with only one review under their belt (for this Rain App), while rating this horrid monstrosity as a five star application.

This is the absolute worst "A Great Paid App for Free" selection that Amazon has had on for the past few weeks. Unless you really want a rain screensaver with poor sound (that sometimes actually gets distorted), data mining, and ads - go get something else.

Side note: I know I will most likely get downvoted into oblivion (it's obvious the dev's have a lot of dummy voting accounts), but I feel it's my duty to inform you of how terrible and pointless the "Rain App" is. If my reviewer rank has to suffer for it, so be it.
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on August 11, 2012
I really don't understand all the rave reviews for this app. It does what dozens of other apps do, but very poorly.
It's hard to understand what this app is trying to accomplish. First of all, if it's supposed to be a visual rain simulator, it is a failure. The raindrops are unreallistically rendered. They do not splash or run off the pane of glass, they just land as a uniform circle and fade away. Also, the sky is just a static scrolling image, rather than having randomly formed cloud formations. Rubbish.
As a sound machine, it is also way below par. Some have complained about the sound stuttering, and while I haven't cone across that problem, it is still very poor quality - it sound more like white noise, which might be fine if it weren't supposed to sound like rain.
If you have the 3 dollars or so to spare, do yourself a favor and get Lightening Bug. It is a phenomenal sound app. If not, many of the other free apps I've tried are superior to this.
If the developer makes the promised upgrades with the next update, I'll re-review, but they have quite a task ahead to make this sub-par version even satisfactory.
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on August 11, 2012
I rarely write reviews and when I do it is almost exclusively for apps I really like. I don't see the point of going into the trouble to write a negative review, particularly for a FAOTD as I can just ignore it. This time I just could not help it though. I downloaded the app seeing that it has on the whole favorable reviews and was AMAZED by how sub par it is. I am amazed that it is #1 in Amazon Health (seriously!) and amazed by how it has so many good reviews.

It suggests that it is a window simulation with rain. I imagined rain falling at different angles and strengths against the window, dropplets merging together and running down, clouds morphing in the background.. Instead, the 'simulation' is as if you were lying on your back with a glass pane above you. The rain drops fall squarely on the glass (at least the drops are not square and not quite round) and then simply disappear!
The clouds in the background are a static image that scrolls from left to right with no change in the clouds' shapes.
The sound (which presumably is meant to be the highlight of the app) is terrible. It stutters, especially initially, on my HTC Skyrocket and, as others have pointed out, has a very heavy component of white noise rather than complex rain sounds.
I'm not sure why it needs the network permissions but presumably it is for the annoying ads and rating requests that seem to pop up every other time you open the application.

Most importantly, I can not think of a situation where this app might come to its own. If you are trying to fall asleep and need some nice background sounds you don't need to look at the screen. (if you are trying to fall asleep with your eyes open that may be the problem right there ;-)
There are many apps out there (some with free lite versions) that provide much higher quality sound boards with full control on the sound content (Sleepy time lite has already been mentioned by another reviewer; Lightning Bug is my favorite but more expensive at 2.99).
Lightning Bug - Sleep Clock

If you want something chilled and interactive to meddle with and help you relax I would highly recommend the multi-award winning Osmos HD.

Maybe this really is a niche app for people with reverse seasonal affective disorder (as one of the reviewers claims to have) but other than that I would certainly suggest avoiding it.
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This app has software bugs, begs for ratings and advertises other apps. This is a white noise generator that runs down the battery of my Kindle Fire and takes 25.21 MB of memory storage. It also accesses the internet, for what reason? The app is also buggy, it does not fully close when you go to the home screen and when it reopens it has no graphics and only the sound of rain. It has had this failure multiple times.

Out of the 5 star ratings 73 of the 153 ratings are from first and second time reviewers. Pop up ads when you first start it and it also comes up with the line "5 stars pretty please=)" asking for votes.

This app isn't worth $.99 and I am glad it was free so I can put it in the cloud. Maybe it will rain back down?
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on August 11, 2012
First I want to clarify I received this app free from Amazon's Free App of the Day. First seeing that it had 4 starts slightly pleased me because of Amazon's bad app release recently. I downloaded it and when I first opened the app a mixture of flashes and static noise came from my phone. The static noise was constant and terrible, a slight sound of graphical rain could be heard but it sounded like someone frying oil. Following this app introduction, a poppup was shown recommending other apps. Soon I would realize that this poppup will be shown every time I open the app. Additionally another poppup will show, one that will ask you to review the app. In this poppup the dev begs you to give him a good review, "pwetty please" it says. REALLY!!

The app itself has some customization such as changing the rain drop size, the density of the rain and the speed of passing clouds. These settings are pointless because it just makes the app look more visually fake.

Additionally the dev seems to have put up fake reviews on Amazon, this occurs a lot especially with dev's that know their app is terrible. How do I know that the dev did this? I took the time to read ALL the 5 and 4 star reviews and compaired the reviews by looking at the spelling and use of grammar. Its all there. Additionally reading all the "perfect" reviews have a strong sense of fake.

My closing statement:
This app should be free, it looks like an wallpaper that comes on the stock phone. I own a HTC Thunderbolt and the app works terrible with it, all you can hear while using it is static.

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on May 28, 2013
I don't sleep. The best I could do was 2 and 3 hour "naps". While naps are lovely, they aren't the 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep most need to function. I have tried everything from ambien to relaxation cd's, the kind they have at spa's. Nothing worked. I would fall asleep but 2(or3) hours later I was wide awake. I downloaded this app to my kindle fire when it was free. I have always slept better when it rained. I don't why, I just do. That first night I turned it on, worked with the settings and went to bed, hoping to get at least 3 hours of good sleep. 9 hours later I woke up. I had slept through my alarm. Every night since I got it I have had at least 7 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep. I don't know how long it will work or if I will find myself back to the 2 or 3 hour naps. For now, I am so thankful to have found this app. It's not fancy, it doesn't have a dozen different sounds or settings. There are no owls, or frogs, no waves or wind. It's just simple rain and it does the trick. 5 stars for doing what the description said it would do. Can't do better than that. If it did I would be perpetually late for work.
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on July 23, 2012
I got this because I thought rain sound *plus* the rain animation would be a fantastic combo. I was a little disappointed. The animation is quite basic, not very realistic. Instead of merging into a blob or streaks on your screen, each raindrop image simply overlays the others. It looks more like bubbles sticking to your screen than rain.

The rain sound is nice, but there is only one sound. I have a free app that has way more options than this (like rain on a car window, rain in the forest, thunderstorm, etc.), and nicer, albeit static, visuals.

I think this has the potential to be an awesome app if they could improve the rain animation and maybe add some additional sound options. In its current state, I feel like there are better options.
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on August 11, 2012
No customization, odd permissions, AND it has ads. For a pay-for app the developer really sticks it to the consumer. Usually when you pay for an app, the purchase removes the ads. Not in this case.
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on August 11, 2012
I got soaked.

I'm actually glad it was a FAOTD because now the reviews will be from people who are not associated with the poor app.
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on August 11, 2012
I installed this because of the 4 star review overall (with almost 300 reviewers). The best screensaver is sleep or stand by. There are much better ways to drain the battery.

This app shows a cloudy day with rain falling onto a glass surface as if were a sky light. The sound effect is similar to bacon frying.

This is pretty awful.
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